DC #679: Housecleaning

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Regan Cellura throw out the outline and discuss whatever storyline topics that have them tuning in each day or makes them want to chuck something at their TV.

From General Hospital’s Kate and Sonny to why Days of Our Lives needs a housecleaning, they dig into it all.

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast. 


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23 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Great podcast!

    I love all your storyline ideas which lets me raise the question once again: Why are there so many good ideas out there but the actual soap writers put such bull on our screens?
    Why is it that Brad Bell thinks his show only revolves around three characters? Why would anyone ever think that pairing Sharon with Victor would be a good thing for this show? Why does Daniel Jonas have to sleep with every woman on DAYS?

    While I gave up on Y&R thanks to them pushing Phyllis down our throats as the poor little victim and the Sharon/Victor disaster, I still care about DAYS and it’s sad to see that they already had a cast bloodbath after the new regime took over, but there are still so many people I’d like to see leave. Starting with Daniel and Rafe.
    Two man who sleep their way to the entire cast. My only question there is that when they are through, are they starting making out with each other?
    Then you have THE WORST RECAST in Soap’s history aka Josh Taylor as Roman Brady. Why is he still taking airtime??? Either bring Wayne Northrop back, which should have been done years ago, or put this character to rest. I don’t want to see Chris Kositchek anymore.

    I’m fine with GH at the moment. Some things could be better but overall it’s been pretty good. Frank and Ron should just find a way out of this Joe Scully mess. Ron clearly can’t write a mob show, which is fine with me. So he should stop trying. Just let Trey find out that he’s Kate’s son – let her go nuts with this revelation and put her away. Joe gets killed – and Trey leaves town. Everyone is happy!!!!

  2. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    @ DC Crew:

    Can you all wish Jamey a Happy Birthday for me when you get a chance?
    I rarely Tweet and I’m sure he is inundated with responses anyway.

    My Birthday was last week, so clearly July is a Rockin’ Month us some of us Creatives!

    I’m going to save the Podcast for later when I can sit down and enjoy it (gotta rush now) but I’m sure it will be as entertaining as Ever.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I understand SoapArmageddon’s sentiment, but I agree with sillytee. Don’t let a madman change a DAMN thing we do. I wouldn’t give that bastard the satisfaction.

  4. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    The problem with Days is that most of the characters we want to keep are over (well over) 60 years old. In a long term situation, these people are gonna want to retire melt or die at some point. What we have left that we want to see is Nicole, EJ, Sami, Lucas and Will. There are a few minor characters that could be boosted up but this is a pretty thin cast of characters that we care about. We need to find the love for Jennifer and Hope again, we need a few more people from the past that we love and still care about. But what we really need is a group of talented young cast members with edgy exciting stories to pump some new life into Days. Bringing back Nick is a good start but more Hortons would be great. And don’t saddle them with the boring stuff. Days has for the last 10 years or so tried to give their younger people more “realistic” stories while their older cast gets all the supernatural, supervillan, super hero/heroinne stories. We need some heart break and some action with the younger people. And young people who will make us fall in love with them. But not take over the whole show. They need to balance the show so that all ages get played. But the future needs something to build on, and I think Marlena’s face is gonna crack in the next ten years (not trying to pick on Marlena specifically.)

  5. Profile photo of Smitty

    Forrestor Creations ownership as of today stands

    Dollar Bil – 12.5%
    Eric – 12.5%
    Steffy – 25%
    Thomas – 5%
    Ridge – 20%
    Taylor – 25% (which is owned by Thomas but Taylor has the voting power of the stock that’s being held in a trust from Stephanie)

    Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas own a total of 55% of the company and can stage a takeover if they want to. Brad Bell played around with this when Thorne went to Taylor and sort of asked her to toss Ridge out as CEO.

  6. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    As MsAgent said, there seems to be an abundance of us (creative, opinionated, and articulate types) with birthdays in July.

    Jamey, it’s an honor to share a birth month with you.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=twb6yz]I see on another website welovesoaps.com that today is Jamey Giddens’ birthday.


    Most definitely a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Giddens!

    I love WeLoveSoaps and their current countdown of the 50 Greatest Soap Couples! SB’s Mason & Julia! ATWT’s John & Lucinda! I figure GH’s Luke & Laura are in the top spot because of their culturally impact but I am hoping DAYS’ Bo & Hope come in at #2!

  8. Profile photo of Mysterio

    This is a comment for Jillian. Wow J seems to be really paying attention to Y/R. I really think that PP as Ricky was gold. Its Y/R loss. I see PP under the right circumstances as the new Cristian Bale/Tom Cruise in terms of star power. He is that good. I remember when Nick and Chris were kissing in that bar 2 yrs ago.

    Jillian remember that because Christine is not on the show on a regular basis, Ricky can’t really go after her. So that is why Phyllis was targeted. Actually Ricky should have gone after Michael. Michael is the reason that Isabella came to town and went crazy more than anyone else.

    Great Podcast DC.

  9. Profile photo of Mysterio

    Happy B-day Jamey. Mysterio aka Alan on your facebook.

    I think that the DC crew really should be given an internship to all the Soaps and help write a story line.

  10. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: I’ve said for a long time that Days should age Theo to a teen. They could have him being bullied at school (relevant social issue) and then slowly drive him to pursue his Demira side when he realizes how much the mention of that part his family roots instills fear in fellow students. Then you could have Abe and EJ to some extent trying to detour him from that.

    They also need to recast Cameron. Sorry but Celeste son with Jay Leno is nothing to write home about. He can act for sure, but he is uninspiring and does not “pop” off the screen. Plus, Abby is barely 18 and they have her falling for a Doctor? It’s 2 degrees away from child molestation there. Of course Y&R has had the same problem with Lily and Cane age wise.

    Every time I think of Cameron I keep visualizing Lawrence Saint Victor (ex-Remy, GL) in the role of a doctor. Then cast Tanisha Lynn (ex-Danille Frye, AMC) as a woman from his past named Staci who comes to town. The audience would soon discover that Staci and Cameron were once engaged and that they broke it off because Cam was not ready to get married.

    For a while Abby would believe that Cam and Staci had just been friends as undergrads, until it was later revealed that they had been engaged.

    Yet Staci would have deeper issues with Cam that had yet to be revealed and Cam would seem awful worried that Staci was going to reveal something that would blow his relationship or budding one with Abby apart.

    Staci would be a woman scarred and who has not healed her wounds from the past with Cam.

    Eventually Staci and Cam would have an argument at the hospital where it was revealed that Staci had been pregnant with Cam’s baby and he pressured her have an abortion because he wasn’t ready for a child and thought it would derail his plans to attend med school.

    Cam though, would not see it as him pressuring her. In his mind he thought she agreed with him that “back then” was not the time to bring a child into the world.

    Thus, setting the stage for a storyline about a woman emotionally scarred and scorned seeking to make her ex-feel the same pain she has been feeling for all these years.

    And that’s just the short version of a long term tale I could write.

  11. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Happy B=day Jamey!

    IA re: Steffy/Liam/Hope this triangle is stale; I’m just tired of it and Hope is boring… so now Liam still is feeling Steffy afterall? I found the dynamics of Bill/Katey/Steffy triangle far more intriguing.

    IA Regan I just never saw much chemistry w/Sonny & this version of Kate.

  12. Profile photo of tarpaz

    Happy B-Day Jamey

    @ Jillian
    You do realize it’s not Ridge, Thomas and Steffy running Forrester , it’s actually Ridge, Brooke and Hope that are running the show. Which after looking at Smitty’s post regarding the current share allocations makes no sense. Currently Brooke has no shares in company and she doesn’t have any official title with Forrester so I have no idea why’s she is there. As for Hope, according to the last few months Hope for the Future is the only line they have. Thomas still hasn’t got his line back and Steffy been spending most of her time crying over Liam.

    I agree Thorne should be in a storyline involving him getting control of Forrester. The only problem is for the last five years every time B&B does a Ridge vs. Thorne storyline Ridge always comes out on top.

    Remember when Thorne was the President and Ridge came back from his hiatus after finding out Eric was not his father. Of course Ridge would not answer to Thorne and even went as far to insult Darla. It got so heat that both brothers demanded Eric (who was the CEO at this time) to pick which one should stay in the company. Of course Eric choose Ridge. Thorne shortly after defected to Spectra and became the acting president. Here’s where you could had Thorne btinh Spectra up to Forrester creations level and in turn made the brother vs brother storyline more interesting. Instead they had Ridge beat him in two fashion showings with last one cause Thorne to lose his investment via Forrester shares.

    Unless they change dynamic I wouldn’t be looking forward to a Ridge vs Thorne storyline.

  13. Profile photo of thecourt99

    When I compare the heat that some actors get and others don’t, it just makes me wonder. EB gets a lot of flack for his character on Y&R and the fact that he is always perceived to win. It goes so far as to say that he has a clause in his contract that he must win every scene (and if he does, I blame that one on TIIC for letting it happen). Here’s my point, I have also heard that RM is the same way on B&B. He has to win every situation and he is intimidated by any comparable leading male figure (which is why I think that Bricky stopped). Granted, dollar Bill pokes holes in my theory…but maybe that is why Thorne isn’t stepping to Ridge about his blood.

    It would be a clash of the titans to have the true Forrester heirs battle for control of the company against the Douglas heirs. The Forresters brought the talent and the Douglas’ brought the money. It would be FIRE!

    Instead….Ridge has to be on top, Ridge has to be man that the leading women are fighting for. Ridge has to be the business and creative leader.

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