General Hospital’s Frank Valentini on One Life to Live and All My Children: “Maybe You Haven’t Seen The Last of Them”

Former One Life to Live executive producer-turned-General Hospital showrunner Frank Valentini seems to think there's reason for fans of OLTL and All My Children not to give up on those cancelled sudsers making a comeback. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune that ran ahead of the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Valentini stated he believed their was still "equity" in Agnes Nixon's soap brands! Said Valentini:

"Both shows will live on for years to come," says Valentini. "There's still incredible equity in both of those brands. Maybe you haven't seen the last of them. Keep your fingers crossed."

Soap fans have been on a merry-go-round of sorts ever since rumors of OLTL and AMC's cancellations began a few years back. Once the soaps were officially cancelled—in favor of a shift towards cheaper lifestyle programming— production company Prospect Park stepped in, seemingly to save the day by licensing the ABC soaps, with plans to take them to the web and other platforms.

Once PP's initial plans to continue OLTL and AMC fell through, and many of the cast and crew of AMC and OLTL began finding work elsewhere, fans began to accept that we'd more than likely seen the last of Pine Valley's Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), Llanview's Viki Lord (Erika Slezak) and all the rest. Is Valentini now saying that may not be the case?

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    Okay… the shows will definitely live on in viewer’s hearts for a long time to come. I’ll never forget AMC, especially. However, that being said, I really wish that even people like FV, who seem to be “in the know” would keep these thoughts to themselves until a real answer can be had. Plus, at this point, will fans accept reboots of the show if it doesn’t have the fave actors on board? Just sayin…

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    Smooshiest-I agree,just stop it.I miss OLTL so so much,but I don’t want to hear maybes and you never knows.If you don’t have anything concrete just hush.Like the Tom Petty song,Stop Dragging MY Heart Around.I can’t take it anymore.

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    Like I’m going to believe Valentini when GH continues to be a disaster. Okay. I wish he’d not tease the fan and just concentrate on creating quality over at GH. As of now, GH needs all of the focus and concentration which boosted OLTL’s ratings under his watch. GH is a hot, steaming pile.

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    I prefer the current GH. The last version really had all the women dysfunctional and beaten down. ie, KM is finally acting. Same for some of the other women.

    Having said that, I just don’t see any future at all as long as oltl/amc belong to Disney/ABC. As long as they have part, no matter how small, it will not work. Disney/ABC is in big trouble. Poor decisions. Big losses. They will never let loose these two soaps. They would not want anyone else to make them successful. Obviously cable is where quality is appearing and not their other cable stations. They should stick to children and family oriented stuff. Please God. I am influenced also by the mess they call primetime.

    The shows are sadly done. Disney will never let go.

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    To quote Mr. Valentini: “Maybe you haven’t seen the last of them.” Is he alluding to more “transplants” coming in to GH? Now to include people from AMC? I’d like to call a moritorium on “tranplants” before they completely change the look GH. ME’s McBain has been a nice shot in the arm, but beyond him, I’m not exactly thrilled. Will I soon not recognize my beloved GH? Any way to pin him and RC down as to this “equity” he’s espousing? Balance and “equity” are one thing. Tipping the scales in favor of people from your former show, at the expense of your current place of employment, isn’t going to win you any good will amongst us fans who are still loyal viewers. Even those of us who have been willing to give these gentlemen the benefit of the doubt, have our limits… 0:)

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    That a lie come on frank quick lying too soap fans pp drop the ball they are never coming back us soap fans need too face the facts I would want too see oltl come back over Amc just me

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    How could AMC and OLTL be back? After the disaster that became the Prospect Park thing there is no going back. Why keep giving fans of both of these shows false hope?
    There isn’t going to any solution. Prospect Park is a known production company, who couldn’t make it work. Who were in over their heads. Who else could bring back these shows on that point?

    AMC and OLTL will live on in memories … but other than that, I don’t see how it should be possible to bring these shows back to life.
    Besides that most actors have moved on and that these shows wouldn’t be a place anymore where you actually can make money.

    If a cable network would have been interest or if there were any other plans in bringing these shows to the web, I might get the statement. But in this current state, why keeping the faith when in the end you only can seem to disappoint?
    Either Frank Valentini is knowing more than he’s letting on or he is just maybe another delusional fan who believes that there is still a way.

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    Or he is just lying to us to create more buzz and try to get people to accept more OLTL or AMC refugees to GH as it will be seen as always better than no OLTL and no AMC at all?

    Too bad that this is not working on me.
    I know already a few fans who have stopped watching since Cartini has been turning GH into OLTL by ruining some of our favorite characters or backburning them to pimp Todd and Starr… The ratings are slowly but surely dipping for the past three weeks. They are pushing die hard GH fans like me away so I hope that the OLTL fans will stick because I feel that soon I will end my “32 year-old subscription” to GH.

    Apparently “Hero Todd” will save Carly from baaaaad Johnny and Dumbte will save Lulu from baaaad Johnny and I will be done with baaaaaad GH!

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    edenpark die hard fans? I gave up GH after watching for 20 years because of the MOB I got so freaking sick of them and honestly GH is a shell of its former self from even the 90’s.

    If it takes Todd, Tea and John (gonna let you have Singing Star) to shake things up then I say bring them on.

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    THE MOUSTACE – if thats the case, Im happy. I understand what the GH die hard fans are saying and I feel for them, but there are tons of die hard OLTL/AMC fanc who are broken hearted that will welcome this.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]with major OLTL sets being rebuilt and many more OLTL being integrated to GH.[/quote]
    Call me stupid … but don’t major OLTL sets cost a lot of money? And doesn’t so bring on another number of people? Even guest stints need to be payed for.
    Is it really a wise decision to spend money on new sets and has to conflict with the show’s budget while a show called “Good Afternoon America” is ready to take over “GH” place?

    I thought Frank was brought on to control the budget … to keep this show profitable. If you do another farewell to OLTL while GH is fighting cancellation … how will you be able to do that???

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    soaptownusa is reporting that Frank & Ron went to ABC Daytime and pitched a “hybrid” show of OLTL/GH.

    with major OLTL sets being rebuilt and many more OLTL characters being integrated to GH.

    not sure if they gave the okay to him.

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    The shows will certainly live on in the hearts of the viewers… and in OLTL’s case, on General Hospital (bud dum tsssssss) but I think a lot of us have truly given up hope of seeing our shows online. I wish they would bring some All My Children ACTORS to GH, maybe, but not as their characters.

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    if GH truly has only a few months left on the air, then i would like to see some resolution to the All My Children cliffhanger.

    they could devote a week (maybe even less) to wrap up everything that was left hanging.

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    Curious. If “Llanview” sets are being built, what happened to the original NYC studio sets? If FV is interested in saving money, isn’t it more practical and cost conscious to re-use what’s already available? Can they not spring to ship them to the west coast? Or were they sold off? Just wondering… 0:)

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    Katiebugs, I totally respect your opinion and I am sincerely happy if you are satisfied with what you have on screen right now. As someone said it so nicely on this board quoting some others: “the role of GH will now be played by OLTL” and this doesn’t work for me that’s all. They could have improved GH without making a horrible character like Todd the center of GH. I disliked John on OLTL but he was a very nice addition until his “bonding moment” with Sonny. But Todd giving Carly advice? You must be kidding me? Who does this jerk think he is?

    Personnally I hate Sonny and Jason and I hate that they never pay but instead of FINALLY seeing some payback they throw under the bus the only mob character that I love and write him totally OOC.

    Since Cartini arrived it is more violence, more rapes and more criminals like Sonny and Todd (rapist, child seller, child swapper and many other very “nice” felonies/crimes) being whitewashed.

    But once again as I certainly don’t wish GH to be cancelled once I will have stopped watching, I am happy if some fans have come back to GH. I started watching in 1979 but right now this is more than I can stand. I want Ric or Alan or Faison or Stavros/Stefan instead of freakin Todd! And the day Johnny is out, bye bye! Enough is enough!

    Give GH a decent GH ending centered on GH characters as this show so deserves it.

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    Eden, I am not been watching for as long as you (about 20 years only) but I am exactly at the same breaking point as you are.

    I still can’t swallow what they are doing to a GH character that I love (Johnny) to pimp their pet Todd. So for the moment I am still holding up because at least I am getting some JoLu scenes and my Lulu is away from Dumbte but the way they are cornering Johnny, if it ends badly and Brandon Barash is out, this will be it for me too. As you said sometimes ENough is enough. I was also watching OLTL and was very sad that the show got cancelled but they got their own ending. So I fully agree with you that GH last months should be all about GH characters (still mad at Tristan Rogers not getting just one more day to shoot Robin’s funeral when he said himself that he was available and more than ready to do it!).

    So :beer: Eden!

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    Whatever, Frank. If Good Afternoon, America is even moderately successful, it’s Goodbye, General Hospital. Disney/ABC does not want to be in the soap business. They’ve made that abundantly clear over the past decade by systematically destroying three great serial dramas.

    A hybrid OLTL/GH won’t do anything but create a situation where no one’s happy and everyone eventually tunes out. GH fans want GH. OLTL fans want OLTL. Each soap has it’s own voice, it’s own characters, it’s own history. What tptb don’t seem to understand is that those things are not interchangeable. I don’t want Buchanans. I want Quartermaines and Laura freaking Spencer. Fix what’s broken on the show that’s still on the air, while it’s still on the air.

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    I know it might be premature to compare the two, but look at Dallas. It’s been brought back and people are loving it. I would like to see AMC and OLTL come back with a fresh start—meaning less characters (the ones everyone loves and maybe a few new ones here or there) and maybe only come on 3-4 times a week or do it telenovela style and air OLTL for 13 weeks and then AMC for 13 weeks, and then maybe a new soap for 13 weeks or something like that.

    There is an audience out there, maybe just modernize the process a little.

    And I actually would love a show that combined characters from all the soaps…if it was done REALLY well. It could be the Avengers of daytime television :)

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    If there is a chance pieces of AMC or OLTL can be salvaged, either within GH or with full on reboots, I’m game. For me, the ABC Daytime universe was seen as a whole. And Tony Geary said this when these crossovers began, that this is what ABCD should have been doing a long time ago. I always said they should have had a setup like WWE. You put characters in a pot and “draft” them to different shows. Maybe for an arc or two. Or shows could possibly trade characters, like a Greenlee for Lulu or David Vickers for Spinelli.

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    Wasnt Anna involved with David on AMC – he should go to GH as David for Anna and wind up being Sams father. I wish FV would bring Dorian in. What is his problem with that.

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    i hope P&G/CBS sells their soap opera rights to ABC so that Guiding Light, As The World Turns, and Another World can continue on General Hospital.

    i would love if characters from those cancelled shows were regulars on GH.

    if OLTL is allowed to be on GH, then the others soaps should be given the same chance too.

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    [quote=SwanQueen59]To quote Mr. Valentini: “Maybe you haven’t seen the last of them.” Is he alluding to more “transplants” coming in to GH? Now to include people from AMC? I’d like to call a moritorium on “tranplants” before they completely change the look GH. ME’s McBain has been a nice shot in the arm, but beyond him, I’m not exactly thrilled. Will I soon not recognize my beloved GH? Any way to pin him and RC down as to this “equity” he’s espousing? Balance and “equity” are one thing. Tipping the scales in favor of people from your former show, at the expense of your current place of employment, isn’t going to win you any good will amongst us fans who are still loyal viewers. Even those of us who have been willing to give these gentlemen the benefit of the doubt, have our limits… 0:)[/quote]

    SwanQueen – Very well said and I totally agree!

    I’ve been a loyal viewer of GH for 39 years and I’ve also watched both OLTL and AMC for over 30 years. Each soap has their own personality and their own characters and history and I do not want to see a mash up of GH and OLTL and possibly AMC!!! It is unacceptable to this long time fan and I’m already seeing the disastrous results on GH!!! I hope the OLTL fans can carry the ball if or when most of the GH fans stop watching this hot mess!!! Rape, DID, baby switch, paternity switch, rape, crazy female murderer, reality tv show, rape, 20 somethings who can’t act but look good with their shirt off, Todd being Todd, rape. All poorly done OLTL stories being repeated with GH characters substituted for the OLTL ones!!! So far Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have been nothing but a major disappointment to me and many others!!!!! :Sp

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    TV Gord

    [quote=giogio]Wasnt Anna involved with David on AMC – he should go to GH as David for Anna and wind up being Sams father. I wish FV would bring Dorian in. What is his problem with that.[/quote]

    Not only were they married on AMC, but they had a baby together (Leora, who died). Also, David’s final storyline on AMC had him actually bringing back people from the dead through some mysterious medical technique he had developed (that’s how they brought back so many “dead” characters for the final months). He was holding many of them in some kind of secluded medical facility. SO….

    …wouldn’t David Heyward be an ideal way to bring back Robin for Anna?… ;-)

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    TV Gord

    Yeah, that’s a glaring oversight by the writers, The_Moustache. I guess they don’t want to muddy the waters by bringing up past baby deaths (after all, there have been SO many of them)!!!

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    GORD – I remembered all that, but I got confused about who it was. Didnt Anna have a twin sister? Who was it that came into town with Dimitri – Anna or her sister. I remembered Davids marriage and the baby, but MENTAL BLOCK…was it Anna or her twin sister? I have to check this out. As far as David bringing Robin back, thats what he does. I wonder who else he has in that dead room of his. We still didnt find out who B was. Damnit!!!

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    Anna has a twin sister, Alexandra Devane, but she was never involved with David. Alexandra went back & forth with Edmund Grey and Dimitri Marick, ultimately ending up with and leaving Pine Valley with Dimirti.

    it would be nice if GH brought on more of Anna’s family. her sister Alexandra, brother Gabriel, and nephew Aidan.

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    TV Gord

    Aidan would be a great return! Since Aidan Turner is still on good terms with ABC (doing Dancing With the Has-Beens, and such), that’s a possibility.

    If Alex’s return means Dimitri in tow, that’ll never happen (since Michael Nader burned his bridges with ABC by suing them). Also, with all the soap cliches on GH these days, I don’t think we need another twin storyline right now. ;-)

  29. Profile photo of giogio

    OK I got that straight. I wish Dimitri. But Michael Nader was on Oprah right before the show was cancelled as part of all Erica Kanes Hubbys. Maybe it was ok.

  30. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    i think Oprah probably didn’t know the whole story with Michael Nader.

    but if she did, then someone must’ve told her that Michael was Dimitri to everyone, not the re-cast who took over the role for a short term.

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    More ABC spin from ABC hired mouth pieces. I’m not sure if he’s greasing us up for more crossovers or he’s still trying to play both sides of the fence with Prospect Park but none of it makes GH better (and that’s the main issue at hand). GH faces certain cancellation, is last in the ratings, and is currently highlighting multiple stores of rape and rapebabies, parading gang rapists around shirtless as if we are all supposed to salivate while also being completely devoid of romance.

    Fix the damn show you’re hired to produce instead of playing the spin game. Produce a good show and soap fans will come. We know. It’s not a merger. We know you REALLY do love GH. So show it. Stop trying to use GH to give CPR to cancelled shows.

    First step: fire your craptastic re-run of a writer and replace him with someone who knows how to further plot without rape, without misogyny and without head scratching stupid soap cliche. I hear Claire Labine is looking for a soap job. Is a feminist even allowed to work for ABC daytime anymore?

    Give GH fans a decent show as a parting gift for a decade of piss poor soap opera. Be the soap god bloggers and the soap press worship! But for all that is good, just stop the spin. No one believes it anymore.

  32. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    soapfan616 (#42) and Sassy(#33-addendum)-Excellent observations. TV Gord-Thanks for the refresher on Alex Devane. As much as I’m distrustful of these “transplants”, Aiden Devane would be a character I could deal with, since he’s tied to Anna. Provided they can write decent story for him. Of course that’s what we’re waiting for with so many others. Just sayin’… 0:)

  33. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I would like him coming back if they REALLY tie him to Anna somehow. They never really had that kind of bond on AMC (which, really, was a mess at that time). Aiden’s a good actor, too. Oddly enough, for all the decades I watched AMC, the ones I miss most these days are Aiden, J.R. Martinez…and (because I’m a heteroguy) Chrishell Stause. ;-)

  34. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    She’s a beautiful young woman. She reminds me a bit of Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily/GH). As for J.R. Martinez, he’s just adorable. I think his ship has sailed out of daytime thanks to DWTS. Anybody’s guess where he ends up… 0:)

  35. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Ooh! giogio! That may be an episode that partially illustrates a slice of his own life experiences. No acting there as he’s already lived it. Thanks for the heads up, darlin’… 0:)

  36. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    SwanQueen – J.R. will be on the season finale of Army Wives in August.
    Mr. Josh Kelly will also be on this season at some point.

    Both of them on this show just puts quite a toot in my horn.

  37. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I appreciate Frank’s positive attitude but unless he knows something on the horizon I wish he would keep it zipped.

  38. Profile photo of giogio

    does anyone know where John Paul Lavoisier is or if he is still with Farah, or did they break up. I thought for sure I would seen either one on GH.

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    I have to say how I personally love all the bashing everyone does on these blogs about how they are done and how they hate this and hate that. Too funny if you ask me. Each and everyone of you are complaining about how horrible the show is and yet find the time to one watch, two read about it on the web and finally write about it. That to me tells me you enjoy it. So shut up and stop being so negative. If GH was gone then you would have lets guess 8hrs of your life back a week? That being said stay positive and look for what is good. You cannot please everyone so find what pleases you.

    I personally find GH the best it has been since before they burned down the PC Hotel and started killing everyone off – save from Laura’s horrible exit SL. Thankfully in the wake of her leaving we were blessed with Jane Elliots return but at the cost it was not worth it.

    GH has it is ups and downs for me but I am open to see where things pan out. Remember shit is in the can for a long time. Once storylines happen one cannot simply erase them as easily. I myself would love a Dallas/St. Elseworth Dream Storyline for the past better half of a decade and undo everything that went wrong. Let’s begin at that point that we find out it is 12yrs after Lucky’s death. Luke is hunting Helena and Laura is a striving business woman off in Europe until her return(come home Genie!) to get her revenge on that wretched witch. Of course we find out that Lucky is much alive and that throws a wrench in Elizabeth’s life as her and her husband Jason now have to deal with her undying love for Lucky. Long Live LL2!

    The Q’s would be much alive and well and twist of twist Dorian Krammer has surfaced in Lanview upon learning her daughter Starr after the death of her boyfriend and father of her daughter Hope has come to town. She then sets her sights on Edward as she see’s another meal ticket! Sadly she falls deeply in love with him.

    Bring back Robin – Let us relive the love story that her and Patrick. In the past 8yrs that is the only good Guza did!

    I am up for David bringing her back alive to Anna as it is revealed that she never died in some horrid accident.

    With Georgie alive and Maxie trying to be (the sami of GH) Felicia can return to deal with leaving the kids. That way we can play out a proper reconnection of her and Mac with the kids wanting it. I never got the whole forced chemistry of Alexis and Mac. Personally I thought that Alexis should have been in a triangle with Luke. I would rather see Luke and Alexis together VS Luke and Anna. Imagine Luke with Alexis, a reveal that Stephan ever died and Stephan bringing Laura home! Interesting!

  40. Profile photo of tealita

    I don’t mind them bringing in a very select few characters from other shows, but I want to see our own vets first, and I DON’T want to see mass firings of our current faves. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

  41. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    ABC should have jumped on the opportunity to put JR in a post-Iraq drama. Anyone who remembers China Beach would know the value of rejuvenating that kind of show…and with a REAL war hero??? It couldn’t miss. Unfortunately, ABC DID miss it. Oh well…should any of us be surprised…?

  42. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Thanks, acespencer, for taking up SO MUCH SPACE to spread your own brand of shade, considering not all of us are being as negative as you suggest we ALL are. Some of us are making constructive criticism (mind you, not on the skillful par of your passive aggressive criticisms under the veil of jaunty little diatribes). Carry on, though. I’m sure it’s bright and sunny everyday in your world…and you’ve probably got a fanbase who will lick you boots. That is always comforting, in lieu of actual ideas.

  43. Profile photo of pjc722

    The sets from both AMC and OLTL were dismantled and salvaged for parts. Once the Prospect Park fell through, ABC opted to get rid of the sets instead of paying for storage on something that had no prospects of being used.

    Soon, Llanview will be depicted on General Hospital but we will not recognize those sets as much as we might think we would seeing that it’s Llanview. Like a pretty RECAST who looks like the former actress but can’t act, these sets will definitely look like Llanview but with budgets so tight they won’t satisfy our desires for more OLTL.

    As for Valentini’s remarks on AMC and OLTL, don’t you all think if either one of those soaps were coming back on the air in any shape or form that this blog or Soap Opera Digest or any newspaper would have heard the news already? Seriously, if that truly was the case, the marketing/PR departments of what ever network or production company would be slipping out bits of info to the press to get a buzz and tons of excitement going.

    Sadly there is no buzz. AMC and OLTL are out to pasture. Plus, Susan Lucci’s Marc Cherry drama was just picked up and AMC without her will never happen and Erica Slezak won’t move to California to do OLTL, neither would a lot of the other cast. To up and move their families… some with kids … to LA to film this show (LA is cheaper than NYC) would be too risky for a format that is proving not to be viable in the network eyes.

    If anything, AMC and OLTL characters will start popping up in Port Charles whether directly or indirectly (Llanview of Pine Valley). Either way, GH is not going to be the same and we, the fans of that show and some not of the other 2 shows, will suffer.

  44. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Im somewhere in the middle. Im pleased to see so many returning vets – we’ve seen more of mac, im thrilled to see anna back, heather is the best villain we have had in ages, roberts stay was wayyyyy to short but i was still glad to see him, felicia is back, lorenzo is rumored to be back and the nurses ball is possibly being revived – so my gh loving heart is happy. where im displeased is the retelling of so many oltl staples – did, two rapes, more dead babies and the idea of david haywards project orpheus back from the dead tail being woven in makes me nuts (thats so not gh, we have our own masterminds for crazy stuff like that). Im glad that weve cherry picked some of the better characters from oltl, but now pick some of the best talents from amc and instead of keeping them as amc people recast legacy GH characters if thats what you want to do and weave them in to stories that better reflect the nature of GENERAL HOSPITAL. Id rather – just as an example – see daniel cosgrove as maybe dillon or the guy that played tads long lost son as recast ethan than to have them come over as scott chandler or as a martin if they want to add guys in that age range.

  45. Profile photo of giogio

    ACESPENCER – im late on this conversation, but you clearly have a bug up your ass…you need to shut up and stop being so negative, and while you are at it, read up on why Robin is not there anymore. Kimberly wanted out. She quit. What part of that dont you get. What is mercury retro or something?

  46. Profile photo of acespencer

    I at no point put down GH in anyway. I just said that it has been an awful mess for the past ten years. The day Laura went mad is the day the show jumped the shark. GUZA signal handily killed GH with the assistance of that hack job Jill Faron Phelps.

    I personally find it disgusting that one will personally attack me for my opinions as that I am a horrible person for having them. I never attack any of the other bloggers and find it disgusting that one would do it to anyone.

    I love GH and have since 1993! OLTL was my life since I was 2! I miss that terribly and agree with what I read regarding crossovers and feel ABC owning all their soaps dropped the ball by not doing more of them. Perhaps had we had a huge umbrella story and then some smaller stories supporting it we would have all four soaps still.

    GH is saved and that is all that matters! Let the good times roll. Now that they know they are good for a bit I am sure that Cartini will give us all that we want!

    Bring back the glory days of GH and kill Sonny! Jason needs to be a Q! Michael needs to come out of the closet!

  47. Profile photo of acespencer

    I love it when one gets to the bottom of why GH is bad and when the shark was jumped everyone gets pissed. Must be nice that you all have zero lives and sit at your computer all day reading Daytime Confidential and posting on it. Clearly you have nothing better to do. Go outside and enjoy the real world!

  48. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Ace, go back and re-read your post where you say EVERYONE is negative and telling everyone to shut up. Then come back and tell us how you’re being so badly served in response.

    Jeez, this sure seems to be a day where people who dish it out can’t take it!

  49. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    At 1:41pm, Acespencer wrote: “I personally find it disgusting that one will personally attack me for my opinions as that (sic) I am a horrible person for having them. I never attack any of the other bloggers and find it disgusting that one would do it to anyone.”

    ..and then–at 1:43pm–wrote: “Must be nice that you all have zero lives and sit at your computer all day reading Daytime Confidential and posting on it. Clearly you have nothing better to do.”

    Well, that took all of two minutes for you to resort to behavior you find personally disgusting. Nice.

  50. Profile photo of giogio

    ACESPENCER – you are out of line and you know it. you must have nothing else better to do than to read every single post that tell adult professionals that love this site as an outlet to shut shut up!

  51. Profile photo of Smooshiest

    Look, I don’t watch GH (never have except when watching with someone who does), but I know enough about it from the soap press. David as Sam’s father? Not a great idea, since that story with him was played out already with Babe. How many secret children can he have? Ridiculous. If it were Ryan (who I was not a fan of, even though I watched AMC in its entirety), it would make more sense (sperm bank).

    Also, I agree with the poster who said Dallas is back with original stars, but look how long it took to make that happen. The AMC and OLTL original faves would want a lot to remake the shows in their former states. As I mentioned on FB, when Jamey posted this, I would take AMC only if Agnes had creative control and Lorraine was the head writer. That’s it – no more crazy Chuck Pratt tornados, no more split personalities – let’s get back to basics and make the shows what they once were.

  52. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=acespencer]I believe I made my point! I feel so vindicated! Love it![/quote]

    You have definitely made a point…just not the one you think you’re making.

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