Days of Our Lives Celebrates Emmy Wins; Will EJ Pass a Lie Detector Test?

Days of our Lives took home Daytime Emmy awards for Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Younger Actor. This week, the NBC soap is celebrating the wins in its promo. Meanwhile in the SOAPnet promo, EJ (James Scott) is suspected of killing Stefano (Joseph Mascolo). Will he be able to pass a lie detector test? Watch the DAYS promos after the jump!

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    Stefano obviously faked his death. Also with regards to EJ…I think Alice’s letter was a fake created by Kristen to punish Stefano because she blames him for losing John.

    I also think that Susan Banks is the one who “shot” Stefano.

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    What a nice police department Salem has these days. Why even bother if you already made up your mind? Roman and Rafe think EJ killed Stefano because they personally dislike him. Not because there is any evidence right!?

    I also think they should finally get rid of Rafe. What’s he still doing on that show??? Such a judgmental character that I can’t stand anymore.

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    I didn’t know there still was a soapnet! Where I am, it has been replaced by Disney JR. I just assumed that was true everywhere. Maybe they are doing it little by little? If anyone knows anything about it let me know!

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    I lost my soapnet the beginning of June.As far as I know soapnet is still viable because alot of systems bulked at first to replace it with disney jr.Comcast in Md added disney jr in June and now has Magic Johnson’s aspire network where soapnet used to be.

    As for a final date for soapnet I don’t know.

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