Jillian’s Picks For Best and Worst Dressed Men at The 39th Annual Daytime Emmys

BEST – Anderson Cooper: The Silver Fox was definitely ready for a night on the town. Cooper could have literally gone from interviewing heads of states, right to the red carpet with this look.

Greg Rikaart: The Young and the Restless star gave a nod to Mad Men with his smart, classy look. The plaid didn’t overpower the suit. The tie's color was also a nice touch, leaving Rikaart with a crisp, clean look.

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    Damn Jillian, you really nailed it on the fashions! John J. York wore what???!!! Goodness gracious. I thought Nathin Butler looked like a pirate. Is Freddie Smith okay? He looked very shabby and he has looked quite different (in a bad way) on DAYS.

    My favorite male look of the night goes to Chandler Massey’s “Pinocchio” sans cap-look. He’s so damned adorable, he made a look that would have mad another man look foolish make him look even more endearing. Adorbs!

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    Jillian maybe you should do your homework and READ the caption under the pictures BEFORE you post them in columns like this.JJY (Mac),DZ(Dante) & NB(Ewin) did NOT go to the EMMYS.Those are pictures from GH’s party.

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    ^^ Okay. If the photos of the GH actors were from an event outside of the Emmy ceremony then I give them more leeway and think they should be excluded from the “worst dressed” list.

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    eww no. Im sorry if it was tbs carly or sjbs carly HELL YES, but please no to lws carly and sean they have zero chemistry. if they had smarts on this show they would pair him with someone young and hot and let him have at least one scene every epi even if its just for 30 seconds where hes wearing nothing but a towel. Hell bring back sjbs claudia and pair them together. YUM.

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    [quote=Jillian Bowe]These pics were listed in pictures marked as “Daytime Emmys.” They will be removed.[/quote]
    I think they are from GH’s Emmy party.But i know DZ was not at the Emmys because LLc (Olivia) said on Twitter DZ was not at the EMMYS but did go to the party and I don’t think JJY & NB were at the Emmys either because they are not in the cast picture.Just wondering,what did you think of Julie Berman’s dress? I liked it and thought she looked beautiful but think it was risky and sexy because of the plunging neck line.I don’t see it here but Kelly Sullivan tweeted pictures of her & Julie together and Steve Bergman has pictures of them on the red carpet.Just wondering if anyone else saw JMB ‘s dress and what you all think of it?

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    So the other article is Jillian’s picks for best and worst DRESSED women.

    This one is titled Best and Worst Men

    One missing word makes it a harsh personal judgement on the men!


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    JohnnyLover-There’s a full length picture of JMB on the red carpet posted in the entry titled “More Daytime Emmy Pics Revealed”. She is such a beautiful young woman, one of the most naturally beautiful currently working in daytime. (Or primetime for that matter. I admit, I’m biased.) The dress was a mixed bag for me. While I don’t have a problem with plunging necklines, per se, I would have liked to have seen it balanced out with a closer fitting bodice coupled with the short, flirty skirt. She’s got a great figure and legs that she rightly showed off to advantage, but the “bloused” top part of the dress looked a bit “rumpled”. The color didn’t grab me, but she carried that aspect off as she’s someone who seems to be able to wear just about any shade… 0:)

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    Jillian I dont blame my future hubby for that lack of chemistry – Im just saying that I dont see it there and yeah Lexi and or kelly and or claudia and or lulu and or natalie from oltl….so many choices would be F.I.N.E. and honestly if any pairing resulted in him being half naked on my screen for long periods of time I could probably live with it. Hell he would even make me not FF liz lol.

    Swan I like your take on the JMB dress although I would also add I saw some pics where I thought had the top been more tailored i would have liked it better. Sometimes they have that plunge where its not gapping – either they tape it down or its weighted or whatever – but i found it too loose and gaping.

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    EET-It’s that costumer/seamstress thing that is the other part of my life kicking in. I’ve had to construct “plunging necklines” and “bare” backs that weren’t plunging or bare at all. Just an optical illusion that was filled in to match the skin tone so closely that unless you were up close and personal with it, you wouldn’t know the difference. It’s about enhancement and allure. And it’s even more fun when you’re fooled into thinking something is there and it’s not. ;)…. 0:)

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    Jillian hes my future hubby and if I want to give him away to natalie during the work day, well hes mine to do with as i see fit – thus freeing up jason and john to fight over my gal sam ;)

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