Pretty Little Liars Recap: "The Remains of the A"

Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) mom was able to get evidence against Garrett thrown out.  This helped Spencer bond with half-sib Jason, and reminisce about Alison.  Mainly, that she was an evil nightmare who’ll never get the chance to redeem herself, and that they loved her anyway.  Together they figured out “April Rose” was actually an antique/pawn shop, and Spencer found an ankle bracelet of Alison’s there.  Alison never took it off, and was wearing it the night she disappeared. 
They turned it into the cops, who found two types of blood on it—Alison’s and the killer’s.  Unfortunately for Alison’s loved ones, the physical evidence did not match Garrett’s DNA and he was released from jail.  When Spencer found out, she broke down.  A of course took the opportunity to taunt her via text, which only made Spencer sob harder.  Poor Spencer! 


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After two seasons, it bothers me that the girls never seem to learn. Every plan they set in motion only seems to raise more questions and somehow bring them in trouble.

And I must say by now I thought Spencer and Co. trust other people a little bit more and keep lying to those they supposedly love. I know after what happened to Caleb it seems difficult to tell the truth ... but if ALL the girls would include their boyfriends they could somehow feel protected a lot better. In the end, it effects them too. So in every scene when Toby is being lied to or Ezra, I just feel really sorry for them.

Now that Ezra has a secret of his own, I'm telling myself ... well good for him. Aria has been constantly keeping things from him and acting strange.

This detective is giving me the creeps. Somehow I already saw him going a little bit too far with Hanna ... I could even see him raping her.

I enjoy Spencer and Jason together but I don't think they trust each other. It's like they using one another to get what they want. It's either the girls or no one...

I was wondering about Holden being back after he seemed written out so suddenly without explanation. But I like Holden, so I have no problem with him being back.