Jillian’s Picks For Best and Worst Dressed Women at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

BEST – Kristian Alfonso: The Days of Our Lives leading lady was simply stunning in her canary-yellow evening gown. The dress fit Alfonso perfectly, and her jewelry didn’t overpower her dress.

Elizabeth Hendrickson: This little powerhouse was flawless in her slip-dress. The Young and the Restless star’s look reminded me of a dress Michelle Pfeiffer wore in Scarface.

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    Jillian: My friend, you are receiving a standing ovation over here! Your selections were SPOT-ON! Loved Kristian Alfonso and Deidre Hall and seeing them dolled up made me miss the good ‘ole days of soaps when characters were glammed out for events!

    I gave Jud Evans a pass because of her well-documented issues with her weight and her psychique looks maganificent but I admit that I think her head looks to big for her body…a ‘lil bobble-headish.

    THE WORST…were just THE WORST.

    Daisy Duke should have been taken out to the pasture and, well…you get my drift ;-)

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    Kristian…lovely dress, but her head looks 3 sizes too large for her body.

    Elizabeth…nice, but she looks like a wax figure.

    Deidre…near perfection.

    Judi…beyond risqué. Downright trashy. I love her so much…so sad.

    Jessica…you need to be skinny to wear these bondage dresses. She’s not.

    Jacqueline…The. Worst. Dress. I’ve. Ever. Seen.

    Gloria…I was wondering where that old sofa went.

    Kate…Tragic. This poor woman has never known how to dress for the carpet.

    Catherine…O. M. G. The jolly green giant in drag.

    Judith…must be auditioning for the next Dark Shadows movie.

    What? No Lisa LoCicero? Now there was one for the worst list if ever there was one!

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    I totally agree with everyone on the list, only EH from Y&R’s didn’t impress me.

    But it’s funny when I saw Judi Evans I thought the exact same words you put: Va va voom! Damn she looks great! She has a great and fit figure, she looks young, a gorgeous dress, and great hair.

    ITA agree with all the worst dressed ones. What was up with the Y&R ladies? They are on the top show, probably get paid the most from all soap actors and Daisy Duke, Esther, and Gloria all dressed badly!

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    I didn’t mind Jacqueline MacInnes Wood dress. I thought Finola Hughes should be on best dressed for sure. Crystal Chappell should be on worst dressed list also. Everyone else I agree with

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    The ladies really glammed it up. The Days’ women were the best-dressed of the evening with Dee Hall being the Queen of the Night that she is; but poor Judi Evans. Weight issues or not, she never ever gets it right.

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    The only dress I would disagree on is Judi Evans. Yes her body is amazing but i guess im old school and I think its better to leave a little something something to the imagination. A lot of the dresses this year left me flat. With the GH ladies I found LWs dress too casual, JMBs dress too low cut and open (I was expecting some nip slip lol), llcs dress was too revealing in the same vein as Judi E’s, I didnt like the fabric that ReH chose (kind of garish) and I didnt like the silver dresses worn by KA and JL. really i was surprised that none of them really wowed me.

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    I agree with most of your choices!
    Elizabeth, however, looked like she forgat to get dressed! It looked like a fancy nightgown, not a dress.
    Can’t agree about Judi either. I am so glad she is at a point that she feels proud of her body but the dress was tacky.
    Catherine is not a small woman anymore and there is NOTHING wrong with that but seriously!? If you are gonna wear shapewear make sure it isn’t visable through the dress!
    Kate, Kate, Kate… Sooo much wrong…yeah so the dress is ugly, but it doesn’t fit either! Foundation garments or a better fit needed!
    Lastly, Judith I’m sure was going for “dramatic” but it just came off as freakin’ creepy!

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    Diedre Hall is a beautiful woman. She has only improved with age.

    I didn’t care for Judi Evans dress. Yuck.

    Gloria, you heifer. My Great Aunt Flo, whose been dead for 30 years, is gonna come back and haunt you if you don’t return her 90th birthday outfit to her closet. OMG!!!

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    Didn’t care for Hendrickson’s nightgown, it should have been fitted, and a different color.

    I think Kate Linder dresses badly for awards shows so that she’ll get free publicity by appearing in various magazines’ “Worst Dressed Celebrities” sections.

    Chapman is auditioning for a theatrical revival of “Grey Gardens.”

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    Kristian needs to eat a sandwich. Seriously. You can see every bone and ligament in her neck and chest, and it’s just gross. It ages her. If she were to gain about 10 pounds, I think she’d actually look much younger. As is, with the skinny neck and the big hair, she looks like a bobble head.

    I don’t get how people are ok with dresses like Hendrickson, which looks like a slip or a nightgown to me (looks good, not saying she doesn’t!), or dresses cut nearly to their navel, but Judi Evans shows some side, and she’s too much, over the top, and trashy?

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    Best Dressed–Deidre Hall, with Kristian Alfonso a close second.
    Worst Dressed–Just about everyone from Y&R(except Jessica Collins), with special mention to day players Daisy Duke and Kate Linder(always astonishes me that she attends EVERY soap function as if she’s actually had a storyline in the last decade–and she’s still on contract! Makes you wonder…..).

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    Yes, Deidre Hall looks good, but she always wears the same type of dress (strapless, monochromatic, with a wrap draped over her arms) so it doesn’t have the impact of someone who tries new and different looks.

    The photo of Catherine Bach makes her look like a brunette Anna Nicole Smith, which was not a good look even for ANS (RIP).

    I am not sure why Judi Evans decided to go quite that far, but I’ll give her a pass since I really don’t want her to go all Paulina Cory on us and start crying buckets of tears.

    Maybe I just never noticed it, but a lot of these ladies have that “lollipop” look: huge head, and stick for a body.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]Finola Hughes (Anna from GH) was definitively the best dressed. everything worked on her.[/quote]

    Thanks for the reminder Moustache…Finola WAS the best dressed. I loved, loved her animal print dress and everything about her was perfect. How Jillian missed her I can’t imagine!

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    Ms 45

    Finola Hughes was the only woman who looked cool, contemporary, and stylish. Kristian Alfonso looked like an anorexic Princess Gina in that pageant gown and stiff updo. Heather Tom usually brings it, but not this year.

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