Seven Years After Jumping on Oprah’s Couch, Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes Divorce!


Hollyweird is reeling this afternoon over news that power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing. Of course, since all roads lead back to daytime television, I had to dig up the clip of Cruise flat, freaking out about the Dawson's Creek starlet on Oprah Winfrey's couch back in 2005.

Here's hoping Cruise's next wife will make him jump just as high. Relive one of daytime's most insane moments after the jump!


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    TV Gord

    Pretty shrewdly timed to file right when all the talk shows are heading into at least a week of repeats or pretaped shows! By the time everyone is back, the jokes will seem dated.

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    I agree doodleynoodle. She has not looked happy in a long, long time. I was a big fan of Katie from Dawson’s Creek. I never understand their match. I don’t usually comment on celebrity couples, but this is sad news since their is a child involved.

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    I am totally shocked at this news. ;) Shocked!

    Here’s hoping that Tom and Katie can be civil to each other once the divorce is over since they do share a child. I guess it’s wrong to take a poll on how soon Tom remarries once the divorce is over?

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    TV Gord

    Well, Tom DOES seem to be moving on. I hear he’s already made an endorsement deal for a new after shave (now that he’s gotten rid of his beard). ;-)

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    I can’t say I’m surprised either.

    Does anyone think that Katie’s career and image changed somewhat drastically after their nuptials?
    She still had a few great roles (okay, only one or two come to mind immediately) and it happened way before she became a Mom– in fact, I’d compare her career trajectory to that of her former Dawson’s Creek colleague Michelle Williams (funny how I know so much about these actors when I never watched the show!).
    Michelle Williams’ career kicked into overdrive and hasn’t slowed down since but Katie’s acting career has somewhat stalled a bit. Maybe, it was her choice but I do know that Nicole Kidman won that Oscar after her divorce from Tom Cruise.

    I can’t speak to Cruise’s character as I don’t know him, but there is something about him that strikes me as slightly phony as if he tries too hard to be Everybody’s Favorite All American. I thought he was good in Magnolia, though.

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    [quote=TV Gord]Well, Tom DOES seem to be moving on. I hear he’s already made an endorsement deal for a new after shave (now that he’s gotten rid of his beard). ;-)[/quote]

    He and Travolta are doing this together, Travolta for the shaving cream!

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