Eileen Davidson Confirms DAYS Return


At the end of May, Soap Opera Digest first reported Days of Our Lives was in talks with exiting The Young and the Restless actress Eileen Davidson to reprise the roles of Kristen et al. Following the Daytime Emmys, Nelson Branco reported Davidson was definitely headed back to Salem in his Soap Opera Uncensored online publication.

Today came an "exclusive" report from The Hollywood Reporter (which only a few weeks ago likened soap stars to porn stars in a Daytime Emmy article) with confirmation from Davidson herself. Exclusive must not mean what it did when I was in J-School.

Anyhoo, are you excited to see Davidson return to DAYS? Do you think THR will put Davidson on the cover like Digest or Soaps In Depth would have? (Brenda giggles) Sound off in the comments!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model


    Yes I am glad to see her land on Days. It is a hell of a lot better than being written under Maria “Hell.” So this is good for her. The question is will her return be tied to E.J.’s paternity? And will our evil vixen return to her devilish ways? Let’s hope so…


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    I’m excited!

    Getting out of the show headed by Maria Arena Bell, which was formerly known as “The Young and the Restless”, is the best thing that could have happened to her.
    Y&R’s lost is DAYS’s gain. :D

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    [quote=david46208]@soapjunkie88: The Hacks and the Rest of Us. She got scooped up at a good time.[/quote]
    Good one. :D This soap has lost it’s way so much for me it doesn’t have an identity at all anymore. All we see are some good performances every once in while by actors like Doug Davidson. Other than that the writing is a huge mess. And it has been for Ashley for a long time. She never came around after Adam gaslighted her. After that storyline she was off MAB’s radar and this Tucker romance became one big blowup.

    It’s a good thing that ED was rescued by Sony. She deserves better. And I hope at DAYS she’s been given the material to do so. Hopefully Lorraine Broderick will be a little bit more involved and other than that I hope that Gary Tomlin knows what he’s doing. He’s not really head writer material so we’ll see what happens.

    Anyway I couldn’t be happier. But common, Eileen Davidson appears first on-screen in October??? No wonder Salem had such a hot winter, when they actually film the scenes in August… LOL

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    Now, apart from Will, Sonny, and Marlena, I have another reason to watch Days.

    I hope that Kristen is over her John Black obsession. He is so not worth it.

    October? That’s not a smart move. She should be on immediately when the show comes back after the Olympics. Ken Corday just DOES NOT GET IT.

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    With Lexie being gone, the DiMeras need strong, viable females to balance all that testosterone. So Kristen is a welcome return. I heard a rumor that John Black was going to try to take over DiMera Enterprises. How awesome would it be if Kristen and E.J. went up against John & Marlena for Stefano’s legacy. Kristen has many storyline possibilities. What if, instead of going after John, she tried to seduce John’s son, Brady, or Marlena’s son, Eric. It would bring out the “devil” in Marlena. Now that woud be some good daytime television!

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    Love that she is returning! Stefano needs a daughter now that Lexie is no more, and EJ needs his mommy!

    Just sucks that Days is losing so many good people, keeping certain useless chars (Rafe, Daniel, Chad, Gabi), and about to bring back the show destroyer Chloe…in which case Eileen Davidson returning won’t even make a dent!

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    hey mon

    #ell yeah! Kristen DiMera. I am can hardly function as a human being.

    Free from Maria Bell, and her twisted Tucker and Ashley bull$hit she has tried to cram down our throats.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @The_Moustache: Kelli McCarty (ex-Beth Wallace, Passions) really did go from Miss USA in 1991 to soap and then finally to Porn. So in her case the words ring true.

    One can say James E. Reilly drove someone to porn…lol

    I kid… I kid… :)

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: What does Dimera Enterprises do besides once having a restaurant on the pier when Tony came back to help Lexie out or Stefano funding Kate’s cosmetics company?

    Is it like Crane Industries was on Passions, a jack of all trades?

    I mean Days was never good at fully establishing what any of the so-called corporations actually did in Salem. It always seemed to depend on who was writing the show what the actual industry was for Titan Industries, Austin Reed and Company (run by Austin, Nichole and Sami)or High Style (Carrie ran it).

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    So excited that Kristen and Susan will be back! They made Days the must see soap at the time! Well, that and Guiding Light thanks to Cynthia Watros’ Annie on at the same time! Both shows were must see then thanks to both ladies.

    I really hope the writing for Kristen and Susan is worthy. And I agree with the comment that it’s stupid of Ken Corday to make us wait til October to see them! The show needs the ratings fast! Remember when John and Marlena were coming back and the show showed them like once a week to get people excited before they came back? They did that before the three month time period that the show has now to tape. They need to do the same with Kristen and Susan.

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    [quote=hey mon]Free from Maria Bell, and her twisted Tucker and Ashley bull$hit she has tried to cram down our throats.[/quote]

    If only we, the viewers, could be as lucky as Miss Davidson to be free of Maria Arena Bell!! The shizz I have been watching this week has been just terrible – one plot-driven mess of a show after another…!

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    [quote=ER Writer]Does anyone know how Ashley is leaving Y&R? I hope she won’t be killed off.[/quote]

    I had the same thought since MAB only seems to kill characters to take them off canvas. Also MAB LOVES to kill Abbotts :(

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    @David46208: At one time, I think Titan used to run everything related to business and finance. It had Titan Publishing; Countess Wilhemina, Inc.; some sort of shipping industry that started the rivalry between Kiriakis Clan and the Dimeras; and that gym that everybody went to after work, LOL.

    As far as DiMera Enterprises goes, in addition to the shipping industry, it delves deeply into scientific engineering and espionage. On the engineerng side, DE has financed human cloning, alien cloning, and organ theft and transplants on the black market (which is why Stefano has John Black’s kidney). Dr. Rolf was a chief scientist for that. So really, DiMera Enterprises is on the cutting-edge of biological advancement.

    On the espionage side, we have Stefano faking deaths and stealing passports, coins, paintings, Marlena, John, Bo, Hope and Roman. (Yes, it sounds ridiculous when it’s written down…)

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    Young and the restless’ TREMENDOUS LOSS is DAYS AMAZING GAIN!

    CONGRATS, EILEEN DAVIDSON, for showing that dimwit of an old boss, Maria Bell, that you are an extremely talented and well regarded and IN DEMAND actress.

    May THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS suffer from their loss of you.

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    This is wonderful news.With all the seemingly rewriting going on,maybe the writers could get her on screen before October.The only other thing that could make this better,would be for her to bring the guy who plays Rafe over as Sonny’s old lover.I think he would be good n this show.

    Anyway,can’t wait.The end of July and beginning of August just got longer.

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    [quote=J Bernard Jones]So … Sony rescued Eileen Davidson from … Sony.[/quote]

    No. Sony rescued her from Y&R and the awful talent that is Maria Arena Bell. Or better yet Y&R rescued ED from Y&R when MAB didn’t allow Sony to use her on DAYS too.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88][quote=J Bernard Jones]So … Sony rescued Eileen Davidson from … Sony.[/quote]

    No. Sony rescued her from Y&R and the awful talent that is Maria Arena Bell. Or better yet Y&R rescued ED from Y&R when MAB didn’t allow Sony to use her on DAYS too.[/quote]

    Really sorry to see Ashley go, but MAB has about ruined the show as we know it anyhow. Best of luck to Eileen Davidson, and we will miss her, as Y and R is our only soap opera.

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    i can’t wait for Eileen to come back to Days, i loved her on there as Kristen & Susan EJ’s momma.
    i quit watching Y&R YEARS ago & by looking at the spoilers i haven’t missed much, they’re all still fighting over the same guys & keep going in circles. i tried to watch it when Maura West got hired there but i couldn’t watch anything else & even quit watching her, it was too depressing that they don’t write great stories for the great actors & actresses & they do for the ones who can’t act but look pretty.
    maybe if more people would quit Y&R & the ratings drop they’ll get rid of MAB & get some talented writers in there but if there numbers stay the same they think why bother.

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    Y&R and DOOL are owns by SONY PICTURES…you all must have forgotten that Y&R is doing Sony a favor by helping DOOL is bringing back ratings that DOOL is losing since GH is fighting with DOOL for ratings…EILEEN DAVIDSON will help DOOL beat GH in the ratings so SONY and Y&R are helping DOOL and yes, Y&R and B&B are rating busters with nothing to worry since they are 1st and 2nd in the ratings, its DOOL that need to be in 3rd place to beat GH in the ratings!!
    SO Y&R is helping DOOL since they are sisters..remember BILL BELL helps DOOL since DOOl almost been cancelled numerous time, so Bell and Sony works with Ted Corday to help them beat GH with EILEEN DAVIDSON!
    So As I miss Eileen as Ashley Abbott, I wanna see her help DOOL for ratings against GH!
    I am a big CBS soap fan since REVA LEWIS came to GL andw atched LILY & HOLDEN and I love Y&R and I LOVE B&B since I watched it from the begginig..AND YES< I AM ALSO NBC SOAP FAN from my days on SANTA BARBARA, ANOTHER WORLD to DOOL when Stefano brought his daughter RENEE DIMERA and TONY & ANNA..the good old DAYS and watched all NBC & CBS soaps…DOOL needs helps so with EILEEN DAVIDSON, I WANNA SEE HER SAVE DOOL with my CBS soaps, and see GH disappear! DOOL will rock with returning of KRISTEN DIMERA!

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    [quote=CHRISTOPHER]Y&R and DOOL are owns by SONY PICTURES…you all must have forgotten that Y&R is doing Sony a favor by helping DOOL is bringing back ratings that DOOL is losing since GH is fighting with DOOL for ratings…[/quote]

    Y&R isn’t doing Sony any favors. Sony originally planed to use Eileen Davidson on both shows. Eileen was up for it! Y&R – or lets better say Maria Arena Bell – was against it. Then Sony decided to take matter in to their own hands and got Eileen out of Y&R contract. So this didn’t happen thanks to Y&R.
    There are many people involved and from Y&R to Sony – it’s still another step to go.

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    This is the best news ever!! That mean, mean mean, evil Kristen is back!! Eileen was unbelievable in these roles!

    My hopes are that this comeback is not screwed up on the production end. Tomlin has proved that he can be an excellent writer when he worked with Search and AW so I hope he is allowed to do so at Days.

    Side note… I would be curious to see what Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr would have done with Kristen and Susan. I have watched Days since 84 and with the their time with the show I have actually enjoyed the character of Marlena. The scenes with Marlena and Will have been great! Before, I was hoping she was not coming back during the years of Diana Colville and was rooting for Kristen to keep her in the secret room. LOL

    Anyway… Welcome back Kristen/Susan and I am going to open up a bag of pork rinds!! :-)

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    hey mon

    Kristen over Ashley –

    If you think about it, it makes sense for SONY to want Eileen back to DAYS. Kristen and Susan were much more of a ratings push/spiker on DAYS, than Ashley has EVER been on Y&R.

    Ashley is a level-headed businesswoman who has overcome mental illness to become a successful CEO of a large corporation (definitely does not belong on MAB’s show). Not much of a ratings grabber. The real ratings grabber on Y&R is the Phyll vs Sharon rivalry, and the endless postings about it on the Internet.

    But on DAYS, Eileen as Kristen gets a chance to laugh evilly, talk to herself so that we know her evil plans, and be Stefano’s daughter. She can also play Susan, EJs mother. On DAYS, Eileen will definitely light things up a bit, DAYS has been shaky as of late.

    I’ve been trying to catch up on DAYS; it has become a very interesting mish-mash of stories.

    My take: If Will is going to be gay, then show him being gay, and getting it on. Glad to see Nicole. Can’t believe The Powers killed off Alexandra. Hopefully this mysterious gloved person is Kristen.

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