Marcus and Dayzee Get Their Fairy Tale on The Bold and the Beautiful!

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Marcus (Texas Battle) and Dayzee's (Kristolyn Lloyd) wedding day is here. This week the couple's fairy tale comes true! Of course, on soaps it’s usually downhill from there. Watch the B&B promo after the jump!

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    That was a lovely promo and it’s nice to not see Hope. Liam or Steffy for a change. And Kristolyn Lloyd is magic. I wish they’d give her character more to do. She’s beautiful.

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    oh the coloreds get a promo!!!!

    I actually really enjoy Dayzee/Marcus together….and I could really be down for a triangle with Thomas! Cause Dayzee and Thomas have great chemistry.

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    Marcus and Dayzee don’t interest me as characters one bit, and normally I would say: yawn. BUT in this current state of B&B it is a sheer miracle and wonderful that someone other than the horrible triangle is getting even airtime, let alone an event, AND a promo!

    Kudos Brad Bell, you remembered you have other actors! You’re not demented, just yet!

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    I don’t watch B&B anymore but I did see an interview that Kristolyn did alongside John McCook for the Creative Emmys and she looked absolutely stunning. John McCook was singing her praises and it seemed as if he was every so subtly flirting (yes, John McCook!). I admit I haven’t seem much of B&B but every clip I have seen of her on the show, I can’t figure out why B&B doesn’t style her better?

    I hope no one takes this the wrong way but of the soaps past and present, I’ve always felt as if the ones on the East Coast (ATWT,GL, OLTL, AMC) were so much better at styling the African American actresses. Generations (for obvious reasons) and General Hospital were exceptions, I think. Days of Our Lives is not bad but the men always somehow looked like they had makeup to me.

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    I wonder if they are styling her poorly because shes suppose to be sort of this rags to riches sort of story and now we are going to see this girl who really came from nothing trying to cope with being a forrester – part of this monied family that largely concerns itself with superficial rich people kind of things. If they tell it – and they tell it well – I would think that could interesting (and a refreshing change from ascot ridge, flip flopping liam and high heel wearing rick LE SIGH!!)

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    It should be a good wedding…hopefully. Its about time that a wedding has a happy ending for a change and no drama (Cough Liam/Steffy/Hope). It was also nice to see Thomas and Stephanie. By all means, if they go with Marcus/Dayzee, Stephanie, Thomas etc. it would be fine with me. We need a break from Ridge/Brooke/Liam/Steffy and Hope.

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    Bwahahaha at the “high heel wearing Rick”, EET! That is too darn funny… I almost choked! What the hell is wrong with that show!?!

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