Watch The First Promo For Ricki Lake’s New Daytime Talk Show!

The first promo for Ricki Lake's new talk show has been released. In it, the daytime talk returnee teases the topics viewers can expect to see explored and shares her desire to reconnect with her audience.

Maybe I’m just missing The Oprah Winfrey Show, but there is something exciting and comforting about  Lake returning to daytime. I can’t wait to see her new show and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Watch The Ricki Lake Show’s promo after the jump!

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    TV Gord

    I’m not in the demo (and I didn’t like her old talk show), but I think this has a better chance of connecting with a daytime audience. I’m doubtful people will want to tune in for Jeff Probst’s or Steve Harvey’s new shows on a regular basis, but I can see Ricki Lake building a following.

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    No Daisy

    I love Ricki Lake the actress and she is looking great! But I don’t see anything new here. Then again, I haven’t been a regular daytime talk watcher since Phil Donohue was overthrown by Oprah.

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    Ricki or Katie, yes. But I won;t watch either. Ricki had her chance and did the exact some thing in the beginning and then once the ratings went down she resorted to being the female version of Jerry Springer.

    Who’s your baby’s daddy? Who’s Sleeping with your man? I’m secretly a man?

    I remember seeing 2 shows where it was a dating show and up on stage the bachelors were 50% gay BECAUSE I KNEW them and all of the guys told me the producers knew, as well. That was when it was in NYC.

    More soaps, please, mom!

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