The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Discovers Phyllis’ Dark Secret!

Nick/Phyllis: The Newman playboy is finally clued in on Red's decades ago dirty deeds involving Paul and Cricket. Nick is floored by what he learns from Michael about his wifebeing accused of running her enemies down. Nick knows Phyllis can be hasty when she's backed into a corner, but never thought she was capable of attempting murder!

Later, Nick bumps into Avery, whom he quickly realizes believes her sister is guilty.  Meanwhile, Michael attempts to get his best friend to admit what she did and answer to the charges. Phyllis balks at his suggestion. When Nick arrives, he confronts his wife about the hit-and-run. Phyllis confesses to renting the car, but claims she wasn't thinking clearly when she witnessed the kiss between Danny and Cricket. According to Phyllis she "mistakenly" hit gas instead of the brake pedal. Nick doesn't buy it. Fed up with her lies, he walks out on his bride.

Nick/Sharon/Victor: Reeling from his encounter with Phyllis, Nick runs into Sharon, whom he confides in. When Victor learns of what's transpired, he offers Nick a solution — a quicky divorce from Phyllis! Will he take his dad up on the offer? 

Victor/Nikki: The two have a huge blowup regarding the socialite's engagement to Jack. Nikki's actions have Victor asking a shocking question to Sharon.

Jack/Ashley: The siblings argue yet again about Jabot and Beauty of Nature.

Billy: The Abbott bad boy decides to write an article about Phyllis in Restless Style. Look for this to cause drama on the homefront.

Carmine/Abby: Victor orders his youngest child to the ranch for a chat, following her latest stunt. Abby shocks her father by bringing Carmine along as well! The naked heiress wants everyone to know Carmine is in her life for keeps. Victor demands the bartender leaves his ranch. Carmine complies, believing Abby is pulling another scheme to get attention. 

Later, Victor rips Abby a new one and insists she keep away from Carmine. Abby informs her father she's not ditching Carmine. Abby isn't about to let anyone control her life, including TGVN! She leaves to find Carmine, tracking him down at a basketball court. She then apologizes for her actions. When Carmine balks, calling her a spoiled brat, the two begin bickering, which leads to a kiss and more! 

Cane: The Aussie con man's past is coming back to stir up trouble once again.

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    Ugh, what more shocking questions can Victor propose to Sharon– what, is he going to adopt her now??

    Restless Style’s bad boy Billy has become shockingly predictable– I fully expected him to write about Phyllis, but the idea brings a smile to my face nonetheless.

    I guess Carmine and Abby have needs. Better make it good…

    When doesn’t Cane’s past come back to haunt him. I guess Lily must be used to it by now.

    Nick can still use his brain to register emotion (like he should feel pretty foolish about all those times he went grovelling to Phyllis), I guess he didn’t get a lobotomy after all.

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    the phyllis spoilers are the only good ones.. i kinda want daisy to come back. i wasnt bothered by her as much as most folks..anyone know why on Y&r they use ‘faceplace’ and on DAYS they can use ‘facebook’?????

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    [quote=sillytee]the phyllis spoilers are the only good ones.. i kinda want daisy to come back. i wasnt bothered by her as much as most folks..anyone know why on Y&r they use ‘faceplace’ and on DAYS they can use ‘facebook’?????[/quote]


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    Nick’s a fool. He’ll fall for Phyllis again. It doesn’t matter what she has done. In the end of the day he’ll end up having sex with her and playing video games.

    Phyllis exposed in Restless Style? That sounds nice but I don’t believe that Phyllis will suffer much from it. She’ll lie her way out of this. The hypocrites of Genoa City won’t turn their back on her like they have done with Sharon or a dozen others before. Phyllis is MAB’s main if not only heroine.

    While Sharon will probably be asked to marry her father-in-law again…
    Why does MAB hate Sharon Case so much? This has to be personal. No actress deserves to play so much bullsh*t.

    Does Ashley once again leave town because she’s fighting with Jack? Reminds me of when Eileen Davidson was fired under LML. Let’s hope MAB gets the same treatment as LML and finally gets fired. The sooner the better. BRING BACK KAY ALDEN!!!!

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    As I have said before, it is Colon and Genni’s lost dead daughter who is blackmailing her Mom and leaving all of these clues.

    In one future scene, the hand that has been stuffing the saftey deposit box is pulled back to reveal the face of their daughter…

    it is none other than Pine Valley’s Erica Kane!!!

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]As I have said before, it is Colon and Genni’s lost dead daughter who is blackmailing her Mom and leaving all of these clues.

    In one future scene, the hand that has been stuffing the saftey deposit box is pulled back to reveal the face of their daughter…

    it is none other than Pine Valley’s Erica Kane!!![/quote]

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although I do believe that it is his sister. Just hope it’s someone who can act !!!

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    More of the same ol’, same ol’ crap from our resident hacks! Re-writing the show’s history to accommodate the lame duck story of Phyllis’ hit-and-run nearly two decades is comical to say anything! Christine/Cricket wasn’t even a Federal agent when the hit-and-run happened!!

    The grieving Paul Williams/Dead Ricky story is just as comical – how can this character be showing any type of emotion for his dead psycho son Ricky WHEN HE BARELY KNEW THE KID???? He had no bond with him; he didn’t even raise the kid!! His display of grief is not ringing true, at least not to this viewer.

    Does anyone really care about Cane and his lame past, which has been written and re-written since he hobbled onto the show in 2007?? I don’t – still not buying Genie Francis as his alleged ‘mother’ either!

    Avery needs to go – she adds nothing to the show, IMO – one attorney too many in GC!

    With any luck, when Ashley leaves GC, she’ll take a few lame duck characters with her: Tucker, Sofia, Harmony, Sarge, Eden, Anita, Chelsea – TAKE ALL THE LAME MARIA ARENA BELL CHARACTERS OFF!!

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]A story about Cane’s past. Y&R fans are in for some glorious, Emmy-worthy acting from Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard. ;)[/quote]

    And it’s not like Cane’s past has been rewritten three times, right!? An intelligent head writer would NEVER EVER touch this matter again.
    But then again … what interesting thing is there to tell about Cane other than his made-up mob past that was originally created to get rid of this character!?

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    Isn’t it odd that Phyllis, Lauren, Niki, & Sharon have all either killed or attempted to kill someone?

    Victor, Jack and Nick never need to get their hands dirty whilst dating these packing Mommas. None of them is responsible for killing someone.

    In Genoa City if a man is charged with murder he probably didn’t do it, but his wife…..

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    If you watched Phyllis today, I thought she absolutely sickening. The way she was so “offended” by Micheal’s accusations and the way she attacked Nick when he didnt believe her. In the spoilers, it says that Nick finds out about Phyllis running over Paul and Christine and leaves. I would’ve left after today. I mean here is Nick saying that he’ll be there for Phyllis and and Phyllis not having it. I would’ve said then your on your own and left.

    Cane/Lily. Again there going back to Cane’s past?? What else is there?

    Victor and Sharon. Obviously, the question is marriage but you know what? I hope Nick confiding in Sharon doesnt mean they get back together. I hope not Sharon doesnt deserve Nick, she doesnt deserve Victor either because lately she thinks the whole world revolves around her. She should get over herself.

    Abby/Carmine. Carmine deserves what he gets for trying to kidnap Chloe but now he has to pay even a worse price thanks to that spoiled brat Abby. Even though, Victor is criticized on here, you’d have to agree that he deserves to rip Abby a new one.

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    The story of Phyllis would have so much more of a ripple effect now that Maria Bell had her minions dredge it up if she was indeed put on trial for attempted murder. Phyllis is at her best when she is cornered and trying to cover her tracks. Plus it would add a new dimension to the story of Nick & Phyllis and their kids.

    Summer could find out that her mother was no better than Daisy and that story could be a great one to bring Summer and Finn together in a true teen plot that is realistic. Everything she thought she knew about her mom could be turned over on its head and we could see that issue develop into a strong bond with Finn and even more with Nick, her dad.

    As for Phyllis and Daniel, it could spell the end to their relationship as Daniel could see all the manipulation and lies that his mother has told over the years with his father, him and then with Daisy and their kid. Daniel could see that all Phyllis does is about her control and not anyone else’s well being. To that end, he ditches his mother for good to keep her… as they tried to keep Daisy from her daughter… from that same child.

    Nick will say he is done with Phyllis but who else is there for him to sleep with in town? Heather?! That would be just all that Adam needs to say “sloppy seconds” since Adam had her first. Sharon?! No way, Sharon has gone off the deep end and is over Nick’s abs and biceps and big lips. Sharon wants the bare chest of a 80 yr old man with a moustache or even more, his diabolical son with less of a 6 pack than his brother BUT a whole lot more excitement and adventure. Avery?! Nah. Avery is a smart woman. Once you dump her to go back to her sister, she’ll have no part of you especially since she will be with Michael soon.

    With Phyllis family dropping her like a bad egg on easter, Phyllis will be a lose canon and that spells amazing fun for all and good drama. Phyllis was always much better when she was the bitch being judged rather than the BITCH JUDGING!!!

    As for Sharon, why is Ashley leaving and not this tired character ruined since she married Adam twice?!!!

    Nick, take the divorce and leave the show for a bit. YEAH!

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    All of the above heartfelt comments are so enjoyable and all so right on. But I’ll say it again… I really can’t stand Phyllis’ incredulous indignation and hypocrisy when she’s trapped and just can’t handle the truth.

    Anyway … how obvious is it becoming that Tucker is really also dear little Cane’s daddy too?

  13. Profile photo of bishbay

    Tucker is Cane’s father and his brother.

    But seriously, I’d love to see lamebrain Cane slapping poor Patch again and again.

    Father! Brother! Father! Brother!

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    So Nick has some balls this time and tells Red about herself! I was wondering if he was going to coddle her. It be nice if Nick and Sharon get back together and she dumps the old goat…

    Victor needs to find himself and do some tai chi, and Nicole needs to hit the bottle again and cart her off to The Betty Ford Clinic…Poor Ashley I guess she’ll be at Bellevue losing her mind…

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    RealityCheck 33

    You left out the fourth Newman child’s s/l. Adam & Chelsea’s eloping to Kansas, with Sharon in pursuit to break up the wedding. This, after Victor tells Adam to break it off with Chelsea. He demands that they cease seeing each other. Adam says no way Dad.

    Just think about it. Victor disapproves of all of his kids’ partners. He hates Nick with Phyllis, Victoria with Billy, Abby with Carmine, and Adam with Chelsea. The old fart has got to be blowing a gasket.

  16. Profile photo of Mets82

    Wow, today Victor and Nikki were good!! What an argument they had about…horses??!!Really??

    Man, Phyllis and Sharon. Remember when they were pitted against each other and you had to choose between either one?? Now both of them are annoying. If Phyllis isnt biting Micheal’s, Nick’s and now today, Avery’s head off, its Sharon butting into Chelsea and Adam’s business. You know what, Sharon, the world doesnt revolve around you.

  17. Profile photo of tori87dec

    Love Tucker and Gen together and love Cane and the possibility of a good storyline coming up including Jill/Colin/possibly Samantha Canes sister and Lilly. Hopefully the writers will right some good stuff including all these great actors?! On the other had,the way things have been going I doubt it!

  18. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Screw me gently with a chainsaw if they make Cane Tucker’s son. Just barf.

    OMG it is like ground hog’s day in regards to EB’s storylines. All he does is b*tch about his children’s lovers. Victor being used to prop the ditzy (and very annoying and insulting) character of Abby is just insulting to EB. And I don’t really care for EB.

    Lawd, do you really think they will make AMC’s Greenlee, Cane’s little sis’? That’s who I would place my money on.

  19. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    Let’s see now….
    Me thinks that Victor and Katherine had a fling when Victor first got there. Katherine couldn’t turn down a drink or a man.
    Found out she was pregnant… had Tucker.
    Tucker grows up around Gen and has sex with his first real love and then leaves. Well, Oh oh, Gen’s pregnant, now what! Run out and find Colin, get laid and say the baby is his.
    Ploop! Out comes Ethan Ashby…McCall Adkinson.

    Whatta ya think?

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