General Hospital’s Jen Lilley Releases Tearful Goodbye Video to Fans

News broke at this weekend's General Hospital Fan Club event that Jen Lilley is out as Maxie. The actress, who assumed the role from an ailing Kirsten Storms last year, created a heartfelt video thanking the fans who've supported her. Watch the emotional video below.



So far, there is no word on Lilley's last air date.

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    Poor girl. I saw this vid over the weekend and my heart broke for her. Kirsten will always be my maxie, but I wish they would die jen’s hair and make her friscos love child and maxies half sister.

  2. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Shame on the spineless jellyfish fans who from behind the keyboards took the criticism of her to a whole new low. Hurting people hurt people. Or try to anyway.

  3. Profile photo of Scout


    Storms and Jason Cook are desperately needed on a sinking ship called Days Of Our Lives!

    As Jesse Pinkman might say, “Original Shaun & Belle, bitches!”

  4. Profile photo of CarsonGH111

    Personally, I believe Jen Lilley has done a fantastic job as Maxie, and although Kirsten Storms has done an unbelievable job as well, I wish TPTB would keep Jen in the role. Lilley has gotten bashed by so many people, and in the year that she has been in this role, she really proved them wrong. Warm wishes to her in her future endeavors! And welcome back, Kirsten!

  5. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I am very glad Storms is now okay and is returning to her role. I also wish they could create another role for Jen Lilley to keep her on at GH. The perfect thing would be to bring back Georgie Jones from the dead and hire Jen to do the part.

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    Marland Fan

    I thought JL did a great job as Maxie and brought more depth to the role. Let’s face it, KS is no Meryl Streep. Hope they will find a place for JL on the show soon. But she was in the movie The Artist, so she has a bright future ahead no matter what.

  7. Profile photo of pumpkin

    Sorry but I can only see them bringing her back to avoid any legal problems. Kirsten Storms was never as good as Jen L. This is why soaps are on their way out. I find Kirsten very annoying. I hope when she comes back she acts more adult and less fidgeting. Sometimes watching her is painful. I can’t help but think there is some reason they have to bring her back. That is how senseless this seems to me.

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    For me Kirsten Storm wasn’t that good as Maxie either; but I’m glad she’s healthy & returning to her job… she had promise before she was shackled to Spinelli & developed this ditzy persona…which is kool I’m not in this demo group so…

    Jen did a yeoman’s task taking over the role wish her the best…

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    It was my great good fortune to attend this past weekend’s Fan Club gathering. Meeting JL was such a lovely experience. She is the real deal, sweet, genuinely glad to have had the chance to add her “shadings” to Maxie’s character. She’s one that will land on her feet and will add greatly to any project she’s involved with. Godspeed, JL. I’ll be following your career… 0:)

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    Scout, It definitely could be the Shawn and Belle show on Days….especially since many were exposed to the gas leak under the city and the HUGE explosion they left us with before the Olympics start!

  11. Profile photo of SoapDude67

    PLEEEEASE I DON’T BUY IT, AT ALL!!! All she wants is attention & every one to feel sorry for her!!
    She was fine as a VERY temporary Maxie, but she was on way to long. She was only whiney! Never the strong mean side!
    She was at FCW & did nothing to impress me or my friends!! She just tried making everyone feel sorry for her!!
    Don’t care to have her as a different character either!!
    Good Riddance to you!!!

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