Good Afternoon America Premiere Watched by Under 2 Million Viewers, Dips in Second Day

The good news for ABC is The Revolution's replacement, Good Afternoon America, premiered to 1.9 million viewers, or approximately 40 percent more pairs of eyeballs than its predecessor. The good news for soap fans, however, is that GAA is 20 percent off the numbers One Life to Live was averaging in that timeslot a year ago.

For its second air show on Tuesday, the summer series fell to just 1.6 million. ABC's lone soap, General Hospital, averaged almost 2.3 million viewers the week of June 25-29. I hear ABC Daytime's Vicki Dummer isn't any more keen on GAA than anxious soap fans are. The vehicle, from ABC News, is viewed as an "encroachment" by the peeps at Time Square Studios, according to my moles.

"ABC News saw the failure of The Revolution as a way to muscle its way in on the daypart," says one source. "Time Square isn't happy about it, because that takes away resources from ABC Daytime. There was some talk of Good Afternoon America being a co-production of the two divisions, but that didn't happen."

It's no wonder I'm hearing there could be added synergy between GH and The Chew, in order to fend off a common threat. Are you watching GAA? If so, tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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    :) Awesome news and i hope ratings keep tombling for Good Afternoon America!It is time someone listens to us loyal Soap fans please do not mess around with our Soaps!!

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    Haha. Guess that means ABC news won’t be taken over a slot in Daytime next year. Let’s hope that ABC is sick of developing another talk/game show – or at least way more cautious – and doesn’t want to cancel “GH” at any cost. The sudser just has to stay on budget, get up in the ratings – I hope CarTini have something fabulous planed for September that will entertain GH (!!!) viewers – and we might just have a chance.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey: All they have to do is invest in creating original 80 episode telenovela like soaps. That way they are not committed to huge budgets and can be made on the sly. Heck, I see web series that have far greater production values then many primetime series and they are working on shoestring budgets (less than 50k). So that would be the way to move forward.

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    Every time I see one of these articles about the failure of ABC daytime programming, I can’t help but think about how they “JUST DON’T GET IT” at ABC and they never will! They know that we want our soaps back and we refuse to accept ANY replacements. But they stubbornly continue to try to force us to watch what THEY want to air, not what WE want to see! After being a loyal 30+ year soap watcher, there’s absolutely nothing they can do or any program they will air that will take the place of my soaps. Until they relent and agree to put them back into production, I will never watch ABC. They have truly underestimated the loyalty of AMC and OLTL fans. Their loss!!

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    Can the big-wigs at ABC read? Nothing is going to be aceptable in the afternoon . Put our soaps back on if you want high viewership. This trial and error of all your little projects must be expensive. Pretend you have a sense of logic and think about it!!!

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    If the daytime people are so happy that this show is failing, then they should make sure they have something ready to take its place when ABC starts looking, otherwise the news people are just going to pitch something else cheap.

    I am slowly starting to come around to this telenovella idea.

    What if there were a one hour slot with four 3-month telenovella-style soaps per year. In theory, one of those could be called One Life to Live and include characters from the previous incarnation of the soap. In fact, they could air a new “One Life to Live” telenovella every year or two. Have a rotating stable of 13-week soaps that are based on cancelled ABC soaps mixed with one-shot 13-week telenovellas.

    Then they could dip into older and non-ABC soaps as well.

    Who wouldn’t want to see a 13-week peek to see what’s going on nowadays in Santa Barbara? What are Rachel and Carl up to in Bay City? Having a tightly written 13-week storyline involving a small core of characters from the original show would keep the costs down too.

    I seen to be talking myself into this more and more while I am typing.

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    For some reason, what I read didn’t make me feel comfortable that ABC Daytime suddenly wants to support soaps. From that quote, it seems that if ABC Daytime were allowed to jointly produce it, they wouldn’t have an issue with it being on air. Did I read that right?

    “ABC News saw the failure of The Revolution as a way to muscle its way in on the daypart,” says one source. “Time Square isn’t happy about it, because that takes away resources from ABC Daytime. There was some talk of Good Afternoon America being a co-production of the two divisions, but that didn’t happen.”

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    Cindy Reid

    I am and always will be a soap fan. There are so many news and talk shows, why can’t they let us keep the soaps. You see how many people watch prime time soaps, just look at Dallas, back on the air after twenty years.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @mlauenstein: Correct! And the problem with those MYTV Network Novela’s were that they simply English translations of popular Latin Telenovela’s.

    There is a lot of room for contemporary writers to come up with series as well some of what you said.

    I think book writers like Eric Jerome Dicky (Cheaters; Sister, Sister), Carl Weber (Married Men; A Dollar and A Dream), Richard Patterson (No Safe Place) and David Baldacci (Absolute Power) write some good soapy novels that could easily be adapted into one-shot telenovela series that appeal to American audiences.

    Then you could have good soap writers create short-term series as well. Think Sally Sussman Morina…Heck even she could revive Generations to see how the Marshall’s are doing 20 years later.

    And heck I can come up with a soap, plot it out and cast it a dime a dozen.

    So this is where Daytime needs to shift toward. NBC or ABC should be testing it out. I’d even go for the CW trying it out. Test a soap out and learn from it. See how it fairs.

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    As much as I love Lara (ever since she was on GMA the first time) and Josh (since he was on ESPN covering sports), I really hope the ratings continue to fall. ABC needs to realize, it can just put something together and make it stick. Plus the guest list overall hasn’t been that impressive.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Kenna: When we have too many news magazines on TV you run out guests, special segments and unique topics to cover, because everyone is doing the same thing and talking to the same people.

    A successful T.V. Talk show would have Al Sharpton and Rush Limbaugh going at Monday thru Friday on a host of hot topics.

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    I checked it out and it was much better then The Revolution and it was pretty good. I have to admit I have checked out more of late (last 6 months) and watching The Talk, simply because of Sherrie Underwood…she is a HOOT! She makes me have belly laughs! She is such a drag queen with all her wigs and attitude.

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    Why are people comparing a show that was on the air for 40 years and one that was on for 40+ years to a new show, that is just ridiculous. Both GH and OLTL have had years to build their audience and fans are crowing about the first two shows of something that just started on tv, talk about not getting it.

    OLTL wasn’t some ratings blockbuster and GH is not doing well in the ratings either. Vicki Drummer could give two shytes about GH if anything she is worry about her division and none of that means that GH is a secure entity in her lineup.

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    TV Gord

    This show is gawdawful! Why does ABC think they have to have such artificially enthusiastic and amped up audiences? I was looking forward to seeing Donald Faison on with his fellow cast members from The Exes, but they barely let any of them speak a complete sentence before they had them playing some lame game. What a waste of time.

    That being said, any of you who think the failures of any of these shows will bring back OLTL, you’re dreaming in technicolor. If anything, GAA’s poor ratings will make it that much harder for GH when it moves into that timeslot in September.

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    I still cannot take to the Talk. I think they sit too close to the audience. I can’t see really serious guests ever being that close. I find Sherrie Underwood a little over the top and quite possibly sometimes copying Sherrie Shepherds style. They may have both had similar styles but Sherrie Shepherds is the original from my experience. I still find Sara G so boring I would rather watch paint dry. Maybe like the View they will have to test several times. I just don’t care about this group either. I am not that impressed with “Mrs O” as Julie C says. I just don’t like this group and could care less what they think. I prefer the View. I don’t necessarily agree with everything the View women say but I think they are more sincere and entertaining while coming across with a brain.

    Don’t watch GAA. Don’t care for hosts. I actually preferred the Revolution. But obviously I am in minority there.

    I am not sure what the deal will be with GH. I just know that GAA is cheaper. Who knows what NBC will do in the next months. Days is struggling. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 2013 with CBS soaps the only daytime soaps standing. It could be reason why nighttime are catching on bigtime. Some people only like the continuing serial. My friend does not watch anything except the continuing type shows. Nighttime has a lot at this point.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @soapster: Well I know some of us are looking forward and not backwards since the writing is on the wall. If the TPTB would test out 3 month soaps like how the Telenovela’s are that could fill the void left by soaps we are never gonna get back. Also it reinvigorates the industry.

    I would say to start with a 1 hour block, with 2 30 minute soaps, that last for 3 months and air 5 days a week. They can repeat the episodes online in the evening or have the day’s episode air the following day online and through other social media platforms.

    In Brazil the Telenovela’s are so hot that the Taxi drivers have them playing so that the customer’s won’t miss a beat.

    I see that in today’s world it appears that it would be easier to get people to commit to a show that has a beginning, middle and end verses 260-65 episodes a year. The writers of today just don’t have the talent to create the types of long storylines that use to play out over several years. And it seems fans patience has waned.

    Thus, we could get to see soap stars in roles on various drama series.

    And if a show was successful they could bring it back for another season later. Maybe start to end them with a cliffhanger or open-ended.

    It is all possible. You just have to think outside of the box. Think of how to save the genre. Because we are not gonna be able to save the shows that are on now. But we can fight to keep the genre alive and well in another format.

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    A couple of things all soap fans have to keep in mind about shows like THE REPLACEMENT … I mean, revolution… and now GAA (Good Afternoon America) is that they are way cheaper to produce and a better formula will be found. Although I have not seen it yet, it’s only suppose to be a summer gig until Katie comes on board and GH moves to it’s spot. Also, GAA has gotten ZERO promotion in the scope of promotion THE REVULSION… I mean, revolution… received.

    That being said, until the present 4 soaps themselves increase their audiences, daytime tv will not see a new soap come on board so if you miss your “story fix” than I suggest you guys find the web soaps (which are bad in my opinion for shows that are only 5-15 minutes long and have some of the best of daytime past and present starring in them) or hop to HULU or YOUTUBE or Itunes and download foreighn soaps in the afternoon.

    Soaps today need to up their game in writing and how characters are presented. Look at the new Dallas. Not only are the females leads, Ann, Sue Ellen, Elena and Rebecca beautiful but they can act and the characters are written as strong minded women but flawed, just like the men. But the women can hold their own against the men which is something that can’t be said about daytime even though soaps have been and will always be more for a female audience. Yes, Dallas is a nighttime soap but daytime needs to look to the night for inspiration and format. Even Mad Men has all strong, confident and dominant women. There is nothing weak about them in the sense of men coming to the rescue like on daytime all the time.

    ALso, the ridiculous and over the top storylines have to end since there is no budget there to actually make OVER THE TOP over the top. Days’ Almania story is a great example. John and Hope run from Stefano and his desire for eggs by doing weeks/months worth of story on 2 small cramped sets. On the Young and the Restless, they do a huge story in Hawaii that was done all on a sound stage (the volcano ain’t my lover story with Sharon, Victor, Jack and Adam).

    Come back down to earth. Write the stories that have them in the boardroom but know when to give up on them as well. We’ve had enough with Beauty of Nature. Merge it into Jabot and make it a fight against Jack/Jabot and Victor/Newman. Then with the rest of the cast, start doing stories that people can relate to on a daily basis. Sadly on Y&R you have Neil pressuring Harmony… the great Debbie Morgan has created an awesome character… who is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Neil should know that this is not the way to win her over except to push her over the edge. Let this character become what she should become first and then start down the romance path.

    Over on Days, once again the only thing that was fixed there was the amazing return of Marlena and John and a nice big square. Now the show needs to tell stories and remove cast. Weed the cast down so that there is more than enough space on the canvas to tell compelling stories. There is no need to fire cast to only fill it up again. Sadly, like with Y&R, Bo is out and so is Ashley. Soaps need to get rid of the dull and horrible acting of the younger set and concentrate on the ones who can drive story.

    Y&R can get rid of Eden, Noah, Summer and even Daniel and still have a younger crowd with the enjoyable Kevin and Chloe and Abby and now carmine (who would have thought he would click). We don’t need teenagers because SOAPS HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO TELL TEENAGER STORIES. GH has to be careful because they have Molly on the edge of a teen pregnancy arch and that will just piss off the fans of OLTL who came on board for Starr only to see this teenage mommy lose her kids to kick it with the mobster’s son AS WELL AS THE FACT NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A RICH KID HAVE A BABY ONLY TO SEE A NANNY COME OUT WITH THE CHILD. There is no lesson there for anyone who might be watching other than “hey teenagers have a kid its easy”.

    (On OLTL, I found it hilarious that they had Starr move out of the mansion and into a small apartment with her lover and 2 friends and the baby just to make it seem like they were struggling. Only one of the was from a poor background and the other 3 wealthy and can be financially supported)

    Soaps can come back but only when the present ones COME BACK CREATIVELY and viably to show the execs that the old can be made new and BETTER again.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @pjc722 &everyone: I’m gonna disagree. We know the cost of producing a soap year round is too high. We also know that networks want out of the business. At least the business model as it is, is not sustainable.

    Now let me focus on the business model. The current business model is to produce 260-265 episodes a year of drama. At one time this model was a big revenue gainer. This was mostly because:

    A.) You had more women at home.
    B.) There were only 3 and later 5 networks producing 95% of the original scripted content.
    C.) Primetime (back in the day) had yet to build a sustainable model of its own.
    D.) The internet was non-existent and when it first came around the capabilities were not that of what they were today.

    Things have changed today and some of those changes are as follows:

    A) The majority of women work.
    B) We 500 plus cable channels that allow TV viewers countless options for television programming.
    C) Primetime is now a hit.
    D) The majority of people under 40 watch little to no TV and spend more time on the internet or on other social media platforms to look at content.
    E) The attention span of those under 40 is largely made up of men and women who are unable to commit to a daily hour long serial.

    Now there are some other ways in-which this works as well. For example if a fan does not like the whole soap but only certain characters or a certain storyline there are people creating youtube channels creating minisodes that only focus on the storyline they like. We saw this happen with those fascinated by Luke/Noah, Kish, Winters Clan, etc.

    Basically you have an expensive model where the baseline for successful demos has to be readjusted to meet the declining ratings. And while good storylines and character are the most important part of a successful soap. This model is not sustainable.

    So soaps are not dead, just the model in which we have grown use to them in is. Thus, you can create new telenovela style soaps for a fraction of the cost it takes to produce a daytime drama in its current format. Networks are also not committed to long term contracts with a series (those where they exist). Advertisers can negotiate an economical and competitive ad rates with the networks.

    Now when it comes to web series. We have been covering them on my site since our inception. I’ve found many of them to have better production values, dialogue, character development and overall plotting then any of the 4 remaining soaps on air today. And they do it for less than 50k! I’m just gonna put that on record.

    The web series we cover, tend to have the quality of a Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Entourage or The Shield. We also find that more women and men under 40 are willing to commit to 3 to 15 minute episodes of a web series, 1 day a week with seasons. And in some cases a web series becomes so popular that fans will watch 22-28 minute version of their series.

    Web series viewers also can view these shows via their smartphone, ipods, laptops and desktop computers at any time the day or week. So viewers can catch up from the first season and be ready for the current in no time.

    One of the most important things I have found for me is the diversity aspect of the web series genre. With web series anyone can create a scripted series without a network executive having to give their show a chance. Thus, I have ceased to harp on the lack of Daytime Diversity since I get my fix on the web. Show’s like 12 Steps To Recovery, The Online Gamer, Mythomania and Osiris have filled the void left by daytime.

    So not having to beg Massah ABC, CBS and NBC to let us in the big house has lifted a weight off my shoulders.

    Here are a couple examples:

    SYD2030 – (Think Gossip Girl for the web):
    12 Steps To Recovery:

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