Report: Kirsten Storms in Talks to Reprise General Hospital’s Maxie Jones!

Is one of the most popular young adult actresses in soaps about to make a comeback? According to Soap Opera Digest, Kirsten Storms is in talks to return to General Hospital as Maxie Jones!

Storms portayed Frisco and Felicia's spunky, fashionista daughter from 2005-11, when she was reportedly sidelined by illness. Jen Lilley has been subbing in the role for some time. 

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    Great news! 1) I’m glad she’s feeling better 2) I’ve missed her! 3) I think Maxie’s story will be told with a balance of drama and humor instead of campy crazy . 0:)

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    It’s about time!!! I’m happy that Kirsten Storms is ready to work again. I hope it works out this time. I miss her as Maxie.

    Jen Lilley does a decent job but she just ain’t Maxie Jones to me.

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    I was just asking about her. Glad to know she is ok. I liked Jen and wish her the best. But Im really happy to hear Kirsten is ok. Hope its all true.

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    I like JL as an actress and believe she’s done a credible job. I think her best work was with BW’s Papa Z. I would have to say she’s been in a difficult place trying to balance what she knows about or has seen of KS’s portrayal of Maxie and where she herself would want to take the character. Then there’s FV and RC who, from what I’ve observed, don’t “know” KS in the role. And, in some ways, don’t “know” Maxie. (Or do they? But that’s me.) Being honest, I’d love to see KS come back, but only if she’s healthy. Nothing is worse than knowing someone is sick and you can’t do anything about it… 0:)

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    I think JL is talented and maybe in a few months they can recast her as something else. But I love KS- I even miss your hair so much. She add’s a lightness I enjoy but I hope they write her better. I am tired of them never keeping changes growth in characters. Have the same issues with NuKrissy and Carly.. So Yeah KS is coming back!!!

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    I’ve accepted Jen Lilley totally, but I’d love if Kirsten and Jason Cook went back to Days as the one and only Belle & Shawn.

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    I’m already used to Jen Lilley. Jen Lilley is ON CONTRACT. Will tasteless ABC fire another perfectly good actress just because the original actress wants a job again?

    I hope these talks fall through, no disrespect to KS, but Jen Lilley has been doing fine in the role.

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    Cindy Reid

    I like Jen Lilley, she is doing a great job. Nothing surprises me with ABC, that would be terrible to fire Jen Lilley.

    I wish nothing but the best for KS, but keep Jen in the role.

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    When did Jen Lilley stop “subbing” for Kirsten Storms? Even if she is under contract it would make sense that if Kirsten was sidelined because of illness there might be a clause in her contract stating that if KS is able to come back, JL is out of a job. I’m sure she knew exactly what was getting herself into. That short little subbing stint turned into over a year of steady employment. I’m sure she’s thankful for the opportunity.

    She’s a talented girl. I hope she finds something else very soon.

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    Glad to hear Kristen Storms is feeling better. [Ducking] I actually prefer Jen Lilley in the role of Maxie Jones and would like her to remain. Overall, I’d prefer it if Maxie was written with growth and maturity no matter who played the character.

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    It’s never been said that Jen Lilley is locked in the role. Even after talks with Storms fall through in February it was reported that would stay on for the foreseeable future. But I never heard that she was put on contract or that she became recast instead of a temporarily replacement. As I understand it ABC always planed to bring Storms back.

    It should also be noticed that Storms didn’t leave the role. She was sick! And she should be still under contract at “GH”.

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    BEST NEWS EVER! Don’t get me wrong JL is talented, but the she made Maxie less likable, with KS, you could root for her and there was a sense of vulnerability, I can’t wait for KS to come back to gh!

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    Love KS! Hope she’s coming back. I used to like the character of Maxie a lot, but haven’t been able to care much about her since JL took over the role.

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    Anyone ever notice that GH recasts popular females and then makes their characters crazy or reprehensible, and then they toss these actresses out and replace them and suddenly the characters are likable again. Jennifer Bransford’s Carly comes to mind.

    JB was good enough to play “Psycho Carly” but then they bounced her and hired Laura Wright to play “normal Carly”. Jen Lilley is good enough to play murderess Maxie, and take all fans’ hate for not being Storms, but not good to keep in the role once KS comes crying back for her job. If I was Kelly Sullivan, I would be worried when Kate/Connie gets well, the show would probably get Megan Ward back to play “REAL KATE” and KS would be out of work.

    ABC- Classy as ever! It’s not like it will help, GH is done for, we know it doesn’t have long to go, so why do this ish now?

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    @angrierblakman: As GH is not long for the air, I think it makes sense to go with a popular actress like Storms over a newcomer. I prefer JL in the role but I’m in the minority on this.

    As far as Jennifer Bransford’s stint as Carly, it never worked from both the writing AND acting standpoint. I think Jen Lilley’s acting rises above the writing of the character whereas Jennifer Bransford never managed to work.

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    [quote=angrierblackerman]I’m already used to Jen Lilley. Jen Lilley is ON CONTRACT. Will tasteless ABC fire another perfectly good actress just because the original actress wants a job again?

    I hope these talks fall through, no disrespect to KS, but Jen Lilley has been doing fine in the role.[/quote]

    I must have missed the announcement that JL was on contract, just like I missed the announcement that KS was off contract. KS wasn’t fired, she was out for medical reasons, so unless something else happened (which is entirely possible)…KS is still on contract and still employed by ABC. JL has been doing a sufficient job, but since this was triggered by illness rather than a standard firing, there should be some nuance in how this is approached.

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    IMO, KS plays Maxie with layers to her character. She might be acting the total selfish witch, but she plays her so that you can see a little of the little girl lost underneath all the selfish witchy ego stuff. JL is a good actress and she’s done a fine job, but she doesn’t make me feel for Maxie in the slightest.

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    The only way I can see that they wouldn’t let KS back is if her contract expired while she was on medical leave. If that were the case, ABC would have multiple options on where to go and how to proceed. For JL, it’s only been stated that she’s staying with GH…nothing ever explicitly stated a contract or a time period.

    I think if KS’ contract expired, they would probably keep JL, for budgetary reasons (and also the fact that she plays the role amazingly).

    Dont get me wrong, I’ve been a huge fan of KS since the first Zenon movie. Loved her as Belle. Loved her as Maxie. But I feel that since JL has been in the role, she’s evolved the character and made her into her own, and I still love Maxie.

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    Tris Drake

    I may want KS back but do it with some class. As Angrier said,no count down clock please. I want KS seeing as how they are about to throw Maxie right at Patrick’s feet.

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    KS doesn’t do layers, she plays Maxie like she played Belle on Days, one and the same.

    JL is the one who gives Maxie layers and has made her likeable since RR was in the role. She brings warmth and depth to her as well.

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    BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! :party: :party: :party:

    I miss KS’s version of Maxie!!! She gave Maxie layers and vulnerability, history and a sweet sassiness!!! She had chemistry with almost everyone and she didn’t whine!!! And even though she made selfish choices, you could understand why she did them and still root for her!!!

    Jen Lilly is a horrible actress, she has had chemistry with no one and her high-pitched whinny voice makes my ears bleed!!! She plays Maxie as a one note comic book character and her acting choices have done nothing but make me hate and detest Maxie and wish that I owned ear plugs!!! I wish her well in her career but I am thrilled that she will hopefully be off of my screen very soon!!!!!

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    I liked both women in the role but I thought ks had more chemistry with spinelli and matt (and with ks coming back im even sadder that they got rid of JC – I think they should bring him back pulling a todd, some historic rescue of some guard or something that earns him a pardon) and more chem with lulu and sam as her buddies. Plus should they bring back georgie with robin or they want to play against what KW and KS did last time felicia blew in to pc they can use clips.

    I am surprised too to hear people essentially comparing this to greenlee on amc. I LOVED sabine’s take on the role and i actually preferred her. IMHO it seemed that RB left for what she hoped were greener pastures and then when she saw that they werent so green and that SS was starting to make the role her own, rb wanted it back. That doesnt remotely compare to ks and jl – ks got sick and jl always knew that she had the role until such time as kirsten was healthy again. a “REAL” campaign would be tacky and I would hate to see JL disrespected like that (and i dont think it will happen) but to compare storms and buding doesnt seem fair.

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    When KS left the role, it wasn’t because people didn’t like her acting or felt that she was a one-note actress. She left for medical reasons, and JL was intended to be a temporary recast from my understanding. KS health was so bad she needed a lot of time to rest and recuperate, and JL graciously stayed on. She was in a really difficult position because for the most part, people held KS in high regard and were immediately critical of JL.

    Since then, JL has put her own spin on Maxie, and some people like it and some people don’t. I don’t think it really matters whose side you are on. This was KS’s role, and if she is well enough to come back then she should be allowed to return. However, it should be done with the utmost respect and gratitude to JL for sticking it out. At least, that’s my humble opinion.

    I am a huge KS fan and admit that I hoped every day to see this news on DC. But it doesn’t mean that I hate JL or want to disrespect her.

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]IMHO it seemed that RB left for what she hoped were greener pastures and then when she saw that they werent so green and that SS was starting to make the role her own, rb wanted it back.[/quote]

    Didn’t she meet Bachelor Bob around this time? Seems to me she stumbled into a cowpile on the edge of her greener pasture and had to come back to AMC to support him. :O

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Doodle I thought they were married for a bit at that point. I am sure his lack of income and the lack of prime time success brought her back to amc but whether her hubby was a slug or not, its still a very different situation than KS and JL because JL always knew she was a temporary recast. I would also agree with airedale in that I would hope that they would handle this with the utmost respect to JL for her contribution. In fact, I could easily see her coming back to the show in maybe a few months. Maybe frisco comes back to town and then his daughter shows up, making JLs new character maxie’s half sister. I could also see them using her as the new serena baldwin (although I would hope to ease confusion they died her hair the way they did with sjb which i thought made her seem uncarly-esque.)

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    I like both actresses. I guess for me the difference is the charm Kirsten brings to the role. Maxie can do the most selfish things and Kirsten brings that wink and nod that kind of laughs at it. Jen plays it rather straight which brings the hate.

    Kirsten gets it and is the more seasoned actress. Jen was best with Anthony Zacharra. I think BW may have taken her under his wing.

    I just hope she isnt learning about this the same way we are.

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    I appreciate the commitment JL has for the character of Maxie, and I know she works hard, but I can’t overcome the fact that I prefer KS. I miss Storms quirkiness and sense of humor. Even when Maxie was bad, I never thought KS’s version was a “mean girl” the way I do with JL’s version.

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    ❤ I am thrilled that Kristen Storms is returning to GH. We all are happy that she is feeling good again.What a great actress she is. I hope they pair her with Patrick.

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    :) I am so happy to hear that Kirsten Storms is returning to GH,i have missed her so much. No other actress has a conection with Bradford(Spinelli) then our much loved Kirsten.

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