DC #677: Jen Lilley Interview

General Hospital’s Jen Lilley had some big Manolo Blahniks to fill when she took over the role of Maxie Jones for an ailing Kirsten Storms. On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast, Lilley shares with Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens and Jillian Bowe how she's managed to keep her head up, dealing with the demanding schedule of daytime television and irate fans.

With rumors of Storms returning to GH gaining steam, Lilley reveals how she takes things one day at a time. She also recalls initally being up for the role of "The Woman In White", and how that ultimately led to her playing Maxie. 

What has been the starlet's most challenging storyline since joining GH? She reveals that and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!


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  1. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    Great interview… I’m happy Jen Lilley to keep the character of Maxie around while Storms is away… I’m actually hearing rumors that GH is offering or creating another role for her and that she may stick around!!! I honestly hope it’s true, because she’s done such a phenomenal job!!! I wish her the best of luck!

  2. Profile photo of darqueman

    Jen Lilley is a class act! I love how she kept refering to her faith in GOD and knowing that everything happens the way GOD has it planned. She has taken a LOT of Bulls&!t from fans and it was hard to adjust to her playing Maxie but in hind sight she has done a fantastic job. I’m waiting and hoping for Kirsten to return (no one can play Maxie like K.S.) but I will miss Jen in the role and I hope Frank and Ron can come up with a believable character for Jen to play. Serena Baldwin would be perfect plus that would mean the return of Ken Shriner and hopefully Lynn Hering! Wow can you imagine the silly scenes with Jen and Lynn. But I also think she should play a brunette so that the new character and Maxie can be differentiated.

    Sarah Webber – NO
    Edward Q’s granddaughter via Jimmy Lee Holt – Yes
    Rose and Joe Kelly’s daughter – Yes
    Serena Baldwin – Yes
    Frisco’s illegitimate daughter – Maybe
    Tiffany Hill and Sean Donley’s unknown daughter – Yes

  3. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Love the interview and love Jen Lilley’s outlook on not just her playing Maxie’s life (however long it lasts) but also her own life. Her refering to “ordered steps” pretty much dovetails my own pathway. She’s someone that I think will always be employed. Yes, I love KS as Maxie and want to see her back, but I’ve grown fond of JL in the role. I’d love to see RC/FV create a new role for her on GH. Jamey, Luke, Jillian, thanks for having her on the podcast. I’d like to hear you do more interviews like this one… 0:)

  4. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Thank you so much for sharing this interview. Jen Liley seems like a completly lovely person and hearing about what she had to put herself through to do the Robin storyline gave me a newfound respect for her.
    DonnyA20061, I so agree with you, she would make a great Serena Baldwin! :)

  5. Profile photo of thebookerman

    The real Maxie has been held in captivity since 2011! Jen Lilley’s “Maxie” is actually Vicki Manning, Todd’s long-lost daughter who he brainwashed into thinking she was Maxie to infilitrate Crimson!

  6. Profile photo of liason4real

    JL seems like a sweet young lady. She would have made a better Serena Baldwin and I still think KSu should have been cast as Dr. Sarah Webber instead of Kate Howard.

  7. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I didn’t hear podcast but still wondering why they need the other Maxie back.
    I don’t get her popularity. I am not waiting for her to come back. Oh well. I could care less if KS comes back.

  8. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    Great episode. Great questions. Jen really gave thoughtful, unfiltered answers. That is appreciated. I hope you guys do more of this, even with actors that are no longer on the air. It’s very inside the actor’s studio and I love to hear about process and acting choices. Some tidbits of gossip are fun too.

    My first episode of DC was the Mimi Torchin interview. That was excellent, as well.

    I still want Kirsten back as Maxie. I think Jen has done an amazing job and if she were to stay I would be fine, but if Kirsten has the opportunity to come back then I want to see her. I do agree with a poster that notes Serena. Jen would be great in that role. I am willing to suspend disbelief for that.

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