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Maxie gets off the elevator and is shocked to find Crimson gone and Sam as the new assistant of Manning Enterprises.  Sam explains about Todd taking over.  Maxie offers her condolences about the baby.  Sam is fixated on Heather’s purse and getting into it. 

Heather tells Todd that she needs an alibi and someone, who looks like Anthony, to say they were with her that night.  Todd says he doesn’t fit the bill, but Heather says she already has someone in mind, but left the details in her purse on the desk. She wants Todd to find it and contact the guy.   Todd comes out to get the purse and ignores Maxie’s attempts to schmooze him. Todd goes through Heather’s purse, but finds the DNA results. She is shocked to see that Franco’s isn’t Sam’s baby’s father. 

Alexis turns down Steve’s request to take on Heather as a client.  She catches Molly on the phone with TJ. She is angry they aren’t listening to her. She drags Molly off to see Shawn and explain how she found TJ half naked in Molly’s room.  Both kids explain again that they were going swimming, they’ve only kissed so far and like each other.  Alexis says Molly went against orders. TJ asks if it’s because he’s black, which Alexis denies.  Shawn tells TJ that he needs to be trusted, but admits to Alexis that TJ has been behaving lately. He sees nothing wrong with them dating.  Alexis lays out a long list of rules, but allows Molly and TJ to date. 

Dante’s upset when Lulu finally shows up to work. She says she forgot to come in because she was helping out a grieving Johnny.  He’s even angrier when Lulu points out that Johnny’s relationship is similar to Dante and Sonny’s.  Dante mentions missing work and that people depend on her and it will look bad if she’s not a work.  Lulu accuses Dante of being jealous, but Dante says he doesn’t trust Johnny.  He claims Johnny had motive to kill Anthony. Heather was brought in for moving the body.  Lulu asks about her father. Dante says Anna put out the APB and it’s a really bad time for Luke to disappear.

Lulu defends her father, but Dante says it looks bad on her because she’s associating with Johnny.  Lulu feels if she’s such a liability she should quit working there. 

Steven lets Olivia in on Heather’s arrest. Olivia’s just glad to know what Heather was up to that night. Steve swears his mother is innocent. She happened to be with a man who looked like Anthony.  Olivia points out that Heather changed her story several times and that the man in the car was dead Anthony.  Steve accuses her of being happy that his mother has been arrested, but Olivia wants him to face the truth about Heather.  Olivia says he’s responsible for Heather and she didn’t want him to suffer when Heather pulled one of her stunts.  Steve says he won’t abandon his mother and Olivia agrees to help him. 

Epiphany approaches Patrick about drugs missing from lock up. She is certain the orderly Ramon is responsible, since he’s been hanging out around the room and has previous infractions.  Ramon’s upset that Pif is blaming him and Patrick goes to bat for him, saying there’s no proof.  Later on Ramon thanks Patrick for the save and says he knows Patrick is the one who took the pills but has his back.  

Sam explains to Maxie about investigating Heather and wanting to go through her purse.  Todd comes out of his office with the DNA results letter, but instead of telling Sam, storms out.  Sam wonders what it is he always seems to want to tell her.  Maxie wonders why a guy like Todd would hire someone like Heather.  They find the purse dumped out on the desk and go through it and figure Todd took whatever with him. 

Maxie complains about Spinelli and Sam says Spin was hurt. but now has to move on without Maxie just like she does.  Maxie asks about Jason and Sam admits she kissed someone, that Jason saw it and kissed someone else and that there’s nothing to hold them together anymore. 

Todd shows up at the PCPD to see Heather and Dante tries to stop him but Todd is convincing.  Heather is surprised to see him and Todd angrily shows her the DNA results.  She wonders how he got it and he reminds her that she asked him to look in her purse.  Todd yells that she let Sam think Franco was the father and that he allowed her to convince him to switch the babies.  He accuses Heather of lying to him but she says everyone, including Tea are better off and there’s nothing he can do about it. 

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    I get as tired as anyone else when it comes to airhogs and Todd and Heather certainly qualify for that title, but good lord, I do love them together. Robin and Roger are so good together and so believable and I never get the feeling they’re reaching for lines or trying to remember what they’re supposed to say. It’s just very smooth.

    Line of the day:
    Todd: That’s why you don’t trust a woman you find in the woods, carrying a dead man in a wheelbarrow.

    Absolutely loved both Todd being disgusted by the contents of Heather’s purse and then later Maxie. JL does light comedy so much better than out and out angst.

    Loved the Maxie/Sam scenes.

    I’m sure filing clerk isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but who shows up several hours late and claims they forgot. To go to work. I’ve used many an excuse when I’ve been a handful of minutes late, but forgot was never one of them. Having said that, way to be a douche with your wife there, Dante.

    I know Alexis was being a little overprotective, but geez Shawn, way to support her here. Why not present a united front with her and then both agree to let the kids date rather than make Alexis out to be the evil mom who doesn’t want her teenager out of the house.

    Oh Patrick, this will not end well.

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    I love it when an evil s.o.b. like Todd Manning is shocked by the things Heather does. So far he’s found out a few of her secrets. I wonder what he’ll do when he finds out that she killed Maggie and is holding Luke hostage?

    Not feeling the TJ/Molly/Shawn storyline. I think the show would be better off if they just got rid of them immediately and focused on what’s working instead of forcing viewers to like them.

    Alexis deserves so much more. I miss when she interacted with the Cassadines and Quartermaines.

    “Steve swears his mother is innocent.” How would know that exactly? He’s never around his mother at all.

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    Your’re right about both the airtime and the way RoHo and RM work together
    Perkie. Great delivery and follow through. Even though I find Todd an abject annoyance right now, these two remind me of a malice filled version of Abbott and Costello. Be back later… 0:)

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    Heather and Todd… so much fun together and yet so naughty and so not nice. Looks like Todd has finally realized what deep dodo he’s stepped in!

    I really wanted to enjoy the Sam and Maxie scenes since its been like forever since they’ve shared air time. But sadly JL’s shrill voice and lackluster portrayal of Maxie as a shallow twit, only makes me want to mute my television! I really miss KS!!! :(

    I guess we’re seeing the beginning of the Dante is jealous of Johnny story. And what’s with Lulu ‘forgetting’ she has a day job?

    Could Steve possibly be any more dense about his mother?

    JT is killing his scenes but poor forlorn Patrick. :(

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Perkie]Line of the day:
    Todd: That’s why you don’t trust a woman you find in the woods, carrying a dead man in a wheelbarrow.[/quote]

    You saved me the trouble. Thanks, Perkie! Loved that! :-D

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    OK, I will give it to Gh that the stories are getting a little better and more watchable after weeks of saying the show still isn’t up to par but anytime that Heather is on the show is a good time for all, even if she is surrounded by idiots who can’t solve a simple problem like tying their shoes.

    Case in point:

    Steve. Yes, he is her son. BUT he is supposedly in love with Olivia… why I am not sure since all they do is talk about his mother and what woman in 2012 would be that desperate to stay with this man?!! … and won’t listen to her but will believe his mommy.

    Dante. This cop has MORE hunches than he has evidence. And that makes for a dumb character because it’s always someone else who finds out before him that his hunch is right. But the pure fact that he lets his dad, the local mob boss, skate while holding everyone else to a different standard just makes me think “Lulu, hook up with Johnny again because he at least let you be YOU!”

    Anna. She had her dogs going crazy, not once but twice, outside of the shed in the woods that Luke was held in and NOT ONCE BUT TWICE did not go into said shed to see why the dogs were going bezerk. It made no sense for them to be right at the shed and to not discover Luke.

    Olivia and Spinelli. Yes they are on Heather’s trail but Heather, as crazy as she is, is 10 times smarter and more interesting then these two people. Olivia dresses like a cocktail hostess at a strip club for her hotel job every day and Spinelli is a nervous tick who’s prose has gotten to the point of frustration. I know it’s his bit but I would like to see it toned down a bit to make him a more viable character for Maxie.

    Todd. I am just tired of Todd blaming Heather for his crimes. Sure, Heather lied and tried convincing him to switch the baby cause it’s the right thing to do, but TODD DECIDED TO DO IT without a gun to his head. GH better make him pay for this crime. As it is, technically, since he flew Tia across state lines in his jet with the baby he switched, he commited a FEDERAL crime with the kidnapping. This should turn into a HUGE story and not one of those “aw, man, thanks you saved me from that burning building so I won’t press charges for kidnapping and leading me to believe my kid was dead” stories. Heather is the smarter one in this story. She does her crimes within city limits.

    (On the last note, Jason should be more pissed at Todd than Heather and I hope Todd is shot over it)

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    Maybe I’m just not remembering right, but I just don’t remember Todd letting anyone have this much control over him, except for maybe his Shorty when she was young. I was kind of shocked Maxie and Sam didn’t find the picture of McBain and Sam on the desk while poking through Heather’s unmentionables.

    Here’s my major problem with Heather. She just hates Sam too much for it to be just not delivering the letter, no matter what she’s said. She called her beloved Steven Lars the same day Sam ran out and forgot it, and he came and visited her right away, so she didn’t actually miss out on Steven Lars at all. Hell Sam hasn’t even spilled the Heather sold another baby back then beans and by the way the bitch was blackmailing me to Steve. I still think she’s actually Franco’s mother and is taking revenge for Franco’s death, but if that’s true, I don’t understand why she hasn’t targeted Jason. She’s gone after Sam with a vengence, and hurt Jason collaterally, but something’s off.

    Is Ramone the one who gave Carly scrubs back when Jason was having his latest brain surgery so she could get into his room? Seriously, after the whole greasy Lisa stealing drugs thing, you’d have think they would’ve locked down the drug room and been monitoring it better by now.

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    Heather and Todd are what I am enjoying the most on GH right now. I love the chemistry between these two unique characters. Each is special in their own right, together they are magic. The show hit gold with these two. I will hate when this partnership comes to an end. Todd is one of my favorite characters on this show. I understand that some aren’t willing to accept him because of his history of raping Marty, and I respect that, as rape is a horrendous crime and I would never condone it…but if you watched OLTL, you would know that he at least has suffered with the guilt from his actions. If there was anyway he could go back and change what he did…I know he would…he has tried many times to make it up to Marty….No excuse…and once again not condoning…just stating that they have shown him to be very remorseful over this. Other than that I totally love this character and I think RH has chemistry with everyone he has scenes with.

    Heather is in a class all by herself for being a bad girl…I personally think “Bad Girls” are the most interesting on these soaps. She plays evil so well with no sense of guilt over anything she does. She cracks me up.

    The rest of the show was boring for me yesterday. I liked the old Sam and Maxie relationship with KS, so their scenes did nothing for me. I did think Molly and TJ were cute…but I am not invested in their story…

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    Tris Drake

    Robin and Roger probably don’t have to remember lines because the ad lib like crazy. It’s probably better than what’s in the script. I love that Steve is so stupid. Heather couldn’t be a menace if he was smart. Never once heard him say he loves Olivia. I love Patty,that being said,I do like Ramon. He’s my new Dr. Leo.

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    I haven’t watched this show yet but have been catching up on this week’s episodes and I have to say I LOVE Todd Manning. He is still so stinkin’ funny and brilliant! That being said, I don’t know if it’s where they have her going right now or just my personal prejudice speaking but I am really, really not liking Carly right now. She looked like a complete idiot in her scenes with Todd. Tame the shrew…PLEASE. And after seeing Johnny & LuLu scenes together I have also drawn the conclusion that I don’t care for Carly & Johnny together and I don’t like LuLu & Dante together. The LuLu/Dante pairing had pretty much put LuLu on my most disliked GH character’s list but after seeing them together…not so much. It’s not even that I think Dante is an irredeemable character it’s just that his s/l’s suck!

    The other character I wanted to love but don’t have the stomach to do it is Steven. Remember when Scott Reeves was Ryan on Y&R? He was one of my favorites on that show. Steven…nope, not so much. It doesn’t seem like his heart is in it anymore.

    It seems to me the that the result of OLTL characters coming to GH is everyone is going to have to be on their “A” game. I don’t want to be disloyal but if it’s between current Carly and Blair…I’d rather see Blair come over and mix it up with the gentlemen of PC. Written correctly, she could give them a run for the money and she might even be the woman able to whip Sonny Corinthos into shape. I love Laura Wright but I think she is just too happy a person in real life (which is wonderful) to play Carly and her interpretation just grates on my nerves. There was a brooding insecurity that the character of Carly had that comes across as shrieking, ADHD woman with this Carly. Makes me sad.

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    Todd and Heather are great! I don’t really care with what Heather gets away. As long as there are no plot holes – sadly there were plenty of them this week – I just enjoy the ride with her. And Todd is so good! Love the man.

    I’m not feeling the Molly/TJ storyline at all. What’s this all about? Parenting? An upcoming teenage pregnancy? Or pairing Shawn with Alexis? I don’t get it.

    Sam was standing in front of Heather’s bag when Maxie walked in. She looked at the freakin’ bag! She must have seen that there was a paper with her name on it in there. We saw it! Another thing that did let me freak a little. That and the obvious soap twist that Sam wouldn’t get to Heather’s bag. The real surprise here would have been if they did give Sam something. This way it’s just all about a bunch of nothing. I’m glad that Todd found out though.

    Steve is a stupid dude. Are we suppose to believe that someone like him studied medicine? Heather gets herself in these situations since she came back to Port Charles. I know he’s her son … but we are beyond that. At this point he must have some doubt knowing his mother’s history.

    I loved seeing Lulu and Johnny together … but in the end it was bitter sweet. Lulu thinking that Johnny isn’t capable of killing Anthony hurt enough already but to know that he set up Luke and Tracy for the murder is unbearable.
    And I must honestly say that I would hate to get the “I was right” treatment from Dante in the end of all this. Lulu does deserve better!!!!

    Still hating the Patrick storyline… -.-

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    JT is so wasted on this show. His talent and looks make me swoon.. :love: They need to give him a proper story soon.

    I loved the Maxie and Sam scenes. Sam looked hot in her LBD. However I did notice with the two of them together the thing missing from JL’s performance for me is that hyperness. I still love JL and wish they could find somewhere else for her but KS had like a hyper chatty flitty about thing I loved..

    I loved when Alexis basically told Steve no I won’t help your Mom because she has a problem with my daughter..

    Steve is being written as an idiot!!

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    This is WAY off topic, but I hope you’ll indulge me.

    I’ve only been watching GH for a couple of years now so I’ve been catching up with the overnight SOAPnet repeats. (Right now, they’re airing episodes from January, 2008.)

    I’m curious to know what the feeling was ‘back then’ to the storyline featuring Nikolas hallucinating that he’s seeing the dead Emily. I think it’s one of the sweetest, best-written stories I’ve seen on GH and I just know that when Natalia Livingston finally does exit I’m going to cry!

    Also, I have never been a huge fan of Tyler Christopher, but he is really shining in this storyline.

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    I hate when writers go half azz on a storyline and then say that it was cut because viewers didn’t like the story.

    They are going HALF AZZ on the TJ/Molly story. They threw them into a relationship without showing us how they got to that point. After the alcohol poisoning….did they see each other? How did that transition? I need for you to SHOW me.

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    Am loving the show, esp Todd and Heather and Todd and Sam, but they have got to recast the actor who plays TJ; he’s not a strong actor (to put it kindly), and the actors playing Shawn and Molly are so good and so memorable and play their characters so effortlessly that the kid playing TJ seems to be lost and surprised in almost every scene. I think he could get better with some acting lessons, but in the meantime he’s dragging down the TJ and Molly story, which I want to root for

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    Definitely, loving Heather and Todd together. More, please!!!

    I’ll take any scenes with Alexis in them even if it’s with that boring Shawn character. I like Molly/TJ interaction. Writers keep them.

    Molly/TJ forbidden-esque romance can bring in younger viewers. Teenagers are always dating people their parents don’t like. Younger viewers can relate to Molly and TJ. I know I can.

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    I kind of think the actor that plays tj is improving and really almost anyone they get probably wont be as good as HP in that age range – i find her to really be sort of in a league of her own shes that amazing. I thought the way that they looked at each other was sweet and its nice that we now have two romantic soft young loves for summer. I also didnt mind seans lack of solidarity with alexis – hes not a parent so he doesnt think like one and he knows that tj has been working REALLY hard to walk the straight and narrow.

    I loved Alexis defending Sam to Steve. Steve is an idiot and I dont buy him defending a mother so vehemently that he knows sold him and tried to drug the woman that adopted him.

    The wheelbarrow line was CLASSIC.

    I liked the Saxie scenes. Yeah JL isnt KS but given that its their first scenes together I thought they were believable as besties. I also liked that they had sam doing the reverse of what she does with spin – very believable for a friend whos buds with both parts of a couple to sort of advocate for both.

    I too have been assuming that franco is heathers (thus the whole franco is a artistic genius crap) however I smell a possible rewrite coming – that franco started with an obsession with jason but in the end wanted sam and thts why heather hated her, jealous and blaming her for his death. I cant think of any other reason why she would target sam and not jason.

    I got a little chill when ramon busted patrick even if i did sort of see that coming!

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    Okay, it’s later than intended to go to this part of PC…but here we go…

    I just got finished saying I felt for SR having to play Steve as completely clueless. I suppose there would be nothing for him (and by extension LLO), to be involved in if it wasn’t for RM’s Heather. And I feel
    for LLo’s Olivia in this instance having to continually poke holes in Heather’s stories, only to come up against a boyfriend whose blinders are super glued to his eyes… :~

    The “romance” that is TJ and Molly A) hasn’t been on screen, B) is now on screen and C) has gone from 0 to 60 in less than, oh say, 10 episodes. Ookaay. At least Starr and Jr. got more (some would say too many), episodes to lay some groundwork. Having said that, I love HP and NLG’s back and forth stream of youthful (but tempered), sassiness and mature (now yielding), strictness. And HP’s clear articulation of phrases such as “I practice situational ethics…” had me smiling at her ability to make me believe Molly is a lawyer in training who could surpass her mother in accomplishment.It’s also reassuring that she and KM have a cute handle on the puppy love angle. I hope the writers don’t go near a teen pregnancy with these two. Please let them be the kids that they are…

    Would’ve been nice for a little more “severity” on Shawn’s part to back up Alexis. I did giggle at his reference to her legal yammering about the dating rules sounding like she was working out a “plea bargain”…

    Epiphany got him out of his house and back into the surgical rotation.
    “Dr. Drake? We have a problem.” She could easily be talking about Patrick himself if she wasn’t talking about the stolen meds. “Can it wait?”
    “No…” The cold sweat and nervous, high strung movements are a visual giveaway that the DT’s are kicking in. And he’s terrified his head nurse is gonna figure out he’s the one who’s stealing pills. With her naming Ramone as the culprit, his relief is palpable. But by absolving Ramone, he’s set himself up. “Thanks…don’t worry. I got your back, too.”
    “What…?” “…your secret’s safe with me.” And I’m pretty sure JT’s Patrick will not be on the floor looking at a pill the way JJ’s Lucky was…

    She’s about to nab Heather’s bag when our long lost, Crimson first assistant patters in, probably set to reclaim her position. Only it’s not there. “Sam! What are you doing here? Where’s Kate?” A beat. “Where is Crimson?!! To her credit, Maxie knows who Todd Manning is, knows the Sun “is a rag…cover art is…catchy…knows what he’s doing.” She asks about the magazine, its absent editor. “Their fates are undecided.” It wouldn’t be Maxie if she wasn’t lamenting something be it losing her (and Matt’s) apartments and then not having a job to come back to. Sam is surprised to hear she’s living with Patrick and Emma, sincere sympathy in her voice for what he’s still dealing with. “You have no idea.”, alluding to the addiction. It’s now Maxie’s turn to offer sympathyabout Sam’s baby (and move in front of Heather’s bag!), but then a lightbulb moment occurs and she’s informed Sam is Manning’s new assistant. “You’re a P.I. You like breaking and entering, getting shot at…Did Spinelli drop you…like me?” Funny how when Sam gets to the bag (finally!) Maxie ponces on it for its sheer fashion vulgarity and then it gets swooped up by Mr. Manning himself who’s whizzing out on orders from his barrel holder. Leaving Sam deflated. I really liked how, instead of hand wringing, they go sleuthing, nicely bringing Maxie into the “investigation”. Which ties into Spinelli, Matt, and her treatment of both men. Sam impressed me with the “head on” manner she talked about her situation and how Maxie’s, if not dovetailing, at least has pieces that are similar. For two people who haven’t worked together, I really like KeMo and JL. Good comic timing here too…

    “I have an idea.” said Lucy to Ethel, er, oh, sorry, Heather to Todd. I have no real background on Todd (the little I know, I’ll keep that way, thank you), but he’s in the running for the “Man Most Manipulated” award. Because he’s letting it happen. Oy! I do admit the moment he started to speak to Sam before booking to the elevator with the DNA test had my attention. Will he or won’t he tell her? For me that was a
    great peice of theater. Plucking the bag away from JL’s prattling Maxie,
    with KeMo’s helpless Sam looking on and the attending “I’ve been looking for one just like this.” had me guffawing without meaning to. :bigsmile:
    And the meltdown at PCPD in front of RM’s unconcerned wack job was also pretty nifty. Jeepers. If and when RM exits the canvas, who’s gonna push this guy around?…

    She greets him happily, a sunny smile breaking across her lips, sweetly kissing her just arrived from the airport husband. He curiously asks where she’s been. “…shift started two hours ago.” “…I forgot.” (I love you L, you’re simply adorable but that was lame, even for me.) D persists. She clarifies. “…I was at the Star. They (Anna) had just told Johnny about Anthony and it hit him hard.” “You have to hold his hand?” A bit edgy. She’s perplexed. “…all I did was listen…” She’s reasoned in her explanations and interestingly draws parallels between him, the bully, John and Papa Z. “You can’t compare…” “He never resolved things…never will.” What sounds callous and unfeeling, is, for me, facts that are real as D reiterates John’s parental tree, which leads to his belief in a motive for murder. “Can we talk about what’s really going on?” She’a a bit exasperated. “You said you were okay with me working with Johnny.”
    “You said it was going to be professional.” (Which they did discuss.)
    “You’re consoling him…that’s…personal.” “…I can’t help that I feel sympathy…” “…so worried…you decided to blow off work…” “I forgot.” Now it’s getting a little old, but she’s managed to be amused by his
    “school marm” lecture. She matter of factly states the world will go on if she doesn’t “file a file.” He agres, but he’s seeing other things. “…Why are you…jealous?…” “It’s not jealousy. I don’t trust the guy and it’s about the…Zacchara case.” She’s alert about that and he shares what he knows regarding Heather and various “theories”, coming back to John as an unnamed suspect. She throws out her father and the APB. “That was Anna…” She protests. “He disappears…” “…longer he’s gone, the worse it looks…” Her hackles are up now. And yet both, to their credit aren’t loud or shrill. “…Because I work here, I’m a liability?” Luke, the partnership with John “…people…gonna think…conflict of interest.” Which is, if we’re honest, is what you, D, my dear have with your father. Tsk, tsk. Hypocritical here. “Maybe I should quit.” “…working with Johnny?” “…Quit…PCPD.” Both stubborn, digging in, not giving an inch. Manning showing up eases the pressure for a moment but for her the conversation is over. She’s clipped, cool and rightly so to a point, when he tries to diffuse her quiet frustration. “This doesn’t have to be a fight.” “Too late…” “I don’t wanna leave things like this.” “I’m sorry. I’m busy and I have to make up for lost time.” She’s tart, short, a sure sign that she’s hurt by what she believes is his lack of trust and seeming resistance to her new passion. She flounces out, but not before regreeting him with a slap from her files. “…welcome home.” And he’s left standing like a potted plant. Things to think about with these two…

    Till my next “novel”…
    Swan! 0:)

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