Is General Hospital Recasting TJ?

Could General Hospital be recasting the role of TJ (Krys Meyer)? According to Soap Opera Digest, the ABC soap has put out a casting call for a character that “sounds awfully similar to the role Molly's boyfriend, TJ, currently played by Krys Meyer.”

SOD’s describes the casting call for “a male, "major, ongoing recurring role" who is "16, African American. Charming, charismatic, very appealing and handsome. A bit cocky, gets into trouble, but has a very soulful, sensitive side."

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    If he quit for his own reasons, then I wish him the best.

    I don’t think he had enough on screen time to even say whether he is a good actor or not. His story is JUST beginning.

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    Jon…this is what I am thinking. I think they may hire someone ‘light skinded’ or biracial. We don’t know the real reason (if the rumor is true), but I do know that White audiences really don’t take well to interracial romances on soaps, especially if the person of color is dark skinned. They usually pop in a biracial, muppet haired person so that it’s less controversial.

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    [quote=Jon]Wanna bet the recast will be biracial? As in the Shemar Moore, Schuyler Yancey, Bryton James, Matt Cedeno, etc. mode????[/quote]

    You know this was in the back of my mind as well. But I heard a rumor that Shawn was going to be with Alexis. So I will have to wait to see what the recast looks like.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: You know how soaps are when it comes to recasting black characters. They always seem to move up the skin color line. They seem to forget that most black people are not light skinned. So I wish they would keep characters in the skintone range they were cast in the beginning. So Tristan Wild would do good.

    I wish Days would recast Cameron. And for that I would not mind seeing them go darker. Because Days like most soaps tends to cast lighter.

    The exceptions to the rule were AMC and ATWT. Most of the black characters cast on these shows were darker.

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    Actually considering this regime’s history of AA characters on One Life to Live, that didn’t recast Destiny when she got involved with Matthew, and got pregnant by him, so I doubt they’d do it now. But if they do, I’d be pretty disappointed.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: And let me discuss one more thing since we on the subject of black people. If you look at actors who were in daytime like Darnell Williams, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Donn Swaby, Shemar Moore, Lawrence Saint Victor,Lammon Rucker and currently Sean Blakemore to name a few. Is that they are all Brotha-man brotha’s. That is what has partly made these actors a success in daytime. And just one more reason why they should recast Cameron on Days.

    When these soaps think of casting a brotha think of LL Cool J meets Jay-Z. They have gotta have that swagger. And that does not mean that all of them have to be that way. But at least one of the two brotha’s they cast on any soaps needs that swag.

    And they should test out potential actors in front of a bunch of sistah’s. They’ll let you know if you should smash or trash.

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    I think they are adorable together, but if he is 23, that is a bit old to be playing alongside a 14 year old. He doesn’t look 23, though.

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    According to IMDb he was just in middle school in 2010 (graduated I believe), so I seriously doubt he is 23. I think that david was referring to another actor that he would like to replace Krys in the role of TJ who just so happens to be 23 years old (the thought of which makes me want to barf).

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    TV Gord

    [quote=LindaV]I think they are adorable together, but if he is 23, that is a bit old to be playing alongside a 14 year old. He doesn’t look 23, though.[/quote]

    Just to be clear, it’s 90210’s Tristan Wilds we’re talking about being 23, not Krys Meyer.

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    Why keep Shawn/TJ around when the show could bring back Dr. Tom Hardy, Dr. Simone Hardy and their 16 year old son, Tom Hardy, Jr.? It’s been a long time since Audrey has been on the show and it would be nice to see the Hardy/Webber family built up.

    When was the last time we saw candy strippers at the hospital? GH needs more medical staff since they sent Matt to prison.

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    That was what they SHOULD have done – made him a Hardy from the jump – but they didnt and I dont see them having tj break mollys heart by moving away and then poof she magically gets involved with another boy that resembles tj in every way EXCEPT that he’s a hardy

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    Tom Hardy Jr. would be 22 without soras no way would I except him as a 15/16 year old and neither would Tom and Simone fans. Tom Hardy Jr was born before Maxie! He needs to come back a grown doctor.

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    @david: It is not about that actor being able to pass for 15 years old. It is the fact that that actor will be making out with a very young actress (the one who plays Molly), which makes me want to barf. I could barely handle knowing the original Cole and KA’s Starr being together and he was only like 5 years her senior, I couldn’t imagine a damn near 10 year age difference! Gross!

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    Krys oozes innocence, which is refreshing, but he seems uncomfortable and looks surprised in almost every frame. I don’t care if they recast the character with a light or dark skinned guy, but I hope they hire someone who can act.
    I don’t know why Shawn doesn’t have a story: the guy exudes charisma.
    And I think they should bring in Shawn Evans from OLTL to get involved with Epiphany: I think they’d be a lot of fun to watch together. (And while they’re at it, I think Destiny would be a great addition too)

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