General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Anna brings Heather down to the station and gives Dante a run down on what’s been happening.  Heather claims she wouldn’t associate with the likes of Anthony Zacchara.  Anna tells Dante she doesn’t think Heather killed Anthony, but she buried him. 

Lulu stops by to see Johnny and asks if police have any leads.  Johnny says police think Heather buried the body, but someone else did the murder. He finally admits there’s an APB out on Luke.  Lulu swears her father didn’t do it; he confessed that he didn’t and is sorry that she didn’t tell Johnny that his grandfather was dead, even though she’s known for awhile. 

Johnny says he always wondered what life without Anthony would be like and doesn’t know if he’s relieved.  Lulu says Johnny isn’t vengeful, but he’s been dealt a crappy hand and gives Johnny a hug.  Lulu says Anthony led a violent life and Johnny isn’t responsible.  She swears Luke didn’t kill him.  Johnny thanks her for caring and listening. 

Carly berates Todd for harassing Johnny, but Todd says he’s protecting Starr because she’s just a means to an end for Johnny. Todd says Johnny has secrets. Carly wonders what she’ll find if she digs into Todd’s secrets.  She says Johnny is a good man who should be forgiven, but Todd says it’s all an act and hasn’t changed.  Carly says she’s married bad and good and Johnny is the perfect middle ground.  Todd spots Johnny hugging Lulu on the laptop and claims he’s got something on Johnny. However, when Carly calls him on it, Todd claims he was bluffing.   . 

Sam is shocked to hear that Jason kissed Liz and demands to know if it’s true and Jason admits to it.  Sam accuses Liz of not wasting time coming onto Jason, but Jason says he kissed her.  Steven tells Sam to be mad at Jason for seducing Liz but then gets called by Anna to go down to the station.  Jason says Sam is in no position to judge since he saw her and John kissing on the pier.  Sam claims they were drunk and it meant nothing, which Liz points out is the same for her and Jason.  Liz says Jason loves Sam, but Sam questions why Jason isn’t wearing his wedding ring. 

Jason says he took off the ring after he saw the kiss. Sam tells him to do what he wants with it and with Liz and storms off.  Liz tells Jason to go after her and that they have a chance.  Jason says he’s glad it’s all out in the open so they know where they stand.  Liz wonders what it will take to get Jason and Sam back together. 

Maxie checks up on Patrick at the hospital and he swears he’s stopped taking the pills and that he only took them to numb the pain of Robin’s death and he’s not dependent on them.  Maxie reminds him to make an appointment with Ewen and promises him that he’s not alone in this. 

Patrick asks a nurse to change his schedule and goes to make an appointment but when his hands shake, he reaches into his pocket for a pill and takes it. 

Carly goes to see Johnny and he tells her about Anthony and that he’s waiting for closure.  Carly tells him to deal with the loss, that it’s still a shock.  Johnny tells her about Luke’s connection, but Carly doesn’t believe Luke guilty. She thinks it’s a set up and whoever did the deed has no conscience. 

When Steve gets to the station, Anna explains what she has on Heather. Steve thinks Olivia told them about the car.  When he goes in to see his mother, Dante mentions that Heather had no motive, but Anna says it’s the oldest one in the book.

Heather swears the police have made a mistake, but Steve says she needs to tell the truth so he can help her. He asks if the man in the car was Anthony.  Heather swears she doesn’t know Anthony. Steve tells her to get the information of the guy in the car, but Heather claims she doesn’t know any details. She swears she didn’t murder Anthony. 

Heather claims she’s being railroaded by the police. Steve warns her not to fight with them.  Heather wonders if he’s against her too. Steve heads off to find her a lawyer. Heather complains to Anna that she’s detaining an innocent woman.  Anna warns her that she’ll face murder charges if she doesn’t cooperate and mentions Heather using Olivia’s car and how she has to sweep it for DNA.  Heather asks for her one phone call and says not to deny her rights, so Anna gets her the phone.

Todd isn’t happy that Sam showed up late to work. She mentions that her marriage is falling apart. Todd says he’s the last person to ask relationship advice of.  Heather calls Todd and tells him she was brought in for questioning and needs his help or she’ll tell all about Sam.  Todd wonders what she wants from him and Heather claims she has an idea. 

Liz tells Jason that he’s still in love with Sam; she’s his wife and their marriage is worth fighting for.  She says the kiss meant nothing on all their parts and to put the ring back on and fight for his marriage.  Jason says the marriage died the night the baby did.

Sam gets a call from Spinelli about Heather and she spots the purse on the desk and thinks she’ll check if for clues. 

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    I love that Todd’s ring tone for Heather is “crazy’s calling”. I rewound that a second time, so I could laugh again.

    I’m guessing Heather’s idea is to have Todd say he was her man friend that night.

    What was up with Maxie’s hair?

    Sam honey, you’re moral outrage would work better if you weren’t guilty of the same crime that you’re getting your panties in a bunch about.

    Loved Carly’s dress.

    Unintentionally funny line of the day:
    Steve: The last time you guys had a fight, Liz ended up pregnant.

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    Chain, Chain, Chain…Chain of Fools…
    Have mercy.

    Steven, Steven, Steven. I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted that you’re intervening on your sister’s behalf like you caught her in the backseat of a car last night with her bra around her neck and her panties around her ankles. I think mainly I just want you to shut your piehole. The shiz of it is…he can’t even follow through with the big brother routine. That was the most excruciatingly awkward exit EVAH!! Is everything OK here…NO IT’S NOT GENIUS!! The house is on fire and the baby’s inside! What a dick. See ya!

    Sam you self-righteous hypocritical lying liar that lies! What a ho-bag!

    “You kissed Elizabeth?” Jason slowly turns around with that …Yeah bitch. What of it? …look on his face. Elizabeth is trying to smooth things over…Sam interrupts, “It’s a yes or no question, Elizabeth. Were you or were you not kissing my husband?” Actually it’s a yes or no ANSWER to a question, but let’s not split hairs.

    Jason finally speaks up…”Yeah. Yeah, we kissed.”

    “I guess, I should give you credit, for admitting what happened?” Seriously, Sam? “I’ve been honest. Can you say the same.” Go answer your phone now worst brother on the planet!! Sam accuses Elizabeth of making Jason kiss her. Jason – “Step off. I kissed her.” Loved Elizabeth’s look when Sam was standing there with her mouth hanging open. Jason – “Elizabeth didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not her fault I can’t keep my married hands off of her.” Bye Steven.

    Here it comes…the righteous indignation and BAAAAAMMMM…or should I say…MCBAAAAMMMMM. “Quit standing there lying to my face…I saw you engaged in some heavy petting with that effing cop on the docks last night.” And here comes the inevitable spin. “Where’s your wedding ring?” I thought we were talking about YOU and YOU committing pre-adultery with McBain. But NO. Guilt him, baby. It’s all you’ve got and all you’ve EVER HAD. Does this mean marriage #6 is over now? Please go let McBain feel you up so I can tolerate you again.

    The really crappy thing is…Elizabeth is the ONLY person trying to do the right thing but somehow, someway this is going to be all her fault. She’s trying to be noble by putting those two idiots back together but she’s going to be the one getting hurt.

    I hope when that kid is returned to its rightful owner that Jason & Sam get back together and make each other miserable. Maybe after McBain blows up his relationship with Natalie over his “undeniable connection” with Sam he can cry on Elizabeth’s shoulder while Sam has to sit back and watch and eat her black heart out.

    Maybe then she’ll understand how Jason has felt about Elizabeth for all these years. It sucks putting someone else’s welfare before your own, doesn’t it? It’s called being a grown-up.

    “Ride or die” THAT.

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    so Todd is going to say that he was the passenger in Heather’s car.

    Liz needs to stay away from Jason and cut off all contact with him once and for all. they no longer share a child and she’s threatening his marriage to Sam!

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    I don’t know how SamFF are going to come on here and defend her behaviour for this episode lol, who did she think she was going off on Liason when she was just Mckissing McBain, don’t get me wrong…LOVE McBam, but seriously Sam really?!

    And to think after all that, Liz was STILL encouraging Jason to go chase after his oh so faithful wife, but of course Liz will be painted as the one chasing after Jason and his arm apparently.

    I love Todd Manning, yes he is the villain, but he’s the type of villain that is too likeable to be a real villain, his ringtone for Heather was priceless, and I love that he admits to the wrong that he’s done in his past and doesn’t try to hide it or act like he’s never sinned before.

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    But…unless they make that cop that saw Heather on the road that night seem like a liar, Todd looks NOTHING like the man he saw or the description that he gave Anna and Spin.

    Loved the Crazy Calling ring tone.

    I liked Maxie’s hair.

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    I know Todd is a bad guy…but I just love him….He is the best type of “Soap Villian”. He is so bad…but you love him inspite of himself…He totally cracks me up…It is so refreshing to get a personality on GH like this…minus the constant mob inflections. ALSO… I am NOT a fan of LW and her version of Carly, but yet I love her and Todd together…go figure. I think they have fabulous chemistry. The only guy other than Ingo, I have liked Laura with. When his phone rang yesterday. and we heard his ring tone for Heather calling…I totally lost it…That is another relationship I love….I love Todd with Heather…with her… you actually see he does have a conscience, and isn’t always ok with his actions. I also love his relationship with Starr on the show…You see he is capable of great love for another in this father/daughter dynamic…He is a pretty interesting character, and I look forward to him stirring things up on the show.

    I love Finola Hughes….her acting is so effortless…everyday I am grateful they brought Anna Devane home to GH. I just wish she spent more time with Emma on screen. Other than the fiasco of not being smart enough and checking the shed the other day, they are finally showing a woman to have brains on this show.

    I personally loved Jen L’s hair style yesterday. I thought it was cute and quirky for the summer. I wish they would lightened up on her makeup though. She is such a pretty girl, and to me looks better when it is not applied so heavy. I think JT is doing a awesome job on his new story line. He is playing a junkie very believably. I think something major has to happen, for him to really seek help though. It is so apparent to the viewer he has no intention of stopping, no matter what he told Lulu and Maxie….Actually they are quite naive to think it would be that simple.

    I kind of wish they would give JoLu another run. There is no mistaking the chem between these two. Lulu knows Johnny so well…She is a much better fit for him than Carly….It would give Lante some angst too…they have grown a bit stale.

    Now for the quad….Loved the relationship between Steve and Liz..their real life friendship, comes across in this brotherly/sister show tie. The line about ending up pregnant after the last time Jasam fought was priceless. SamFF will have to agree their girl did not look her best yesterday….she was all set to act the injured party, even though her make out session was far more aggressive and intense than the sweet Liason kiss. Everyone already pretty much agreed…there was no passion in the Liason kiss…it was more a sweet, loving and longing kiss…where as McBam was all about heat and passion….which usually leads to more.

    Of course people will fail to acknowledge that Liz continued to try and encourage Jasam to reconcile ….I wish she would shut up about that too. That does not play true to me…It is one thing to be a friend and confidante to Jason…and another to constantly work to reunite him with Sam…That is baloney…Liz wouldn’t do that…not after what Sam has done to her in the past, and also Liz’s own past relationship with Jason, has never being fully resolved. Liason had agreed to marry and be together, then Jake was kidnapped. They only broke up to keep Liz and the boys safe. Not because they stopped loving one another. They showed Jason alone and sad for quite some time after Liason broke up,.. that is until Sam was able to break Jason down to give her another chance. Jasam even joked about what she had to do to get him to give her another chance when they got married. She admitted to wearing all kinds of outfits, and being under foot until he caved. So I am sorry….where as Liz wants Jason happy, she would never be this big Jasam cheerleader.

    I thought the face Liz gave Sam was priceless when Jason told Sam that Liz had done nothing wrong,… that HE kissed her…I also loved Sam’s face when Jason hit her with seeing McBam on the docks…Sam was really going to play the injured party…and then tried to turn it around to Jason’s ring…conveniently forgetting hers was only on because Krissy made her put it on…Sam looked like a bit of a hypocrite yesterday.

    In Jason’s mind they are over now…He may be sad about it…but he is attempting to adjust to that idea…at least in my opinon. I look foward to more soapy goodness in this story line…Face it that is what a soap is all about… Everyone happy all the time is boring.

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    I personally thought the shouting match at Kelly’s was going to be the highlight of the day from the promo… but it wasn’t. It was the damn ringtone. Crazy calling… Crazy calling… Crazy calling… hahahahaha! That was so funny in that moment. And okay, yes, Steve’s snark at his sister about the night she got pregnant was a very brotherly thing to do. Let’s face it, after Jake died, Jason got to check out of his life and go off on his motorcycle to spend time with his box of pain. Steve moved in with Liz and helped her pick up the pieces, so I imagine if he wants to snark at Jason about leaving Liz alone, he’s justified.

    Sam was a major hypocrite today, but seriously, none of them in this situation come off looking good. I do wish that both ladies would go down to the Floating Rib, kick back a few shots and tell each other nasty Jason stories and decide together to kick him to the curb. IMHO, I do believe that both Sam and Liz are lying to themselves. Their part of the kisses meant something to them. And Jason, well he’s never fought for any woman. He never bothers to try. The only people he has ever really fought for are Carly, Michael and Sonny.

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    [quote=mipeony]I do wish that both ladies would go down to the Floating Rib, kick back a few shots and tell each other nasty Jason stories and decide together to kick him to the curb.[/quote]

    My point exactly, they both deserve better than that self-centered maggot, played by a one trick pony to boot! Enough Constipason, GET HIM OFF MY SCREEN!

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    I like the brother/sister chemistry between Liz/Steve. He was being an overly protective big brother. I didn’t really have a problem with him in these scenes because it’s pretty much the way a big brother would act toward people who have hurt his sister in the past and look like they are about to do it again (in his eyes).

    Really Sam? Really? Acting hurt, injured and innocent? Even when Jason brought up McBain directly Sam was lying. First she tried to say big deal, I confided in someone else. The look on her face when Jason said he saw them kissing was priceless! I imagined her inner thoughts as something like “Oh f*ck! They know I’m being a fake, hypocritical b*tch. Divert attention! Divert attention with random attack on Jason for something I also did today that he doesn’t know I did!” Then for her to say she was drunk?!? That was another blatant lie. The third blatant lie was that her kiss with McBain didn’t mean anything. She and McBain both said to eachother that they had feelings for eachother. The only reason they didn’t go further was because McBain had to go home to Natalie.

    I also loved that Jason stood up for Liz and told Sam outright that he kissed Liz and that none of this was Liz’s fault. It’s funny to me that Sam was acting so outraged and hurt when on two separate occasions she outright told Liz that she could have Jason because she no longer wanted him. Guess you should think before you speak Sam.

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    I alo loved the “crazy’s calling” phone bit. I wish that Todd was a rapist. He would be really fun to like if he hadn’t done that. It’s funny, with soap characters I can deal with murderers, but I can’t forgive rapists. Guess that’s a hard limit for me. (yes, a fifty shades reference!)

    JT is amazing. I’m bored with addiction stories, but he is still beautiful and heartbreaking to watch.

    Loving Anna. She just comes off as so smart and capable.

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    Doodleynoodle post #2 and JS3557 post #9, I’m going to have to marry both of those posts and then set up in houses beside each other and call them Sister Post Wives.

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    I thought about todd taking the rap as the passenger, but there are too many things wrong with that.

    1 – Todd doesn’t fit the description
    2 – She said it was her “husband”
    3 – She told Steve that it was someone she met on a dating site

    She has way too many stories here.

    I am still waiting for Sam to pick up her face. It’s down there somewhere Sam. Keep looking.

    I don’t agree that they all looked bad today. Note I am just talking about today, not the entire storyline. Sam was the only one that looked bad. Steve stood up for his sister, Jason told the truth, and Liz tried to get Jason back with Sam, realizing their kiss meant nothing. Sam was the only one that was a hypocritical lying liar who lies.

    Sam was the one that defended herself by referring to her friendship because she had no clue that she was caught.
    Sam was the one that tried to deflect by asking about the ring, when she KNOWS that her sister just had to convince her to put hers back on.
    Sam was the one that lied about the kiss being meaningless when she told John that they had something since the church. It’s only meaningless because John left town.

    Sam? I think I see your face over there in the corner? See it yet?

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    Tris Drake

    Bravo doodleynoodle! Bravo! Steve might be boring bit he is allowed to be all in Jason’s face. Shut up Sam. JT desecration better. We all know Epiphany is going to ne all over this and then its going to get good.

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    This week has been really good so far. The best in a while. I’m curious to see how the ratings will play out. Will all this kissing get more people to watch? Personally I have been really excited to watch everyday. Todd and John are great comedic additions to the show. But I hope they keep it more about romance and relationships, rather than campy stories.

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    Also, Liz has been looking GREAT lately. But please god, throw that green top in the garbage can. It was like a halloween costume. And please someone get Sam’s hair out of her face.

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    Hmm, didn’t Sam just tell John that she couldn’t forgive Jason for harming her child. Hasn’t she sought and received forgiveness from both Jason and Liz for harming Jake. Now, she is standing there all put out because Liz and Jason kissed after not only kissing McPain but expressing an attachment and connection to him.

    I guess we know who is Samocritocal. Hahahahhahahah!

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    I have really grown to love the character of Todd- Crazy Calling! I could so use that ringtone for a few people I know..

    Watching this episode I realized the only thing that really turns my stomach an makes me have the power to not watch is having women fight over Jason Morgan. Sorry- totally hate it! I love watching Sam all over the place with Todd, McBain and Spinelli. Could totally waatch a whole show of Todd and Sam just nattering on together. It makes me not care about Liason scenes. But for the love of all that is holy I can not watch Liz and Sam fight for Jason. While I know it wasn’t actully a fight on screen it gave me PTSD thinking of the SOS- where the writing could be going. I don’t want to see Sam under the bus for the sake of Jason again. On another note I love that men on the show are getting better writing than Sonny and Jason. I love that the women have more options and Sonny and Jason. However I really wish that it could have happened with Nic, Jax, Rick or Justus.. Not so many years of Jason as the only guy you can date or Sonny as your future baby daddy…

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    [quote; jasammabby]Watching this episode I realized the only thing that really turns my stomach an makes me have the power to not watch is having women fight over Jason Morgan…..I can not watch Liz and Sam fight for Jason.[/quote]

    Aaaannndddd we have the third member of my sister post wives possy because this is made of win.

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    Except it wasnt really a fight over Jason when you think about it. Liz was saying that the kiss didnt mean anything and Sam shoild take him back. Sam was saying that Liz could have him. It was really like a game of hot potato and Jason was the potato.

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    And the new GH airhog is…. Todd Manning!
    Could we please get a day WITHOUT this guy on our screen? Please?
    Sorry but I can’t stand the guy.

    My only real pleasure of yesterday was the Johnny and Lulu scenes. For an old die hard L&L3 fan, I have already mentioned that I never thought that I would one day support JoLu… But this was BEFORE Dante ruined my girl Lulu. Since Lulu made the decision (so quickly) to work with Johnny on the HS, I have found my girl back. Don’t let Dante laugh at you ever again when you tell him you want to work at the HS Lulu like that jerk did almost a year ago! Johnny and Lulu have such chemistry, they were burning my screen yesterday. Too bad that Dante didn’t see that hug though…

    I have been pretty resentful at the way Cartini have tried to ruin Johnny (except that it blew up in their face BIG TIME) but if they try to redeem him through Lulu (after all, he helped her after she killed Logan and was seeing him everywhere), they will for sure score with me! I was about to give up the Todd show and then I get JoLu… And I can’t give up GH anymore now not as long as my dear Lulu is back to her old self and is sending Dante to hell by making FINALLY her own decisions!!!

    So tired of Sam vs Liz for a douche like Jason. They should pair Liz and Sam together as the new it / hot lesbian couple of GH just to see Jason’s face… (oops did I just did a “bishbay”?).

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    “Crazy Calling” is by far in my top five of funniest things I have EVER seen/heard in a scene from a TV show!!!!! It was so unexpected you had to do a double listen to really believe it was saying that! And it fit Todd’s personality to a tee! CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!

  22. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    “Crazy Calling” is by far in my top five of funniest things I have EVER seen/heard in a scene from a TV show!!!!! It was so unexpected you had to do a double listen to really believe it was saying that! And it fit Todd’s personality to a tee! CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!

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    [quote=GHvetfan]Except it wasnt really a fight over Jason when you think about it. Liz was saying that the kiss didnt mean anything and Sam shoild take him back. Sam was saying that Liz could have him. It was really like a game of hot potato and Jason was the potato.[/quote]

    OMG…too funny for words! LMAO!

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    TV Gord

    Todd has inspired me to change all the ringtones for my friends and family this weekend. It’s going to be hard to narrow down who gets the “crazy calling”, though. (Too bad I never call myself.) ;-)

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    J Bernard Jones

    Todd has inspired me to change all the ringtones for my friends and family this weekend. It’s going to be hard to narrow down who gets the “crazy calling”, though. (Too bad I never call myself.)

    Huzzah! (Already done here! LOL) In fact, it’s entered my top three lines of the year so far:

    3. “Crazy calling….crazy calling…crazy calling.” — Todd’s ringtone for Heather, GENERAL HOSPITAL

    2. “Whew! I can SEE!” — Chloe, after taking off her panties, DON’T TRUST THE BITCH IN APT. 23

    1. “I knew I recognized the smell of brimstone and crazy.” — J. R. Ewing, upon seeing Cliff Barnes in Sue Ellen’s office, DALLAS

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    Ahhh- Perkie I am totally flattered.. GFvet- I know it wsn’t really a fight. It just confirmed to me that I can not take those three in scenes together.. I guess it is unless Sam and Liz are the new it lesbian couple. I have zero interest in watching them fight over him. I want to actually see Jason fight for someone for a change. More than anything I don’t want one of them to be the looser. If they want to do Liason let Sam serve divorce papers to him. Let him go off for month and kill people for Sonny- then do Liason. I think Sam and Liz fans have such big fan bases- bigger than just the Jasam or Liason bases. Why piss them off?

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    Im a few days behind (Ive watched the epis but havent had time to log on to dc and post) but I wanted to say two things…

    first, tealita, thats an excellent observation..

    second, vet, I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery though i must say if I was going to crack wise about liz, i would come up with my own slams and not just recycle the oppositions.

  28. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Also seeing how I have deleted this episode can someone answer something for me. Jason tried a whole I am being honest with you- how about you with McBain line right?? Well he wasn’t really being honest was he- I mean she walked in on him being busted by Steve?? It is not like he went to tell her about it..

  29. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Thanks Tealita- there are so many reasons that scene annoyed the Hell out of me and that was one of them. I have zero interest in Jason saying he loves her and misses her and can’t fix this and whine to Liz about it. Then kiss Liz! I want to see him grow a pair and fight for her and not let her walk away. Still can’t totally buy this attached to Liz for advice thing. If the last 10 years have taught me anything it is that it would be Carly. Besides that he should know that of course Sam would have issues with it- look what happen last time. To be fair besides Liz “wanting the best” for him why would she want to listen to him go on about the one he put a ring on and was willing to raise a baby with. Isn’t that a huge slap in the face. Even when he thought the baby was Franco’s he still told Liz if he could do anything it would bring back Sams baby- not Jake.

  30. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    That is really sick. Are you implying that Jason didnt love Jake or that he wanted him dead? Are you saying that if he could bring back Jake he wouldnt? Seriously sick! Why? Totally unnecessary!

    Not surprised at all that someone missed my point.

  31. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    If that is directed at me then you completely missed my point. My point was Jason isn’t being fair to either Sam or Liz and is being totally disrespectful to Liz about Sam and the baby. What else would you call telling a woman you had a baby with that died that you wished you could bring back someone else’s baby.. Everyone wants to scream about how Jason disrespects Sam- but sorry that is just awful. If he wasn’t so caught up with his grief over Sam I hope that he would realize that that has to painful to Liz. No matter what Liz’s intentions are I would say as a woman that would be painful to hear. No where did I imply him wishing Jake dead- neither did I wish that. However maybe you should use that high and mighty code of yours on the awful names that people use to trash Sam’s baby. Ohhh yeah I forgot it’s only ok for every other baby but Jake to die- and calling every other baby a name is totally OK… Totally forgot that rule- My bad!!

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    Elizabeth is no shrinking violet. She’s been dealing with Jason and his truth for over a decade. Trust me, she can handle it.

    Besides she’s a nurse. She deals with life & death situations every day.

    I’m sure that Elizabeth would do anything SHE could to bring that baby back because that’s just the kind of person she is. You know…the kind that’s not into kidnapping other people’s children and wishing them harm and what-not…

    And BTW…Jason IS disrespectful to Sam. He treats her like an afterthought and she lets him and vice versa.

    Great love story. :~

  33. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    [quote=doodleynoodle]Elizabeth is no shrinking violet. She’s been dealing with Jason and his truth for over a decade. Trust me, she can handle it.


    That’s why she has been in Ferncliff twice in two years… ;)

    Also I didn’t see any double post…

  34. Profile photo of liason4real

    Elizabeth was at Shadybrook since it was her turn as a female character.

    I love my Liason, but Liz/RH is not needed to pimp JaSam. It’s lame. If JaSam can’t stand on it’s own then the show needs to pack it in and stop having everyone from Coleman to the guy that performed the Chinese wedding ceremony on pimp duties.

    I think it’s only fair that Carly, Alexis and Elizabeth get to sleep with Sam’s husband since she sure in hell had no problems sleeping with Sonny, Ric or Lucky.

    Also, Jason needs to stop the crying and whining because he’s beginning to look like Lucy aka Lucky.

  35. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    [quote=JASAMMABBY]Also I didn’t see any double post…[/quote]

    That’s because I erased one of the posts after it posted the same thing twice. :)

    Maybe she was in Ferncliffe because Lucky was driving her insane!! I know he was driving ME insane.

    Those two have been toxic together since he came back from the dead. The worst was GV’s Lucky. We used to call him “El Stupido”…Pointless but Pretty. Bad, bad, bad. JJY’s Lucky sucked too. There is only one Lucky for me and the writer’s mucked him up so badly the last time it would take a miracle for me to give a rat’s patooty about him. I love Jonathan Jackson but Lucky…No. Just. No.

  36. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Actually thanks for the correction because for the life of me I couldn’t remember if it was Ferncliff or Shadybrook… Who in the heck was at Ferncliff- was it Heather??

    I totally agree Liz should be kept out of Jasam…. I am sure every Jasam fan agrees with you. I doubt any of them want her there pimping them as you see it..

  37. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    [quote=JASAMMABBY]I totally agree Liz should be kept out of Jasam…. I am sure every Jasam fan agrees with you. I doubt any of them want her there pimping them as you see it..[/quote]

    I think JaSam should be kept out of JaSam. After rewatching some of their scenes from when they broke up a few years ago I am flabbergasted they ever allowed them to get back together. That was some hateful ish right there. I had forgotten how horrible they were to each other. Ugly stuff.

  38. Profile photo of tealita

    Jasammabby–I agree with you that this Liason-Jasam standoff is tedious. There’s nothing new here, and the inertia of it is mind numbing.

    I will grudgingly concede that on the surface, Sam APPEARED a tad hypocritical–that is if I’m reading into this one incident– rather rather than sum up the time line since Sam lost baby Danny.

    Obviously, Sam was blindsighted by the Liason kiss. Why? It’s because Sam has been very direct with Jason about her feelings and bluntly intolerant of Liz’s interference. Given her history with Liz, why wouldn’t she react this way?

    Both Jason and Liz have done nothing but dog Sam; he with regret and longing, and she by being up Sam’s wazoo with her lectures and “concern.” Despite the fact that yes, Sam did kiss John, she had no reason to believe that Jason had changed his mind or had himself behaved in a way that was unseemly. THEIR hypocrisy hit HER her like a sock in the gut.

    Then too, Krissy’s advice could have been on her mind. Maybe in the overnight, she wondered if she and Jason could work things out. Unfortunately, we won’t know now, because Cartini is gonna get their nickle’s worth on the backs of our fatigue at yet another SOS.

  39. Profile photo of tealita

    [quote=JASAMMABBY]Also seeing how I have deleted this episode can someone answer something for me. Jason tried a whole I am being honest with you- how about you with McBain line right?? Well he wasn’t really being honest was he- I mean she walked in on him being busted by Steve?? It is not like he went to tell her about it..[/quote]

    That’s exactly right. And since we are on the subject of Steve (and innocent “brotherly” affection), would Liz stay up all night wondering what Steve couldn’t share with her the way she said she would if Jason wouldn’t give up the goods? LOL!

  40. Profile photo of tealita

    [quote=doodleynoodle]Elizabeth is no shrinking violet.[/quote]

    ICAM. Liz most certainly is not a shrinking violet, which is why I can’t for the life of me understand why she would stand there an accept what in essence was a retaliatory kiss from Jason; however lacking in erotic chemistry it was. If Jason had kissed Liz before he revealed what he saw between Sam and John, one could argue that it was respectful and caring.

    Jasam–IMHO you didn’t imply that Jason “didn’t love Jake or that he wanted him dead.” Forgive me if I’m not correct, but I think you meant that Jason reinforcing to himself that he had good intentions about “Franco’s son” was self-serving. The air between Liz and Jason will always be thick with the tragedy of Jake’s death, and the mere mention of another baby by Jason, must make Liz’s heart skip a bit even if she doesn’t show it.

    Doodle–I have a problem with double posts when my connection speed is poor. Last year when I was in between computers and therefore forced to use my phone, it was a nightmare. I had triple and quadruple posts.

  41. Profile photo of soapster

    Sam was dead wrong for coming at them like that there is no excuse nor do I need to make one up for her behavior, she has never said that she doesn’t love Jason just that she can’t do him right now so of course hearing that he kissed the women who came between them before is going to affect her.

    This is why I hate this grouping, please Jason is nothing to fight over, and all this name calling towards the ladies is just laughable because each at one point in there lives have acted suspect. No matter which lady you like neither one of them are saints and both are looked pretty foolish imo in regards to their actions toward Jason.

    I really wished Sam would have found out about the kiss and just gave them a do you nod, and carried on with her day. Enough of this contrived triangle. I enjoy the interactions btwn Sam/Heather/Todd and the combo of Sam/John so much more.

  42. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    liason4real]Elizabeth was at Shadybrook since it was her turn as a female character. I love my Liason, but Liz/RH is not needed to pimp JaSam. It’s lame. If JaSam can’t stand on it’s own then the show needs to pack it in and stop having everyone from Coleman to the guy that performed the Chinese wedding ceremony on pimp duties.

    I think it’s only fair that Carly, Alexis and Elizabeth get to sleep with Sam’s husband since she sure in hell had no problems sleeping with Sonny, Ric or Lucky. Also, Jason needs to stop the crying and whining because he’s beginning to look like Lucy aka Lucky.

    The whole show pimps them, movie stars, crossovers, whatever… but she is their #1 cheerleader Rah rah rah.

    I want her out of this storyline but even though I wasn’t looking forward to this nonsense it was great for her not written so poorly in this; I have never liked how her and Steven Lars are written. I’m still hoping for some Heather/Elizabeth interaction in scenes to get a discussion re: Dr. Jeff Weber and his two daughters. As for Shadybrook mostly all females do a stint; have males ever been in Shadybrook or Ferncliff?

  43. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Thank you Tealita- and yes that was my point. I know that if it were me I wouldn’t want to be hearing these thoughts from my ex. Especially considering how he left Liz- it’s not like it was her saying yeah we should part ways I am kinda done with you. I wanna see her get a little pissed at Jason and ask why didn’t you raise Jake but would have raised Sam’s baby?? Of course to me it is because Sam is the love of his life.

    Doodleynoodle- thanks for the assist on crazy hospitals. I am glad I actually choose a correct name..

    Thanks Sassy!!!!!

  44. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    By the by, what names has Sam’ s baby been called? The only names I have seen are actual names like Jason and Junior and the made upSamFF Danny.

  45. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    [quote=GHvetfan]By the by, what names has Sam’ s baby been called? The only names I have seen are actual names like Jason and Junior and the made upSamFF Danny.[/quote]

    My Baby.

    I think that’s what the last one was named, too.

  46. Profile photo of js3557

    She usually just says “my baby” or “my son”. She only said the name Jason during that initial conversation with Jason after the baby’s fake death. She has also said “my daughter” lately when referring to her first child. She has never called her daughter by any name. The closest anyone has come since her conversation with Jason when she was pregnant was recently when Heather said “You were going to name your baby Lila” and Sam said that her daughter had been stillborn.

    I don’t think it’s just SamFF calling this baby Danny. I think most fans of the show were upset that she was going to name this baby after Jason because of his reaction to the baby. I have called him Danny a few times. It makes more sense. I think her brother was the person Sam loved the most in the world.

  47. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Curious , if a baby is stillborn, do they put a name on a birth certificate? And if Sam’s baby was born unattended by a doctor, was it considered alive ever? Ya know how a person can be dead for days but a doctor has to declare time of death. Is that yhe same for birth?

  48. Profile photo of Perkie

    I believe that Kelly declared the baby dead at the hospital and ordered the autopsy.

    Putting a name on the birth/death certificate would be up to the individual person. Most women who carry to term before losing, do give the baby the name they were plannning on.

    I think the show has Sam saying “my baby” because she can’t say “JAson” since we won’t know which one she’s talking about. If they had her give the baby it’s proper name, Daniel Alan McCall, then she’d be able to say Danny or baby Danny rather than my baby all the time.

    That just reminds me of She Who Shall Remain Nameless and the zillion times she would say My Foundation.

  49. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    GHvetfan – If soaps were actually based on real life then depending on what state you live in and New York is one of them, stillborn babies can be named and do receive a birth certificate, a death certificate and are registered with the state. Baby Lila was stillborn but baby (I like what Perkie called him) Daniel Alan McCall was not a stillborn. He was born alive and is of course alive and well. Tea’s baby was also born alive and then passed away some time later. So Tea’s baby would be named (by Sam for now), receive a birth certificate, a death certificate and be registered with the state of New York. Alexis and the doctors would know all of this and have taken care of it.

  50. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Finally have some time to post so im going to take some of this page one by page two since theres so many things here lol

    LOVED JL’s hair!! And I agree the makeup was too heavy. the eyes were nice but the blush and lipstick looked like something you see at a funeral parlor YIKES.

    CRAZY CALLING….OMG he did NOT go there. And yes, i think todd is a villain in some ways but capable of great love. I think he truly feels horrible about what he did to sam but hes stuck because of his great love for tea and his remorse not for killing victor but for the fact that the justice he felt needed to happen had to happen at her expense and she lost the man he would say she only thinks she loves.

    More JoLu please. I know Im suppose to hate johnny but my heart breaks for him and i like him being comforted by lulu. Carly on the other hand is annoying the shit out of me. Im sorry but this was once one of my favorite characters but now with LW in the role not so much.

    Bringing back FH was the smartest thing cartini has done since they started.

    Steve is the worst big brother. I was glad to here him admit that little jake would never had happened if jason and sam werent fighting – guess even lizards brother knows shes only the backup – but he started the mess and then he leaves. WTF.

    okay then theres the quad. Im going to talk about sam when I can see the next pages posts so Im just going to talk about liz here. I cant figure out the quote thing mid post so let me pull out fan777s line here…

    Of course people will fail to acknowledge that Liz continued to try and encourage Jasam to reconcile ….I wish she would shut up about that too. That does not play true to me…It is one thing to be a friend and confidante to Jason…and another to constantly work to reunite him with Sam…That is baloney…Liz wouldn’t do that.

    Heres my issue with Liz….First, Im still going to say that kissing a married man is wrong. Not as wrong as jason initiating the kiss or jason and sam both violating their marriage vows, but still wrong. she doesnt get a complete pass here in all of this and i didnt like the whole draping herself over him AGAIN (the same way she did on the couch) – and heres why thats important – on PAPER when you look at what she is saying, the whole reunite with sam, fight for your marriage stuff, what she is saying is completely and totally honorable. then you get to her body language and the confrontations that happen with sam when jason is NOT in her presence. The look on her face when sam says “you kissed elizabeth!” they panned in on liz and she looked like the cat that ate the canary. I dont know whether cartini told Rebecca to play it that way or if she made that choice but while her words were saying hey it meant nothing, her face said “yea, bitch, I got your man, and there isnt a damn thing you can do about it”. You couple that with all the physical contact she makes with him when shes “consoling him” – the hugs, the stroking, the draping – that doesnt come from jason but from her – and then you add in her snarking at sam about how shes going to lose jason and the history that exists between the three it plays as total BS to me. i dont think consciously liz is angling this time (i do think she was the last time) but I totally think on a subconscious level she has to resent that jason went back to sam and was willing to raise a child with her when that could have been her life and on some level she has to still want that. Isnt that the whole basis of fans wanting a reunion? and if thats true, given that he is STILL MARRIED, she shouldnt be inserting herself in their marriage until the marriage is or was over.

  51. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Vet – I think the first person on this particular board to call the baby Danny was perkie as shes not the biggest jason fan. I liked her calling him danny as I thought it was in general a more suitable name and because I was annoyed with jason at the time. When we had the discussion about lila i even mentioned that as far as I was concerned the baby’s name IS Jason because thats what sam intends to call him until we are told otherwise but Im going to refer to him as danny for clarity and because jason is being a douchebag but that i know thats not really the baby’s real name – that a childs name is ultimately whatever a parent names it. The child has also been called Harry Potted, devils spawn, backyard baby and a few other horrible monikers that haters have dreamt up (to some snickering) that if they were used about jake would have spurred pages and pages of response about how deranged and “sick” the user or users were for coming up with such nicknames.

    Ferncliff vs. Shadybrooke – I think they are BOTH Gh places but I think shadybrooke is a place for people like liz and laura and lulu to go when they have breakdowns and ferncliff is a place for people like heather when they go on a killing rampage. I think for example when carly shot tony she went to ferncliff and when she lost her mind and was involved in the accident i think with liz that lost the baby she had for courtjax, she went to SB. Dont hold me to that but I think one is criminal and the other is not.

    So okay sam and jason – yes, sam was totally hypocritical but I agree with tealita i think it all hit her and that part of it was the history involved and all the times they both said nothing was going on. then she saw the ring after she chose to send john on his way without pressing the issue and she opted to keep her ring on. When sam starts making a habit of hypocrisy I will add the word samocritical to the GH lexicon in the dictionary right next to the word lizocritical but so far that hasnt happened. This was absolutely a less than proud moment for sam (and for sam ff) to say the least but it was wholly human. Doodle btw way to beat the dead horse on something sam did years ago, that shes more than atoned for, that she did during the midst of a break down and that SHE herself would undo if she could. Is laura nothing more than the woman that killed her mothers lover? Is luke nothing more than the guy that raped laura? Is tracy nothing more than the woman that withheld her fathers meds? Is Alexis nothing more than the woman that tossed a guy off a balcony? Do we forget all the regret and remorse and atonement that happened in between the one really bad moment and now. And thats not to say that sam and these other characters havent done other things wrong, but nothing comparable to the one horrible ooc moment. Does sam have to pay for her one moment FOREVER while every other character gets a pass solely because the transgressions involved st. Liz? Le Sigh.

    Jason – Im still really not feeling him these days. i agree wholeheartedly with jasamm. Liz ought to sock him for going on and on and on about how he would bring back sams baby if he could with no mention of jake. How anyone could say he doesnt disrespect her is beyond me. And no, he doesnt do much better by sam when hes mad either. The difference between her kiss and his? Her kiss was borne of pain and a closeness that developed between her and john because jason absented himself from her child by choice. His kiss happened out of retaliation – if shes going to be with someone else then damn it Im not going to be the chump who is standing here alone when I could be with willing elizabeth. How lame and spiteful is that? And him holding his hands up in the air and apologizing to Liz doesnt negate much of that – maybe some of how he wronged liz in that kiss, but not how he wronged sam. Im also not buying this ish about how Jason and liz were honest. They were honest, they just got BUSTED by Sam walking in on their very loud, very public disagreement.

  52. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    WOW – Sorry EET all I read is excuses excuses excuses…and sorry when I console a friend male or female that I’ve known for ages I will be more hands on.

    So Liz is saying all the right things but for certain SamFF its still all laced with secret faces and innuendos.

    I never feel that Jason has disrespected Liz..the comment about bringing back Sam’s baby comes from his guilt that he killed the baby not from anything else. There is no doubt that Jason would bring Jake back if he could.

    Sam’s kiss came from desire laced with pain and some alcohol that dropped inhibitions…but funny how Jason isn’t her husband until he is around Liz. If you want to call what you have a marriage then work on it, funny how Sam needs time and Jason is supposed to wait. Problem is FOR HOW LONG….I don’t believe in trial separations if you can’t be in the same room as the man you love then get a divorce and move on

    Cartini I understand that many GH fans don’t know Todd Manning but for those of us that do please bring back the real one. The one that would never take SH@T from anyone…you keep throwing it in our faces about him killing his brother, mother etc yet the person on our screen is a joke allowing Heather to walk all over him

  53. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    No excuses raven at all. I said she was dead wrong. I said she was hypocritical. I said it wasnt a shining moment. I said she was way more wrong than liz. I said it wasnt a great day to be a sam fan. How in the hell is that making excuses. Gee whiz.

  54. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    To clarify, I am the one who used backyard babies and that isn’t meant to name the baby. The cemetary that GH keeps buryingvyhese babies in ( including Jake I am sure of ) is also Sonny’s backyard . Each time they bury someone I get distracted by the wall and the hedges that Sonny also has. I am prety sure Robin is also buried in Sonny’s backyard

  55. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Yes, I know I’m still catching up…we soldier on through PC…

    JT doing Patrick’s affable demeanor thoroughly hides the real “war” going on with our neuro surgeon. Seeing him pull one pill (out of how many?), from his pocket, looking as if in full blown panic attack. Willing himself not to give in to what Maxie and L have begged him not to. That “save” doesn’t come when he’s put on hold by Ewan’s office. All that was needed was L’s voice floating in the background: “…People don’t get over dependency.” Too bad that couldn’t have happened with Maxie catching him…

    He’s gotta get caught up. With Heather loudly yapping into the squad room, D gets the round up from Anna about Papa Z being found. “…Miss Webber may have planted him…” “Johnny know?” “…this morning.” She lets slide the fact that he’s not surprised, wanting to move along and call Steve. She asks whether he’s gone home, but he’s come from the airport, wanting not to miss anything. “…I figured I’d see L.” “…haven’t seen her.” His face is passive but his eyes let you know he’s thinking the Star…

    He didn’t think Luke might have an admirer to help him out. Other than being Steve’s mother, what does John know of Heather? He’s a mix of anger, frustration and a bit of panic. A drink doesn’t quite soothe him:
    “Couldn’t ya have stayed buried, old man?” Temper wins, as he sweeps his desk, papers and hardware flying. She probably stops on her way to the PCPD to do her own share of Star business and hears the clatter from his office. “…what’s wrong?” Upon hearing Papa Z’s been unearthed, she’s concerned, nervous. “…police know who did it?” He’s non-commital in his answer, as both clean up before he takes over. She offers a listening ear that, I think, is as much about caring for her ex as it is about fishing for information. About her father. As is his own initially snappish conversation back at her. “…leads?” “…Heather…” “…she killed him?” “No…commissioner likes somebody else.” “Anybody I know?” A look of wariness and guilt for what he’s hiding, lying to her. L tries to pin him, but he’s evasive. “Isn’t your husband a cop?…” “D’s not here…stop stalling.” “There’s an APB out on Luke.” A pause. A peculiar hardness and conviction come over her. “He didn’t do it.” In that moment, I think she decides to give him what she knows as much for her belief in her fathers’ innocence as maintaining his trust in her. And not just for the business. “So you’ve known this whole time?…a question of loyalty?” “My dad needed time…I realize we need trust…forgive me…You deserve to know.” “I don’t deserve anything…You don’t know what I’ve done.” Which is part of his personal mantra to relieve his conscience as much as to aid in covering his actual crime. He muses on life with Papa Z gone causing her to tack to the personal side of the love/hate grandfather dynamic and what happened with Claudia. Her honest embrace is as much to offer him comfort for his loss as to bolster his trust for the business as well as personal reasons. He insists that Luke is the “main suspect” and puts out D’s “theory” about himself doing the deed, a “hiding in plain sight” confession that doesn’t betray the truth. Caring heart that she has, she takes him at his word. If she has questions, L doen’t voice them. At this point, she’s not saying anything. Especially when Luke is still missing.
    And John? He regrets deceiving her. But he has other interests to think about…

    Carly loaded for bear is always interesting to observe. I’m always struck how LW (and JMB previously), look beautiful when wearing jewel colors like sapphire, emerald, ruby red. For Carly that red seems to be her “going into battle” shade. Her latest target being Todd Manning. “We have to talk.” He attempts to deflect her incoming volleys. “You look great but I’m working.” Like that would stop her. Even when she approves his focus on
    “investigative reporting” (not knowing his laptop is set on her boyfriends office), he doesn’t stop his own retorts. Especially as it relates to his daughter. “…Your kids grew up around mobsters. Mine didn’t…” “Johny’s just trying to help Starr…” “…Starr is a means to an end…” The appeal to respect Star’s wishes and to stay away from young Mr. Zacchara are brushed away with a mix of amusement and annoyance (told you about that annoyance thing), which furthers her exasperation. She stops sputtering when he makes a truthful observation. “…beautiful…smart
    …funny. What’s a nice girl like you doing with a two bit bad a** like Johnny?” It’s said with no condemnation but she offers no reciprocity.
    “When I could be with a decent guy like you?” Touche`. He’s nonplussed, continuing to push her buttons, almost showing her the hug that L backs out of at the Star. And his attitude is if he doesn’t catch John now, it’ll be later. With just as much damage…

    I feel for SR having to play Steve so clueless about his mother. I almost get the feeling that the good doctor would rather be running interference for his sister with Sam and Jason. Now he’s at PCPD getting an overview from Anna and D about Heather’s shenanigans. “They wouldn’t have brought you here if they didn’t have a reason.” Which sets her off to rail against Anna, Sam and whoever else comes to mind for all her troubles. “…I can’t
    imagine what I do to bring that out…” Irony and false innocence in one sentence. It’s lost on her son who zips out to find her a lawyer. Good luck with that… :~

    Luck needs to be on Anna’s side when she starts putting the screws to Heather. It’s working to an extent when she drops the news that forensics are going to sweep Olivia’s car for DNA. “I think I’d like to make my phone call now.” The woman knows her rights. And she knows she’s not gonna call her son…

    He’s already innoculated himself with L. He hopes. With Carly, he seems more aware of the real fire he’s playing with. What John’s in danger of losing is right next to him. She tries to cajole him away from his work to open the Star as well as keep Manning from breathing down his neck, prompting her to tell him she’s just had a face-to-face with the man. Her plans to have him over for dinner and time with Josslyn (remember her?) and herself set him on another Papa Z ramble, not feeling “some sense of closure.” “…no matter how prepared…it’s still a shock when someone close…dies.” “Don’t you mean murdered?” The news of the APB on Luke is dropped which causes her disbelief and like L before says he’d never let Tracy take the blame and leave. “…It’s a set up.” “…pretty cold blooded.” “…whoever killed Anthony and then set up Luke and Tracy, they checked their conscience at the door…long…ago.” Oops. Except for a furrowed brow, he doesn’t give anything away. But the truth is there, whispering to him…

    Can I be honest? Sometimes I wish Sam and Liz would just go WWF on each other. Last woman standing gets the enforcer as her prize to do what she wants with him, whether happy ever after or kick him to the curb. I know, it’ll never be that easy. On your mark. Get set. Go. “You had no business kissing Elizabeth.” “You kissed Elizabeth?!” (At least she didn’t out and out yell.) Props to Liz for her valiant attempts to diffuse the situation “blown out of proportion.” Uh, little late for that. “Yeah…we
    kissed.” No hesitation from him. I liked KeMo’s look of total unguarded surprise which repeats itself when Jason drops the bomb on her own mouth to mouth with McBain. Total “Gotcha” moment that didn’t have anybody laughing. Hmm. Interesting (just me here), that Sam seems to have already put that kiss in the round file as she goes off on her husband and Liz. But he dives and brings it back up to the surface. “I saw you kissing McBain on the pier.” “You don’t understand. It didn’t mean anything.” (Isn’t that how it always is?) He matches her, word for word, with Liz quietly chiming in “…kissing me didn’t mean anything. He loves you.”
    “…Why aren’t you wearing your wedding ring?” “I took it off after seeing you…” Bottom line? Everyone shares blame for certain outcomes in this quad. And each has helped exacerbate what’s transpired. The rubble cools
    outside of Kelly’s where Liz comiserates with him and rallys for Sam. “You should go after her.” “…It’s out in the open…” It didn’t mean anything. Theirs. Ours…put that ring back on…fight…” Sam’s child’s “death” being the death of his marriage? Not really. Just put on hold…

    Too bad Sam didn’t recognize Heather’s bag when she arrives at the office. Or get up when she spied it while talking to Spinelli. Just more delays on the baby switch. And more Heather holding Todd over a barrel…

    Till next time…
    Swan! 0:)

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