Ann Curry Breaks Down During Emotional Today Show Exit



The brass at The Today Show may have won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Morning Program this past weekend, but they've also managed to bring veteran journalist Ann Curry to tears. This morning, Curry confirmed her exit from the television institution, revealing she will remain at NBC, leading a team of journalists who will traverse the globe, covering stories for several NBC News platforms. Watch Curry's emotional farewell to morning TV after the jump!


Photo credit: NBC


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Ann Curry is a classy woman and I loved her at the Today Show. I think this was a stupid move on NBC's part.

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7 April 2011
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Aww. That's sad. I gave up on the Today Show completely once CBS This Morning was revamped a few months back. That's a quality morning news show whereas both NBC and ABC's morning shows have devolved into utter nonsense. Funny, ABC's show goes a bit further into the celebrity gossip, "National Enquirer"-territory than Today and I think it's why it has experienced a ratings increase.

I like Ann Curry because she brought a quality of serious journalist to the show and it's sad she's been blamed by the NBC brass for Today's slip in ratings. I think big problems for Today is that it's unclear how how silly and serious it should be AND IT'S four hours every day! The brand is not that strong.

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I gave up on the Today Show completely once CBS This Morning was revamped a few months back. That's a quality morning news show whereas both NBC and ABC's morning shows have devolved into utter nonsense.

AMEN, SoapBaby! The ratings certainly don't reflect it, but CBS This Morning is THE first class (with the emphasis on class) morning news program on all the networks, basic & cable. Informative, brisk, well-produced, with excellent and lengthy stories and interviews, it should be the thematic model for producing intelligent programming for the masses in the morning.

As for Ms. Curry, God bless her, but I'm not too torn up over someone who got a $10 million push-out-the-door and retained a number of new titles at the very company which (unfairly even) fired her from one high profile position and put her in another. With an 8.2% official unemployment rate in this country, I'm sure she'll be fine.

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I hate to see Ann Curry leave. I don't think she is the problem with the Today show's rating. I wish her the best. It is terrible how she just got booted out the door after 15 years with the show.

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Very shabby treatment, but 10 million pieces of green paper can help absorb a lot of tears.

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I haven't watched the Today show in years but I do like Ann Curry and just believe the ratings slide was a long time coming, it just happened to manifest during her time in the co-anchor chair.

I have just read a few comments about how short her send off was in comparison to Meredith Vieira's farewell. I understand that Curry will still be doing other things for NBC but then again so has Vieira.

I saw the clip this morning and Ann Curry, as if often the case, handled herself with class.

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Whenever a woman gets over a certain age, they get rid of her and get some blonde or Jillian Barberie type with a Farah Fawcett/Real Housewives hairdo and a tight dress to replace her. Maybe if Ann Curry had some blonde extensions they would have kept her? Just kidding.

As soon as the women go over 40, they fire them and hire a blonde or a younger woman. Jane Pauley still comes to mind.

Best of luck to Ann!

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I am sorry she is losing her job and I think she is handling it with class.
A $10 million severence is good compensation.

I just got 6 months of pay when I got canned last year by my former employer.

Best of luck to her.

Not a fan of Lauer. The appeal there I don't get.
Looks good without a shirt though as I've seen in People.

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The suits at NBC don't have a clue. Now without Merideth and Ann I'll switch to GMA.

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I watched that clip earlier today and it was really sad. She invested a lot of her life, did her time, and was finally able to achieve her dream. You could tell her heart was truly broken...I could feel her pain.

Unfortunately, that job just wasn't a good fit for her. I usually watch the first fifteen minutes or so of GMA but occasionally I would flip the channel over and she just didn't seem completely confident in that role. She would fumble her lines and doesn't seem to have great on-screen chemistry with Matt Lauer although, in that clip, he seems to have a great affection for her.

I think she's an awesome journalist and I'm looking forward to seeing great things from her in the future. I think my respect level rose for her tremendously today because of the way she handled herself by being both vulnerable and by being as truthful as she could be.

I found out something valuable today...Ann Curry has a great heart. She has the ability to be bigger and better than ever. I hope she knows that about herself.

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I grew up in a "GMA" home, but once I moved into my OWN home (sadly, the week of 9/11) I became a Morning Show Renegade (lol) and the Matt Lauer effect drew me in. I just remember that week, their updates/story's on that horrible day were just... better.

BUT... over the last 2-3 years, in the 20 minutes I DO watch the morning shows before I leave for work, it's been the Robin Roberts effect. She's so fantastic. And don't even get me going on Josh Elliot! I wanna be his girlfriend. Smile

I'm not going to beat he while she's down, but I never warmed up to Ann. Even at the news~desk. All these "Guiliana and Bill" interviews the past year, I would say "Guiliana should be doing Ann's job" (I wish!!)

I also wish Matt would jump ship and co-host GMA with Robin. How Fantastic my mornings would become!

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Matt Lauer stabber her in the back and she was scapegoated as the reason for Today's drop in ratings. NBC has no shame. I'll be watchng GMA going forward. Matt Lauer is a vile snake.

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While I agree that Ann was not the best fit for this job, the utter disrespect from the network in handling this, and trying to put all of Today's problems on her, is extremely offensive to me. The problem with the show is that it's to darn LONG. And is there a bigger weasel anywhere than Matt Lauer? Can't stand him.

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JBJ I would agree with you - in the grand scheme of things this isnt a tragedy - however i do feel sorry for her being publicly scapegoated this way cant be easy and while being rich from it would help im sure it stings.

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i deleted my post

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Ann Curry has always been awful, fumbling and bumbling her way through the news. Awkward and fake in interviews. And her so-called rep for top level international reporting -- where did that come from? NBC did her wrong, of course, but her farewell speech lacked dignity and self-awareness. Just an embarrassing trainwreck. Yes, she was scapegoated, that whole show is stale, and Matt grows less likeable with each passing year. But I'm glad she's gone. Too bad NBC didn't handle it well and she didn't have it in her to exit on high note either.