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Olivia’s grateful that Kate has been cleared of the charges against her and all she’ll need is to continue her therapy.  Kate says she found out why Connie came about and explains to Olivia about Joe Junior.  She still blames herself for the accident. Sonny tells her that she needs to forgive herself as Starr has.  Kate tells Olivia that she’s ready to go back to work at Crimson and get on with her life.  Olivia wonders if Sonny will have Jason go after Junior.  After Olivia leaves, Kate thanks Sonny for his support. She wonders if he’s going to go after Junior and kill him.  Sonny just wants her to heal. 

Jason is detained by the police while they check his gun permit.  Jason accuses John of doing it. John takes off to find Junior on his own.  Sonny calls to check in. Jason explains that he’s been stopped, but that Alexis is working to fix it.  Sonny tells him to bring Junior to him to finish this. 

Steven finds Heather mulling over her newest column for the paper. She complains that she can’t get it right because she’s upset that she’s being watched. Someone has been following her.  Heather explains catching Spinelli following her. He admitted to her that Olivia had hired him.  Olivia arrives and Steve questions her.  Olivia admits she hired Spin, because Heather has been lying for weeks. She reveals a cop pulled Heather over the night of the storm and she was with a “husband”.  Olivia accuses Steve of enabling and making excuses for his mother. 

Heather agrees that she did lie. She met a man online and went on a disastrous date with him. She was embarrassed and ashamed to admit the truth.  Olivia doesn’t believe the story, but Steve does. 

Kristina wants to get to know Trey a little better.  He gets a call from his father, who turns out to be Joe Scully Jr.  Dad’s proud of Trey’s work with the TV show.  Kristina is happy that he has a supportive father, since her parents aren’t. Trey says there is no Mom in the picture, she left them.  Kristina leans in and kisses Trey, who pulls away. He says they shouldn’t do that again because he doesn’t want distractions while making the show.  Kristina wonders if the real reason he stopped kissing her is because he’s interested in Starr. 

Trey assures Kris that he’s not interested in Starr. Kristina asks if he would be interested in her if there was no show.  Trey gives a lame answer about fighting off men to get to her and she buys it. 

Starr tells Michael that she thought she’d get closure, but hasn’t felt it yet. She’s okay with Kate being free since she was sick.  Michael admits that he regrets having had her arrested for pulling the gun on Sonny.  They get back to the apartment. Trey left it a mess and decide to dump his stuff out the window.   They get caught up in the  moment and Michael leans in for a kiss, but Starr pulls back saying she just wants to be friends. She feels like she’d be cheating on Cole and isn’t ready to let him go.  Michael understands, since he’s still hanging onto Abby’s apartment. However, he also feels like the kiss would have been right.  Starr says she doesn’t want to hurt him. Michael agrees to only friendship. 

John walks into Junior’s store and pulls a gun. He goes over Junior’s background, despite Junior’s assurance he isn’t who John thinks he is.  One of Junior’s goons smacks John in the head, briefly knocking him out.  When he comes to, Junior tells him that his story is wrong. Sonny was the one who killed Teresa and that he’s now going to dispose of John. 

Jason comes in gun blazing, taking out Junior’s men and planning on taking Junior with him.  John doesn’t want him to, but wants him to let john take Junior through the proper channels.  Jason leaves with Joe Junior. 

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    Was it just me, or was this episode mind numbingly boring? I don’t mind Kate, but I’m starting to tire of her now, although I am looking forward to any scenes she may have with Todd over Crimson. But I spent most of the episode thinking she needed to wash her hair.

    Can’t stand Trey, even more so now that it’s confirmed that he’s Scully the Third. And no way would a smarmy guy like that turn down the advances of a stupid but incredibly pretty girl. Reality is, he would have slept with her, then dumped her then forced her to continue working on the show because of her contract.

    Really wanted Starr/Michael (Stichael? Marr?) to kiss and was disapointed when they didn’t. Again, I think they’re going to go with Starr/Trey which would be a major mistake, I think.

    Why couldn’t John arrest Jason for shooting two people dead?

    Clearly Joe Junior didn’t do a very good job of hiding, since two people were able to find him rather easily.

    Steven’s dumber than a box of rocks.

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    I’m also looking forward to Todd/Kate scenes where she finds out he bought Crimson. It should be interesting to say the least, and he has some knowledge about DID, so he knows Connie is probably either still lurking, or there’s another alter waiting in the recesses of Connie/Kate’s mind.

    I always knew Steve was dumb because he believed Lisa over Robin, like so many others did. Besides, Heather is his mom and he doesn’t want to believe she is batcrap crazy. He’s probably tired of Olivia and her overstepping anyway. They should’ve brought Sarah back instead of Steve to beef up Liz’s family.

    I still think Starr looks too much like Courtney to be with Michael, but they’re less annoying than Kristina and Trey, so whatever. I’d rather see both Michael and Starr out actually out working instead of running around all summer throwing clothes out of a window for revenge on a messy roommate.

    Hum… ME tied to a chair. I would love to walk in on that!

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    [quote=liason4real]Courtney? :Sp[/quote]

    You mean, she who shall not be named. Nobody in PC misses her, thinks of her, or utters her name. It’s like she never even existed. :bigsmile:

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    No offense to ALW, but the only scenes I remember enjoying Courtney in were the ones where she shared the screen with a beautiful Golden Retriever Jax had bought for her. The dog was very well trained. And I admit, I miss Jax… 0:)

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    TV Gord

    I enjoyed today. The McBain/Jason scenes were fun (except for Scully Jr’s henchman, of course. I also wanted Starr and Michael to kiss (“brown-chicken-brown-cow”…that’s Starr’s country version of porno music…”bow-chicka-wow-wow”), but I was encouraged by this week’s promo.

    Heather was as fun as she usually is, but yes, she obviously didn’t dip too far into the gene pool when she squeezed out Steven Lars (or, as I call him, “Steven-Lars-Oh-Wow”! or S.L.O.W.). I guess he inherited the part of Heather who loves to talk to herself aloud about all the crimes she’s committed.

    As for why that himbo, Trey, didn’t jump at the chance to jump Kristina, I think he’s got his eyes on a prize. This whole reality show silliness is just a ruse to get close to the Corinthos family so he and daddy can menace Kate/Connie. Trey’s name is probably Tre, as in gramps is Numero Uno, Joe Jr. is Dos, and Spielberg here is Tre. Spare me from all of that fresh crap.

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    Can they please do something with Kate’s hair??? Now that she’s out of a mental hospital, please get her a hairstylist. Kate is known as this famous fashion mogul, live up to it!!!!

    Oh I like Michael and Starr together. So cute. I wanted them to kiss too. So sad it didn’t happen. But it’s clear that there is something on both sides.

    I don’t know who I dislike more. Kristina or Trey. They are both getting on my nerves. I’m so over Kristina’s behavior and this storyline with Trey is just too easy to picture in my head. -.-

    Yeah Joe Jr. was easy to find. So many plot-holes. It’s a shame. There used to be at least some intelligence by stories like this one.

    Heather was fun!!!! Always great to have her in an episode. :) I’d like for her to put Olivia in her place or in the ground for that matter.

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    Joe Jr. sure was easy to find. Where did the writers go to school, ATWT Writing Camp?

    It is not good when people are able to see through plotlines weeks in advance.

    Steven Lars’ brain has been fried by the tanning bed he sleeps in every night. Or did Heather drop him on his head before selling him off? Maybe she could tell and that was the reason she did not ask for more money!

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    I think Joe Jr. was easy to find for some very simple reasons. 1) Sonny knew that Joe Jr. had been shipped off to New Orleans to run a business with fleur de lis in the name and he’d given both John and Jason that information. 2) John still has friends at the FBI who probably have a thick file on both Joe Scully and Joe Jr. and 3) Joe Jr. was basically hiding in plain sight and after 25-30 years of not being “discovered” had probably gotten very lax in covering his behind. I think anyone who had really wanted to find him probably could have!

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    Anything that will keep Heather AND THE GREAT ROBIN MATTSON on the daytime is COOL with me BUT do the writers always have to write characters as idiots?!! Seriously, I wish this story was more about Steve not believing his mother and Olivia being “no, you are overreacting”. It’s Steve who has more knowledge of what his mother is capable of doing than Olivia and it only makes him even more of a spineless dull romantic lead to Olivia’s street smart and strong female character.

    PLEASE ‘Cartini’ do not write Heather into a corner by having her kill or do something truly evil or unredeemable. Allow her to be a little crazy but still sane enough to get away with things believable because I would take 3 Heather’s on your show than one Sam or 2 Todds or ANY NUMBER OF PERSONALITIES on Kate.

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    Speaking of Sam and Kate, they are now the WHINIEST female characters on this soap and daytime. Yes, Sam is struggling with the “death” of her child and should be allowed some weepiness BUT that doesn’t forgive the years of listening to her whine about Jason this or Jason that, add to that the fact that she just can’t come out and say “jason, we’re done because of XYZ” but instead constantly says “i don’t know” makes her look wishy-washy. And then Kate…STILL IN MY BOOKS CONNIE IS THE REAL PERSONALITY and Kate the fake one… was more a positive role model for she made herself into who she was, a dynamic, strong fashion ‘icon’ and publisher. The original Kate before the recast was a powerful force and could stand up to the likes of Carly, and even Sonny, and we believed in her strength. Now she has a duel personality and more will definitely come out as the story progresses and it just makes her look weak.

    Sure, with Vikki on OLTL (where this story was stolen from), Vikki was the stronger character in the end but that was because we saw Vikki fight her way out. Here on GH with Kate, it’s Sonny and Ewan who are basically saving Kate from the clutches of Connie which just makes Kate/Connie a woman who needs saving by a man. (Jessica on OLTL was the same way with her alternate personalities and that’s why that story never worked for me, either)

    GH needs to present strong women ALL the time. Sam should turn to Jason and say she needs a man who will be by her side ALL THE TIME, not just when he deems it necessary or his ex-wife convinces him. The same with Kate. If “Kate” is the true personality than it should be her coming out and not Ewan or Sonny convincing Kate that they are there to make sure Connie stays away. With Vikki we never once believed that Nikki would win and her determination brought her back, with Kate it’s more like the meds Ewan gives her and the knowledge that a man is there to save her that has Kate winning.

    Olivia is a strong street smart woman but she is saddled with a wimpy MOMMA’S BOY in Steve. Olivia should just say “Listen, Steve, your momma is UNHINGED. Spinelli and I have shown you this to be the case, but you have opted to believe a woman that has spent more years LOCKED up in a mental hospital then me, so I have to DUMP YOUR ASS and move on with a REAL MAN” line and do just that. GH needs to make Olivia stand up for herself and her safety (plus there hasn’t been enough romance for me to believe that Olivia would struggle this much to be with this man and his LOON of a mom). Heather is a great and crazy woman but a determined one so that makes her a wonderful character. Sadly, it’s Steve that must go here.

    Carly is strong, a pain in the ass character. She gets herself into trouble and seems to always need Jason’s help but ultimately she gets the job done herself. I like her and LOVE her portrayer. Alexis is a strong woman and like how she stands up for herself in scenes with Sonny but would love for her to have more conviction. Sonny may be the father of her children but I wish they would just show her saying “I can’t represent you because there is a great possibility you did the crime or similar”. Plus, if any woman deserves a story and love interest along with it, it’s Alexis.

    Then you move over to 2-50 plus women vying for the attention of a 60+ man who is a gambler, unemployed, drunk driving child killer who raped his first wife and abandons his family every year around this time and we are led to believe that these two women are also strong?! It would be great to have a strong NEW man arrive in town that Anna and Tracey would like to date. A good man. One that is the opposite of Luke and watch LUKE try and win one of the women from that guy all the while LOONY Heather is trying to win him over. The idea that a Fortune 500 CEO and an international spy turned small town police chief would be fighting for the attentions of Luke is ridiculous.

    Oh, the arrival of Joe Jr will be an interesting example of how soaps love to make women look weak and compound it by making them look weaker and weaker. Kate will be traumatized by his arrival, Connie will sneak out, and Sonny will be like “I’m sorry, I thought if I attempted to kill the guy, lead him back to Port Charles and allowed you to see him that it would do you good. My bad”.

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    I agree with your general assessment of Sam, pjc722, but I can also understand why someone might not be so quick to turn the love of her life (rolls his eyes) loose and not look back. Considering all of the angst and whining we’ve endured watching Sam and Jason get to the point of marriage, it makes sense that she’s still torn over whether she can forgive him.

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    [quote=tealita]They picked the right guy to play Joe Jr. *shivers in disgust*[/quote]

    I was really hoping Junior would have seen the errors of his ways and become a nice, decent human being, but instead, we get what appears to be another douchebag that will allow SaSon to dispose of because he’s the bad guy and they are the “good” guys. Blech.

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    [quote; sassysdreams]I think anyone who had really wanted to find him probably could have![/quote]

    Agreed. But it would have been funny seeing Jason and John tripping over each other for a few days, trying to find him.

    Also, JOhn should have had Jason arrested for shooting the two goons, since he’s a witness, but I’m sure that will be forgotten by today’s episode. So once again, Jason gets away with murder.

    ARe we sure Trey is Kate’s baby? He’s Junior’s son, but Junior could have had him with another woman and it not be the rape baby left behind.

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    TV Gord

    Oh yeah, and I just remembered something else I really enjoyed on yesterday’s show: when Trey said he would serenade Kristina (or was it just ANY woman) like Tom Cruise did in some movie or other. Considering all the message board comments this weekend about what a douchebag Tom is, hearing Trey liken himself to Cruise in any way was pretty humorous. :-D

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    They made a major booboo yesterday. Kate said that she ran away because she saw how the family dealt with Olivia’s pregnancy. If the family knew, why didn’t Sonny?

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    TV Gord

    Her family didn’t know. She only said she saw how the family dealt with Olivia’s pregnancy, not they they knew about hers. It’s because of the way they handled Olivia that she didn’t tell them.

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    Sonny knew Olivia was pregnant and that she had Dante, but she had said it was some guy in a bar and he never was good enough at math to figure out that it was his.

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    TV Gord

    Oh, sorry. Now that I read Perkie’s response, I understand. I thought you were saying the family knew about Connie’s pregnancy, too.

    Never mind. :-]

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    Perkie, quick question, is it supposed to be a coincidence that Joe Jr. is backrolling the show that is about Sonny and the mob or is a calculated move to take Sonny down? If it is the latter, wouldn’t it only spark Sonny to go after him all these years later? Wouldn’t Joe Jr. be better off in hiding, like he’s been doing all these years? And if it is just a coincidence, that is an AWFULLY big one I’d say!!! Unless they plan to sell me on the idea that Joe Jr. had no idea it was about Sonny and Trey did it all on his own. I can’t give either Scully that much credit to figure all that out.

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    As I found this episode to be a tad boring- I must say Starr is looking like Courtney. So it was nice to remember my burning dislike for the character that had to become Carly’s BFF and back burn Liz- and be all snotty to her while they were servers together at Kelly’s. So that made me go to youtube to look up the clip when Carly told Courtney run back to Jason. She did- and before she could say anything he said I am in love with Sam.. Ohhh how I loved that scene.. Ahhh- memories!!!

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    Perkie thanks for that answer, some of use were trying just the other day to figure out the timeline and now that you reminded us that makes sense – sonny did know that olivia was preggers just not that he was the dad.

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    Monday on Thursday…I might actually get caught up…and then some…off we go…

    We’re either really smart or very easily led if we’re believing Trey is Kate’s son with Scully,Jr. With each sequential sentence and camera cut away, linking these three, the boulders are dropping so close to each other, it’s obvious this is where RC seems to be going. Emphasis on seems. Personally, I think I prefer it that way. Anything to keep from having another child fathered by the bully on canvas. For it’s own safety. Plus the possibility of an incestuous relationship between K and Trey? Ick! :Sp …

    How ridiculously naive is K that only now she’s asking questions about her producer’s background? You’d think she might’ve learned something from her experience with Kieffer, as in dig a little deeper behind the attractive facade. That Trey gets edgy, terse when the word “mom” escapes her lips, should send up a red flag. But no, her lips zero in on her intended target, who, give him credit, pushes her away. Pretty clear he’s looking beyond his “Mob Princess”, and going after a bigger reality…

    The fact that Jr. admits he was relieved to perjure himself :~ to keep Starr out of jail is proof that he’s letting go of Abby. Which is, even though it’s a crime, an honest admission. Honest too about wanting her to pay if she’d killed his father. The trashed living room and subsequent cleanup/underwear revenge toss was only missing a chorus of “Whistle While You Work”. (Yeah, I know it’s Disney. Me bad.) The head bump was realistic even if it’s purpose was to tease a kiss that didn’t happen. Refreshing that she pulled back. As well as Jr.’s puzzled response. “Did I do something wrong?” “…I feel like I’m cheating.” Ah, the letting go that needs to be looked at. “Are you ready to just let Abby go?” “I don’t know. I know that wanting to kiss you felt right…” “I like you…a lot…I
    have so much to think about…last thing I wanna do is hurt you.”
    “So…Friends.” A statement rather than a question. “If that doesn’t work for you…” Hmm. So much honesty. My head is swimming. Their being friends? Temporary…

    Methinks Katherine Hardwick Howard is celebrating (albeit quietly), her
    integration a wee bit early. Not that I know anything about DID. Except that it’s tiring and time consuming to watch. Seeing KSul and LLO interacting lent a stronger family bond that’s been off to the sidelines for some of this story. I thought Olivia’s initial relief at Kate’s release a bit overly dramatic. The horror over the rape and her “recovery” was handled with a bit more subtlety. I think LLO see Liv as the
    “Bensonhurst Drama Queen Left Behind”. But I really gagged when she declares this to be the first time she agrees with a bully vendetta. Uhh…which part? :| Unless it’s the killing Scully, Jr. aspect she’s refering to. I guess that makes it okay.:~ I won’t say anymore…

    RM has the most cheerful “I’m so pleased with myself” expression. Heather’s “internal” monologue contained it’s own nuggets of truth. “Does anyone really miss Maggie?” Cold but true. “Blackmail is a necessary skill in journalism.” Well, I admit it is helpful, considering who and how many she’s got dancing for her or held captive. Literally and figuratively. Interesting that she considers Olivia the “one snag” that she’s going to have to work harder to get a handle on. She won’t hit any snags dealing with Steve who is either an imbecile or totally desperate to believe his mother has actually recovered all of her mental and emotional faculties. As much as I detest Liv’s hypocrisy in many areas, I loved how she didn’t back down when he asks her about hiring Spinelli. (“…the little hobbit.” Amusing description. LOL.) “…Is that true?” “You’re d**n right I did.” She’s already in the crosshairs. May as well run with it. Although she may
    soon be running for her life from Heather…

    That twinge of satisfaction lingered a bit, watching the TSA officials pawing throught the enforcers luggage. And I snickered while he’s making the call to the bully about getting delayed courtesy of John McBain. And, as always, Alexis comes through. Rats! :|…

    I love antiques. And if I was a customer in Scully, Jr.’s establishment I’d be going for one of those Tiffany lamps I saw on the set. Whose wine red walls look suspiciously like last summer’s bordello rooms. I think those were the same chandeliers too. But I digress. Bankrolling his son’s reality show, huh? Just like Trey, Scully, Jr. has his eyes on a bigger reality. Nothing like using your kid to get to the prize. There’s the jingle of the door chime and McBain wanders in, eyes watchful, measuring the proprietor. It’s not long before the gun whips out. “Can I call you Joe?” For being so up on Scully, Jr.’s history with Theresa and the bully, it’s appalling he forgets or doesn’t locate the bodyguards. He ends up cold cocked and tied to a chair. And yapping with RS’s mobster who’s basically the bully, minus the silk suit. And guess who comes in guns blazing? Our (not so lovable at this time) hit man. (Was there any doubt?)
    Offs the goons with pinpoint precision and displays the same good manners as McBain did on the plane. “By the way, thanks for the save.” “Yeah,
    you’re welcome.” Isn’t gonna give him any more than that at the law and order end. And turning him loose? Please. “C’mon, Morgan, a little help.” “Sorry. Tough break…” Sigh. Waiting for the good guys to win in PC is like waiting for my Bills to win the Super Bowl. Jeepers, I don’t want to wait that long…

    Keep cool out there…
    Swan! 0:)
    save.” “Yeah,you’re welcome.”

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