Get Ready For a Dirty, Rotten Week on The Young and the Restless!

This week on The Young and the Restless, things get dirty and rotten as scoundrels lurk around every corner. Nick (Joshua Morrow) punches Billy (Billy Miller). Billy fires Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) from Restless Style. Victor (Eric Braeden) isn’t pleased about Jack (Peter Bergman) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Neil (Kristoff St. John) threatens to stop Sofia (Julia Pace Mitchell) from taking their son to New York. Watch the promo after the jump!

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    This show passed “Y-A-W-N” a few years back – this show is in deep REMs!! If MAB & her co-hacks could market this snoozefest in pill form, Switzerland would be plunged into a deep recession!!


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    Why doesn’t Billy just give Nick a real good return punch??? He deserves it no questions asked. Nick with the remote controlled fly on his pants is such a moronic idiot.

    Neil … exactly what right does he have to keep Sophia from taking Moses to New York? Besides … he always just wants to dump his current kid on his current girlfriend or fiance of the moment to do the raising duties.

  3. Profile photo of mannym716

    This is the equivalent of a bad action movie trailer where they show you all the good scenes and then you have to sit there for an hour and half and watch all the good scenes again in between really long bad scenes. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! NEXT!

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    I hope Billy has Nick arrested for assault and follows through. Then Nick + Phyllis can rot in prison at the same time, together yet apart. The worse Psycho Phyllis feels, the better I feel. Ah YES!!!! SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!

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    Oh jeez,i just wanted to throw my remote at my tv every time Phyllis was on my screen today.She’s wondering why Billy could do this to her.Hello,she took his child away.I was upset when Billy rehired her,never should have happened.And Nick,what a hypocrit.I hope Billy uses that video and Nick ends up in court right along side his loving wife.I also hope Phyllis does write that story and kills her case.Probably wishful thinking with this show.

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    marybee50 … well in Jillian’s spoilers she mentions an incriminating video of Nick hitting the net (and I kind of doubt it’s of him acting on his secret obsession with Carmine).

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    tedew-so funny.Nick is getting to be like Sharon.So many of these characters have been ruined.Except of course for Victor and Phyllis.

    Btw,does anyone but me like Heather and Daniel?If they are testing the waters with these two,it could be alright by me.JL is growing on me,and Daniel needs a mature relationship.

  8. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    his secret obsession with Carmine…… as if!

    I have to laugh when the wardrobe department dress him in those tight pants ( anyone remember the Halloween episodes with his dressed as a baseball player and in those REALLY tight pants? )

    Some times I gotta wonder about Daniel Goddard as well.

    Seems they are having a ” who has the biggest ” contest.

    Too bad ole Victor can’t enter this one. :)

  9. Profile photo of tedew

    marybee50 … I guess when you think about it, Victor and Phyllis have not been ruined; they truly do never change. And yes, Heather and Daniel could potentially work.

    TraceyAbbot101 … maybe the guys are having a battle of the bulge but I’d sure hate having EB join in.

    (By the way, just where in the world is Alstonboy4315 these days?)

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    Nick is an dumbass, through and through. He, himself, believes Phyllis is guilty. Her son believes she is guilty. Her sister believes she is guilty. His father believes she is guilty. Once Nikki and Sharon get wind of it will BOTH AGREE that she is guilty.

    Nick knows that Phyllis would do exactly the same thing if it was Adam, Jack, Victor, Ashley, Tucker, Victoria, Katherine, Neil, Michael, Lauren, Gloria, Abby, etc. if the shoe was on the other foot. Why did Maria have to write him as being an idiot. Sure, it makes for a good promo but couldn’t Nick have gone there angry, talk to Billy about it and then realized that he still has harboring feelings that Phyllis is guilty?!! No, now it’s going to be Nick going over to Victoria to tell her her husband is AN IDIOT who would sell out anyone WITHOUT ACTUALLY ADMITTING TO THE FACT THAT HIS WIFE COMMITTED ATTEMPTED MURDER… no matter HOW LONG AGO!!!!

    Nick still can’t forgive Adam and Nick had a happy ending. Paul and Christine never got theirs.

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    pjc722 … yes Phyllis and her current supporters frustrate us all with their hypocrisy and blind stupidity. But I think Nick will be rather surprised when Victoria lets him know Billy has her support with the Phyllis expose.

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