SOAP BYTES: General Hospital Needs to Sell “Crazy Calling” Ringtones; Lucas Holds The Key to the DiMera Empire on Days of Our Lives!

GH BYTES: My favorite soap moment on Wednesday was hearing Todd’s (Roger Howarth) ringtone for Heather crying out, “Crazy calling! Crazy Calling!” I still haven’t found my all-time most desired ringtone–the one used by CTU’s phones on Fox’s 24–so I might have to settle for getting a copy of “Crazy calling! Crazy calling!”

Now there’s a way General Hospital could earn money to pad its budget, sell ringtones! Family Guy, The Simpsons and many other TV series have made lots of money by turning their quotes into ringtones. Why can’t GH do the same?

People spend a lot of money on ringtones . I know I'd pay a buck or two for a Liason,Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) or Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) ringtone! I'm sure JaSam fans would do the same for a tone featuring their fave couple. Come on, ABC, make it happen!

Todd to Heather (Robin Mattson): “I’d give anything to see you locked in a room with Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser).”’

Todd to Carly: “Blair and her manwhore are making sweet love in their hotel room, probably right now.”

Blair (Kassie DePaiva) arrived in Port Charles, for the launch of Starr’s (Kristen Alderson) stint as the opening act for the Haunted Star. Todd was initally upset she ended up with a room at Metro Court, until he learned Tomas (Ted King) wasn't there. I love seeing One Life to Live characters pop up in Port Charles. It’s a connection to ABC’s soap past.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) continues to have a problem with Lulu’s (Julie Marie Berman) partnership with Johnny (Brandon Barash). He suffered a nightmare about catching his wife sleeping with the “reformed” mob prince.  Dante and Lulu ended up fighting over the cost of her dress and about Johnny sending her flowers.

One of the things I’m really appreciating about GH lately is the pace. So much is happening and things are moving fairly quickly.

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    If someone would try to kill me I’d would have her arrested too. No matter who she is with. I don’t get why anyone is acting like Phyllis is the innocent victim here. She deserves what’s coming to her … but I guess with MAB’s writing this is going to be nothing.

    The Victor/Sharon/Adam/Chelsea situation is SICK!!!!

    I would buy the “crazy calling” ringtone!!!

    Helena … I miss her!!!! It’s sad to see that under the new regime the Cassadines have become a real no show. Not that I liked the Woman in White storyline but at least Wolf tried…

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    I still say that Christine should give Phyllis a good ole fashioned thrashing as we all know that Phyllis is not going to pay the price for what she did.

    I would buy that ringtone too! I have at least one friend who calls me way too often whose name is written all over that ringtone. Not exactly crazy, mind you, but what The Artists’ Way would describe as a “Crazy Maker”.

    Why is Stephanie telling that young girl about Menopause? Stephanie needs to let her go and get married, have affairs and children for men other than her husband, like every one else on the show. Menopause is way in the future for this young lady.

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    The way Y&rR is presenting Phyllis as a victim and Christine as a bad person is plain awful.

    After today episode where even Nick went back to Phyllis and punch Billy in preview for writing about P made me even madder.

    MAB has no courage and for sure Phyllis will be saved and end up on top, shitty writing.

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    I had HIGH HOPES for MAria and Y&R when Christine said that Phyllis could be tried because she was a federal employee at the time of the hit and run/attempted murder. Then they took it to Phyllis being the victim all the while Paul is being handcuffed in the police station after he walked in freely after his son’s funeral.

    I am all for Phyllis getting off but with Sharon now acting like a stupid bitch trying to ruin Adam and Chelsea’s nuptials to Christine being made out to be the BAD GUY here, I am so close to closing the chapter on the YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for ever.

    What I will never understand is how they don’t give Christine the easy argument by letting her state everything Phyllis has done over the years besides running her and Paul over. Or the simple fact that Ronan & Michael are treating Paul like he is Adam fighting for NO bail and the like. To Phyllis getting Kid glove treatment when Ronan arrested her. (And on that note, why the HELL WOULD PHYLLIS and NICK DISCUSS the charges with Summer in a public place?!!!!!!!!)

    Y&R needs to remember the history of this show and fast. Christine is the heroine in this story, not Phyllis. Sure, I can buy Avery defending her (though the argument that she is worse than their father since he only stole and Phyllis tried to kill) but I don’t get Nick or even Daniel siding with her. The drama would be Phyllis trying to work back into Nick’s life, not Phyllis just staying there.

    And my biggest gripe with the story is that IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS DAISY, LUCY’S ‘DEAD’ MOM, IN THAT BOTH WOMEN DRUGGED MEN (IRONIC THAT THE 2 MEN ARE FATHER N SON), GOT PREGNANT, TRICKED THEM INTO MARRIAGE AND BOTH ALMOST COMMITTED MURDER!! yet no one has ONCE turned to Phyllis… maybe Kevin will … and said “wait, you screamed that Daisy was evil, can’t be trusted, won’t change for the good, and deserves jail, why then should we have different ideas about you, Phyllis?!”

    I just wish that the writers didn’t say “let’s forget about that so it looks more believable without it”

    One week, Y&R, and I am done with daytime soaps.

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    B&B-I missed what happened to Marcus. So he ran over someone while texting? Here comes the episodes about texting while driving. I think texting while driving is bad but what are the over/under on how many episodes they will talk about the dangers of texting while driving? Btw, I dont understand the logic of Steffy/Hope/Liam. Liam confessed that he kissed Steffy what else is there to talk about? Why are Steffy and Brooke making a big thing out of this?

    GH-Have watched bits and pieces of the show this past week. I mentioned this in another post but from what I’ve seen, Heather is totally using Stephen, sorry Stephen Lars and he can’t even see that. I think Todd and Carly have very good chemistry together. I think the Todd and Blair ship has sailed.I think Lulu and Dante are having marital problems like all couples do. Maybe he wont admit it, but I think Dante is a little jealous and/or intimidated by Johnny. The “bad boy” image turns women on and maybe Lulu is one of them? Sonny/Joe Scully Jr./Trey/Kristina…yawn. All this is Sonny vs. another mobster. Been there, done that. I don’t know if anyone watches or watched pro wrestling but its equal to Hulk Hogan vs. Fill in the bad guy’s name and Hogan would always win. Samething with Sonny now. When does he ever lose? Which brings me too…

    Y&R-Phyllis.Maybe you guys have a different take but she was beyond sickening this week. I mean yelling at Micheal, Avery and Nick was wrong. Gee, they were just trying to help her and somehow Phyllis made out her and how there wrong. What was especially sickening, and again, you might have a different opinion, was yesterday when Avery pretty much cowtowed or literally fell at Phyllis’ feet begging her to help Phyllis. I missed today’s episode but Nick went back to Phyllis?? Ugh.
    Why doesn’t Sharon mind her own business? I mean Adam and Chelsea getting married is none of her business. She’s become so obnoxious lately. I kind of like the Adam and Chelsea pair. They have good chemistry.

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    [quote=J Bernard Jones]For Luke, THE 24 CTU RINGTONE[/quote]

    You beat me to it! I’ve been using the 24 CTU ringtone for years and I still love it. It makes every phone call sound urgent!

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    DAYS is so awful.

    the viewers should just stop watching until after the Olympics when the new writers material starts airing and Kristen returns.

    same with Y&R, if viewers stop watching on mass, maybe CBS/Sony will finally fire M.A.B.

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    Phyllis is just the Female version of the Great Victor Newman. No matter what evil or horrible things are done, she is never held accountable for any of her actions(and holds herself as a martyr when someone would suggest as such). She needs to be bitch slapped into prison along with the writers of this soap. They are never going to hold her accountable because she is the female catalyst of the show.

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    I officially stopped watching “Y&R”. There is just no reason anymore to tune in to this mess. Phyllis Newman is the central character and main heroine of this show that even committed crimes on her part are being victimized. That’s crazy!!
    Next to that you have many other stories that are just not working. Sharon/Victor is still sick and it still isn’t ending. It gets worse! Now Sharon is even moving in with the old man!? And of course she has to steal again and get involved in FakeAdam’s relationship to con-artist-turned-saint Chelsea. I have to throw up…

    I’ve waiting a long time for something to happen. I waited for Sony to at least fire Sheffer and Hamner and get someone on board who knows this show and can actually write. I didn’t even give in to the fantasy anymore that Maria Arena Bell could get fired. Let’s be honest, this woman is going to be the last head writer of this show! And if Y&R keeps losing viewers … I guess that CBS will pick up the option for 2014, but then … that will be it.

    It’s sad that no one of these people at Sony or CBS are listening to the fans. And it’s even sadder that MAB believes that when fans are angry about a story development that’s a good thing (because it lets people talk). This might be right to an extend but in the end you have to entertain people. And MAB is incapable of doing this. She drives the audience away. There are numbers to prove this!

    Well … as I said no one cares … and I am at the point where I ask myself why should I? I feel sorry for some actors on this show that just deserve better. I would still like to turn in for them … but the writing makes it impossible. -.-

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    I adore Heather and Robin Mattson on General Hospital, but her story would be a lot more enjoyable if Heather were believably menacing. But it’s being written too much like a sitcom for that. Unless Heather is hiding a gun in that maid’s uniform, today’s cliffhanger should be the end of story for her. Olivia simply needs to call security and let her Bensonhurst out to restrain that fiftysomething woman. Come on! Unless Heather is the strongest woman on earth (and judging from what we’ve seen, she just might be), what damage can she do holding that pitcher of iced tea? Throw it all over Olivia?

    Also, the mob presence in Port Charles must have made it a quite the drug zone. I seem to recall that in the late-’70s LSD storyline, Heather getting the LSD was a major plot point. But now it’s so easy that it can happen offscreen. Heather must have the most amazing contact list ever!

    All that said, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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    Talk about crazies…Phyliss &Heather should work together…both are nuts …maybe they could work on MAB & her weird storytelling Yes–2 different soaps but OMG the writing hurts to watch…Sharon–please give me a break…this is why soaps are in trouble…as disillusioned as I am. ..I will still watch …watch 3 out of the 4 never watched B&B …please writers get your acts together–there are many of us who still love the escape a well written soap brings!!!!!

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    I’m personally liking Christine being a pit bull w\the situation! I enjoying a stronger Cricket. |( I completely disagree about Phyllis being a portrayed as a victim. More nonsense coming in from the bashing gallery…of course. Payback is bitch and people are turning away from Phyllis right & left. Someone immediate family is supporting her, Avery, but it does put Michael & Daniel in a precarious situation, being torn and how will affect Lauren? Hmmmm…I think she will stand by Paul’s side, opening up another door for more tension between her & Michael. Paul having Lauren’s gun. Ronan, will found out about the gun and will be there for Phyllis, finally moving away from Shick…thank GOD! Nick needs a new fresh adult relationship, he will be done with Sharon after Victor crushes her. I think Nick should go after sole custody of Faith showing him being a single father and getting some of Cricket’s cookie on the side. ;) I loved how Paul (DD still shining all over the screen) ripping into Phyllis! :) It’s all intertwining into the Ricky & Daisy and info they found out. Phyllis is going to pay, and change her character in the future. This might refuel the rivalry between Phyllis & Christine, turning Phyllis back into bitch-in-leather attitude again. Will she go to prison for 5 years…NO but maybe house arrest, along doing some prison time, opening up another story.

    I love how Adam rejected Sharon, :O keeping his heart to Chelsea…I liked Adam much better by smoothing the edges out Adam’s heart. I’m enjoying this couple quite a bit. I’m enjoying Y&R actually very much right now and has been steadily improving greatly the last 6 months. Maybe some don’t want believe it but keep the bashing it up to bash Y&R for being just Y&R. This is where networks are different and power of their voice, CBS has demanded changes which is taking place. NBC as always demanded the over the top stories which is why my beloved AW & fans of other NBC’s soaps die and cause hemorrhage in their ratings. :((

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    WTH?!?!? After menopause you don’t sleep? I’m at that age and I sleep just fine if you don’t count the night sweats. Once I cool down I fall out again, no problem. But every woman is different, so who is Stephanie to tell Dayzee this nonsense?

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    Just finished watching Fri’s Y&R.If you haven’t watched yet don’t read.It really pissed me off Phyllis got her family back.I want to stop watching,but I do like some of the other stories.I hope Chris doesn’t give up and let her off the hook.Find out that Daniel knows and make him testify.Put her ass away.

    I do like Adam and Chelsea if only for the pure romance.There isn’t much of it on our screens right now.

    As for Victor and Sharon,I’m beginning to think thses 2 deserve each other.

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    marybee50-I agree 100% about Phyllis. I felt like throwing my remote through the tv when everybody came to Phyllis’ aid. The ironic thing is that Phyllis did do this and she turns around and blames everybody else for not supporting her. I mean she’s using her family because if she wasn’t why doesnt she tell Avery, Micheal, Summer, Noah and Nick that she tried to run down Christine. Everybody is coming to Phyllis’ aid, yet Phyllis won’t open up her mouth that she did it.
    I like him and all, but Nick, grow a set. You punch out Billy in Monday’s episode so you could defend Phyllis??!! Please.

    I did like Adam and Cheslea but if your Cheslea you better hope Adam is worth it. She turned all that money and got married in a kitchen, so Adam better take care of her.

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    Thanks Mets82-saw the promo for Mon also.Doesn’t it look like Billy Miller really hit that potted plant?I hope Billy puts Phyllis on the cover and goes after her with both barrels.As much damage as she has always done with that mag,it’s time for some payback.

    As for Adam,I have a feeling Victor will try to sabotage Kevin/Chloe’s website.So yeah Chelsea better watch out or she may end up farming that farm.

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    marybee50-Interesting theory about Victor sabotaging Kevin/Chloe’s website. I don’t think he’ll do that. If anything, maybe Adam does it. I can see him trying to make more money via the website and he winds up losing it all. Kind of like when you gamble. You could be up 5,000 dollars and poof, you lose it all and then some. Remember, Adam pitch to Cheslea, I believe it was,about how he had the hedge fund and turned into big money.

    I will also say, on a side note, Phyllis looked good this week. I may not like her but, wow, how about that dress she wore this week. I’m surprised she was able to move in that thing.

    Also, marybee50, can someone explain 3 things. One, what is Kevin/Chloe’s website? Whats it called? Lastly, I kind of feel bad for Daniel. I mean why isnt anybody talking about how Daniel was knocked out when Daisy got knocked up??!! I think its real unfair that he’s saddled with a kid, thanks to Phyllis, who took Lucy away from Billy and Victoria and gave it to Daniel, which gives him added responsibility and Daisy for getting pregnant.
    Look, Im all for having kids but Daniel stated he didnt want to be a father. I dont think its right. At least he said straight out he didnt want to be a dad. I just dont see how Daniel can side with Phyllis. Didnt Nick say today that Phyllis has stuck up for Daniel? Yeah, well a lot of that was Phyllis’ doing!! Didnt mention that, did he?

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    Mets82-sorry,had a long day yesterday,went to bed early.The only reason I thought about Victor is revenge was always his game plan.He hates Chelsea and Adam and he wouldn’t care about Kevin or Chloe.

    As for your question about the website,I don’t know if the writers thought that far(lol).They say it is something about pinging(?) what you like and their site would take you to a shopping site,I think.It seems to be something the writers thought just to psuh the story.No nmae for it yet.

    As for Daniel.This is what really pissed me off Fri.He knows that she did it;his mother went against his wishes about Lucy;and she brought Daisy back.There is no way in hell that he should forgive Phyllis.But,the writers want to prop Phyllis up,so the big happy family reunion.Lord,I hope Chris and Billy take her down,atleast for awhile.

    There was a time I liked Phyllis,when Summer was sickened because of Victor,when she and Nick first started.But now,no.She has become the female Victor and she,like him,just need to learn actions have consequences.

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