Watch Molly Burnett and Mark Hapka Tongue Battle in Steamy, Camptastic Empire Season 4 Teaser!


Some of our favorite webisoapers have unveiled a steamy, new trailer for their upcoming season. Gregory Turner and Brian Hewson's Empire will debut its fourth season this July 17. Look for the campy, raunchy sudser—featuring Guiding Light alums Tina Sloan and Orlagh Cassidy, As The World Turns' Ellen Dolan, Lauren B. Martin and Yvonne Perry and Days of Our Lives' Molly Burnett and Mark Hapka—to embark on a 12-episode whodunnit during its upcoming summer run.

Veteran soap director Fritz Brekeller (All My Children, One Life to Live, The City, ATWT, GL, Another World) helmed Season 4's Hamptons-set shoot for Empire. Daytime-to-web pioneer Martha Byrne (As The World Turns, General Hospital, Gotham, Anacostia) is serving as a producer, alongside Dolan.

If you're going to be in the NYC area, Empire will be hosting a premiere screening for cast and crew at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Saturday, July 14. For ticket info click here. Check out the Season 4 trailer for Empire after the jump!




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    I can’t wait til the sets, the acting and the lighting on these web soaps make them look better than what’s on daytime right now. Plus, why are the casts so large on all of them and all they give you is 30 seconds of acting per scene and 2-3 minutes of setting the scene up?

  2. Profile photo of websoapfan

    Dear pjc7222,

    I have now read on several occasions your snotty passive aggressive remarks against what you feel is the “quality” of web soaps. It’s simple. If you don’t like them, don’t watch them. You tearing down the hard work and dedication of people who are committed in their own way to saving the genre is pretty distasteful in my opinion. Stick to what you like, and don’t try something new, or better yet, if you think you can do better I encourage you to go out there and try your hand at making your own soap opera, and you’ll see what these people go through to bring you those “short” episodes that don’t make the cut for your refined (and yes I do mean that sarcastically) palate. Back off and leave these people alone. The soap watching community should be supporting these people and not tearing them down.

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