Will Paul Shoot His Own Son on The Young and the Restless?

This week on The Young and the Restless, Daniel (Michael Graziadei) is arrested for a crime he claims not to have committed. Meanwhile, Eden (Jessica Heap) discovers the truth, which results in her being held at knife point. Paul (Doug Davidson) orders Ricky (Peter Porte) to let Eden go! Will Paul shoot his own son? Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump!

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    Restless Fan

    It’s not pathetic. Just ask Maria Bell. She feels like a kid in a candy store writing for characters on a show she’s always loved. Don’t you feel the love? ;)

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    If Paul must take out his own son then please let Ricky take out Eden first so we can be rid of another useless Y&R character! I’m actually starting to enjoy the show again but Y&R still needs to trim the fat.

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    Is there hope that Eden doesn’t survive this???

    Poor Ricky. He never stood a chance with his lousy father. I can’t believe Paul was about to move heaven and earth for his loony sister but he was so quick on judging his son. Paul never gave Ricky a chance. He spoke with everyone about his evil spawn but did he actually have an honest talk with Ricky?

    Paul didn’t raise his children. He never took any interest in Ricky. Then he pops up and Ricky becomes the bad guy because he doesn’t give Paul the father-of-the-year award.

    Aside from the truth that Ricky is a killer … he never stood a chance! Poor boy. A mother in a mental institution and a father who never cared.

    Paul becomes another character for me who has been completely ruined under MAB’s regime of terror.
    A candy store, Maria??? If you compare this job – head writing a Daytime drama, which is one of the hardest jobs in the industry – to a candy store … no wonder this show is so bad.

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    i wish peter porte al the luck in the world. i am sure he’ll end up going to primetime or movies…forget about this crap you were subjected to peter!!!

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    soapjunkie88 … you took the words right out of my fingers. I was thinking exactly the same thing about Paul’s relationship with Pattycakes in contrast to his relationship with Rickycakes. This whole story line with Ricky was extremely annoying to have it so obvious that he actually was a demented psychopath. No suspense, not twists, no surprises. I just hated that is all seemed broadcast and pre-ordained right from the start. The only thing that could make this interesting now is to have Paul turn into a demented psycho.

    Regarding the big gala … another stupid thing. Galas are planned for ages before the event. Chairs and tables are not delivered the day (or an hour) before all is set to start. Andy Hardy putting on a show in a barn was much more professional than this.

    Too bad about Ricky and Carmine. Two of the best looking and individually appealing men in ages to arrive in Genoa City just to be saddled with ridiculous and annoying stories.

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    I love Jessica Heap and the character of Eden! I can’t even remember what the previous actresses did with her, but this one I love. And glad she is finally getting some great storyline!

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    Seriously, thank you Maria for ruining one of the BEST DAYTIME SHOWS on TV. The fact that the garbage you have been writing couldn’t even get you an EMMY proves that Y&R is no longer the tops of anything other than a garbage heap.

    First, you had Daisy return and left her on the show for WAY TOO LONG only to have her killed (the second child in a year to be left without a good mother… whether they were mean to others) and then you go and ruin Ricky who could have been written in such a better way and direction that the STEREOTYPICAL way on this show. No, Ricky is not misunderstood he is just a NUT like his AUnt and his Mother… two PEOPLE HE NEVER KNEW OR GREW UP WITH … so what the hell is Maria trying to say that its hereditary psychotic behavior?!


    So that means, Heather is just one loose screw away from killing the town since now she has a half brother and an aunt who were mental! And it doesn’t bode well since her grandmother, Paul’s mommy, is a religious zealot and Heather was raised by an ABUSIVE STEP-FATHER (cause Paul was busy saving Lauren and other children that WEREN’T his her whole life) so all anyone has to do is DUMP her one more time (Adam, thanks for the first time around) and she will SLICE, DICE and CHOP you up!


    I am so angry at this story and the direction of the MOST BORING IDIOTICALLY WRITTEN SHOW on daytime. Seriously, make me happy CBS, Just cancel this piece of garbage and let us watch a talk show or game show instead.

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    So … are we going to have to endure excruciating shrieks of self righteous indignation from Phyllis every time her soon to be again former friend the new DA dares to challenge her family for apparent criminal wrong doing? This Daniel in jeopardy episode may not go on for long, but what about when Michael is duty bound to investigate the infamous hit and run episode? It will be unbearable! Or is Phyllis magically in the clear for that? I hope not and I think not, so prepare for our ears to be bleeding a lot in the coming weeks.

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