DAYS’ Patrick Muldoon: “Whenever New Writers Come in They Fire Everybody”

Does Days of Our Lives' Patrick Muldoon (Austin) hold any ill will towards the new regime for showing him the door? Muldoon revealed to Zap2It he isn't sweating his recent ousting from the sudser, due to it being part of the job. The actor stated: 

When new writers come in, they fire everybody and bring in new actors. As soon as they let go of all of the actors, there are already rumors of us going back.

To learn what Muldoon had to say about Austin's transformation and possible return, click here!

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    I wish I cared. Muldoon played Austin like a drag queen this go around. I’m not going to miss anyone they fired but k also don’t think it will fix anything because the real problems of EJ, Sami, Rafe, and Nicole are still around.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    If they bring Austin back then recast him! Because Patrick Muldoon was a chore to watch. He just could not adapt. I’d rather have Austin Peck. Yet also they have to write something better than just repeating the same old love square again and again.

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    If they would finally fire the right ones. Camilla Banus, Galen Gering and Shawn Christian are still employed but people like Christie Clark, Matt Ashford and Sarah Brown are out of a job.

    But … I’m not really sorry to see Patrick Muldoon go. If the bring Austin back, please let him be played by Austin Peck. Much better choice.

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    He should stick to his music or seek acting jobs that are far less demanding.

    If they have to recast Carrie with Teri Conn in order to get Austin Peck, I wouldn’t mind a bit.

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    Why do people love Austin Peck so much? He is not that great of an actor IMO…he reminds me of Jim Carrey. I like Patrick Muldoon and it sucks that the show let him go.

    You know what? If Days wants to free up some cash to pay vets, they should RE-DO their sets. BURN HORTON SQUARE! Get rid of so many restaurants and places where you have to hire SO MANY DAMNED EXTRAS!

    There’s no reason why a soap should have so many extras in the background. I know they likely work for low rates, but all those people add up. I HATE Horton Square, it takes up too much studio space, and there could be so many more sets if they would just scrap it!

    Days is about to be really good, or really crappy…will have to wait and see.

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    I am not sorry to see Austin Reed go as a character. As for Patrick Muldoon, at first he was stiff as a board, but during the Abigail-storyline I started to like him. He played the “worst mistake ever by a school professor” part very well! And it was one of the best storylines on Days since the reboot. But of course then it was scrapped, which I still don’t understand! Kate Mansi did SUCH a good job playing bat-shit crazy. And then they gave that part to Camila Banus???? WTH, is she related to someone on the show? That is the only excuse I can come up with to make sense of why she is still employed.

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    It sometimes seems as if the extras at Horton Square have won some kind of contest. If this is not the case, then maybe it should be. I’m sure lots of people would want to work for free to be on television. There are tourists lining up to get into NBC every day. Tell them to come back the next day and how to dress and boom, free extras.

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    [quote=jphelps]I wish I cared. Muldoon played Austin like a drag queen this go around. I’m not going to miss anyone they fired but k also don’t think it will fix anything because the real problems of EJ, Sami, Rafe, and Nicole are still around.[/quote]

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say he played him like a drag queen, but I’ve gotten a decidely gay vibe from him since he came back to the show and now it’s gotten kinda distracting. I just don’t buy him and Carrie together at all; I think he’s a slightly better actor than Austin Peck, but at this point I think Peck would’ve been a little more convincing in the role(notice I said a “little more”–he has some questionable “acting” choices in his limited arsenal as well). Plus, on the shallow side, Peck’s hotter these days than Muldoon(not sure if it’s over tanning or botox or what but something is going on with his face).

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @ChrisGa: That’s general response I have seen heard on message boards and on Youtube. Either he acts like an asshole in every scene or they get the gay vibe.

    Frankly if they truly wanted to recast this character they could bring back Austin Peck for history’s sake. But they could go for If they were going to bring Austin back say maybe Daniel Cosgrove (ex-Billy, GL).

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    I’m not at all superstitious, but what do cancelled shows Guiding Light, As the World Turns, and All My Children have in common?

    Daniel Cosgrove was on all three when they bit the dust.

    I’m sure he’s a lovely human being and a decent actor but he needs to stay away from Days. :)

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    ER Writer

    @ petitejolie lol.

    I was a pretty adamant DAYS watcher in the 90’s but I wish the showrunners would stop thinking merely bringing back actors from popular eras is going to save this show. Focus on freshening up the writers and start going into a new direction. My mom still watches, but nothing I’ve seen is making me want to tune in on a regular basis.

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    Patrick Muldoon was HORRIBLE. Cant’ speak for his acting in the 90s, but this go-round, he made Austin Peck look like William H. Macy in comparison! As opposed to being a firing, it seemed more like they were putting him out of his misery, since he clearly didn’t seem to be invested in the role. If he was, he could’ve fooled me.

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