Vincent Irizarry and Finola Hughes Reunite at ABC’s Post Daytime Emmy Party!

Ex-All My Children star Vincent Irizarry reunited with his former Pine Valley love interest Finola Hughes at the ABC Post Emmy Party. The event was held at The W Hotel on June 23.  Doesn't seeing them together again make you wish Dr. David Hayward would check into General Hospital, so he could cross paths with Anna? 

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    I run into Vincent at the TV Academy in North Hollywood quite often and I tell him he needs to check into General Hospital – he has a history with a major player and I think he would fit in nicely

  2. Profile photo of days4ever

    OH PLEASE LET DR DAVID HAYWARD COME TO GH! I loved him with Anna on AMC. Vincent is one of the sexiest men from soaps IMO. He would be an asset to the show and GH needs another doctor too. Heather should find David and bring him to town to keep Anna and Luke apart.

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    I want to see David’s last AMC story continued, so if he joins GH, then Cara and their baby need to come with him. If he’s there just as an Anna prop, SO not interested!

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    I think he should show up as a new character and leave all the baggage behind. He could still click with Anna in a “did we know each other in another life” way like McCall and McBain. But however they do it, PLEASE bring VI to GH. We have enough OLTL crossovers. Lets get some of the wonderful AMC people on this show.

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