Did Alleged Outrageous Hotel Demands Cause Barbara Walters to Nix George Zimmerman Interview?

The View's  Barbara Walters reportedly walked out on negotiations to interview George Zimmerman, the shooter of Trayvon Martin, according to the New York Post. The tabloid claims Walters was negotiating to interview Zimmerman when he allegedly “demanded at the last minute that, in return for the chat, ABC put him and his wife up in a hotel for a month”.

An ABC News rep confirmed only Walters meeting with Zimmerman, but refused to discuss what he wanted. The interview was reportedly supposed to take place following Zimmerman's chat with Sean Hannity of Fox News.   

Barbara Walters Photo by PR Photos

George Zimmerman Photo Credit: Fox News

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    Just saw the segment of the View where she’s talking about it. From what she said, I assumed it was about money but she didn’t state what it was on the show so it’s only my guess.

    I think Zimmerman suggesting it was God’s plan was a disgusting thing to say. Now I know why there was a huge dark cloud and lightning flashing in NYC yesterday!

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    This proves that Barbara still has a BIT of sense left. I was beginning to think that she’d fallen prey to dementia. Good for you, Barbara. Remain classy! Don’t give this child-killing, racist a-hole a platform! Let Rush Limbaugh interview him………..since he clearly has NO standards!

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    Barbara Walters handled the situation so poorly on the View yesterday. She was a little bitch how she talked about him, and congratulated Hannity three times in the post phoney way possible. I have no respect for this woman.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Yes, Walters was quite the bitch, but in this instance she was perfectly justified. Yes, she did get what could be as interpreted as snarky about the Hannity thing (it wasn’t a congratulations; she said she understood the loyalty of Zimmerman giving the interview to Hannity first after Hannity had been such a supporter to Zimmerman in the past). To that end, reportedly Fox News gave Zimmerman nothing in return for the interview or at the very least did not pay him any money.

    Fast forward: It was ZIMMERMAN who reached out to ABC first, ABC agreed to the interview, Walters met with Zimmerman and a deal was struck…THEN Zimmerman comes up with a last minute demand for a MONTH of hotel accommodations & security or the interview was off. All of which was confirmed by Zimmerman’s attroney, Mark O’Mara.

    Then to top it all off, when his ass got called out in the newspapers and Walters confirmed the interview was scuttled without divulging details on the air, the little weasel calls to the show trying to get an quick interview because he realized how it made him look.

    It’s a wonder Walters did not cuss that lying, manipulative sonofabitch’s ass out (although she did it without the actual nasty words) and, in this !instance, bravo to her.

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