“Mookie” From All My Children Cast in Season 5 of 90210


Remember Mookie, the abusive dude who turned out the be the baby daddy of the kid Jesse (Darnell Williams) passed off as Blind Angie's (Debbi Morgan) during the final season of All My Children? His portrayer, Trai Byers, has been cast as an "Ivy League hotshot, tech-savvy guy" named Alex for Season 5 of 90210, reports Zap2it

Thank you, CW, for giving this brother a less stereotypical role, not to mention a character name that doesn't make me want to report somebody to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. In other 90210 casting news, Wes Brown (True Blood, Heart of Dixie) will appear as a club promoter named Taylor next season. Can anyone believe the "new 90210" is already on its fifth season? Share your thoughts on the teen soap's lastest casting developments in the comments!

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    I can’t believe in this day and age ‘Mookie’ was the best nickname AMC could come up with. Good for him though, hopefully Mookie will be relegated to the trivia section that only hard core soap fans will remember. He now has the chance to be recognized for a character with some dignity. Hopefully.

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    Thank God I tuned out of AMC at the end. That’s awful.

    What’s even more awful is that 90210 is on season 5. That show has remained so under the pop culture radar. I only tuned in for Brenda and Kelly initially and I was bored senseless with the teen characters and I will watch anything CW related. I stuck it out for that awful Hart of Dixie. I don’t know who to root for cause everyone is cheating or on the verge of cheating. I especially like how Zoe is like thanks-for-banging-me-guy-from-Y&R-but-let-me-kiss-the-guy-from-FridayNightLights-less-tha-5-ft-from-you.

    I just wish, wish that Melrose Place 2.0 had made it. I liked the initial darkness of it all.

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    LMAO. I can’t stop laughing at that name Puff Dawg! LOL. No offense to the Pookies out there (I know at least two people with that nickname), I wish they’d retire that nickname.

    Well, if 90210 is terrible too, I guess he can always just get paid and audition on the side. It’s still gotta be better than playing a girlfriend beater. Although, every time Debbie Morgan use to say ‘Mookie’ is was as if she was trying to get the taste of the word out of her mouth.

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