Good Afternoon America Averaging 29 Percent Below One Life to Live’s July 2011 Numbers!


I smell another skunk for ABC in its attempt to come up with cheap, unscripted programming for its daypart. Only this time, ABC Daytime can breathe a sigh of relief. The latest stinker, Good Afternoon America, didn't come from their ranks. This slung together mess is the handiwork of ABC News!

According to TV Media Insights, GAA fell to a 1.5 for its third air show, and held that number on Thursday. The Good Morning America spinoff is already down 12 percent from its so-so premiere. By comparison, cancelled soap opera One Life to Live was averaging a 2.0 in the same timeslot this time last year. So far, GAA is 29 percent below the numbers OLTL averaged during July 2011, the site reports. It may be easy to cancel a soap opera, but it sure is hard to successfully replace one. Long live, General Hospital!

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    Well deserved! Where are all those people who said that this is what the audience wants? That we don’t want scripted programs in Daytime anymore????

    The networks should finally work hand in hand, get to Nielsen Company and demanding a change in their rating system. The way people watch these shows has just changed. I think if you count in all DVR viewers, online viewers (official & YouTube) + the people who feel the need to download the episodes elsewhere it would improve these ratings a lot.

    The networks should sit down and work on some strategy to change the system, approach advertisers in another way and finally do some online promoting of this show!
    For example, the UK soap “Hollyoaks” currently has a murder mystery on it’s hand and has uploaded several videos with possible suspects that the audience can ask questions and decide if they are guilty. Why is it that the networks are screaming for a target group that has no reason to appeal to these shows???

    Go look at Facebook and compare the likes. “B&B” is always said to be a worldwide phenomenon but they only have a little bit over 200,000 likes. UK locals have over million people following them and do interact more with their fans.

    Canceling soap operas shouldn’t be an option anymore. They still work outside the US. Canada gets good ratings with Y&R in the late-afternoon. “Coronation Street” – shown in the evening – is often the most watched program of the week. There is a way to rescue these soaps. The US-American networks only need to finally be willing to do something.

    Stop developing this non-scripted crap and show that you still care!!!!

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    even though the numbers may seem in favour of soap lovers. It is still not bad for the finance crunchers at the networks. A talk show is a lot cheaper to produce than a soap ensemble. So I am not seeing networks changing their minds about soaps production anytime in the future.

    If anything some cable networks might go with primetime style soaps, that have limited number of episodes per season – e.g. Dallas. Plus their seasons are usually for a thirteen to fifteen weeks yearly. And that is still far cheaper than all-year round soap production. We viewers just have to get use to watching Dallas, Mad Men etc style production for the 13-15 weeks per year and just be satisfied until the following year. Because everyone and their mothers are looking a their finances these days. Not just network television.

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    Yesterday I was just thinking how my summers (when I was in middle school, high school, college) were just straight live ABC. I’d catch the tail end of GMA and then watch Regis and Kathie/Kelly, The View, Loving/The City/Port Charles, forget the news – that’s get some lunch ready time, AMC, OLTL, GH, Rosie, and maybe the start of Oprah, as I straightened up before my mom got home from work.

    Now it’s just GH. When that is gone then I will have completely weaned myself off of daytime programming. It’s so sad.

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    ER Writer

    I have to say I’m glad ABC is having a difficult time filling in their Daytime hours. They should have paid attention to the uproar and saved their shows. I would have even accepted a move to ABC Family, anything for them to have stayed on the air for the fans.

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    RealityCheck 33

    ABC Daytime = All Bull Crap Daytime

    ABC deserves to fail. I’m enjoying reading about their continuing failures. People told them not to abandon their great daytime franchises, but the dumbass suits went forward with their moronic plans. So be it.

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    Not so sure Days/GH is making it.

    I am retired now so I watch the shows. My friend records. Some people got so used to recording that even when they are home they record and skip commercials.

    I have a feeling online and on demand are going to trump recording. Even the cable recorders. Advertisers want real time viewers of their commercials.

    There is no way I am going to convince my friend to watch real time. Hence end of soaps. Out of an hour there is 20 or more minutes of commercials. Maybe more. It keeps growing. The commercials who supported the shows also help to kill them.

    I do see the shift to the nighttime serial dramas and more limited viewing. I think the daytime drama will return someday but with whole new casts and stories and ideas and lower salaries and a more efficient way of producing. I think GL was on the right track but didn’t quite make it. If they had made the changes in production and still focused on the most popular (and most expensive actors/characters) it may have made it. They should have stuck to production cuts and not people cuts. Who knows if it would still be around. I still see daytime coming back with different format.

    Boomers are retiring now and are home again clicking on the tv and spending money. Sorry but my generation spent. When will advertisers recognize this? Just sayin…..

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    I’m just trying to figure this out but our soaps fans that out of touch with reality or just in denial. claiming that the ratings are outdated, I am sure since this is their sole economic function that they stay on top of technology. Why do they not count online viewers, why would they. Same for youtube especially since there is no why to really guage the audience that way, they wouldn’t know who is watching and truthfully it can be a small number or people watching more than once.

    As far as comparing numbers to cancelled OLTL what good does that do, you can’t even gloat because once again you are comparing a show that was on for 40+ yrs to a show that is on for two weeks and if I am not mistaken OLTL was dropping ratings towards the end. The bottom line is the network does not want to spend a lot of money on soaps with low ratings, no matter how you spend it soaps are no longer a powerhouse in the daytime, and are expensive to produce

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    This show is a joke and probably costs them 50 cents and a bottle of hairspray to make. I don’t feel like seeing another person sitting around a table giving me their opinion!

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