General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Jason sees Sam and John kissing and storms off to the bridge, where he runs into Liz. He tells her that he saw McBam kissing. Jason says Sam doesn’t want to be with him. Liz thinks he should give Sam a chance to explain, which makes Jason angry and he accuses Liz of making excuses for Sam. He then apologizes for taking it out on her, since Liz has been good to him. Liz says she’s always wanted to help, going back to finding him shot in the snow. They kiss. Jason apologizes again for taking advantage of her. Liz figures Sam is still dealing with her grief and it would be a mistake for Jason to react. They they still need to process and heal.

Sam apologizes for the kiss, saying she had too much to drink and not to make a big deal of it. John says he shouldn’t have crossed the line. However, he can’t ignore that something is happening between them. Sam admits that it started at the church, where they first met, and they have a connection. She wonders what they should do about it. John says he has no regrets, but he loves Natalie and his son. He doesn’t want to lose his good life. Sam says she doesn’t want to betray her marriage.

John thinks Sam hasn’t been dealing with her loss and putting all the blame on Jason to punish him, but then wonders what’s left after. Sam says she doesn’t want him to betray his family. John says he’s going home tomorrow to get his life in order. Sam asks if he’ll tell Natalie that they kissed. John agrees not to hurt Natalie by telling her and Sam agrees it never happened.

Michael apologizes to Starr for the kiss. He says he’s trying to respect their friendship, but couldn’t resist. Starr admits she couldn’t stop it either. Michael says friendship between them will be hard and maybe they need to spend less time together. Starr disagrees, saying she wants to be around him, spend time with him and give them a shot. Starr wants to start off slow, with no expectations, and Michael agrees to a casual date, with no pressure.

Todd interrupts Carly and Johnny’s make out session to discuss with Johnny his taking over of Starr’s record contract. Todd says Johnny will drag Starr down. Carly defends Johnny. Todd accuses her of being naïve and deluded about Johnny. Johnny says Todd doesn’t intimidate him, which surprises Todd and he rattles off his list of recent sins.

Johnny asks what’s specifically Todd is worried about. Todd says Johnny has an ulterior motive, although he doesn’t know what, since he has no reason to go out of his way to help Starr. Johnny says she’s been through a lot, that he’s hurt a lot of people for profit and wants redemption for himself. Carly says Johnny’s trying to be a better man. Todd claims Johnny will return to form and that people like that have a secret and Johnny asks what Todd’s secret.

Todd claims he has nothing to hide, but warns Johnny that if he hurts either Starr or Carly that it won’t end well for him. After Todd leaves, Johnny wonders if Carly sees Todd as a friend. Carly asks if he’s scamming Starr, which Johnny denies.

Lulu tells Patrick that Maxie has concerns about the drugs he’s taking. Patrick tries to deny, saying a nurse gave them to him. He then blames Maxie for trying to save him after what happened with Robin and Matt. Lulu says they know the drugs are amphetamines. Patrick accuses her of calling him a liar and that it’s not her business. Lulu says people use the drug to get high and that it’s for ADHD and if he in fact has that, to show her proof and if not her, than to show Monica the proof.

Patrick swears he’s not some kind of junkie. He prescribed the meds to get through the day and that they have no idea what he’s been dealing with since Robin’s death. He says he’s not a mess that they need to clean up and that neither knows what grief is. Lulu points out that Emma could find a pill and take it, but Patrick swears it won’t happen.

Lulu explains how she barely saw her father growing up and when she did, he had a drink in his hand to numb his reality. Lulu says Patrick can’t be the father that Emma needs and that he’ll lose that time which will cause permanent damage. Maxie points out Patrick’s own father and how bad he hurt Patrick. Lulu says he has a choice, to stop or to continue taking and making it worst.

Patrick says there is no time limit to grief, but everyone is expecting him to be okay. He wonders what the next step is. Lulu tells him to get rid of the drugs and to talk to a doctor who can write a prescription, if he really needs it, and monitor the situation. Maxie offers to make an appointment with Ewen and thanks lulu for her help in the matter. Lulu points out that people don’t get over their dependency that easily.

The cadaver dogs make a ruckus by the shed and Luke continues to yell, but Anna doesn’t hear. The police find a spot in the woods. A body is found with Anthony’s ID. Anna tells her men to keep it quiet, that she wants the element of surprise on her side. As they’re leaving the dog again react to the shed, but Anna ignores it again and Luke is left behind.

Someone is watching and took pictures of John and Sam’s kiss. 

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    I swear if Jason Thompson doesn’t get an EMmy for the work he’s done this year, there’s sometng wrong. The denial, and then the admitting and then the grief. Another stellar performance today and I thought JMB was amazing in those scenes as well.

    No way does Anna, nor the cops not hear Luke with the amount of noise he was making, considering they were right there. When ANna went to open the door, I thought they would have messed with us, making us think she was at Luke’s shed when she wasn’t. But she was right there and he was loud enough. Silly.

    I’m actually looking forward to Anna arresting HEather for Anthony’s murder.

    Todd’s a wee bit possesive of Carly. I’d be annoyed if I was her.

    Liz/Jason; no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Stop it right now.

    Still loving Michael/Starr and the fact their going to go slow.

    Still feeling the heat of McBam but who would have been taking thier picture, especially from that angle, which would have been on the water.

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    Like John McBain is some catch. on One Life to Live, once he spotted a new piece he dropped the one he was with and moved on.

    I wish Starr did not good so blonde, it makes her look like Courtney Matthews.

    How did that cop not see Luke, there was light turned on in that shack!

    Friend Carly, heh. I hope Todd and Carly get together. He deserves someone new after the way Blair’s been treating him.

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    [quote=Perkie]Still feeling the heat of McBam but who would have been taking thier picture, especially from that angle, which would have been on the water.[/quote]

    The camera thing totally freaked me out at first but after seeing the previews for the next day…I think it’s Todd & Heather.

    I didn’t get to watch the whole show…someone sent me a YouTube link so I could watch the Liason scenes and then went back and found that someone else posted Liason AND McBam scenes.

    I saw McBam on Friday and thought…oh, they’ll spin that as soon as Monday hits. Sam would be full of regret and backpeddling from her moment of weakness. BUT NOOOO!

    Sam McCall…you little harlot. You had a chance to walk away and call that kiss a mistake but obviously you are the magnet and John is steel. They couldn’t keep their friggin’ hands off each other. Touch, touch, kiss, kiss. “This connection that can’t be put into words…”

    Good land of the living. It’s like for the first time since she landed in Port Charles she’s finally waking up from her mob-hooker induced coma and is experiencing real passion for the first time…since EVER. She’s like a new woman.

    I’m so confused. I thought I hated this character…

    As for the bridge scenes…I see what I’ve always seen with Liason. Through all these years, off and on they’ve been pulled apart by circumstances beyond their control and it doesn’t matter where they go, what or who they do…they can’t stop running back to each other. The kiss was awesome but inappropriate…which they at least had the decency to acknowledge…reluctantly. LOL!

    I found it interesting that all of things Sam & John were hashing out about the “connection” between them, Jason and Elizabeth live with every day.

    Both of those scenes were hot. The actors all did a monumental job of conveying the emotion of the moment. Every word, every detail…meticulous. Loved it. Go Team!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the show…I’ve heard good things all over the internet about Jason Thompson scenes today. Woot!

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    Heather must have made a little skinny dipping with her camera to take the picture of McBam. LOL
    Anyway how amazing is the chemistry Sam and McBain have!? Wow. And that they kiss again right after Sam thought she heard something says a lot. I hope CarTini goes with McBam. Sam deserves better than Jason.

    Oh Elizabeth … Jason sucks you right back in. As much as I love Liason, I was screaming at my screen “He’s playing you! Don’t fall for that douche.”
    But then again, everyone seems to somehow blame that kiss on Liz anyway. -.- Of course the women have to be the hoes while the men are the romantic heroes.
    I feel sorry for Liz because she will be left with the broken heart. I hope McBain is more successful! :P

    Michael and Starr are adorable! Very sweet scenes. I just think that things moved to fast already and that tells me that Trey definitely is getting involved with Starr somehow. Which I already DON’T like.

    Oh Anna … come on.
    She had to look what’s behind the door. Anything else is stupid and unbelievable. Come on and Luke was making a lot of noise. That shack even had broken widows. So how long is Heather going to keep Luke there???

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    Do Cartini think that in a Johnny/Todd contest I am going to side with Todd just because they did their best to try to ruin Johnny so that Todd would appear like the White Knight for Carly? NO FREAKIN’ WAY! I just hate Todd even more each time I hear that gang rapist, child seller, child kidnapper warn Carly about Johnny. Who does that guy think he is??? Go to hell Todd Manning and Cartini, sorry but I am not drinking the Kool Aid. Keep showcasing Todd as Carly and Starr potential savior from the bid bad Johnny and you will see what happens to your ratings because I see more and more fans pissed off.

    I don’t really care about Jasam and Liason but I find more chem between McBam than Jasam for sure and the Liason kiss was pretty hot. I just hate that two girls are fighting for the douche that Jason has become and personnally I will always be Team Robin/Jason.

    Good to see Lulu without Dante and the scenes with Patrick and Maxie were good even if I hate that they are doing a Lucky 2.0 of Patrick. Lazy writing once more.

    Don’t care about Starr and Michael. Don’t really care about Anna since she hooked up with Luke…

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    Great epi even if the jiz kiss made me want to throw up in my mouth a little. Im thinking i wouldnt mind seeing lulu scare jason straight. they might make a decent pairing

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    Sam couldn’t even fake interest in her marriage or Jason. She was a bitch in heat over Natalie’s man. And Perkie, you missed a major point. Sam encouraging McBain to lie to his woman. LIE!

    There is nothing HOT about McBam. Sam and John look like the losing, cowardly cheaters they are. All this nonsense about their great connection and the sacrifices they are making by not being together…LOSERS. Notice while John was going on and on about Nat and his love, Sam was like **crickets** concerning her husband. All Sam wanted to know was if John was going to return to her. She didn’t give a damm about his life.

    BTW -the vomit/herpes comments are laughable considering Sam is in the double digits in terms of sex partners.

    As for Jason and Liz, I will be so glad when she is free of his whiney pathetic ass. Let him return to Sam and their pathetic sham of a marriage. One positive, Liz and Jason accepted their kiss for what it was…a kiss. Neither is acting like the earth shook or that their lives depended on it. None of the fake bullshit that McBam has been pushing.

    Patrick – loved Jason T’s performance but Lulu should not have been in those scenes. She has no compassion. All she does is yell out her views on people’s lives and behave as if she has never had a weak moment. I felt she doesn’t know Patrick well enough to interfer in his life. Let Pif take on that role. Or Mac, Anna or Liz. Or get a professional counselor – anyone other than Lulu.

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    OK, this is what kills me about soaps and angry reactions to spousal (girlfriend/boyfriend) cheating… the wounded party ALWAYS does the same thing with someone else when in REAL LIFE THIS WOULD ABSOLUTELY never happen. Granted with GH, it’s just a stolen kiss whereas over on Y&R everyone just has unbridal sex!

    With Jason and Liz kissing, although I find it hard to believe that Liz would continue kissing Jason, they have a lot of history together so it’s a little easier to swallow BUT with John and Sam it’s like swallowing a ROCK! It’s dumb! They hardly know one another and John says he’s not sorry for kissing Sam all the while saying he has it good with Natalie and his son?! Seriously?! This is coming from a man who would kill anyone who “innocently” kissed Natalie like he kissed Sam. Explain that to Natalie on the phone and see how fast she drives over to Llanfair, drops off her brat with momma Vikki and hops on a plane to Port Charles to kick the S@*T out of Sam and break John’s neck!!

    As for the DUMB DUMB DUMB search with the hounds and the PCPD in the woods, all I can say is WTF?!! Anna is searching for a body with these highly trained dogs and they go crazy by a SHED IN THE WOODS and she says its nothing without checking on it TWICE?!! Come on, Cartini!!! You can write better then this!!! Why even bother having the dogs go near the shed?! Why not just have Luke spy Anna off in the distance through a window but since the dogs are going after Anthony’s scent they don’t even bother with the shed?! No, to build up suspense and then to utterly show Anna to be AMONG THE DUMBEST DETECTIVES SINCE MAC WAS ON THE FORCE and since Dante JOINED THE FORCE and SINCE John CAME TO TOWN just made all of these characters a true waste of time on the program!

    WHY have anyone working for the police department if they can’t even do their jobs? Spinelli and Olivia will solve this mystery. Soaps are being written for people with IQs under 50 by people with IQs under 50!! Cartini and Maria Bell must be having lunch together every day saying “ah, duh, whats we writes today?!!”

    One more reason why if any other soap is cancelled this year it won’t be a surprise.

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    And the PURE fact that they have TODD walking around spewing off all that is wrong with other people after STEALING one newborn and tossing another dead one away, his premeditating (attempted) murder of his brother, rape, and a whole laundry list of deeds is just a lazy way to write THAT HE IS A TOUGH GUY!

    There are better and more believable ways to do that, like just having him threaten Johnny without making a list of Johnny’s deeds. As it is, Johnny really hasn’t done much worse than Todd, and actually has done less. Starr’s family’s death was an inadvertent result of Johnny trying to get rid of his psycho father because the PCPD couldn’t do the job NOR could Sonny or Jason. Johnny then killed his father because he knew it as the right thing to do FOR EVERYONE and not just himself.

    When you add up all that Johnny has done and put it side by side with Jason, Sonny and TODD, Johnny comes out a saint or closer to the pearly gates of heaven than those 3.

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    TV Gord

    One thing I noticed in today’s show is how Carly sounded so much like Blair Cramer (I guess that’s why Kassie isn’t being brought on full time! Ron’s already got a “Blair”.)

    So many of Carly’s line’s were classic Blair: “You don’t get to come to Johnny’s place of business and insult him, TODD. YOU DON’T GET TO DO THAT!” “Johnny’s trying to be a better man. WHY DON’T YOU TRY IT, TODD!” The way she was Blairing those lines at Todd, she was classic DePaiva!

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    Tris Drake

    Those pills Patty is taking don’t give you the sweats. But if I had the dumb blonde duo in my house,I would be getting high too. Anyhoo Just hand JT an Emmy. The Liason kiss would have been sweet if Jason wasn’t an ass. Glad he groveled hot forgiveness. Punk.

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    Separate post for JT. He was phenomenal, amazing, heartbreakingly good. He is all raw emotion. I can feel the sadness, pain and overwhelming grief just rolling off of him. If it were possible he would get an emmy, a golden globe, a tony, and an oscar for his work lately! EGOT for JT!

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    They were finally writing Anna as a smart and capable woman, and then this episode happened. First of all, if a cadaver sniffing dog gets a hit at 2 spots, police will check and dig up both spots. If there is one body there could be more. Also, even if there is only one body, they would still tear apart the other location to look for evidence relating to the murder. It was ludicrous to have Anna and all of the officers there just walk on by the shed. In reality, the grounds around the shed would have been dug up and the shed would have been searched with a fine tooth comb for evidence. It was just plain stupid, sloppy writing.

    Now on to Liason! Squeeeeel! I just love their chemistry and their natural ease with one another. I also liked how it was Jason that made the move and that he then acknowledged that Liz has just been trying to be a helpful and supportive friend. The way Jason looks at Liz is unique, soft and special. It’s a side of Jason that I’ve only seen with her and Robin. I just hope that if they do go with Liason (pretty pretty please), that the build up is slow and that there is not another kiss until Jason and Sam are nail-in-the-coffin over.

    As for McBam, they are the most sober drunk people I’ve ever seen! No slurring words, no stumbling around, no rambling on spouting nonsense. Those two were not drunk. They were lusting after eachother and then blamed the few sips of whiskey for their cheating. I didn’t really expect much more from Sam, though. Her actions are always blamed on everything and everyone but her (moment of weakness, alcohol, grief, etc.). I didn’t watch OLTL, but I guess McBain is the same kind of person. I also agree with mecasey about her observation that Sam never mentioned her feelings for Jason, except for at the end when she said that she didn’t want to do anything to dishonor her marriage. Gee…like kissing another man? That seems like it would dishonor your marriage.

    I also picked up on the fact that she told McBain to lie to Natalie. Hmmmm, just like Liz asked Jason to lie to Sam. What a coincidence.

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    TV Gord, once again, you took the words right off of my keyboard. I was thinking the very same thing when Carly was saying those very same lines. If she had said the same things a year ago to a completely different character — say, Jax, as he goes off on Jason — I wonder if it would have had the same Blair effect.

    As for the whole Johnny vs. Todd thing, I still don’t understand why anyone thinks that Carlivati is trying to whitewash Todd at Johnny’s expense. Todd himself listed his recent misdeeds today — killing both his mother and his twin in cold blood — almost as if he was bragging about them. Actually, he WAS bragging. Todd is certainly not being portrayed as an angel, just as bit of a hypocrite (a common soap defect), as Johnny pointed out. Someone here recently pointed out the biggest difference between Todd and Johnny, and I wholeheartedly agree: Todd owns his character flaws while Johnny hides behind the tortured antihero pose. Don’t get me wrong, I love Johnny, and I love Todd, despite their flaws, which, in my opinion, are being spotlighted with equally intense laser beams. And as I’ve said before, if Johnny doesn’t get the girl, no big loss. It’s not like Carly is some great catch. (P.S. And Johnny was doing very despicable things before Carlitini arrived in Port Charles, like enabling Lisa Niles and blackmailing Steven and going along with Kristina’s stupid revenge plot against Sonny, so it’s not like he just discovered being a douche.)

    Jason Thompson has become the strongest actor on GH, but his scenes with Lulu and Maxie seemed somewhat awkward to me. I agree that it would have made more sense for someone closer to Patrick to lead the intervention. Had he and Lulu even met before these scenes?! Also, I agree that JMB played the scenes a bit too harshly, with zero compassion, which is pretty much what she does. That said, it’s always nice to see her out of Dante’s orbit. He drags her down like Jason drags down Sam.

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    Jason Thompson is just knocking scenes out of the park left and right, he has really grown and I hope ReRon continues to utilize him on the canvas. I always enjoyed JMB, I don’t think JMB played it harshly, she played it as a woman who already witnessed how substance abuse can damage a person and their relationships. When someone is dependent on something you can’t exactly be all nice and polite about it, you have to be harsh and stern until they come to the realization that what they’re doing to themselves and the people who care about them is harsh.

    As for the kisses, I am a HUGE Liason fan, but um EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Jason get your douchey lips off Lizzy Beth, I wish Liz would have pulled away, but I get that there’s a deep connection there. As for McBam’s TWO McKisses,holy hotness batman! I love these two together, I like Sam a whole lot better when she’s away from Jason, and McBam just heat up my screen.

    I was a little upset that Anna didn’t hear Luke considering how loud she was, but I kinda like that Luke has to suffer a bit so I’m okay with it lol

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    One little note about the cadaver dogs… the dogs led them up to the cabin door, where the planter is where Todd switched out Sam’s alive son with Tea’s. Before they switched them, Todd had taken Tea’s baby into the cabin. I’m not trying to be morbid, but I don’t think the dogs were picking up on Luke, because they are cadaver dogs and are trained to zero in on special scents.

    Oh, poor, poor, poor, put upon Saint Jason. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Heck, I was glad he had a flashback (quickest flashback ever!) of the kiss because I was happy to see it again.

    JT is still killing it as grieving Patrick! As much as I loathed him when that whole crapfest with greasy Lisa was going on, I love, love, love him now. SB could take a few lessons from JT about how to show real pain and emotion.

    Is Todd taking over Sonny’s job of threatening Johnny now?

    Oh man, I really wish I didn’t like John and Sam together this much. I never get the couples I really want. John did not want to let Sam go. All the touching, and even holding hands the entire time after he helped her up when she thought she heard something (even though the fireworks were going the entire time… really? LOL!), and then the standing up kiss. Then they know they messed up and they broke apart and the hits came… ” I think I would miss it if it were gone” “Why does it feel like all we ever do is say goodbye?” and “I’ll miss you”. Good gracious, I think I’m strange because I think I liked their conversation better than the kisses because they realized that something was there that they didn’t realize before. I’ll tell you what, if that man was looking at me that intensely, and he was hovering inches away from me looking like he was wanting to touch me for most of the conversation I wouldn’t be able to make sense either. She wasn’t worried about her marriage because the damage has already been done to hers. She was worried about him. She let John work out what he wanted to do, he told her he loved his family, and that was it for the both of them.

    Now he’s leaving again so I’m going to have to go through withdrawals.

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    Hey, GHteenybopper. You’re absolutely correct re the tough love needed to respond to addicts. That’s why I think Lulu was miscast in that scenario. Since she has absolutely no relationship with Patrick (and really, she had none with Robin either), she struck me as being particularly strident with a touch of self-righteous. I feel like the last two writing regimes haven’t really known what to do with Lulu. Her drinking problem was suddenly dropped, and what happened to how good she felt having that gun in her face?

    I think Epiphany could have come in and played the scene the same way, and it would have seemed different to me because of Epiphany’s existing relationship with Patrick. I know she was busy bumbling the Luke rescue mission, but I think Anna would have been perfect for that scene. Finola Hughes excels at playing tough in a compassionate and still-likable way.

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    [quote=jezza] As for the whole Johnny vs. Todd thing, I still don’t understand why anyone thinks that Carlivati is trying to whitewash Todd at Johnny’s expense. Todd himself listed his recent misdeeds today — killing both his mother and his twin in cold blood — almost as if he was bragging about them. Actually, he WAS bragging. Todd is certainly not being portrayed as an angel, just as bit of a hypocrite (a common soap defect), as Johnny pointed out. Someone here recently pointed out the biggest difference between Todd and Johnny, and I wholeheartedly agree: Todd owns his character flaws while Johnny hides behind the tortured antihero pose. Don’t get me wrong, I love Johnny, and I love Todd, despite their flaws, which, in my opinion, are being spotlighted with equally intense laser beams. And as I’ve said before, if Johnny doesn’t get the girl, no big loss. It’s not like Carly is some great catch. (P.S. And Johnny was doing very despicable things before Carlitini arrived in Port Charles, like enabling Lisa Niles and blackmailing Steven and going along with Kristina’s stupid revenge plot against Sonny, so it’s not like he just discovered being a douche.)[/quote]

    Personnally I don’t see how anyone can doubt that Johnny being thrown under the bus just when CarJohn was really picking up and RH was signing a contract to come to GH without KDP is a coincidence! Of course Cartini want to pair Carly and Todd! And of course they needed to get Johnny a criminal record as bad as Todd because he was SO FAR BEHIND before those wonderful Cartini showed up!!!!!

    I totally disagree with Todd admitting his flaws and Johnny “hiding behind a tortured antihero pose”. Todd is the one who will never admit what a selfish bastard he is and what a horrible person he is. He always think of himself as this victim who is entitled to do everything now in the name of his love for Blair and Starr (I have never seen his love for Jack and I was disgusted by the way he used little Sam and was ready to kill his own brother and Sam’s dad when Sam was so nice and protective of him). Todd alwyas only think of himself.

    Johnny on the contrary always thought he didn’t deserve any good girl or any happiness and has always put Lulu in front of everything (was ready to risk the death penalty for her for a crime SHE committed) and same for Olivia (risked his life in Sonny’s organization to protect Dante’s cover for Olivia’s sake… BTW, he should have run to Sonny to tell him the truth when you see how those damn Falconeri are grateful…). He protected Michael many times and even talked in favor of Michael during his trial when Michael had killed his own beloved sister and Dante betrayed him. He broke up with Lulu because he didn’t want her to have to side with him when the truth about Claudia being responsible for Michael’s coma would be revealed (because of the freaking DVDS of Ric). He saved Spinelli’s life and took two bullets for him. Just because he considered Spinelli a friend. Yes, he protected Lisa and that was stupid but remember that Lisa reminded him of Claudia and that he wanted to save her as he had not been able to save Claudia (but Johnny had saved Emma and Robin’s lives when they were lost in the woods even if he never got even a thank you from Patrick and Robin).

    The Steve blackmail, the organ donor ring, the Anthony’s killing, the Hope and Cole death, the DID pseudo rape… ALL THAT IS ON CARTINI!!!!! Or “how to ruin a character in less than 3 months”. Should Johnny have killed Anthony it wouldhave been the night he learned about Claudia being his mom. And not as a lazy attempt to ruin the character months later with w timeline which is not even working (Johnny was compeltely drunk AND with Carly but he was able to get up, find Anthony, shoot his tires while still being drunk and come back to Carly just because he got a nightmare about Claudia???? Do Cartini think we really are THAT dumb?).

    Todd has always been a selfish bastard. Johnny-pre-Cartini always put the people he loved before himself. That’s the difference between the two characters… before Cartini wrote Johnny so OOC.

    I can understand Todd fans being ready to find anyway to support him but really not seeing that Johnny’s character has been suddenly totally destroyed at the exact time Todd was showing up and needed a strong pairing like Carly to get some roots in PC? Please… If you want to drink the kool aid fine, but I am certainly not drinking it and seeing how more and more people are angry about the Johnny’s treatment so that Todd can be Carly’s hero in the end, I am not alone.

    But I guess we will see what will happen. If Todd and Carly end up together, it will just raise our case. And I am ready to bet anything that it is what will happen! The agenda is so obvious…

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    Interesting perspectives on Lulu in these scenes. Here is my take:

    Lulu learned a lot during Luke’s addiction. At that time, she was the classic co-dependent. However, having been through that, she learned many lessons and is now BETTER qualified than many to understand the process .. and the damage … of addiction. As well, she also knows first hand the effect of an addict’s life on the addict’s children. Another very good reason for her to be there. And a third reason – sometimes it the person who is not family – who is more detached – who can the most objective and productive in providing help.

    I thought she was freakin’ awesome and that her tough love was good for Patrick. The closing scenes showed that she also has the intelligence and experience to know that this is not the end of Patrick’s problem.

    As for the whole kissing merry-go-round – some heat, some interesting emotion – but, overall, just let me off this ride. RC and FV have overplayed their hand with so much air time for these characters. Wish I felt otherwise! I have learned that I prefer to see more of an ensemble cast that the strong use of “leads.” JMHO.

  20. Profile photo of strato

    Madithusa, GREAT ANSWER!
    Of course Johnny has been sacrificed so that Todd could take his place next to Carly as the CarJohn pairing was too popular (and still is) to Cartini’s taste. I even believe that Johnny would be dead now if not for the big uproar since the week end the rumor that Brandon Barash could be out spreaded everywhere. Cartini apparently thought that by ruining Johnny, people would not be that shocked when he would be killed off (and they got Super Todd to replace him in Carly’s bed soon!). BIG MISTAKE!!!

    Since then I have the feeling that Cartini are doing damage control. First Valentini stepped up to cool down everyone by saying that BB is not going anywhere and then out of the blue we get a JoLu sighting (which got big buzz) and association at the HS. Like ETT wrote it (I think it was EET) I’d like to think that we don’t see BB a lot lately (zero appearance last week and only one the week before) because they are rewriting Johnny’s storyline. We’ll see. If Cartini are not too dumb, they will find a way to redeem Johnny and smooth angry GH fans. As other posters said it already many times, the ratings keep falling since mid May and they have not been able to achieve a 2.0 since March Sweeps and Robin’s death (while Days did it several times in the past weeks).

    They should stop antagonizing the old GH fans (like me) by giving us the feeling that they are favoring OLTL characters. Getting the three OLTL in the Top 7 in the monthly number of episodes since March is not right. getting Mac Bain or Todd as Number 1 is not right. I like Mc Bain much more than on OLTL but I disagree with him appearing the most in GH episodes. Same for Todd (in June). And the more we will get scenes like yesterday where judgemental Todd comes in to warn and trash Johnny in front of Carly, the more I will dislike Todd (that I already didn’t like that much on OLTL).

    I think it was nickskelon (?) who wrote a great post yesterday about the balance which is needed on GH and why some GH fans have more and more an allergic reaction to the OLTL transplants. If it was working, we should see new OLTL viewers adding to the existing GH ones and the ratings should increase not decrease! So time to find a way to please the GH fans so that they don’t give up while satisfying also the new OLTL fans and what I see on my screen right now is certainly not the way to succeed!

    Finally just a word on Jasam/Liason. I don’t care about both as a pairing. I find Rebecca Herbst to be very beautiful and to have great chemistry with Steve Burton, much more than KeMo who has great chem with Michael Easton. But please I don’t want Liz to be ruined by running into Jason’s arms, a man who wants his pregnant wife to give her rape baby (or pseudo rape baby) for adoption even though this pregnancy was a miracle and he is the reason the pseudo rape happened. No woman except Lisa Niles deserves such a jackass.

  21. Profile photo of ynroltljunkie2009

    What a great show all around. Anna finding Anthony’s body but coming close to finding Luke, McBam steaminess, Liason, MARR aka Michael and Starr, Johnny vs. Todd, Patrics vs. Lule and Maxie, I was in soap haven. Performer of the day has to go to Jason Thompson who continues to blow it out of the water as a greiveing drug addicted widower. Thompson conveys all the emotions of someone who continues to mourn the love of their life. Bravo performance!

  22. Profile photo of liason4real

    I think GH has become really…soapy, in the last five months. We have a lot of new and old soap couples in the mix, vets, characters sharing scenes (Patrick/Maxie/Lulu) etc that we typically don’t see. I enjoyed Lulu in the scene with Patrick and Maxie since Luke and Lucky are both addicts.

    Sam is busted! She so wanted John to pick her and not Natalie/Liam.

    Lawd. Jason really needs to STFU and stop whining about Sam. Jeez. SBu is crying these days as much as JJ did last year!

    Liason is so effing pretty! Sigh. Jason really changed with his last brain fart and that is not a bad thing.

    Luke can stay tied up in that cabin until Heather gets tired of his tush and burns the place to the ground.

    I, too, thought Carly sounded way TOO much like Blair in dialogue with Todd over Johnny. I love me some Blair Cramer and one is all that we need.

  23. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I like that Liz was the most responsible of the 4 and the only one of them not cheating. She had one date with Ewan. If that is cheating , I have been cheating on my prom date for 30 years. Seriously that is a stretch

    Lulu had every right to confront Patrick as Maxie’s friend and I liked that she was stepping up for maxie who didn’t seem comfortable Confronting him.

  24. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Seeing the picture that DC posted with Perkie’s Obs of SB and RH kissing is nauseating! How anyone sees any chemistry there is beyond me!!! All I see are two friends sharing a very chaste kiss with no passion, no fire and zero chemistry. Except that Elizabeth was pawing Jason and quite literally draping herself all over him. It was disgusting and it was her actions that led to the kiss!!! Jason apologized immediately for the impromtu kiss but Elizabeth didn’t say boo about leading him on by saying all the right things while practically having sex with his arm! Talk about a two-faced skank!!! And neither of them thought about Sam or Ewen or that their actions might cause either of them pain.

    On the other hand, Sam and John were both feeling down in the dumps and were a little intoxicated and giddy from the fireworks. And after kissing (an extremely passionate kiss), they realized their actions were wrong, immediately apologized to each other and expressed regret for ‘crossing the line’ and for risking causing their respective partners any pain. Although I find KeMo and ME’s chemistry to be off the charts (they are SMOKING HOT together), I was pleased to see that they came to their senses and talked about not hurting Jason or Natalie. The same could not be said for Elizabeth or Jason!!

    How in the world could Anna or that police officer not have heard Luke screaming? Not only were the dogs going nuts at the cabin but he was making enough noise with that chair and his screaming to raise the dead. And even if Luke hadn’t been in that cabin, I would think Anna and the forensic team should have looked inside just to see if more evidence in the AZ murder might be found. Cartini gets a failing grade for writing a story full of obvious holes!

    I thought the Starr and Michael scenes were sweet.

    Patrick’s scenes with Lulu and Maxie were heartbreaking! This has been JT’s year with one outstanding performance after another!!!

    Not liking Todd barging in on Carly and Johnny like a deranged bull!!

    And who was out on a boat taking pictures of Sam and John kissing or could they have been seen from Spoon Island, since they were sitting/standing on the edge of the dock? I guess it had to be Heather, so now she owns sophisticated camera equipment and a boat and somehow knew that Sam and John would be together on the docks? We all know she was with Luke at the cabin and then at Kelly’s during the fireworks, but yet she somehow managed to find and follow Sam and John (who showed up at the docks separately), and then get herself and her camera equipment out to a boat or the island to take the pictures!! And lets remember that she doesn’t have a car or a driver’s license. Once again, Cartini gets a failing grade for writing a preposterous story full of enormous holes!!! :tired:

  25. Profile photo of js3557

    Sex with his arm? Please! She hugged his arm the way I would hug one of my guy friends, my brother, or one of my guy cousins. I’ll have to remember to tell them all that I’m sorry for raping their arms. Give me a break!

    And Sam never once mentioned Jason’s feelings. John went on about Natalie, but the only thing Sam said about Jason was that she didn’t want to do anything that would dishonor her marriage…after kissing another man. She wasn’t worried about Jason’s feelings at all and never said she was.

    Liz, on the other hand, defended Sam to Jason and encouraged him not to give up on Sam even after the kiss. Yeah, what a horrible skank who forgave her friend for kissing her and then encouraged him to work things out with his wife. Wow…she is just horrible (said with an incredibly large amount of sarcasm).

  26. Profile photo of js3557

    And why the heck should Liz care what Ewen thinks of her kissing Jason. They have had a lunch, a dinner, and 2 kisses. There has been no talk about being exlusive, and they have not even had sex yet. And even once they have sex (yuck because he is boring), that does not mean they are exclusive unless they agree to be so.

  27. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    Arm sex! LOL!! They’ve been accused of having eye sex but arm sex? Oh well, I’ll take it.

    The fact remains, Jason wants Elizabeth. Always has, always will.

    Look on the bright side! At least now Sam has someone she can be hot with, too! Go McBam!

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Count me on Team Lulu – I thought she came across as very self assured, very protective of maxie and very concerned for patrick. I have to say I thought the entire scene was well acted with JT hitting it out of the park, jmb bringing just the right dose of strength and JL playing a nice amount of meekness and vulnerability. Kudos to the cast on whats shaping up to be an interesting story.

    Todd and Johnny – yes nickskelton I was the one that said im hoping that johnnys lack of airtime is because tptb have recognized the value of keeping bba and are doing a rewrite. I absolutely adore Johnny and agree with Madithusa’s take on the character. THat said I think there is room for both todd and johnny on the canvas and I agree with jezza that they are hardly writing todd and some sort of hero either. As for CarJohn – meh, let todd have her (although really todd belongs with blair and only blair and its going to be an odd pairing in that carly is all about sexual heat and todd has historically been incredibly repressed with ANYONE that is NOT Blair so if suddenly hes sexing it up with her im going to call foul). I would way rather see johnny with maxie, lulu or if they mellowed Kristina out even Kristina. If Kirsten is coming back and they are bringing back people from the dead, they should bring back georgie for spinelli and put maxie with johnny. I think they would have the makings of a hugely popular couple if they went with joMax and thats what the show needs now.

    Jiz – Sassy you are dead on :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: The whole thing was icky with Liz draping herself over jason and then the vomit inducing kiss that jason didnt even want to touch her for. I really think the liz story should be way away from jason, certainly until whatever next pairing starts and ends. I would rather see Liz dealing with heather, having her father return and involved with ewan than her settling for being the consolation prize with jason. dont know why any FF would want her to be with a guy who is only with her because the woman he really loves is upset with him.

    finally there is MCBAM. MCHOT! MC Cant get enough! MC OMG! I have to say that i still love jolie and i still love JaSam but watching those scenes yesterday I was thinking that once upon a time a couple called luke and laura saved GH from extinction because their chemistry was THAT captivating and watching john and sam made me think that maybe one couple could really save the show again. I saw a supercouple in the making IN SPITE of my love for jasam and jolie. The connection was absolutely intense and it felt like i wasnt watching a television show – I was drawn in and almost felt like i was watching something personal, something i almost shouldnt be watching because it was too intimate. And NO, I dont think sam or john were drunk nor do i believe sam or john thought they were drunk. Im totally with mipeony (another great post :beer: :beer: :beer: ) in that i think sam was thinking only about johns relationship with natalie because while she is separated from jason and they are on shaky ground, jolie are supposedly together and happy and she didnt want to disrupt that. I thought sam was going on about the booze as a way to give them an out – oh lets blame this on the booze so john you can go back to your life without feeling like you did anything wrong. They were definitely not drunk in my book. And yes, she encouraged him to lie. Do I condone that, not really, but they JUST agreed that he was going back to PA and that the kiss should NOT have happened. As far as Sam is concerned shes probably not going to see john again and they definitely arent going to kiss again so the thought is why tell natalie about something thats past. Conversely, liz was encouraging jason to lie about something that was on going. Sam was throwing away her life with a plan to wait for stupid jason while he rots in prison for lo’s murder (which is what was going on at the time) not knowing that he had this whole other life going on behind her back. She didnt know that if jason beat the charges or eventually came back to her from jail they would be living their lives while he was secretly watching jake, meeting with liz, and dreaming about being a different person with a different lifestyle. She didnt know that she would be longing for a child and trying to think of ways to adopt or to fix her body or otherwise build a family while HE already had one. I dont know how anyone could compare those two lies, but JS I absolutely have to thank you for acknowledging that yes, liz encouraged Jason to lie. Usually liz FF say they decided that together and that wasnt what I saw on my screen. Im glad you saw it the same way.

  29. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]finally there is MCBAM. MCHOT! MC Cant get enough! MC OMG! I have to say that i still love jolie and i still love JaSam but watching those scenes yesterday I was thinking that once upon a time a couple called luke and laura saved GH from extinction because their chemistry was THAT captivating and watching john and sam made me think that maybe one couple could really save the show again. I saw a supercouple in the making IN SPITE of my love for jasam and jolie. The connection was absolutely intense and it felt like i wasnt watching a television show – I was drawn in and almost felt like i was watching something personal, something i almost shouldnt be watching because it was too intimate.[/quote]

    AMEN!!! :love: :love:

  30. Profile photo of Miry

    Oh yeah, she encouraged him to lie… and Jason went along with it… so yes, they BOTH decided to/participated in a lie.

    Sam has encouraged John to lie. Let’s see what kind of MAN he is. Will he go along with it, or will he step up, be a man, and NOT lie if he doesn’t want to.

  31. Profile photo of diremommy

    Because Sam was just sitting there all innocent, sweetness and light next to John? No wait, that was Sam we saw with her tongue in John’s mouth, lol!

    Sam should keep her hands off of Natalie’s man.

    (I like Sam, I’m just using your logic!)

  32. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    Random thought…does that annoying piece of work Trey totally remind anyone else of Michael Saucedo? Almost every angle except straight on. I thought I was having a flashback…

  33. Profile photo of diremommy

    [quote=doodleynoodle]Random thought…does that annoying piece of work Trey totally remind anyone else of Michael Saucedo? Almost every angle except straight on. I thought I was having a flashback…[/quote]

    He reminds me a bit of him, and a bit of that guy that replaced Tyler Christopher as Nikolas for those couple of years.

  34. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Todd is the one who will never admit what a selfish bastard he is and what a horrible person he is.

    Except for when he does it, like, all the time? ::insert eyeroll here:: drop mic; exits stage left …

  35. Profile photo of JasamForever

    @doodeynoodle- “The fact remains, Jason wants Elizabeth. Always has, always will.”

    So Jason wants Elizabeth so much that the first time he had sex with her was AFTER seeing Sam with another man(Ric). Cut to the present, Jason wants Elizabeth so much he kisses Liz AFTER seeing Sam with another man again(John). Yea, he just wants her sooo much! Looks like second fiddle to me.

  36. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I can’t wait for the showdown between Sam and Jason tomorrow. Jason knows about her passionate kiss with McBain, she knows about his perfunctory kiss with Liz (but not the arm job). This is going to be fun! :-)

  37. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    [quote=JasamForever]@doodeynoodle- “The fact remains, Jason wants Elizabeth. Always has, always will.”[/quote]

    [quote=JasamForever]So Jason wants Elizabeth so much that the first time he had sex with her was AFTER seeing Sam with another man(Ric).[/quote]

    I think Jason & Elizabeth had way more fun that night. It was the culmination of all those years of unrequited love and longing and desire…so they made it last ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

    Unlike Sam and her daddy. I always thought she was greasy gross before that night but she cemented the deal after she used her jacket as a towel during the terrible awful then got up…and put it on and WORE the SAME JACKET for the rest of the night. She was wearing Ric’s DNA as an accessory item. :X NAS.TEE.HO.

    Awww…the memories. Good times.

  38. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    [quote=J Bernard Jones]

    Todd is the one who will never admit what a selfish bastard he is and what a horrible person he is.

    Except for when he does it, like, all the time? ::insert eyeroll here:: drop mic; exits stage left …[/quote]



    *bows down*

  39. Profile photo of liason4real

    Jason wanted Liz after she saw Lucky and Sarah at Kelly’s back in 2002, but she put the breaks on back then.

    Let’s be clear, the only person that did not want Liason as a couple is Brian Frons and he is G.O.N.E. Here’s hoping Frons is livid that RC/FV are not following his path in keeping SBu (20 year vet) and RH (15 year vet) from sharing scenes together.

    Team Liason!

    doodleynoodle, thanks for the visual image of Sam running around town with Ric’s swimmers.

    As for Liz being the rebound girl? Hmmm. I think Sam has played that role a few times when it came to Sonny (Carly), Jason (Courtney), Lucky (Elizabeth) and back to Jason(Elizabeth).

  40. Profile photo of Miry

    @JBJ: Preach Preacher!! Hahaha!

    @doodleynoodle: Ahahahahahahahahaha ::takes a breath:: Ahahahahahaha
    I have never thought about that before, omgosh, that was too funny! Gross visual, but funny.

    @TVGord: “Arm job”!! That will NEVER be lived down.

  41. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Blah- this whole story is annoying the hell out of me. Why do they have to write Liz always being the one leaning into Jason going to him for affection. At her house all over him on the couch, the bridge went in for the hug. Sorry but half the time he runs into her. Like the first Jasam break up all I am hearing is I love Sam- I love Sam. Thats why for me I can’t buy this great long standing romance of theirs. Sorry but to me she is the ultimate rebound girl for him..

    As for McBam- my jasam heart broke but I am a Kemo fan first. As long as my girl Sam is kicking him to the curb then I am totally fine with what happens after that. Do I hope to see Jason fight like hell for her yes but if she doesn’t care then neither do I. Go on and rebound Jason. If it with Liz then I am happy for their fans. However the way it is being written then it is just their die hard fans that will love it. If there is one thing I have given props to on this new writing team is they have made Sam the good one between her and Jason in this writing. If you are the die hard Liason/Liz fan no need to tell me I am wrong. I cruise a lot of message boards and I have noticed it’s all leaning towards Sam So yeah for my girl..

    On the cheating front- please they have all cheated. If you are judging it just based on being married then technically Sam was free and clear during the SOS because she wasn’t married at all. However cheating doesn’t bug me much for the very reason that I watch this soap for the grey area. Soaps aren’t something I use to judge everyday life and for a character to have life that character will make mistakes. I enjoy watching the grey areas..

  42. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=SwanQueen59]TV Gord-Between you and J Bernard, my smile muscles hurt from laughing! :bigsmile: Thanks… 0:)[/quote]

    Well then, my, um “job” for tonight is done! ;-)

  43. Profile photo of

    Madithusa, Maybe I’ve been watching a completely different show these last several months, but it seems like Todd is always talking about what a horrible person and selfish bastard he is. He wears that loathsomeness as a badge of honor. He’s already said it numerous times on GH. I think it’s a testament to RH’s skill and not to biased writing that Todd still comes off as immensely likable — at least to some of us. He has never been written as a hero, and he’s not being written as one now.

    Was the organ donor ring and Steve blackmail under Cartini? I feel as if that’s been going on for longer than Cartini’s regime, but maybe I’m wrong. In the end, I think we should all just see how the stories play out before we start writing off characters and couples. Don’t be so sure that Todd and Carly is endgame because when Carly finds out what Todd did to Sam and Jason’s baby, he’s going to have a LOT of groveling to do.

    As for Johnny’s future, it’s not like soap characters don’t get away with murder all the time and go on to live long and prosper on the canvas. Cartini would be foolish to get rid of Brandon Barash, considering that he’s one of the most popular actors on the show, and even with Johnny’s recent misdeeds, people don’t want the character to go anywhere. Personally, I’m glad that BB is front and center and driving story that doesn’t completely revolve around Sonny. Why not give Valentini and Barash and whoever else has commented on it the benefit of a doubt when they say that Johnny isn’t going anywhere? If and when his departure is announced, I will lead the revolutionary charge, but for now I’m just thankful that he’s getting more screen time than he has in the past few years.

    Oh, and re Lulu, I see everyone’s point. My issues with her in those scenes are entirely personal. While I would have preferred that a character with stronger ties to Patrick provide the tough love, I think it might be my general distaste for the character (although I think JMB is a good actress) that made my skin crawl during those scenes. That’s all I’ll say about that!

  44. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I agree with your take on Johnny, jezza. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Sure, he killed Anthony, but he was a scoundrel. And he seems to be showing real remorse for what happened to Cole and Hope, so I think there’s still room for redemption for him (especially since the police aren’t looking for their killer anymore). I think those who are worried about him being written out are being premature. He could be a major bad guy all the way up to GH’s cancellation. Every soap needs a REAL bad guy (not the Adam Chandler-type of bad guy that Sonny has become).

  45. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Monday on early Wednesday morning…Best thing about this trip through PC?…No. Bully. Corinthos…Now for the rest…

    I really don’t like to quibble about anything that FH is doing. But, really, the writers want me to believe those K-9/cadaver dogs were so noisey they drowned out Luke screaming through that gag? And with the shed having broken windows? I get they have to “pad” the story to lengthen it out, but do not try to get me to think Anna Devane would be one to walk away from that shack without purposely going inside. Lazy,lazy writing… :|

    I think they may have mis-cued an edit. I thought I saw AG rock the chair to where it was going to pitch backwards. But, I could be wrong. Because he was upright at the end of those sequences… :~

    I guess we can now call them a bonafide couple. Pulling away from KA’s Star, CD’s Jr. looked like an abashed little boy, caught doing something he didn’t mean to do. “I shouldn’t have…I’m sorry…” He doesn’t see she’s all goofy and most likely secretly pleased. “I couldn’t help myself.” “Neither could I.” Well, alrighty then. I mean, this is where the arrows have bee pointing and yeah, I admit they are, at this moment, charming and sweet. KA needs to be doing less angst ridden drama for her to
    make a good impression. As nice as this “interlude” is, I’m already dreading what may be coming when who really caused the accident is revealed. For now, let our young’uns enjoy themselves…

    I miss the old comfy, cozy, slightly shabby decor that was Luke’s office at the Haunted Star. This new set is too spare for my taste…

    Todd Manning is a character that is an abject annoyance for me. Especially
    as he persists in such downright rude and obnoxious entrances into places where he’s not been welcomed. “…You’ve got a lot of balls (pause), in the air…recording contract…club…attempt to make yourself over…” It’s no wonder John’s teeth are set on edge and you have to admire the iron clad restraint he exerts on himself time and again throughout this confrontation. You hear Manning again planting seeds of doubt and verbally spiking his relationship with Carly, not trying to hide his contempt for the younger man.Yeah, neither is going to shrink from a fight. John does betray a little unease but covers smoothly in the face of Mannings’ insinuations that he’s got a secret, turning it right back on him. “I’ll tell mine, you tell me yours.” And in the end, Starr’s contract stays right were it is: with John. Touche`…

    LW struck me a s apiece of meat being ignored by two posturing lions. No offense to LW. Usually she’s such a strong presence on screen. Here she didn’t register for me, until RoHo left…

    Okay. Count me as one who didn’t feel any sort of pity for Jason when he comes upon his wife and Mcbain locking lips. (Quite nicely, I might add.) And if Liz is still carrying a torch for this man, I really have to ask why? :~ For starters, she almost has to beg him to tell her what’s wrong: “Just tell me…” “I saw Sam.” “…distracted?…Crying, grieving?” “She was kissing McBain.”She’s sympathetic, even defending Sam,
    to the point where the enforcer snaps at her: “Stop making excuses for her!” Ouch! (I would’ve been outta there. See ya!) At least he was properly aghast: “You’re so good to me, better than I deserve.” Yep, the state you’re in now, absolutely, she deserves more. The memory of finding him, shot in the snow was a nice use of their history and their kiss was, in some ways, a revisit to a romance that has always struck me as stop, go, sputter, fizzle. Not because of RH and SBu. This couple never found
    “traction” that allowed them past a certain level and the kiss, while at the beginning was a comfortfrom her to him, when it moved into more “heat seeking territory” he put the breaks on. “I shouldn’t have done that.” (Sounding like Jr. with Starr.) “No harm done.” Without condemnation.
    “…Forgive me…” She’s pretty forgiving considering and, yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if she harbors some gremlin like satisfaction that Jason turns to her. But she shouldn’t settle for crumbs. “When things fall apart, it’s never one sided.” True, but if RC keeps this going it’ll be four sides that fall apart. Or come back together…

    The initial touch of their lips was, I think curious. But then, like the fireworks above them, it was a burst, flaring between them. The sound distracts them, but the most telling part, for me, was that they didn’t let go of each other after he helped her up. All bets were off when they zeroed in on each other. Hmm. I don’t know exactly how much liquor they consumed, but they both sounded fairly lucid. “…We shouldn’t make a big deal about this. Should we?” “‘Cept it is a big deal. We just crossed a line too big to ignore.” Uh-oh. “…One wrong move and you’re doin’ something you can’t take back.” “What’s the wrong move?” I think John’s a bit more clear headed than Sam at this moment. They both are taken aback by the strength of this pull. But he recognizes the potential damage it will cause. “The wrong move would be to forget that I love Natalie…our son… I don’t wanna risk losing that.” And it hits her that she’s got someting to lose too, even if, at this moment it’s broken and she doesn’t know how to fix it. “I don’t wanna betray my marriage.” Honey, I like you but you kinda just did. Alcohol or not. “Let’s make this official. This never happened. Why hurt Natalie over nothing?” But it is something. And it’s filed under the heading “Unfinished Business”…

    L starts. “Maxie has some concerns.” A beat. “About things that may or may not be going on.” “…let me know.” He wheels to go back inside. In 3…2…1… “You’re on drugs.” Bulls eye. And Maxie is scared. And embarassed. And in need of support. Boy, does she get it. JT’s Patrick rounds back on her, furious, defensive, accusing: “I can’t believe we’re having this conversation again!” She shrinks at his attack, ready to retreat, but L backs up her friend, coming to her defense. “So…Maxie dragged me over here for nothing…?” And so off they go, L now taking the lead, with Maxie maintaining a fragile front of her own, gathering herself, the two women now working together to try and head off a mushrooming situation that might very well put a young child into a precarious position. Patrick continues his strenuous denials, by turn angry, whining, pleading for understanding, asking to be left alone to continue what he thinks he can control. And L hits him with the cold, hard facts born of her own experiences, growing up with a father who was absent, then present, drink in hand more often than not. “…he’d come home…have a drink…a way to numb his reality…You cannot be the father Emma needs…there’s some stuff…that’s permanent damage.” Her story helps Maxie give voice to some of Patricks own life: “Look at what happened with your own dad. When your mom died…lost your respect, almost lost your love…how bad he hurt you would be the same with Emma.” The pleas somehow cut through. “You guys play dirty.” Thank goodness. But it’s not finished. It’s one thing to admit, then hand over the pills. But it’s the follow up that’s the next hurdle. The pain etched on the face of the lost and grieving widower is still floating in front of them. L, looking drained, troubled, gazes at the bottle, seeing her brother. “We have to be realistic. People don’t get over dependency.” Maxie surely sees Lucky, bringing up her own part in his addiction. She comforts herself, believing they’ve gotten to Patrick in time. “…We stay on top of him everything’s gonna be fine.” But looking at their collective faces, no, it’s not gonna be fine…Kudos to JT, JMB and JL. Their work here was uniformly excellent, blending desperation, urgency,and compassion even when some words were harsh and uncomfortable to listen to. But what intervention is ever comfortable?…

    Till next we chat…
    Swan! 0:)

  46. Profile photo of soapster

    I could care less about the ongoing liz-sam debate over jason, but I can’t stop thinking wth Liz. Jason is not worth your time let alone a kiss, why would you lower yourself and get involved in this. First off stop talking to Sam, she is not your friend and it is none of your business what is going on between the two of them. I don’t care if Jason is talking with you let it end there, be his sounding board and then walk away.

    Jason is using you, Jason is in love with his wife, Jason is upset over his wife kissing another man, Jason is in love with his wife, what are you doing. Jason does not act as if he is interested in you, as if he is lusting after you let it go. This is a triangle between Jason/Sam/John, LIz looks foolish in this as a friend, be a friend and stay out of it.

    I hate when females are made to pine for a man, made to forget their self-worth for a man, made to look like a man is all they want, need out of life. Liz go home to your kids, your career and the man that actually is interested in you. Stop jumping into Jason’s business he has two friends that he places over you that he can talk to, you on the other hand need to find someone other than him to run to.

    With that she is not a hoe, a homewrecker, or anything else. The writers are lazy are bringing up a situation that should stay dead is not going to raise ratings. Write a storyline for Liz, invest in the character other than hiccup in the Jason and Sam love story.

  47. Profile photo of js3557

    I’ve never said that Liz didn’t encourage Jason to lie. My point has always been that Jason had a choice as to whether or not to lie even after Liz asked him to. Jason was the one with the obligation to Sam (when he found out about Jake, not when he and Liz first made love because he and Sam were broken up then), not Liz. I just have never understood why people say bad things about Liz because Jason chose to lie to his girlfriend.

    As for Sam not cheating when she slept with Ric, I have never called that cheating. She and Jason were broken up. I have called it scheming, devious, back-stabbing, whoriness…but what would you call someone sexing up her stepdaddy on the living room floor while her mom is sick with cancer?

    As for Liason…Jason summed it up when he said that she is too good to him. He has always said that Liz is too good for him, too good for his life, and that he doesn’t want his criminal life to touch her in any way. This is because he loves her beyond all others and to a point that is unselfish (I know, I know – all you SamFF disagree and are turning purple with either laughter or anger). This is just my humble opinion.

  48. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I’m just glad out of the quad Elizabeth isn’t cheating that’s about all I can say I’m really tired of her being Jason’s cheerleader with his wifey for once I wish she would tell him to kiss her ass she deserves better.

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