SOAP BYTES: Karen Comes Out to Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful; Michael Still Needs Ex-Lax Chewables on General Hospital

Y&R BYTES: My favorite part of Monday’s The Young and the Restless was Ashley (Eileen Davidson) ripping into Abby (Marcy Rylan) for faking her kidnapping.

Ashley to Tucker (Stephen Nichols): “My little girl is fine and she’s coming home. And then I’m going to kill her.”

I’ve read how some Y&R fans aren’t liking Abby’s fake kidnapping story. However, I’m enjoying it immensely. It’s the bright spot on Y&R. I wasn’t a fan of Carmine (Marco Dapper) and Abby at first, but  I’m a sucker for two people who loathe one another being thrown together. I'm amused by Carmine needling Abby and vice versa. I actually wish the storyline wasn’t nearing its end. 
Paul (Doug Davidson) shot his son Ricky (Peter Porte), and I’m sure the death will provide Davidson plenty of excellent crying scenes for next year’s Daytime Emmy submissions.

Eden (Jessica Heap) doesn’t remember what happened to her. If that lasts, it can’t be good for Paul.

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    Luke, it’s good that you expected disagreement on the Will/Sonny pairing because I’m certainly going to give you some. :) I see lots of sparks between those two. However, I also don’t want to see them pair up just yet. Will has lots of growing up to do.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the show’s writers are creative enough to not have Sonny standing around looking lonely and hurt as Will flirts and gets his groove on with other guys, and that won’t be much fun to watch either. Sonny should be playing the field as well until eventually Will matures and realizes that they belong together.

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    Don Diamont has been fantastic all year! He’s so underrated and I think should have been up for an Emmy for last year’s work but most definitely deserves to be up for one next year. I always liked him as Brad but he’s a revelation as Bill. Definitely the perfect role for him and the perfect pairing with Heather Tom. They are just dynamite together!

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    Sonny is wise not to tell Will of his feelings. Will has a lot to experience and a lot of maturing to do. Sonny has been there and back and knows it would be a disaster to start something now.

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    B&B can be so good if they don’t do the same stuff every day. Don Diamont was wonderful in these scenes.

    I disagree with Sonny and Will too. There is a lot of spark between them. But since the gay storyline gets back burned anyway it might just take another year and another fired writing team to put these two together. :(

    I’m enjoying Michael and Starr. Such a cute couple. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed any younger pairing on soaps.

    As for Morgan as NuKristina. I think she’s doing a decent job, but the writing for Kristina has been awful ever since she returned.

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    Nothing matches Brady drama with Marlena as referee, whether it’s Sami vs. Carrie or Will vs. Sami. It always gets convoluted when Marlena chooses the side of the person who’s against Sami. Even though Marlena is usually right, it is still no way to engender Sami’s love and forgiveness.

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    I’m still not impressed with Lindsey Morgan as Kristina. The actress is beautiful, but the only way she seems to know how to play Kristina is shallow. A pancake has more depth than than her. Personally, I think Lexi Ainsworth was Meryl Streep compared to Lindsey.

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    Couldn’t disagree more regarding Will and Sonny(of course, I don’t get your ongoing fascination with Sami Brady either but that’s another story). Those two have already been a slow burn for a year now; yes, Will just came out but I don’t see any problem with the two of them dating(he hasn’t actually told another character out loud, but it seems rather apparent that Will has something for Sonny too that’s more than friendship). And the chemistry is there and apparent every time they have scenes together. As for Will following in Sami’s footstep, not sure on what planet that would be a good thing. Personally, I can live the rest of my life without a narcissistic, self-absorbed Will, which is what he’d be if he actually followed Sami.

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    Brian so pissed me off with his I dont care how Will felt about coming out & what he went thru. He didnt say I was at the spot too. Seems like Brian wanted attention from the news. Maybe some 15 minutes of fame. People that try to force peoples coming out process are never a hit with me. Wont be upset if we never see Brian again.

    As for Sonny/Will: They have already had the slow burn. I think they will be together by end of July and into August. Then Sonny’s big story starts (Whatever it is). I hope is majorly on Sonny so we learn more about him with Will as the supportive Boyfriend.

    Im looking forward to their first date, love making & Holidays together.

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    While I didn’t like Brian’s attitude toward Will either,I think there needs to be alittle conflict in Will’s coming out.I didn’t read how long Brian’s arc is,but that it was more than 1 show.Maybe he will be the catalyst to bring Will and Sonny together.

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    I wouldnt be surprised if thats all of Brian we will see. If you watch those scenes again, Will’s hair is longer before Brian gets there and shorter after Brian arrives. Sounds like Brian was added in.

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    @Luke: ICAM regarding Don Diamont’s Bill. Great matching of an actor and a role. Joanna Johnson is a breath of fresh air as Karen. Good job B&B. It’s too bad with so many stories to tell, it tells the Hope/Liam/Steffy primarily.

    I also agree about Will & Sonny on DAYS. I just don’t see the chemistry and there should be more reason to pair a couple than the fact they are the only gay characters on the show! Look at how long we got a chemistry-free pairing of Abe & Lexie because DAYS decided twenty years ago it would not hold many more Blacks! (I love Abe & Lexie, separately.)

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    I think Michael and Starr are so cute. His Spencer side came out today when he realized that he was being hustle. I would like to see Michael and Luke interact

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    I’m not a fan of the PAUL KILLED RICKY story or that Phyllis is reveling in the fact that she may STILL get off again for trying to kill Paul herself. I know Christine is coming back to town and I hope it means that we see the right person go on trial for murder… attempted murder.

    The use of amnesia to extend this part of the story is so typical of Maria. The true story should be Paul getting off, seeking mental help for all he has endured and Michael crossing the line to save Lauren from going to prison for owning another gun while on probation. It could be the little bit of blackmail that Phyllis could use to get the upperhand in her trial for trying to run down Paul and Christine and cement her back into her BETTER ROLE as the show vixen.

    I just watched GH today and have to say I am NONE too impressed by it. First of all, Kristina signs up for a reality show and continually tells them to delete footage?! Dumb. AND I am not impressed by her because she looks Latina and not Italian/Greek origins. As for Michael and Starr, it would be great for the show to hold off on that love affair and allow a friendship to develop so Starr can have a bad love relationship and then see Michael pick her up. Kate walking around like a boss again really irked me since it was only yesterday she got off and now she is walking free and insulting people. GOod on Trey for calling out his mother! (we know thats the direction)

    I wish that they would not make WIll devious and just tell a good young adult story. THis is the problem with soaps in that they want YOUNG kids on the show but they write ADULT stories for them that make them look silly. Let Will have fun playing the field, holding down a normal minimum wage job and having early 20s drama and not corporate espionage type blackmail.

    B&B, I’ve given up totally on this show until Bill cools down and the Hope Liam Steffy story is a background bit on the show.

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    Not surprising you don’t want to see Will and Sonny paired up since you pimped Will and EJ which is never going to happen. I completely disagree about Sonny and Will having no spark. They haven’t been allowed to show much physical interaction where as the dialogue with Will and EJ has been so sexually laced that it’s difficult for me to even watch their scenes. But based on what Will and Sonny have been allowed to show they definitely have an it factor. Just the other day with them sitting on the steps kind of rubbing each others legs that was quite intense chemistry. They just need better writing and more focus to Sonny to make this pairing take off.

    The writing is already in place with them having many more scenes together recently and Sonny already confessed to Lucas that he has feelings for Will. I don’t doubt them being a couple before the month is over with. They have already been built up as friends for months which is more than most couples get.

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    Tris Drake

    I keep reading this and it bugs me. Why wouldn’t Kristina look Latina seeing as how Sonny is Latino? His mother esa Cuban(and they come in many shades) and his father Mike sure wasn’t Italian. Sonny is a dark man. Alexis is Greek and Russian. No one is Italian. And Michael needs a boyfriend. Can’t get past him and Starr as friends.

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    Tris Drake it bugs me too! Why can’t a latina play a latina? Neither parents are Italian and Sonny was raised Cuban by a single mother who was a Cuban immigrant. Alexis is pretty tanned herself. So why would Kristina look whiterer than white? And for the record the actress herself is only half Mexican.

    Michael does need a boyfriend. He comes off as gay to me and doesn’t have chem with the women they stick him with. Starr has even less chem with him than Abby.

    Been enjoying Y&R lately. It’s felt like a different show the past couple of months. Holds my attention alot better than GH currently. And there is much more family interaction. I enjoy the holiday epis and seeing everyone in scenes together.

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    Isn’t Sonny only Italian through rewrites? I thought he was Greek.

    The problem with Abby’s kidnapping story, beyond an actress who looks 35 continuing to play her characters like a dumb teenager, is all the hysteria over Ashley thinking she’s dead. Ashley has lost so much, and I don’t even like the character, but for Abby to do this is incredibly cruel.

    As for Sonny and Will, why would he even want to be with Will? Will is so unlikeable and smarmy.

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    [quote=appleridge]Brian so pissed me off with his I dont care how Will felt about coming out & what he went thru. He didnt say I was at the spot too. Seems like Brian wanted attention from the news. Maybe some 15 minutes of fame. People that try to force peoples coming out process are never a hit with me. Wont be upset if we never see Brian again.[/quote]

    Exactly! Interestingly, I wrote a blog post about Anderson Cooper’s coming out and how I’m against forcing people out of the closet right before watching “Days” yesterday.

    When I saw the scenes with Brian, they just got me fired up all over again. Although the actor did a good enough job, I don’t need to see the character again either.

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    I meant to mention in my last post, I think Sonny and Will have plenty of chemistry, but as a couple they are lacking for an entirely different reason. The biggest problem with the Sonny character is that although he is tied to two major Salem families (the Johnsons and the Kiriakises), he’s basically been presented as a day player with no real life outside of Will. A romance between the two would excite me more if they were both independent characters with story apart from each other. As is, it’s like Sonny is just waiting for Will to come around. That doesn’t make for a particularly compelling story.

    The actor playing Sonny is very good-looking, and yesterday when Brian mentioned how attractive Will is, I kept wondering if he saw whom he was talking to. In real life, a gay guy who looks like Sonny would NOT be sitting around dateless waiting for Will to grow up. I think a Will/Sonny story would be more compelling if Sonny were somewhat unattainable. Maybe this is the direction they will end up going in.

    An example of a couple that failed, in part, because they were too isolated is Brady and Madison. They had other problems (such as the fact that Madison is completely unlikable), but they never stood a chance because from the beginning, they existed in their own little universe for two. When they finally brought on someone to give them conflict, it was a flop character who is almost like a parody of a soap villain. The least they could have done is made Ian someone who would make Madison’s and Kate’s attraction to him believable.

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    Whatever happened to the Chill fan base? This afterall is the root of Will being gay. Now that Chad’s girl is leaving town, maybe he will explore other avenues? I think it would be great to have a Dimera/Brady pairing where the Brady is the darker character and the Dimera is the good guy. Switching it up a bit. Not to mention, when they were best buds and shared alot of scenes, one could see smoke coming out the tv screen. And noone was even trying to exploit the chemistry.

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    As for Sonny dating,i’m thinking he runs a coffee shop,so he probably does not have a lot of spare time.And if he cares for Will,maybe he doesn’t have the interest in dating.

    As for Brian,the 6/4 issue of SID stated he was going to pop up more than once,and he would be more associated with Sonny.Of course we know Days seems to be doing rewrites like crazy,so maybe that changed.

    I want Will and Sonny together also,but we know all soap romances do not run smooth courses.With Will’s association with EJ and the problems that may cause,it may not happen right away.However,Freddie said in an interview at the emmys that he is on alot during the summer.

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    [quote=marknsprmo]Whatever happened to the Chill fan base?[/quote]

    They have barely interacted in a year.

    The only pairing which seems to have any popularity is Will and his mother’s rapist, mostly because EJ throws out one-liners in a British accent while Will grins inanely.

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    I am liking the new Kristina (Lindsey Morgan) better now. At least she is not crying like a spoiled brat at Sonny and Alexis. I just hope the Mob Princess s/l is over soon. I think it will be when she finds out who Trey really is.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: I was meaning to say this since last week about Days, but I can’t contain it any longer.

    First off we were led to believe that they were going to do Lexie’s death justice. Well they did it all the way up until the funeral and the memorial. I mean I know they might be under budget constraints, but having each character walk in and out of that scene at that “after party” like they were under 5’s was not the way you celebrate the death of a 20 + year vet.

    In fact the flashback scenes they used were not even the ones I would have considered. It appeared that they highlighted the other characters relationship more to Lexie then it did her relationship to them.

    The flashback scenes were also too short. If it was about money, having longer flashback scenes that highlighted the good, the bad and the ugly of her life would have been an economical way to pay homage to a vet.

    Some scenes I would have used would have been as follows:

    -Abe throwing Lexie out after learning she was part of the pacifier.

    -Lexie in the tunnel holding Stefano at gunpoint as he revealed he was her father.

    -Hope and Lexie’s confrontation at the mall when she figured out that Lexie had been leaking info about her life as Gina to the press.

    -Lexie and Hope’s emotional moment when she revealed that Zack had died on the operating table.

    -Lexie seeing Abe after she thought he was dead.

    -E.J. and Lexie connecting at the Dimera mansion.

    And those are just a few scenes that came to mind.

    Yet, I also felt that it was weak to speak about how good the church service was after it was over. Why not have all in the same episode even it had to happen at Alice’s town square.

    On the other hand, why has Daniel not mentioned or had a scene with his daughter Melanie once since in what seems like a few months… nor have he and Maggie had any mother-son interaction. So it all seems to be a little disjointed.

    As for Rafe, he is officially the Latino Bo Brady to E.J.’s Stefano. It’s the same scenario of the overzealous hate Dimera break all the rules police officer. So they just gave Bo’s lines to Rafe.

    So probably for me the best thing about Days is the whole Will fiasco and Marlena’s relationship to her kids.

    Yet, I think a better way to weave a good tale between Austin/Carrie/Rafe would be to have Kate and Marlena go to war over their respective children as Kate would overhear Carrie confessing to Rafe that she still loved him and vow to seek revenge. Thus, having a good way to usher Carrie and Austin off-screen together as Kate would manipulate a situation to make Rafe look bad… Heck even Sami could be in on the ploy as much as she hates her sister.

    Those are just my thoughts. I can’t wait for the new writers work to begin.

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    Y&R-The Abby/Carmine pair still do nothing for me yet. I just dont see anything yet between the two of them. I still dont see the point of Carmine. If he wanted revenge on Chloe/Kevin for driving Angelina away, then why doesnt Carmine go after Angelina? Why is he still in Genoa City?
    Is Abby ever going to grow up? I wonder if this storyline is trying to make Abby less shallow through Carmine? I still think Paul is going to have some great scenes because he shot Ricky. Hes a damn good actor.

    B&B-Not to sound mean, but I dont know about Bill. I wonder if Bill and Katie having a boy and having him react to Caroline being gay, are they trying to humanize him and not be such a creep? I mean thats great if they do but I guess the question I have is that do you really trust Bill? Do you think his feelings are genuine about Caroline and about Katie and there baby?
    Btw, did you hear Taylor today bursting into Ridge’s office telling him what they should do about Liam and Steffy. I mean she sounded like she was high school getting ready for the prom or something. I think she has to get her own man now.

    GH-Heather plays crazy well. Shes just a good actress. Im still not feeling nu-Kristina. I mean I think she can act but as one poster mentioned above, the writing for her has been awful. It was actually nice to see Micheal and Starr talk about being a couple. I mean it was a rational talk. How many times have you seen people jump in and out of bed together? Nice to see something build for a change. I look at it like this, Kate has the right to strut around considering what shes been through. And as far as Trey being Kate’s son, I dont know. Give me a reason to care about Trey and then I’ll see how it goes.

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    @jezza: agree with you regarding the interaction between Sonny and Brian and the fact that anybody that looked like Sonny would have his pick of guys(although, for the record, I think Sonny actually just wants Will). At the outset I kinda thought Brian was talking Will down to Sonny because he wanted Will for himself but now I’m thinking he was doing it because he actually wants Sonny; I think he maybe knew he was talking to someone who was just as desirable as Will(personally, I think Will is indeed hot but if I had to choose I’d probably pick Sonny for various reasons besides the obvious). Either way, I hope Will wises up to Sonny’s feelings before the writers end up making the character totally unlikable and undesirable (like his mother-from-hell Sami), at which point Sonny may not have anything for him.

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    Am I the only one seeing some foreshadowing? I suspect Sonny will become injured or killed because of the dark path Will is heading down. It’s just the jolt he’ll need to realize Sonny is more than just a friend in his heart.

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    GaryJr-I agree.Will is too cocky to realize the Dimera’s will use your love ones if they can’t get you.If EJ finds out from Lucas or suspects Sonny’s feeling for Will,he’ll be quite happy to exploit it.

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    pjc722… nice post and echos many of my sentiments. Of course it makes perfect sense legally that Paul is under suspicion because … why did he take that key and where is that knife (as if we don’t know), etc. I still really wonder about Ricky and all his supposed hijinks though.

    Phyllis … we don’t need her getting the upper hand; but if she does then Michael can really only blame himself. Of course some how and some way she will unfortunately not pay for her rapidly disappearing past.

    I don’t know how anything can get solved anyway with anyone being able to walk in anywhere at will at any time. And I mean into the police station, the jail or into interrogation rooms. It’s all very nonsensical.

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