TNT RENEWS Dallas For Season 2!


Forget any thoughts of the Dallas reboot going the way of Melrose Place 2.0. TNT just renewed the stellar continuation of the classic soap for a second season!

According to a press release from the serial's production company, Warner Horizon, TNT has ordered a 15-episode Season 2 of Dallas. The series is averaging 6.9 million viewers during its premiere season and has achieved near unanimous critical acclaim. Kudos to showrunner Cynthia Cidre, her crew and the amazing cast of TV's most unforgettable primetime soap opera!
Photo credit: TNT

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  1. Profile photo of Duchess

    Best news I’ve heard in a long time!!! I am loving everything about this show. So happy that it will be back along with Larry Hagman’s eyebrows of course!

  2. Profile photo of isiola

    Love love love this show..acting is amazing from the original to the younger actors…storytelling is excellent!!! This is great news …

  3. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    are Ray & Lucy a couple now? because their scenes so far have been … creepy-feely.

    did they say “F IT, IT’S 2012″ and decide to re-start their “relationship”??

  4. Profile photo of soapfan616

    Good soap news!!!!

    Look what can happen when a smart writer re-boots a show with a new generation of young characters who are attached to the show’s core families, traditions and institutions. There’s just the right amount of sexiness and relationships, no matter how dysfunctional, seem believable because there’s an equality of power and brains given to the men AND the women. If I didn’t know better, I’d think a woman was behind this re-boot. Oh wait…

    Are you paying attention, General Hospital? Of course not!

    Congratulations to Dallas and to soap fans who are tuning in to soap done right. Who says a popular 80’s soap with a huge fan base can’t be wooed back to try it again? Do it right and soap fans will come!

  5. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I’m not a bit surprised but there is always that possibility of not being renewed… interesting they just did it right off the bat no waiting or hem-hawing around…

    the writing (and execution) is ‘EXCELLENT’ and I can’t help myself but every time I watch (and shows like it with great writing)

    Why couldn’t daytime soaps have storytelling this good? Why?

    I mean they have the same ingredients…if DALLAS 2012 came on every day; I still believe the writing would hold up. They put out good story & weave the old/new generation seamlessly where I’m interested in all the stories on the table….that scene with Cliff Barnes & JR brought back their history in one foul swoop for the new generation powerful,

    “I will never stop fighting for what is rightfully mine.”

    I thought JR would yank Miss Ellie’s pearl’s back from SueEllen…LoL

    ….Great news…

  6. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    congrats! Looking forward to what comes next. I think Gary and Val and their kids could add alot to the show. Having two brothers for JR to fight would make it a more fair fight!

  7. Profile photo of joelcerio

    This is not a reboot! It is a continuation of the original show. There were 13 seasons of Dallas and this is Season 14, resuming after a 21-year hiatus. The same characters/actors (J.R., Sue Ellen, Bobby) appear, along with their grown-up children. A reboot would mean starting the story over at the very beginning, with different actors.

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