Is a Dynasty Reboot on The Horizon?!

Take this one with a grain of salt — make that a whole shaker! The National Enquirer is reporting that, on the heels of the success of TNT's Dallas reboot, there are now talks of doing one for classic, 80's sudser Dynasty! Said veteran Enquirer gossip hound Mike Walker:

TV moguls are already huddled in top-secret talks with tempestuous Denver oil “Dynasty” divas JOAN COLLINS and LINDA EVANS – begging them to get glam again in those magnificent, iconic costumes and scratch each other’s eyes out encore!

Said My Dyna-Spy: “Joan and Linda are really excited about reviving ‘Dynasty.’ The show looks like a definite go as producers work out the details!”

Wouldn't it be awesome to see Krystal (Linda Evans), Fallon (preferrably Pamela Sue Martin), Sammy Jo (Heather Locklear) and of course, Alexis (Joan Collins) return to TV, complete with a new generation of stars as the offspring of their infamous characters from the mega popular ABC soap?

Hey, if the potential Dynasty 2.0 scribes need any inspiration, they can check out the Wishful Casting I did for Dynasty: The Next Generation last October. Thanks Appleridge for the tip!

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    I don’t think I’d want a Dynasty reboot. The series was so identified with the 80s – so much more than Dallas was – I don’t think it would work today. Dynasty and Dallas were very different.

    I would find it hard to relate to a Dynasty of 2012. I know that it sounds good that another favorite is coming back but I also see Dallas as an exception. They tried to bring back so many old shows already. It didn’t really worked out with the most of them. And since Dynasty would even be harder to pull of I hope they don’t do it.

  2. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    HELL YEAH! This is exactly what I was hoping!!! If “Dallas” is successful, then they can sure as hell bring back “Dynasty.” There is SO much history and family surrounding Dynasty. I find more so than Dallas. I was a huge Dynasty kid, still like to watch reruns and this would just be so great. So great indeed. I actually heard rumors of this happening last fall, when the Dallas reboot was announced, so here is praying it happens and it’s awesome and doesn’t turn out like Melrose Place 2.0

  3. Profile photo of eurekasjm

    I’d prefer a Falcon Crest reboot over Dynasty. I think there would be more chance for a story with Falcon Crest. But they would need to figure out a way to bring Melissa (Ana-Alicia) back from the dead because now that Jane Wyman is gone…Melissa would be the perfect villain.

    Maybe when Melissa “died” from that fire Angela had her comatose body sent to Switzerland so she could gain back control of Falcon Crest and now Melissa has come back to town to claim what she feels is rightfully hers…Falcon Crest, Lance and her son! (and with Melissa it would actually come in that order)Oh and I’d love to see Melissa kick Pilar’s a**!

    That would be much better than having two old women who cannot even make facial expressions (because they have had so much plastic surgery that their ears meet at the back of their heads) try to have a catfight in a pool with their sequined gowns and bad body doubles. I’m just sayin’.

  4. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I like the Dallas 2012 (reboot) & think its written very well.

    I just don’t know if they all can be rebooted e.g. Dynasty, Falconcrest but if they can then give it a whirl….its a new audience they may be able to appeal to…

  5. Profile photo of eurekasjm

    Damn Ryan-Scott…you are right! It was a lily pond! I haven’t seen Dynasty sense it originally aired so I was bound to make that mistake. Thanks for the info!

  6. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]It wasn’t a pool eurekasjm. It was the LILY POND.


    THE classic line from the show was when Alexis dressed down Krystle by joking how Krystle was (wait for it), “CASTIGATED BY THE LILY POND!” by Blake.


  7. Profile photo of keanna

    I would love that, as long as they write it for 2012, not the ’80s. I think the history is there, and if written well it can work.

    The reason Dallas has worked so well thus far, is that not only is it written well, but they have a mixture of characters of the original and new.

    I would say bring Linda and Joan, as well as Diahann Carroll back, even if it’s just for a few episodes to reintroduce the kids and introduce the grandkids. Bring back John James (Jeff), Gordon Thomson (Adam), Jack Coleman (Steven, prefered his version), Emma Samms (Fallon, liked her version, and plus Pamela Sue Martin, will not come back), heck even bring back Catherine Oxenburg (Amanda). Bring the right actors to play Kristina, Little Blake, Danny, maybe even Dominique’s grandchild.

    I think the pilot can take place at Blake’s funeral, that way it can be an homage to John Forsythe and his character.

    I see some say don’t do it, I am sure they said the same thing about Dallas, and it has worked. Like I said before, get the right people in charge, Dynasty will be a must see as well.

  8. Profile photo of dewlove

    Hi All….I don’t see this working as all. As much as I love Dynasty, I just don’t see a reason to do it unless it starts with a very well received reunion movie. Dynasty, though popular, never had the cultural heft that Dallas did. The Dallas 2.0 folks did it right by only bringing back JR, Bobby, and (in a supporting role so far) Sue Ellen as part of the main cast. They have provided a great connection to the old show and have driven story well while also handing over the reigns to the younger generation. I can’t imagine it being done any better.

    Having said that, I will prance around my town square wearing only a Michelle Lee-esque wig while reciting the “Polyanna” speech if someone, anyone brings back my beloved Knots Landing…..

  9. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    God. Yes.

    They need to bring this one back. I just hope they get some good producers a la Dallas and don’t try to cobble this together with a pair of shoulder pads and some feather bangs. It needs to be well thought out and I agree with the posters that note the integration of old and new is extremely vital. That was the downfall of my beloved Melrose Place 2.0. The “old” were shunted to the back.

    John Forsythe may have been the center male figure, but to me this show was all about the women, strong women.

    Dynasty started during a recession and transformed into a show about excess. I think some of the issues we’re dealing with now (the 1%, corporate misconduct, gay marriage) can get a lot of traction on a show like Dynasty. I want a well written show with excess, not a we-know-we’re campy. They played it serious back then. Get an Austin Scarlett from Project Runway to design the clothes. We need to put some of that PR talent to good use.

    Never really watched Dallas, but I will watch the current show when it comes out on DVD. The idea of horses and cowboy / oil men seemed to butch. Give me some diamonds, Nolan Miller, a British accent or two, and some catfights.

    I will add that Dynasty is probably a stronger brand than some of those other 80’s soaps.

    Did Falcon Crest and Knots get Barbies recently:

    Did they have their own perfume back in the day (I remember getting Forever Krystle for my mother for mother’s day – probably more for me to have the packaging than for her):

    Eh, we can forget the fashion line, although I am looking for something that I can wear while I hold my parrot as an accessory:

  10. Profile photo of scottbuergcoolness

    Love Dynasty! Would love a reboot. And that idea about Ana Alicia’s Melissa back on a Falcon Crest reboot as the center of the show is Gold! The number one show I want rebooted: Knots Landing!!

  11. Profile photo of robertscorpio

    [quote=dewlove]Having said that, I will prance around my town square wearing only a Michelle Lee-esque wig while reciting the “Polyanna” speech if someone, anyone brings back my beloved Knots Landing…..[/quote]

    I would prance and recite with you. If anything needs a reboot, it would be Knots Landing. I would love to catch up with Karen, Mack, Val, Gary, Abby, Sumner and Paige!!!

  12. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Great post J Bernard.

    And who honestly wants to see an 80 year old English lady in a catfight with a 70 year old lady, who over the years used a little too much botox? No.

    And I’m sorry but a new generation of them doesn’t sound intriguing either. Maybe if John Forsythe was still with us, maybe then it would make sense but so it just doesn’t.

    The show made for good entertainment in the 80s. “Dynasty” was campy and a very stylish show. You can’t even do a remake because then you would betray every single thing from the original.

    “Dynasty”, please stay dead and buried. You should remembered for being 80s cult. Not another desperate attempt of making something old new again.

  13. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Dynasty was an empty shell of a show compared to other prime time soaps of the era, and Linda Evans is barely an actress. Also, I wonder if anyone has briefed Joan on the paltry sums Hagman, Duffy and Gray are getting on TNT.

    The only way I see this working is if they re-animate John Forsythe and rename it The Walking Deadnasty.

  14. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    One final note about the power of Dallas and it’s own 13 year run on CBS versus the weak sauce of Dynasty’s 8 year run on ABC:

    Dallas’ spinoff — the relatively low key, character driven Knot’s Landing — lasted fourteen years, one production year and two broadcast years longer than its parent.

    Dynasty’s spinoff — the heavily hyped, star-studded Dynasty II: The Colbys — lasted barely a year and a half.

    ::throws down mic and walks off stage::

  15. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    J Bernard-Thanks for the insights as well as the “commercial”/”cultural” influence “round-up” comparison of Dallas vs. Dynasty. Eloquent as always. Curious. You mentioned “The Good Wife”, “Mad Men”, “Game of Thrones”, and “Breaking Bad” as the “prestige” serialized dramas airing today. Where would you place or would you even include “Revenge” in that particular
    “prestige” category? Do you believe this drama has the potential to last 5-8 seasons or will it sputter because the heroine can only “take out” so many of her father’s enemies before the whole town’s numerical population takes a hit?… 0:)

  16. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    By the way, yes Dynasty had massive merchandising spinoffs, including the infamous, hideous “The Dynasty Collection” women’s & men’s wear lines by the recently deceased Nolan Miller. There were tons of merchandising tie-ins that were used mainly to help offset the huge, escalating costs of production as Dynasty wore on.

    But Dallas was no slouch in that department, either. There were:

    J.R. Ewing dolls:

    A video game called “Dallas Quest,” which you can still download and play on your computer:

    A syndicated “Dallas” comic strip:

    And other merchandise:

    …and five official novels: “Dallas,” “The Ewings of Dallas”, “The Men of Dallas,” “The Women of Dallas”, and “Dallas: The Complete Ewing Family Saga.”

    I also believe there was a line of Dallas clothes (as equally horrible as the Dynasty collection) and a Dallas cologne.

    And while daytime soaps all brought in or changed some characters to mimic Dynasty’s “Alexis,” almost every soap brought in a country western character to echo the C&W craze sweeping the country because of “Dallas” (I’m thinking specifically of you Jimmy Lee Holt of “General Hospital” and Cal Strickland of “As the World Turns”) and entire core families to replicate the Ewings, including the Buchanans on One Life to Live and the Lewises on Guiding Light.

    There was even daytime’s wholesale version of “Dallas,” NBC’s wonderful but short-lived “Texas” (,

    Even then, Dallas did two additional things Dynasty never achieved:

    1. The frenzy over ‘Who Shot J.R.?’ landed Dallas on the cover of Time magazine, which for its time as a huge achievement for any tv show.

    2. “Who Done It?” — the season four opener that answered the question of who shot J.R. — was, at the time, the highest rated regular television episode in US history. It had a Nielsen rating of 53.3 and a 76% share, and it was estimated that 83,000,000 people watched the episode.

    Dynasty’s highest rated episode was the resolution to the Moldavian Massacre cliffhanger, around 60 million.

    Bottom line: Dynasty might have had more buzz for a time and even more merchandise, but it came in after and flamed out before Dallas did.

    In short, dolls and cologne aside, Dallas was — and continues to be — the true cultural juggernaught.

  17. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    God. No.

    As TV Gord so succinctly put it:

    Dynasty was an empty shell of a show compared to other prime time soaps of the era…

    The true reason that Dallas works so well is that executive producer and show developer Cynthia Cidre has not simply paired old characters/cast members with new (and really the only three new main characters are Elena, Rebecca and Ann, who herself is essentially Miss Ellie 2.0 ), but rather because Cidre has smartly relied on (in episodes that have aired so far) Dallas’s deep, rich vein of history & mythology. She has wisely and successfully not tried to recreate The J.R. Ewing Show that Dallas became in its later seasons. Instead, Cidre has located the heart and soul of the series in its original themes: two sons who spent their whole lives trying to live up to their parent’s expectations and the fallout and consequences of parental favoritism or neglect, as well as a time honored ‘Romeo & Juliet” warring family feud.

    Because Dallas was always a generational drama where the actions and choices of its elders — Jock, Digger & Miss Ellie, the references to whom in the current series are no accident or mere nods to the past or “the fans” — directly influenced almost every aspect of their children J.R., Gary and Bobby’s lives, and the sins of the parents were borne by their children….and THEIR children, namely John Ross & Christopher (with Bobby’s only biological child Lucas lurking somewhere out there), providing the solid foundation for the excellent continuation of their stories that we see today.

    Dallas at its heart was never solely about backstabbing, double crossing, Sue Ellen’s drunken escapades or J.R. Ewing’s schemes & shenanigans. That is a shallow understanding of what the show was about. If it were, “Dallas” would have never outlasted “Dynasty” or nearly all the other pretenders to the throne, nor would it have been as influential across the television landscape that still echoes throughout almost every one of today’s prestige serialized dramas from “The Good Wife” and “Mad Men” to “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones.”

    Dynasty, for all its cartoonish campiness, never had this kind history, never had this kind of mythology and certainly is an almost unworkable concept to bring back without making it into a complete remake to be remotely credible. On what broad shoulder pads could such a remake possibly hang on? The control for Denver-Carrington, a company that — unlike Ewing Oil, which virtually was almost as much a character as Southfork — that even the characters of Dynasty considered something of an afterthought? Sammy Jo (played by a still viable Heather Locklear), who was a popular but still supporting character? Alexis vs. Krystal vs. Dominique, for what possible reason? Does anyone even remember who had what kids — including whatever that late in life kid that Krystal & Blake had (Bobbie Kristina??) that would now be grown?

    I’m sure someone clever could come up with something interesting for a “Dynasty”-spinoff/sequel/reimagining/continuation/reboot that might possibly work in 2012/13/14/et al. Perhaps updated in the way Hawaii Five-0 was updated for CBS, with new actors playing diffrent versions of the old characters with the same names. Maybe Matthew Fox as ‘Blake,’ Elizabeth Mitchell as ‘Krystal’ and Catherine Zeta-Jones as “Alexis’. I don’t see it, yet it is possible.

    But here real difference between Dallas and Dynasty:

    Both were reflections and refractions of the go-go, greedy, heady excesses of the 1980’s, but the former always traded in universal and even timeless themes that have been easily updated the present day, while the shallow & thin latter was wholly and almost strictly a product of its time, an entertaining if creaky relic of its era that should be remembered only in reruns, YouTube clips and gay bar retrospectives from here on out.

  18. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    I wouldn’t put “Revenge” in any prestige category. It’s the upper end of the Gossip Girl spectrum normally found on The CW and ABC Family/USA/TNT, not the lower end of “The Good Wife” or AMC/HBO/Showtime.

    Don’t get me wrong: I do think it is quite good, extremely entertaining, slickly produced, and competently acted compared to most of its current prime time soap brethren, but “Revenge” really is kind of its own thing. While it is definitely a prime time soap, it’s also a noir/pulp revenge thriller. It has been certainly touted for being based on “The Count of Monte Cristo”, but think more “Kill Bill” without the excessive bloodshed. This makes it more of a mashup of genres with its feet planted firmly on both sides of the fence.

    Now as for its staying power, that I think is up in the air. I think the producers/writers have thrown enough balls up in the air to keep the narrative going for at least three more years, but that is also a high wire act of great pressure. I think a more precise question is can they keep so many balls in the air for that extended period of time without dropping them or turning into a bizarre circus act before burning out the audience? For that I have no answer, but at the rate Emily is going and the bigger the conspiracy spreads, she might have move to New York and take out all of Brooklyn before its said and done.

  19. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    J Bernard-Or Washington D. C. to go after the (take your pick FBI, CIA, NSA etc.)given the cliff hanger that has her mother is still alive. At least it’ll keep Nolan busy hacking their computer systems. LOL. Regards… 0:)

  20. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    I agree with mostly everyone here Dynasty doesn’t need to have a reboot/continuation. I was too young to watch the primetiem soaps when they were on in the 80’s and early 90’s but my parents always spoke so fondly of them so when SoapNet came along I watched Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing. I thought Knots was probably one of the best shows in the history of Tv and that Dallas was good as well. Maybe because I was watching it in 2002 and not in 1981 I thought Dynasty was terrible. To me Dynasty was like Passions minus the supernatural stuff, Alexis was a cartoonish villian, those fights were so plot driven and sometimes came out of nowhere and characters would fall in and out love with eachother at the drop of a dime. A show like that woudln’t work today, if they did do Dynasty it would have to be more realistic and character driven like Dallas and Knots Landing. I do think they should do a new Knots Landing. They could have Mac, Karen, and Abby, then maybe have Meg, Bobby and Betsy as the younger generation. Maybe they could even bring back Olivia and Paige so they could have a good age range of characters.

  21. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Gotta disagree with you Gord! I LOVED Fresno! Any show with a bitch named TALON is alright in my book! LOL Thought it was funny as all get out, especially the cabin fight between Talon & Tiffany, a beautiful sendup of Alexis/Krystal catfights that was also a direct re-creation of the fist fight between Montgomery Clift & John Wayne in Red River! And “Martini in the Face” was awesome! LOL

    BUT…there were two versions of Fresno that CBS aired: the first was the original six hour miniseries without a laugh track, that was truly hilariously subversive and a send up of every prime time soap on the air. The other was a heavily edited version (I think it aired for 3 or 4 hours) with a laugh track edited in, which was incomprehensible and truly horrific.

  22. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I could never truly hate anything Carol Burnett does, but I do believe it was a fun premise that was spread too thin. Still, I’m glad I didn’t see the shorter version with the laugh track. I may remember it too harshly, but if Fresno would ever come out on DVD, I’d been the first one to order it! :-)

  23. Profile photo of mfarris70

    May I add some suggestions?

    Change the name Clayton Weiss because Bart Fallmont’s brother Clay was involved with Sammy Jo and Amanda and played by Ted McGinley.

    Maybe some doubt as to how Blake died? Kristina thinks that Alexis was involved because the hospital report shows that his wife visited him before he died. Even Lauren begins to suspect Granny Alexis. Of course we find out that it was actually Krystle who did not want her family to see her.

    There should be an Upstairs Downstairs relationship like Kirby had with Jeff and Adam and Michael the chauffeur had with Fallon. Kristina Carrington has known Kevin Robbins, the nephew of Carrington maid Jeanette ever since Jeanette took him in when his own family threw him out. A bit of a bad bay with a good heart.

    We never really resolved Fallon being abducted by aliens in the last ‘The Colbys’ episode. No Fallon and Jeff divorced again and Fallon is married to Dr. Hank Winters, a TV show host who specializes in tales of the unknown and has used Fallon’s abduction story to make himself famous. The other Carringtons were embarassed by this and have a strained relationship with Fallon. A young man named John Pierce comes to Denver looking for Fallon because his own mother died and told him to find Fallon. Fallon claims to not know John or his family. Eventually it comes out that when Fallon thought she was abducted she had actually had another mental breakdown and lived as Randall Edwards again. She was also pregnant with Jeff’s baby and gave birth to a son before disappearing. John Pierce is her and Jeff’s child.

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