Maria Arena Bell on Being Young and Restless Showrunner: “It’s Like Being a Kid in a Candy Store”


Roger Newcomb of We Love Soaps caught up with The Young and the Restless showrunner Maria Arena Bell at the recent Creative Arts Daytime Emmy Awards. Newcomb got Bell to weigh in on her thoughts on daytime soaps continuing their five-day-a-week, year-long schedule; what it's like to run a daily serial ("It's like being a kid in a candy store!"), Francophrenia and of course, we couldn't go a day without hearing about…Daisy (Yvonne Zima)! Watch the chat below.


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    Restless Fan

    I wish she would get out of the candy store!!! Her version of loving Y&R and these characters has not meant writing to their history but changing them into what she wants them to be to move her idiot plots forward. Seems like a nice gal but her writing is vile. Not gonna be happy til she is fired.

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    This woman is delusional.

    Maria Arena Bell should be forbidden to even speak about her late father-in-law. I don’t think for a second that he would be satisfied with the current state of Y&R. She should be ashamed of herself.

    But I guess this woman is living in her own world for a very long time now. -.-

    And of course she has to mention MOCA. Maria, why don’t you make this your full time job and leave Y&R to someone that can write longtime character-driven drama?
    Go away!!! Leave Y&R a chance to fight cancellation.

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    Do kids in candy stores vomit up bad soap plots? Cuz, that’s what this hack does. It’s so sad that we don’t have any show with a decent head writer any more.

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    Maria Arena Bell is so dellusional – she either needs a Thorazine BIG GULP or a Prozax the size of a volleyball!!! Her so-called ‘vision’ of “Y & R” is a joke to say the very least!! How many times can people get married on this show?? Adam wants to marry Chelsea and has know her a scant few months – just juvenile, IMO!! My God – Disney Channel pograms have more range and depth than the shizz she’s been doling out!!

    This itch-bay needs to go!!!

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    what was this woman wearing to an awards show? a fishing net?

    does anyone else think the person “blackmailing/robbing” Genevive is the long lost “deceased” daughter, sister to Ethan?

    Speaking of Daniel Goddard, is he a soap actor or a male model? He shows up on “The Price Is Right” more than he appears on “Y&R”.

    I happen to like the Adam/Chelsea pairing, and I was one who enjoyed Daisy.

    And I would love to get my hands on Marco Dapper….. yummmmm

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    Yeah…like a kid in a candy store…a kid, who can’t get candy, throws a tantrum, and trashes the store…cause if she can’t get her candy, then no one else can either…

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    The quality of stories I see on Y&R are the kinds of stories I am used to seeing on “other” shows. Some of those shows are off the air.
    All I have to say.

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    the show is so awful.

    now we’re having Abby and her “kidnapping” storyline shoved down our throats.

    if MAB was going to keep writing Abby as a spoiled bitchy teen, they should’ve keep teen-Abby and she didn’t have to SORAS her to a 30something!

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    There is some buzz about Kay Alden being interested in head writing the show again together with Sally Sussman Morina, who wrote for Y&R in the 80s and then again in Kay Alden’s last year on the show.

    Here is to hope that Sony Pictures FINALLY makes the right call and fires Maria Arena Bell. It’s time. The woman has to go and leave this show alone before CBS decides to take on another game show sooner than later.

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    Yes I’m sure it is, RiRi. I’m sure it is.

    Did you see the interview on YouTube where she says these things? You can just see from the way she speaks that she is totally in her own world. Delusional and narcissistic. Only sees what she wants to see.

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    Well that explains it! She’s dope up on sugar, thats why nothing is consistent on Y&R.

    She needs to leave the candy alone and sit down and have her ass a rice cake! Then maybe she can focus.

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    This is ONE KID that her mommy (in this case, her MOTHER-IN-LAW) should say “Sweetie, you have gorged on enough sweets and ruined your apetite (our show) so now we have to leave and you need to NOT COME BACK!”

    I love how she is so delusional and refusing EVERY SINGLE TIME to address directly the frustration the fans, the critics and even the actors on the show have with the show. The fans are loyal and will return if they hear there is something to return to and I am AND WILL BE amazed at how long CBS will allow the destruction of the anchor of their daytime lineup. Seriously, Maria needs to be shown the door and someone with more experience and a ear to the fans and critics should be put in place.


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    Abby being KIDNAPPED is ridiculous! WIll Carmine fake a pregnancy or something to keep her?! And WHY does Maria let the writers write this stuff when he tried to kidnap Chloe and now ACCIDENTALLY has Abby but still is technically a kidnapper.

    Plus, we were down this selfish road before with Abby and she matured enough to realize that the NAKED HEIRESS does nothing for her OR THE DAMN FANS of the YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Maria, stop ruining characters, STOP EFFIN’ forcing love stories down our throats ESPECIALLY when the chemistry of the 2 actors was a perfect set up for a nice traditionally developed soap love story.

    Now, we will have Abby and Carmine hold up in a motel somewhere and then he’ll come out of the shower all wet in a towel and it will accidentally drop and they will have sex and then fight and then return and fight and then have sex and by the time they are a true couple the damn show will be so bad I WON’T CARE along with another 100 or 200 thousand fans who will have given up on daytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Candy stores are enjoyable but not really all that good for a great many of us. Maybe she should try out that new whole foods store down the street.

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    I have no problem with Maria Arena Bell writing Y&R. I just would like it if it wasn’t in a dictating storyline capacity. Like a script writer or breakdown writer.
    When I started watching B&B in the early 90s the credits went like this kids:

    Written By:
    William J. Bell
    John F. Smith
    Bradley Bell
    Maria Arena

    The experience Scott Hammer has to H/W a show I don’t get. He only headwrote PC from what I can recall. He should have left with LML.

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    Yes, I would think after all the years of being nominated for so many things, that MAB would get the message, the show is going downhill daily. Only one win by a younger actor who didn’t deserve it and two splits with B and B and I believe something to do with music. How bad can it possibly get before Sony or whoever wises up and gets rid of Hackerena Bell.

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    [quote=SwanQueen59]You forgot to mention Y&R picked up the award for hairstyling. Really. They did. I don’t know why… 0:)[/quote]

    I honestly can not understand how YR could have won, though they split the hairdressing award with B and B. I don’t see how YR could even be nominated. I am an old guy and ex truck driver and never been a hair dresser, but always fascinated by women’s hair. I think that with the exception of Loren that YR has worse hair styles and wigs and such I have ever seen on a TV show. Sometimes on Phyllis, it appears that whoever set her wig on top of her mismatched hair, that they had their eyes shut.
    The parts often don’t line up, making it very obvious they are wigs or hair pieces or whatever U wish to call them and the colors never match.
    The people that voted on this category all need to visit the eye doctor as they have a big problem with their vision.

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    Thanks Acela.

    I call myself a viewer who wants to see a better show who has seen better (watching since 1991 when Nikki was hooked on pills, Nathan was helping Drucilla, and Cassandra Rawlins had died crossing the street.) but knows the current team isn’t capable of delivering.
    In its past, the quality of this show rivaled prime time. I want to see that caliber again before it is too late.

    Do you work for CBS?

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    No, I don’t work for CBS, but I guess on this site, if you hate EVERYTHING about Y&R & continually praise the “shoot em ups” at General Hospital you are with the “in crowd”. PS Been watching Y&R since 75…and you are welcome.

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