Caption This: Emails From General Hospital’s Todd and Heather

I am about to say throw in the towel on Liason and McBam, because the best couple on General Hospital is Heather (Robin Mattson) and Todd (Roger Howarth). Sure, they don’t have an ounce of romantic chemistry—no need for that when Todd oozes it with Carly (Laura Wright)—but boy-oh-boy are their antics fun to watch! Take your best Caption This shot at a recent scene!

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    Heather and Todd’s interactions have been the best part of the show recently, and there’s so much to enjoy on GH these days that that is saying a lot. I love them both and hope the show figures out a way to keep them both on, and in each other’s orbit, for a long time.

    What if Blair and Steven Lars were to take an interest in one another….

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    Heather to Todd: ” Can you get the recipe for a good Bloody Mary? “Cause I’m gonna need a drink everytime I around that Olivia. God, that woman can shout”

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