Wishful Casting: Everybody Hates Chris Alum Tequan Richmond as General Hospital’s TJ

It appears the General Hospital casting call everyone has been talking about all day is in fact for a TJ recast. According to setside sources, Krys Meyer booked a new gig, which has resulted in the role needing to be recast. 

While I will miss Meyer in the role of TJ—I just wrote yesterday in Ratings, Rants and Raves how much the pairing of TJ and Molly (Haley Pullos) had grown on me—the soap must go on! I would love to see Tequan Richmond of Everybody Hates Chris fame assume the role of Sean's (Shawn Butler) mischievous, lovestruck ward.

Richmond, who is now 19, played Drew, the suave, younger brother of the titular Chris (Tyler James Williams) in the long-running sitcom, based on the coming of age of comedian Chris Rock. Since the sitcom wrapped its four-season run on The CW in 2008, Richmond has been pursuing a career in hip-hop, using the moniker T-Rich, while continuing to act in such series as Weeds, Detroit 1-8-7, Private Practice and more.

Anyone who watched this young brutha on Everybody Hates Chris already knows he has acting chops. Richmond's You Tube videos also showcase a certain swagger that has been sorely missing from daytime ever since Shemar Moore left soaps for primetime.

Casting a young rapper/actor who is well known to the black community would also get GH plenty of exposure on the urban blogosphere, and perhaps entice a few young sistahs in the coveted 12-17 demo to tune in!

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    TV Gord

    Great choice, Jamey! He can be funny, but he played it straight most of the time on EHC, which was even funnier! It would be great to see a versatile actor such as Tequan in the role. I hope the buzz about Krys moving on to something else is true. If so, this is good news all around. Personally, I thought he was fine in the role (the little he’s been featured).

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    The current kid is still learning how to act, but I can appreciate that he has this thing that he’s a real kid so the awkward line readings work in that respect. But knowing them, they’ll definitely get a Shemar Moore type, so -___- to that.

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    Hate the character, don’t bother with the recast and just let him leave town. Better yet, bring back Ric Lansing, who can lock the smartass little punk in a panic room somewhere, never to be seen again.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: I know we are not much for new casting. But GH can use the diversity. So I would throw out Victoria Rowell joining the show to play TJ’s long estranged mother and Shawn’s ex-Anita Hill. She could sure spice up things and has the potential to bring in viewers since she has a fan base.

    Maybe Anita took the fall for Shawn for a crime he committed in the past. Now she is back and out for blood.

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    Well… if they do this, then I think they may have to consider recasting Molly or ending his relationship with Molly because Hayley Pullos is only 13, she hasn’t even turned 14 yet… but then again Brandon Buddy was legally grown when they paired him with a 14 year old Kristen Alderson on OLTL so it could work!!! I think this a great wishful casting though Jamey, but I was also thinking Mandela Van Peebles, son of Mario Van Peebles, or Trevor Jackson, who recently stared in Disney Channel’s Let it Shine, I’d prefer Jackson more, but both he and Van Peebles are closer in age to Pullos!!!

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    Haley is 14 years old. They need another teen playing opposite her. I didn’t think Meyers was a bad acting. Haley isn’t that great herself she was pretty cringe worthy her first few years but got better over time.

    And nothing they do will get the teens to watch this show in big numbers.

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    WHy should all the black characters have to go? They are needed. GH needs some damn diversity. The uneeded characters are





    Who are all basically the OLTL versions of characters we already have!

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    @ The_Moustache:

    I completely disagree. Epiphany is so necessary!!! A supporting character, to be sure, but maintains the character and soul of the hospital as the more central characters, Scrubs, Liz, Steven Lars, etc. run their lives.

    Shawn and TJ? I have less of an opinion about.

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    @The_Moustache It’s kinda a disturbing that you named every African American character that currently appears on the show!!! I’m not judging you, it’s just a bit a weird that you’d single out those specific characters.

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    Crystal 12345

    He’s funny but I don’t think he has the depth necessary to be considered as a young Shemar Moore. There are so many young talented actors out there, I would like to see the role go to an actor that can handle drama and create an exciting buzz around this character. When I see Tequan, I think sit com.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]He is/was a fine-looking brother and that was his sole purpose on Y&R.[/quote]
    Exactly! LOL

    There’s a reason most of Malcolm’s scenes were of him with no shirt on. He was just there to be pretty.

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