Wishful Casting: Peter Porte as The Son of Taylor Hayes and Prince Omar on The Bold and the Beautiful

It's been a really long time since I did a Wishful Casting a.) because there are only four soaps left in daytime and b.) some daytime dramas are casting entirely too many people when they can't seem to afford the veteran performers fans actually tune in for (*cough* The Young and the Restless!).

That being said, every so often a soaper comes along that gets the old creative juices flowing. Recently ousted Y&R baddie Peter Porte (ex-Ricky) is one such soaper. I think he'd be a great addition to The Bold and the Beautiful in the role of Prince Kamir, the long-lost son of Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) and her two-time captor Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi)!

What if during one of her two stints living as Princess Laila Rashid, Taylor bore her Moroccan husband a son? Prince Kamir could show up in Los Angeles hellbent on confronting the mother who abandoned him to return to the children he's been led to believe she loved more than him.

I know what you're thinking; this sounds awfully familiar. Of course it does, because I am totally ripping it from other sudsers! Both General Hospital's Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and Guiding Light's Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer) gave birth to secret sons while living out Princess Bride fantasies. Why can't Doc Hayes have given birth to an angry, royal offspring too?

Porte as Taylor's vengeful son could serve multiple purposes on the B&B canvas. First off, he'd provide Tylo a meaty, maternal storyline, allowing her popular character to concern herself with more than Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Thomas' (Adam Gregory) love lives. How would the trained psychiatrist contend with a son who possesses near volatile abandonment issues? Talk about physician heal thyself and they SORAS'ed son!

Porte as Prince Kamir Rashid would inject a much needed dose of lethal seduction into the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle, by becoming obsessed with the formerly virginal Logan ingenue.

Maybe Prince Kamir has been keeping tabs on Hope's chastity pledge and the scandals that erupted when she compromised her virtues for Liam. Perhaps all of the sordid details have aroused the egotistical young man, who has grown up—sans a mother—in a culture where women are treated as second class citizens and prized for their purity?

What if Prince Kamir wants to conquer the still inexperienced woman for himself? How far would Hope's mother—and Taylor's arch rival—Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) go to prevent Kamir from having his way with Hope? If eternal sex goddess Brooke Logan offered herself as a living, lusting sexual sacrifice, in order to divert Kamir's attention from Hope, it would be enough to send Taylor running for the nearest bottle of Jack Daniels, before you could say: "I need to go to a meeting"!

Kamir could also form an uneasy alliance with half sister Steffy, with both working towards the common goal of busting up Liam and Hope for good. Not that we would want Prince Kamir concerned solely with Hope (and Brooke's) bedrooms. The billionaire royal—he inherited a King Solomon-size fortune when his father died—would also set his sights on both Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications, making enemies out of Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) and Ridge (Ron Moss) in the process.

Rick (Jacob Young), who has his own issues with Ridge and Thomas, could become a willing co-conspirator with Prince Kamir, pledging to help him get his hands on Forrester, with the stipulation that once the company is in Kamir's hands, he install Rick as CEO.

 A new character like this, played by someone as dangerously sexy and talented as Porte, could drive story on The Bold and the Beautiful for years to come.

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    Wouldn’t he be older than Thomas? If so, I would like him with Hope,or Amber. I miss her. And what a story that could be.
    I hate Liam & Hope, and am waiting for he & Steffy to get back together. Hope is boring.

  2. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I have to preface my statement by saying that I honestly haven’t watched B&B in a few years now (I know, ‘boo me’) but I’ve been reading what’s going on with the show with blogs like DC and I must say, that’s kinda brilliant!

    I don’t know about him ending up with Hope perhaps it begins this way but leaving some surprises along the way, he may end up with someone completely unforeseen?

    He could be a good biological match for the Taylor/Prince Omar storyline which I do remember as being the ‘Lost Years’ for Taylor and although I think too many soap progeny meet/return to parents with an ax to grind, if written with some ingenuity and skill, it could work.

    I’m just wondering whether the B&B folks have it in them to write a nuanced character, in the soaps these days everyone seems so extreme! I guess you all would know better than me, though since I haven’t watched this show in years.

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    That is one of the BEST Wishful castings you’ve done Jamey. Honestly, I was annoyed how Y&R wasted Ricky. That character could have been there for years. And not to mention that until I see a body for Daisy her lousy ass is still in play!

    It would be really interesting to see him mingle around the younger set and the older set and just throw everyone for a loop. Including Stephanie. I thought Peter Porte could’ve have been great if given better material. I’d even like to see him up against Marcus and call him out for abandoning his adoptive family. That could also put him in Dayzee’s orbit as well. You really hit it out of the park with this WC.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    If only Jamey could write one of the last four soaps. Doesn’t matter which one it would be it would be the one who I would most enjoy. Why can’t the actual writers of these soaps think about something like that? Where is their brain when it comes to writing?

  5. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    Hell @Soapjunkie88; if the government could make Jamey the president of all American serialized daytime dramas; and have actual fans of these shows working for him, then we’d have a chance to get back to iconic soap storylines that made soaps so big!!! I nominate Jamey Giddens for as the President of All Serialized Daytime Dramas!!!

  6. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=sillytee]Peter Porte deserves to be in movies, not the dying soap genre.[/quote]

    I do agree that Porte definitely should be headed for better things and I’d personally hate to see him thrown into that black hole of mostly non-talent that is B&B. I think he’d be great on any number of primetime shows. In fact, Nolan needs a man like yesterday on Revenge; I suspect Porte would be right up his alley :).

  7. Profile photo of Peridott

    See this would get me back watching the show. Only problem is I wouldn’t want him wasted Hope. Porte said he’d love to do another soap. Jamey, how about PP on GH or DOOL?

  8. Profile photo of Yoryla

    The fact is there is no point in bringing any new characters to B&B until this current madness stops. They aren’t even utilizing the ones they have. And giving Taylor, a character that – mark my words – is going to be on recurring (read: out) by the end of the summer, a son is just tearing the bandaid off slowly. Taylor isn’t even a character anymore herself. Besides, we do not need any additional propping or storyline for the Unholy Trio From Hell, we need them GONE so we can get down to some REAL storylines.

  9. Profile photo of twen_angst

    i apologise for being a spoilsport, but a storyline of this sort has racist and misogynist undertones that, especially for a soap like B&B that often struggles with its representation of women – the hope/liam/steffy triangle being a case in point -, i think would be detrimental. it would have to be done very differently.

  10. Profile photo of Lana

    I actually think he would be great on GH as Tracy’s son Dillon. He even looks a little like Jane Elliot and is almost as tall as Paul Satterfield.

  11. Profile photo of Chelley62

    I’d rather see Peter Porte cast on Dallas next season as Lucas Krebbs, Bobby Ewing’s son with Jenna that was adopted by Ray, Bobby’s half brother.

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