Ex-Young and Restless Baddie Peter Porte on Ricky: “He Certainly Was His Mother’s Son!”

SPOILER ALERT: Ricky Williams caught one in the shoulder, sending him sailing out of a window to his death last week on The Young and the Restless. Now the character's talented portrayer, Peter Porte, is talking with CBS Soaps In Depth, revealing how he knew the writing was on the wall for Paul (Doug Davidson) and Isabella's (Eva Longoria) demonic son. Said Porte:

"I was there just under a year, but when you start stealing babies, threatening lead characters and murdering people, you know your time is going to be limited," he tells Soaps In Depth with a smile. "He certainly was his mother's son!"

It's a shame that with all of the 3,752 cameos and stunt castings Y&R has done in recent years, they couldn't get Longoria to do a one-off. I would have loved for her to share screentime with Porte!

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    Hey…This is Y&R and MAB you’re talking about.

    My guess is they didn’t even ask. Eva probably would have done a cameo, especially since DH has ended. She has never shied away from her soapy roots and may have gotten a kick out of returning for a day.

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    A little advice to the remaining cast members of this sinking ship: Don’t try to do your best! Otherwise you won’t be employed on that show for very long anymore.

    Here are some tips to stay on “Y&R” and get your monthly payment:
    1. If you are new to the show it always helps if you talk with a monotone voice and have a weird look on your face. Your boss will fall in love with you and put you front and center right away.
    2. If you are a fan favorite and your character gets completely destroyed by the current writing regime, try to do your best and get some good responses with other assets like a sudden change in hair color or a good relationship with the wardrobe department, who tries to find stunning dresses for you.
    3. If you are a longtime cast member, try to work the higher ups at Sony and CBS, demanding storylines and airtime. If it works, your boss will thank you even more if you write the story pitch for her.
    4. If you have no problems with pretending to love your boss and kiss his butt every time you see her, you’ll have no problem staying front and center. You even can constantly repeating parts of your dialog while the cameras are rolling. Your boss in the end will thank you for taking up even more airtime this way (which means less writing for her).
    5. If you once were a big star on another show, just show how thankful you are to now be a part of this “wonderful” show. You’ll get airtime anyway but can even test your acting skills a little bit by playing your character cartoonish or bored.
    6. If you don’t fit in in any of the other five tips … make sure to pray every night and hope the current regime loses it’s job soon while you’re appearing once a months around the 15th – or get fired!

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    I definitely think Eva would have come back for a cameo (or even a few episodes). She was tweeting pictures recently of her and former co-stars in Monaco and saying how much she misses soaps. Oh well.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]we’re supposed to believe that 30something Ricky is the son of Isabella?

    when she did have him, when she was 10 years old?[/quote]

    Exacttly!! The SORAS’ing of these GC offspring is horrendous and does a great injustice to the show’s timeline and to the viewers!!

    Piss-poor storytelling all around – been saying this since 2009!!

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    I thought he looked too old to be Paul’s son. Or maybe the match was not good. Of course I do not know all the backstory so that doesn’t help. I have been watching lately off and on but that is my take on him. I do think Friday’s show was very exciting and it looks like Paul is going to be in trouble now. No viable witness and where is the knife?

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    Here’s hoping Porte lands on his feet; besides being the (formerly) most gorgeous man on daytime, he’s also a pretty damn good actor. Too bad new cast addition+good acting=the bane of this show’s preschool writing staff’s existence(see also:Maura West). Once again MAB wastes good potential just so she can once again use her “bring back Daisy” clause that’s apparently embedded in her contract in the unfortunately not-too-distant future. I’m beginning to believe what everybody else has been saying for awhile now; no one’s firing this woman because she’s single-handedly sinking this ship and it’ll be CBS’s reason to cancel the show. If she had a half of an ounce of respect for her family’s legacy, she’d step the fuck down and let someone that actually knows how to run a show do it. Sorry to get off track–good luck Peter! Hope to see you again on my TV screen very soon(and preferably with a helluva lot less clothing ;)).

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    Peter Porte(Ricky Williams)to bad he wasn’t brought in as a regular good guy so talented and very handsome. They missed a chance to make a lot of Y&R women ‘very happy!!!

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    [quote]when you start stealing babies, threatening lead characters and murdering people, you know your time is going to be limited.[/quote]

    tell that to Michael Muhney.

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    Porte looks like he could be dating Eva!

    It would be hilarious if they end up doing some other project which is not Y&R together. She is Exec. Producer of that upcoming Lifetime show so it could happened (lol).

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    i really liked peter porte..they could have done so much better for this character. it seems theses writers only know how to write in black and white..youu’re either good or bad..he coudl have still been a good journalist and written a tell-all about phyllis…but no! they turned him into a psycho…

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    [quote]CBS/Sony should …woo Frank Valentini & Ron Cavarlati from OLTL/GH to take over Y&R.[/quote]

    Let’s see now. So Abby and Chloe or Heather both get pregnant and get their babies switched by reformed rapist Kevin while believing one of them is dead. Sharon gets DID and has an alter called Shelly who was really the real personality all along even though we never saw a glimpse of her for twenty years. Shelly/Sharon sleeps with Murphy and Kyle. Victor begins pulling out a gun everytime he has an argument with someone.

    And CBS and ABC begin negotiations to bring the characters of the Ford brothers, Rex, Gigi, and Allison Perkins to Genoa City.

    The Young and the Restless Life to Live?

  12. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @SoapArmageddon: Hell to the Naw! They should woo Sally Sussman Morina to the job. She has a long history with Y&R and created the Phick storyline. She was then a story consultant for Y&R when that came about. But she was never offered a Head Writing position because LML wanted to do it all. She wanted to be a star and nothing else mattered.

    Sally can write the long story and understands the history of Y&R. Ron would just redo another baby-switch, teen interracial pregnancy and DID storyline. Y&R is not a campy show. Ron writes camp like he’s JER.

    What Y&R needs and why I say it should be Sally is an industry vet.

    From her site:

    “After leaving the sitcom business, Sally decided to pursue her lifelong passion for daytime soap operas where she was hired by William J. Bell, creator and head writer of “The Young and The Restless” as a story consultant and writer, two jobs she held for five years. During her years at Y&R, the series went from number six to number one in the Nielsen ratings, a position it has held ever since. Sally was responsible for many memorable storylines, including Dina’s return to the Abbott family, Jack and Jill’s affair, Katherine’s face lift and Lauren being stalked and ultimately, buried alive. During her tenure, she was nominated for two Emmy Awards.”


    Also when Lorriane Brodrick took over AMC for 5 weeks as the transition writer (because they would not offer her a contract and she would have accepted), the writing was good and the ratings rose. She too is a vet.

    So we need people with a body of work that proves that they can do the damn thing from one soap to another.

  13. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    David, I completely agree. I began watching Y&R during the years Sally was there, so I know what she can do. From the looks of things, all Ron can do is repeat himself, so what I said above is my interpretation of what Ron’s interpretation of Y&R would be.

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    It’s true that the suddenly “maturing” children has gotten quite out of hand (Abby being the current most obvious offender). It’s also true that Ricky’s mother would have to be only ten years old if all were taken literally. Of course that would also have made Paul Williams a sexual offender but at least he really could have been Ricky’s father. I wonder what the actors playing the parents would have to say if they were replaced as easily to match the chronological aging of their children?

    I (in this case) do like that idea of a twin though.

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    Well that SORAS was probably the most bizarre in recent memory. To be preparing for a wedding as a little girl then reappearing as another near adult within about a week during a huge moment of crisis was just not acceptable.
    No wonder our dear Phyllis is becoming more histrionic by the minute.

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