Liam’s Double Dipping is Revealed on The Bold and the Beautiful!

What happened in Italy doesn't stay in Italy this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) two-timing behind Hope's (Kim Matula) back on her wedding day is revealed this week. What will Liam and Steffy do now that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is aware of what took place in Italy?  Watch the preview below!


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    [quote=Nk3play2]Not the way I would’ve done it; Steffy would’ve found out she was pregnant, and then tried to pass it as another man’s kid.[/quote]

    This is when and where we needed Deacon. Steffy sleeps with Liam, gets her ass pregnant and passes it off as Deacon’s. Damn it Brad Bell! Why couldn’t you have put your foot down and kept Deacon on the show. I don’t want to keep watching this merry-go-round with just these three assh*les. It’s getting tired! We need to add a character in the mix to spice it up!

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    alright, this whole triangle business between them idiots is getting on my last nerve. Ok, I call them idiots because that’s what I see when I see two YOUNG beautiful women competing for a man who is completely brain dead and have no idea of who he is. As far as I am concern, he does not deserve either of them.

    Ok, the truth is I really dont watch B&B when those idiots are on. I fast forward through it all. Apparently Mr. Bell do not think much of women and that’s why he writes stories of women being utterly desperate for a male companion.

    Someone ought to remind Mr. Bell that women have come a long – even the younger ones and chasing after an unable man isn’t what they are doing.

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    Now this could be a great story if it took longer to reveal and if there were different stories being told along side of it. Brooke is definitely taking the Stephanie torch and running with it but I would love to see Brooke become more of a powerhouse in all aspects of the show.

    Wouldn’t it be great if, upon learning of this tryst right before Liam wedded Hope, that she confronted Bill and said it’s because of him that his son is so weak and about to ruin the lives of 2 women, 2 , basically, sisters. And while she is confronting him says “You’re messing with the wrong Logan, Bill!” and then she walks over to Karen and buys her shares of SPENCER PUBLICATIONS.

    Then Brooke confronts Liam and demands he comes clean to Hope immediately or she will! After than she walks into Steffy’s office and with all the strength Brooke has used to fight against Stephanie informs the Forrester heiress that she plans to tell her father, Ridge, everything and that she also intends on taking control of Forrester back. Then she meets with Rick and has him register the patent for the fabric she invented that initially gained her control of Forrester years ago. WIthin a couple of weeks, with all the Forrester’s in Stephanie’s living room, she announces that without her fabric formulation, she will sell it to the highest bidder unless she gets all of her shares back again.

    Let’s have one woman on daytime who is not afraid to be a bitch and who will ALWAYS look out for her kids. That is what made Alexis great, Iris on Another World wonderful, Alexandra on Guilding Light amazing and Barbara and, of course, LUCINDA on As the World Turns delicious was that these characters would stop at nothing to protect their children. They would crush lovers to make sure their children were safe and ruin their enemies if their children were hurt.

    Daytime does not have a strong powerful bitch of a MOMMA on it anymore. And it needs one, two or 4. Brooke is the perfect one to start with and soon!!!

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    Hi All….pjc722, you just gave me the vapors! Oh hell, you are DEAD ON RIGHT! That is EXACTLY what Alex, Iris, Lucinda, etc would have done and it’s missed.

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