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Anna finds Tracy in the Q boathouse and wants to see if she missed anything. Tracy wonders if Anna thinks she killed Anthony. Anna says Tracy is pointing the finger at Luke because he dumped her.  Tracy says Luke’s likely shacking up with someone else now anyway.  Anna asks about the night Anthony disappeared. Tracy goes through the details. She explains that Heather was there that night and left before Tracy found the body missing.  Anna wonders if Heather moved the body because of her obsession with Luke.

Molly and TJ hang out in her room. She tells him to change into his suit for a swim.  Kristina wants Trey to take a break from the show and hang out for a swim.  Trey wants to stay professional and surprise Sonny at the warehouse.  Alexis shows up, wanting to spend time with her girls on the holiday. Kristina says she’s busy with the show.  Alexis goes to find Molly in her room, only to find TJ, half dressed. 

Joe’s still trying to stop Sonny from killing him when John shows up and wants Sonny to hand Joe over to him.  Sonny says Teresa wasn’t the only victim. John says that Sonny would get murder one and to think of his kids.  John insists Joe tell him the truth and he finally does admit he killed Teresa. However, he blames it on John.  Joe says he saw Teresa talking to John and found out he was a Fed. 

Todd is about to tell Sam something about her baby when Heather shows up with her column. She complains to Sam about Spinelli following her.  Sam denies any knowledge, saying she isn’t Spin’s partner anymore. She wants to talk to Todd about the baby.   Heather drags Todd into his office and tells Sam to order them some Chinese food.  She warns Todd not to tell Sam the truth even though Todd is feeling guilty. 

Robert delivers the Chinese food. He remembers Sam and Jason’s wonderful wedding and the love in their eyes.  Heather tells Todd that he’ll go to prison if he tells the truth. He reminds her that she will too. Todd says Heather talked him into switching the babies and said Sam didn’t want hers.  Heather says he’s not blameless and the truth would hurt Tea and Starr.  Heather mentions that Jason won’t be happy when he finds out the truth either.  Sam interrupts with their food. She asks what Todd was going to tell her about the baby. Heather says she found out that Jason’s at fault for the baby’s death, since he had John beaten up.  Todd agrees that’s it’s all he was going to tell her about the baby. 

Alexis freaks out and insists on an explanation from Molly as to why TJ was half naked in her room.  Molly admits they’ve been seeing each other behind her mother’s back.  Kristina blames Alexis for all the lying.  Kristina apologizes to Molly for not warning her that Alexis was home.  Alexis is angry that Kris knew. She says Molly is 15 and shouldn’t be having sex in her room.  Molly says they weren’t, he was changing for a swim.  Kristina points out that everyone will see how wrong her mother always is.  Alexis says no one will see the footage and grabs the camera. 

Alexis tells Kristina that she doesn’t treat her like an adult because she’s still carrying her childish vendetta.  Alexis tells Molly that there are rules and doesn’t believe everything was innocent.  TJ comes in and says it’s the truth. Kris says Alexis shouldn’t forbid them from seeing each other.  Molly says she doesn’t need protection from TJ. Just because Alexis got pregnant as a teen, doesn’t mean she will.  Alexis tells TJ to leave and Kris offers to drive him home. 

Sonny wants Joe to pay for what he’s done and wants John to look away.  John hesitates, but ultimately says there’s a line he won’t cross and pulls his gun and tells Sonny to lower his.  Police officers show up, called in by John and he officially arrests Joe for Teresa’s murder, but allows Sonny to go free. 

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    What’s up with Todd’s scar??? It changes on a daily basis.

    The Molly/TJ storyline is pretty awful as is Kristina’s reality show. Both of these storylines need to go away. BTW, Alexis deserves so much better than getting up in their children’s business. I miss those days when Alexis was involved with the Cassadines. Now all she does is lecturing her children and practicing law.

    Nancy Lee Grahn is a two-time Emmy winner. Do something with it!

    Joe Scully Jr. is the newest joke in Port Charles. Is this guy on contract? These scenes with Sonny and McBain were pretty awful. He didn’t stand a chance. And the writing wasn’t very good either.

    I enjoyed everything Heather. She looked very good today. If she walks next to you on the street you don’t even think that this woman has to be crazy. LOL

    Loved Anna/Tracy as well.

    I somehow hope that we still going to see the Q’s celebrating the 4th of July. At least the promo for tomorrow’s episode let me believe that it’s still Wednesday in Port Charles.

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    Alexis needs to find her inner Cassadine and take control over her family and this stupid reality tv show business. Kristina needs to be shown the door. Molly definately has that teenager attitude face down pat. Alexis was hurt by what Molly said about Alexis being a teenage mother and to say dark family business like that on camera… that’s a no no. If I would’ve given my mother half the attitude growing up that those girls both gave their mother today, she’d have knocked me down and beat my tush and I would’ve deserved it.

    And McBain bows down to the alter of Sonny. Ulgh. I had such high hopes for him here on GH. Oh well, at least he’s pretty to look at!

    Liked Sam and Todd again today. Hated Heather interfering, but I guess that since this storyline has to play out for another couple months, I’ll have to put up with it for a while. RM plays a great crazy, but after the characters of Franco, Greasy Lisa, and Papa Z’s non stop crazy stuff for the past couple of years, I’m getting a little tired of the crazy. I also don’t understand why they keep having Heather get the better of Todd.

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    Did anyone else see Greasy Lisa on True Blood? I think she is a fairy- but she looked good..

    Also while I agree Molly was hurtful I still think Krissy is the true brat in that family. I am still pissed that Alexis let Krissy bring in a camera crew while she has another teenager living there. To me Molly is the one that needed to be protected. As always Alexis seems to only really care for Kristina. Kristina- really why is she chasing Trey.. Yuck!!

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    I noticed they aged Molly up a year. Just last month she was telling her mother during an argument that she was 14 even though she was actually born on November 10, 2005. I wonder if Cameron has been aged to a teenager since he’s actually a year old than Molly, having been born on May 11, 2004? And what about Morgan if he ever returns from military school? He was born on October 24, 2003. :~

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    I found so many things wrong with the Jason/John/Joe Jr./Sonny scenes that my head hurts. Why didn’t John simply call Atlantic City & NO police to warn them where to find Joe Jr.? Joe Jr. was kidnapped and taken across state lines, and John alerts AC but not the PCPD? Sonny has Joe Jr. tied to a chair waving around his little gun and John just let’s him walk? WTF? John was a cop to his bones on OLTL and there is no way in hell that he would have let Sonny walk if there was a smidgen of chance in taking him down! Why didn’t John alert Anna along with AC police that Sonny probably had Joe Jr. at one of his coffee warehouses? Did John even bother to tell the police in NO that Jason shot two men and kidnapped Joe Jr.? I will say this again, Todd and now John are both being dumbed down from how the characters are normally written over at OLTL and some of the GH writers recently came from OLTL!

    Lawd, we’re in for teens, teens and twenty somethings for the rest of the summer. Gird your loins and gnash your teeth!

    The actor that plays Cam is so adorable that I prefer that the show not SORAS him at all. I know one of the issues with Cam is that Becky Herbst does not look old enough to have tween’s or teens on the show.

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    Is there a silver lining to the Molly/TJ storyline? Could the mention of Alexis getting pregnant as a tenn lead to…..FINALLY finding out who Sam’s Father is?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    THAT would make it all worth while!

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    I saw “Lisa” on True Blood as well. She did look good. Carolyn looked good as well.

    Anyway. I watched Tuesday’s and today’s show back to back and though both shows were ok; I did a lot of fast forwarding on youtube.

    Can someone explain to me why Kristina is complaining now about being apart of the mob? She has always known what her father does and has taken his money on several occasions when she has wanted something for herself. She even had a credit card that her father gave her that she willing used knowing that he has blood on his hands. This is just an inconvenient and stupid reason to keep the character relevant. Or maybe she was only brought back to eventually give Sonny angst through Kate and her insta son. Either way I am annoyed with anything with the last name Corinthos.

    I really liked Tam’s scenes today, but one thing Sam said kind of irked me. She said something to the effect that her son was the last hope in her getting a child. Technically this is not true because she might still be able to adopt or get a surrogate. With her record a surrogate would probably be a more viable option than adoption, unless it is a private one. I am probably wrong about this but I think I just need to vent about what she said. I never plan to have children, so maybe I am missing something, but I just think that there are more options for a woman to be a mother than just carrying the baby herself. Sam was adopted and so was her brother so why not consider doing one of the aforementioned options. Other than that I liked their scenes today.

    Heather is getting old very quickly. I still like her but am not really getting her motivation for… anything.

    I would like Star and Micheal’s story if actually liked either character.

    I liked Molly and TJ.

    If both Molly and Kristina tried to double team me liked they did to Alexis today there would have been hell to pay. I would have locked both spoiled brats out of the house with nothing but what they were wearing. Or put them both on planes to somewhere far far way.

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    [quote=Grimm]Is there a silver lining to the Molly/TJ storyline? Could the mention of Alexis getting pregnant as a tenn lead to…..FINALLY finding out who Sam’s Father is?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THAT would make it all worth while![/quote]

    Grimm – I would love a story where Sam learns who her father is but I don’t think we’re going to find that out. Unfortunately I think we’re going to get a teen pregnancy story instead. :(

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    Tam? How about Sadd?

    Did anyone else catch Sonny sporting wood when pointing the gun at Joe Jr.?

    In that Davis mess, only Molly was real. The rest seemed to be taking part in a scene in Basic Acting 101. Even NLH!

    Was it just me or was it in extremely bad taste for Kristina to say that Alexis was getting ready to kill TJ? How, by running him over at the side of the road?

    Molly does seems more mature and older. I wonder how old HP really is, she is awesome. CarTini, PLEASE do not make her the Daniela of GH! Starr 2.0 and Ford 2.0 are bad enough!

    Sad for the EMMY NOMINEE who plays Shawn, to be reduced to primping other people’s storylines, most notably a bad teenage one. Even Becky Herbst gets to act a wee bit in all Elizabeth’s primping.

  10. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=liason4real]The actor that plays Cam is so adorable that I prefer that the show not SORAS him at all. I know one of the issues with Cam is that Becky Herbst does not look old enough to have tween’s or teens on the show.[/quote]

    I agree that the actor who plays Cam is adorable. But I disagree that Becky doesn’t look old enough to have tween or teen aged children. She’s a very attractive woman but she certainly doesn’t look 20 any longer and nor should she. She’s 35 after all and her very own children are 2, 8 and 11, so having Aiden SORASed to Josslyn or Emma’s age and Cam SORASed to an 11 or 12 year old tween would not be unexpected nor look unusual in any way in my opinion. Unless you think it looks wierd when Becky’s with her own children who are that age? I think having slightly older children would open up more story possibilities for the character.

  11. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=curacaoman]Molly does seems more mature and older. I wonder how old HP really is, she is awesome. CarTini, PLEASE do not make her the Daniela of GH! Starr 2.0 and Ford 2.0 are bad enough![/quote]

    Haley is 14. She turns 15 on July 10th.

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    I hope I never see anyone complain about Dante and his not arresting Sonny again after today. JOhn had the perfect opportunity, he wouldn’t even have been making up the charges, and didn’t take it. And he’s not even related by blood. Made my feelings on John drop a little. Kudos to the writers if their intent was to make JOhn look like a douche because they succeeded. Heaven forbid someone take Sonny down, even if it’s only for five minutes. Yes, I ate my Bitter Flakes this morning!

    [quote; aiobhanbelen] Technically this is not true because she might still be able to adopt or get a surrogate[/quote]

    I wondered the same thing about adoption. But I wonder if Jason’s “profession” would prevent that from happening.

    [quote; sassysdreams] Unfortunately I think we’re going to get a teen pregnancy story instead[/quote]

    Well, that makes me stabby. Molly’s an intelligent girl, almost too smart, no way would she “accidentally” get pregnant. Now, if they had her get pregnant on purpose because she was afraid of losing TJ and wants someone to love, like so many teenagers nowadays, that could be interesting.

    [quote; sassydreams] Cam SORASed to an 11 or 12 year old tween would not be unexpected nor look unusual in any way in my opinion[/quote]

    Problem is, there is so story for a 12 year old Cam. They’d want to age him to at least 15 to be in Molly/TJ’s group and interacting with them and they’d hire someone who was 20 and no way does BH look old enough to play the mother of someone like that.

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    Hmm – well, one thing I know for sure is that John McBain better not make any more ethical judgements about the cops in the PCPD. He let Sonny use coercion to force a confession from Joe Jr and then he let Sonny walk on trying to kill a man. So, now, Lt. McBain – no more criticisms of the ethics of other cops will be accepted from you.

    As for Molly and Kristina – pure brats – not really liking this story. Nor am I finding either Trey or Kristina at all likeable or interesting in this reality show story.

    And then there is Heather – liked her a lot when she first come an – but her repetitive conversations with Todd are getting old – especially when other characters are lacking in air time. Some stories are getting so much detail that they verge on being repetitive and boring and others are barely told – with the viewers having to assume that significant events and conversations happened off screen. So, let’s not take up valuable air time with this repetition and excessive detail.

    But then there were the scenes with Anna and Tracy – love them – want more of them – they were, by far, yesterday’s highlight.

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    Alexis is such a shell of what she once was, it’s a crying shame. She’s just there to prop three lesser characters and wring her hands, contort her face and babble about the lives of her insipid daughters. Nancy Lee Grahn is fine actress capable of both comedy and drama, yet we only see her play Alexis in a state of exasperation to comedic effect. Enough already. IMO, The Davis Clan was most interesting when Kristina, played by Lexi Ainsworth, was the focus and even then the collective was not that interesting! These women aren’t cutting it and surely do not need to be the primary family unit on GH (because The Quartermaines, Scorpios, Webbers and Hardys are barely there while the Spencers have been reduced to Luke and Lulu.)

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if Molly ended up pregnant via her insta-relationship wih TJ. The same thing happened on OLTL between teenaged Destiny Evans & Matthew Buchanan who went from friends to an unprotected one-night stand! And Destiny was as smart, if not smarter than Molly Lansing and TJ (does he have a last name?) combined!

  15. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Why should Cam be aged? Is there not enough characters not getting any writing? Why add teens and a newbie actor who may not be able to act? Why cant kids be kids for a bit? Who cares if Becky is young or old looking? Will she be relegated to supporting a bratty kid like Alexis? Will Sam’ s backyard baby be 5 when found in a month? I like that Robin and Starr were allowed to age naturally. I hope the same for Cam and all of the kids. Write for the adults!

  16. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; auroro2]As for Molly and Kristina – pure brats – not really liking this story[/quote]

    I think MOlly’s story would be more compelling if they hadn’t dropped it for 4 months and if it wasn’t happeneing at the same time as Kristina’s garbage. A teenager, forbidden to see a boyfriend that almost killed her with alcohol poisoning could be interesting.

    I found MOlly’s behaviour and HP’s acting very beleivable, with her anger at Alexis.

    Kristina’s story, on the other hand, makes no sense and her behaviour is way too over the top to be believable in terms of how Alexis is handling her.

  17. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    I’d much rather see Molly/TJ’s story getting more airtime than Kristina’s stupid mob princess crap, I mean how long do they really intend to drag this crap out, I think it’s time for Kristina to show some maturity and growth considering all the traumatic stuff she’s had happen to her. I do not want to see Cam SORAS’d plus as another poster above mentioned BH does not look old enough to be the mother of a 20 something year old kid. This episode was rather boring as well all know Sonny ain’t gonna shoot anybody…..anyone know where Mac and Felicia are?? Patrick and viagra looking pills?? *crickets*

  18. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    One of the major things wrong with American soap operas is rapidly aging children. It makes the timeline look ridiculous.
    And if there is some kid aged viewers are outraged too. So what do you want???

    That’s what I love about the UK soaps. Children age naturally and they still have storylines for them every once in a while.

    And now as if we haven’t enough teen airtime already on GH, Cameron should join them??? Yeah, this would make viewers so happy!? :~

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    The only scenes I DIDN’T FF through were Sam/Todd/Heather and Anna/Tracy. The rest were the usual slop.

    AND I CANNOT BELIEVE JOHN LET SONNY WALK AWAY. So much for his ethics! You’d think Guza et al were still in charge of this show.

    There are so many horrible SL’s going on right now, it makes my head spin.

  20. Profile photo of pjc722

    I’m glad this board is lighting up with people upset over John letting Sonny walk and Sonny FORCING a confession out of Joe Jr. Cartini loves to write such IMPLAUSIBLE scenarios that it makes you wonder if any of the line writers say “um, boss, this makes no sense what you just had John do since for years over on OLTL he was a saint and never let anyone walk, EVEN his brother Michael. Now, Sonny, whom everyone in town AND JOHN FOR DECADES has been trying to get Sonny with anything walks in and catches him with a kidnapped individual over state lines and is holding him hostage with a loaded gun… and you want me to write that John let’s him walk?!! Seriously, Cartini-Boss… this is the crap, I mean, great stuff you want me to write?!

    As for Molly and TJ, I DO NOT WANT A TEEN PREGNANCY ON THIS SHOW. Cartini wrote one with Starr and ended up killing the kid so he could make Starr a teenager again, and then he made Matthew and his girlfriend over there parents. ENOUGH ALREADY! There is no reality to a teen pregnancy on a soap since a NANNY is always brought in so the child who had the child can attend the prom, dates, the mall, hanging out at the diner, etc. with her friends BECAUSE SHE COMES FROM A UBER WEALTHY FAMILY!!!


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