General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn: “I’ve Never Won an Emmy in My Jammies Before”

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series winner Nancy Lee Grahn wasn't able to attend this year's Daytime Emmy awards ceremony. The popular General Hospital star did, however, live tweet along with the HLN telecast for her almost 60,000 Twitter followers. Here's a couple of the always irreverent Grahn's tweets:


Congrats to Grahn!

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    And you didn’t deserve to win because you WERE in your jammies. NOT cool! If you can’t bother to show up for your fans, for no good reason, then I don’t think you deserve to win.

    That goes for the other no-shows as well.

    Besides that, Rebecca was robbed.

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    I actually have no problem with people not showing for Emmy ceremony, given how poorly its been done over yhe past few years. I felt bad for the people there!

    I love Nancy Lee Grahn but she did not have the work to justify the win. And of all people, she rants on ad nauseum about equality, and submitted herself for an Emmy when she didn’t have the material. Indeed, Rebecca Herbst was robbed.

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    Yes, Rebecca was robbed, but really, enough with the hatred towards NLG for not being there! She has always been there for her fans. She had a FAMILY commitment made before the the date was announced! She said that more than once in an apology to her fans before the show. And,in most of her comments, she also felt Rebecca should have won.

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    First time for everything. ;) I do wish she and RH could have both been awarded. There have been ties in the past. Personally, as before, I think RH had the “meatier” material. But again, as before, I’m pleased for NLG. Both women are excellent at what they do… 0:)

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    Nancy Lee Grahn she always seems to be doing too much! If it calling somebody out on Twitter, or complaining about this and that…Sometimes she needs to bring it down, cause she be doing the most…..She needs to take a chill pill and relax

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    Congratulations to Nancy for a well deserved win!!! And thank you for sharing with all of your fans ahead of time why you would not be able to attend this year’s Emmys and afterwards, how excited and appreciative you were to win!!! First class all the way!!! :love:

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    I can’t blame her for not being there and instead choosing to be with family. It was the right choice. If you don’t like what she is saying don’t read her twitter. I love everything she talks about and enjoy her points. It waas a well deserved win for her- she is always bringing her A game and shines in everything she does.. Congrats to Nancy!

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    Cordelia Chase

    I’m a huge fan of NGL’s talent, and not necessarily the woman herself. I don’t follow her Twitter because her rants turn me off. That said, she absolutely has the right to say what she wishes, and I give her credit for being outspoken in a genre which is far too often hush-hush. I also think she made the right choice by honoring her family commitments, and she’s been more than appreciative of her fans over the years.

    I don’t believe she thought she’d win. She’s been overlooked unfairly for many years, and though she submitted a reel, it was probably on a lark. From her tweet, it looks like she fully expected Rebecca to win. Frankly, so was I. When Genie Francis won some years back, the look on her face suggested she also thought Rebecca would win. Of course, Genie was owed for decades before she got her due.

    Herbst has been denied over and over again, although she’s more than deserving. I fail to understand how AG and JJ can win for the same storyline for which she wasn’t recognized. Further, no matter how much crap the writers throw at her, she somehow makes it work. She’s so solid and dependable, I don’t think people realize just how good an actress she is. In fifteen years, I’ve never seen her phone in a performance.

    Finally, is Laura Wright considered the only Lead Actress on GH? I’ve been a huge fan of hers since Loving, but come on.

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    JASAMMABBY – Im with you. When I hear that someone talks like that about an outstanding actress cause who they were rooting for didnt win, it pisses me off cause its childish. Pfft to that.

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    Thanks giogio- One reason I am happy about her win is that I think her acting range is so overlooked. She can play all the emotions so well and that does include the comedy. I think the year allowed her to show a lot of the talent from thinking Jax died, going between for Carly and Sonny, hot flashing and side kicking it with Diane. I would have been happy for a Becky win because she did fantastic with the Jake death and the Lucky stuff but I don’t think that that work outshined NLG at all. Both of them deserved a win. So I don’t look at it as Becky getting robbed.

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    You know, I thought DM and DW were my picks in the lead categories because I thought on a show that was IMHO dreadful they shined – i thought tom and geary had a few short epis that were written specifically so that their talent could shine through, BUT that said I didnt bash tom or geary as somehow undeserving or that they paled in comparison to the people I thought should win. My OPINION was only that…AN OPINION and those of you that preferred someone over NLG have only that AN OPINION – one that was NOT shared by those that watched the reels that were submitted and made the selection. NLG has a long, successful and lauded career and some of you are acting like your preferred winner lost to some newbie who won out of the blue. SERIOUSLY? And so what that she was home with her family or that she uses her twitter account to speak her mind (opinions I for the record rarely agree with). Its her right to say whatever she wants to say using her OWN account. my choice is to follow her or not follow her.

    For the record, my choice in this category would have been MCE had it been up to me and me alone – again for making it work without really strong writing and making a character that shouldnt have been someone to root for still someone to root for, but overall like imho almost all the categories, there really wasnt a nominee in the category that would have been wholly unworthy of the win had their name been called. While my pick would have been MCE, Im thrilled for NLG and I think she deserved it.

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    EET – I was hoping MCE won also. I think she did a fantastic job as crazy annie. But up until you just said it, I forgot she was in the running and really happy for NLG. Truth is, we probably just like everybody, and I for one give every single one of them credit.

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