Oprah Interviews Mitt and Ann Romney For O Magazine

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and wife Ann Romney sat down on July 13 with former daytime queen Oprah Winfrey for an interview that will appear in O Magazine, according to The New York Times.  Oprah supported President Obama during his first bid for the White House and reportedly supports his re-election. 

Photo of Mitt Romney by PR Photos


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First she interviews the Kardashians, then 50 Cent, and now the Romneys? Why not just interview Palin family and the cast of Jersey Shore while she's at it?

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@Cousin David: It's for her magazine not the network! Magazines don't get ratings. They sell copies!

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She already interviewed Palin while her show was still on the air a few years ago.

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They could become the First Family. Like them or not, this is a legitimate interview (unlike the Kardashians, which she'll have to live down for a long, long time).