Soap Pairings Light Up 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards!

Whether onscreen pairings, real-life couples (Alicia Minshew with husband Richie Herschenfeld) or two former co-stars reuniting (Molly Burnett and Crystal Chappell),  the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet and after parties were celebrations of soap industry pairings. See more red carpet photos from the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards after the jump!

Mark Hapka and Linsey Godfrey


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Deidre Hall and Kristian Alfonso look the most gorgeous, classy and sophisticated by far!! Love my DAYS stars!! And Bryan Datillo looks gorgeous--wow-he doesn't age!

Laura Wright should have worn something a little dressier--she was nominated after all. And someone needs to give Chrystal Chappell some fashion advice--she always wears things that are unflattering on her, and the horizantal stripes neither look good on her nor on most people.

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Erika Slezak looks mighty pleased to get a hug from Peter Bergman. I miss her on my screen!!

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Why did Crystal Chappell wear a housedress to the Emmys?

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Keep smilin', Maria Arena Bell: you know that "Y & R" under your guidance has laid one big effin' goose egg!! Keep putting that facade!!!

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I thought Nadia said she wasn't going to the Emmys this year because she wasn't on Days and Brandon wasn't on B&B anymore. Crystal still looks good but she probably knew she wasn't going to win so didn't really care. She could have dressed it up a bit with some jewels. Kristian Alfonso looks amazing for sure.

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1 April 2009
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Whoever did Melissa Reeves Makeup needs to be FIRED! That upset me cuz I loooove her, but jesus! Lipstick, maybe???

Michelle Stafford. WOW. WOW!

And while ANY photo of Jack Abbott makes my friggin day, I get soooo sad when I see Erika S. (And Robert Woods) cuz I'm reminded of horrible "Talk Shows" we have in place of them. Sniff.

Can someone (anyone!?) get them back on Daytime????

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I thought Crystal Chappell and Michael Sabatino looked beautiful! I loved Michelle Stafford's dress, it went along beautifully with her hair.