Temperatures Spike on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Temperatures are heating up outside and The Bold and the Beautiful is stripping down. This summer, B&B is showing skin and upping the romance. Watch this week’s B&B promo after the jump!

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    All those clips are old. Steffy doesn’t even wear he hair like that. Katie is pregnant. How is she taking off her clothes and not showing a baby bump. And Oliver is hardly ever on! *SIGH*

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    On Tuesday, I attempted to watch B & B…. my local CBS affaliate seemed to have the show broadcast in Spanish, and we are in Michigan!!

    I checked the settings on my TV, and they were set to “English” and the commercials were in English, but the soap wasn’t.

    Either I am in the Twilight Zone or going insane!!!

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    TraceyAbbot101-sorry to hear about you’re problems.Did you call your affliate or cable co to see if this is not just you?Hope you can get it cleared.That said,you probably didn’t miss much.The dialogue was mostly rehash.I know I watched with sound,but wasn’t really listening,and don’t feel like I missed anything.

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    Gosh DayZee & Marcus actually gets air & has a storyline? Or is this just for show?

    I guess I haven’t watched in a long while but I try to catch Karen Spencer’s story whenever it gets air. I’m tired of the Liam/Hope/Steffy thing…I had to bounce. They whole show was about them either they were on screen or the other characters were dialoging about the…

    I think the Hope getting carried across the threshold is a relatively new clip…

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