DAYS’ James Scott: “Sami, You Marry Me, Or I’ll Marry Your Boy!”

The undeniable chemistry between Days of Our Lives bad boy EJ DiMera (James Scott) and newly out, gay coed Will Horton (Chandler Massey) was a hot topic at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys this past week. We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb caught up with Scott on the red carpet at the Creative Arts Daytime Emmys, where the actor admitted to EJ knowing exactly what he's doing in terms of using Will's sexuality to "exert power" over the lad! Here's an excerpt from the interview:

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Our viewers love the chemistry between EJ and Will (Chandler Massey). What's it like working with Chandler?
James Scott: First of all, Chandler Massey should win the award for Younger Actor. He's the most talented young actor that I've ever worked with.

They [Will and EJ] have this really interesting relationship. I think of it as being a mentor/mentee relationship – almost a father/son relationship. It has some really interesting dynamics within that, because of course you have Will's sexuality and you have the fact that EJ is a man who is not over and above, like, walking that line…

I mean, I don't think there's any question regarding EJ's sexuality, but he knows how to exert power over people.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: It would send Sami over the edge.

James Scott: Maybe that's a good reason to do it. Sami, you marry me, or I marry your boy! It's up to you.


Scott also fielded questions about EJill from Soap Socialite Jason Spitzer on the actual Daytime Emmys red carpet. Watch the two chats below!


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    As much as I love the idea of EJ and Will, I think it would DESTROY the credibility of EJ (for all that he has) and the show.

    Fans HATE IT, HATE IT when they do stories where step-fathers date their step-daughters (see B&B and Ridge and Bridget or Rick and Steffy or Thomas and Hope) or over on Y&R with Victor and Sharon.

    Plus, as great as this story is with Will coming out, the writers should try and stay true to life and write a romance for Will with character’s his own age so not only will it seem natural for Will to go for an older man (a “daddy”… in EJ’s case, a “sugar daddy”), they also need to be sympathetic to the fans who are not used to the gay lifestyle and giving the wrong impression out there.

    The relationship between Will and EJ is very much like a father and son relationship. As great as Lucas is with Will as a dad Lucas’ main concern has always been Sami. Yes, he has been there for Will but when we see Will in conflict he goes to EJ. I think that is the strongest bond they should make with this 2 men. Plus, the conflict that can arise from Lucas discovering that Will is going for advice (nothing more) from EJ instead of him can cause more drama than just the past and present relationship between Sami and EJ and lucas’ disgust for it.

    Plus, it makes EJ more likable (even though every other week EJ is blackmailing the kid) as a father-figure so when he fights Nicole for his kid we see him less as a man who wants control and more of a father out to have a relationship with his son.

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    LOVE the EJ/Will relationship! Seriously one of the best storylines on Days right now. I can’t get enough of the EJ/Will scenes. Love the blackmail stuff, the father/son type of bond, and the scheming! It’s so refreshing to have a relationship where there’s some unpredictability. Chandler & James work so well together. Such great chemistry:) Days would be fools to stop the amazing EJ/Will dynamic!

  3. Profile photo of marybee50

    I think JS said it best with the mentor/mentee relationship.The power EJ has is what draws Will to him.I don’ think it’s romance(that should be for Sonnny),just the overwhelming desire to be like EJ.That’s different than Ridge and Bridget.

    After everthing EJ has done,I could see him using Will’s sexuality to get what he wants.Will is still young and a little immature,or foolish as EJ says.

    Whatever happens,last weeks episodes with Will/EJ and Will/Sonny were the best.

  4. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I don’t think DAYS has the balls to pursue anything sexual/romantic with these two. I can appreciate that Scott realizes his character’s oft-ulterior motives and that he’d use Will’s sexuality for his own purposes. Still, as much as I think that combo would be red hot I kinda agree that unless they threw a huge retcon in the mix regarding EJ’s sexual past that pairing them would go against the character’s integrity(of course, that still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome that storyline ;)).

  5. Profile photo of Yoryla

    These two make the screen SIZZLE. Good Lord. I also don’t wish for an actual encounter between them, but I would like to see EJ use this to his advantage. I wanna see him make Will blush over him! And maybe a dream sequence of Will’s would be in place :)

  6. Profile photo of Ginger

    I’m always tuned in for the Will and EJ scenes. These two actors are phenomenal, and it’s such fun watching them. I’ve been tuned into them since the beginning of Will working for EJ. I do think James Scott nails their relationship when he describes it as a mentor/mentee. EJ’s a great reader of people and can push the right buttons to get Will to do his bidding. Will’s a lost kid and is finally getting the acknowledgement he so desperately longs for from any adult. Sexual? No. Manipulative? Yes. And we see it on both sides. That’s what makes the relationship so fascinating.

  7. Profile photo of Jon

    I think Days could pen a story similar to the Adam/Rafe story on Y&R but this time write it correctly and do it justice. EJ is not above using his sexuality with ANYONE, male or female to achieve his purposes. I think that would be fantastic!

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    “…they also need to be sympathetic to the fans who are not used to the gay lifestyle and giving the wrong impression out there…”

    This (from post No. 2) is not exactly a shining example of tolerance and openess.

    But…Whatever. God also created the ignorant.

    Yoryla, I’m with you.

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