DC #680: The Character Formerly Known as Sharon

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels discuss the latest in The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless storylines and headlines, including:

Marcus ran down a man while texting and driving. Hope will see the video of Liam and Steffy for herself.

Salem’s residents are in for a giant “DAYSaster.” Who will live and who will die?

General Hospital’s Jen Lilley bids her fans goodbye.  Heather terrorizes Port Charles and stabs Olivia with a needle.  Todd and Blair reunite.

Who lit a light under Cricket’s ass on The Young and the Restless? The Character Formerly Known as Sharon flew to Kansas. Phyllis will get a taste of her own medicine by Restless Style.

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast. 


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10 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Can anyone explain to me the Prospect Park situation? I get that there are problems because PP holds the rights to the OLTL characters but what’s exactly going down? Why couldn’t GH bring on Tomas/Lorenzo now?

    Anyway great podcast!!!!

    It’s so sad what they are doing with Sharon Case. Still don’t know what she has done to deserve this awful storytelling.

    I don’t want to see Johnny and Starr together. For several reasons but the most important one, he killed her daughter and boyfriend. Yes it’s great drama … but when I remember back to the beginning of Sharon/Adam and how fans were hating this plot which was only used because Adam stole Faith, I’d fear something similar with a Johnny/Starr pairing.
    Besides I am enjoying Starr with Michael and Johnny seems to be interested in a different kind of woman. He seems more like a big “evil” brother to Starr than anything else.

  2. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    @SoapJunkie: Prospect Park holds the rights to AMC and OLTL, which means they own the characters. So they couldn’t bring the characters over unless ABC forked over the $$$ for it. GH can use Lorenzo/Luis since it is their property. As for PP’s status of bringing the shows on the web, they are still “trying” to make it go through..

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Thanks. Now I understand the situation. :)

    Well then I would love for a Tomas/Alcazar storyline in the new year. I like the idea you guys had with Blair and Tomas showing up in Port Chuck and then PC residents going crazy over believing that Tomas is Alcazar.
    I think Alcazar was the last decent threat Sonny and Jason had. Everything that came after that was laughable.

  4. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Regan’s Rant on B&B is Hilarious and has me Laughing!

    Luke– Re: Soaps and Merchandising; we know the soaps production companies & networks have been doing this badly for years! I don’t expect them to wise up anytime too soon.

    You guys should do a Podcast on Soap Style– The Best & Worst Styled Soap Characters.

    The character formerly known as Sharon Indeed! Speaking of which…

    I agree that the Victor/Sharon pairing is Garbage– these writers should stop holding onto this worthless storyline to nowhere, cut their losses and keep it moving.

    Similarly the Nick/Phyllis show is Tiresome at best. They need to say “Thanks for the Memories” to this pairing and have the characters go their separate ways.

    Luke– I just can’t either but with the entire Y&R, not just Gloria, Jeffrey and Daisy Duke.

  5. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    To the entire DC crew; I really don’t get the disapproval for Chad Duell as Michael on GH!!! He’s a pretty good actor, and he has no control over how they’ve written the character in the past… Since January 2012, they’ve actually forced Michael to mature and you guys act like he’s still the bratty little kid he used to be!!! It’s not like he’s Yvonne Zima (Daisy, Y&R), Andrew Trischitta (Jack, OLTL) or Texas Battle (Marcus, B&B)… When it comes to the Michael and Starr pairing, they started them off wrong by having her screech at people for months, but they have believable chemistry!! And the pairing reminds me nothing of Cole & Starr because I don’t see them as star-crossed lovers, no one is forbidding them to see each other; You guys really need to back off of Chad Duell & Michael/Starr!!! I agree on the Connie/Kate stuff, nothing against Kelly Sullivan, but I’m ready for her to be integrated, and just act like Connie all the time, who kinda reminds me of Megan Ward’s Kate whenever she got fired up.

    As for Y&R, Chelsea & Adam (Chadam) are absolutely gold… those two and Abby/Carmine are my only reasons for currently watching the show. I’m severely disappointed in them getting rid of Ricky, he didn’t have to be psycho killer crazy, he could’ve just been manipulative like Victor and Adam (before he was reformed). Another gripe about Y&R, I want to see Bryton James in a frontburner storyline, with a real romantic story, not a girlfriend whose in town, for two weeks every 6 months.

    B&B may be going that route with Thomas/Dayzee/Caroline/Rick… Dayzee is gonna be pissed with Marcus for running down Anthony… I’ve come up with a wishful recast for Marcus, if Nick@Nite’s Hollywood Heights isn’t renewed, they can get Brandon Bell (who currently plays Jake) to replace him because Texas Battle sucks. And if B&B has any sense, they’d capitalize on Jamey’s Wishful casting/Storytelling with Peter Porte as Taylor & Prince Omar’s kid, but I’d only support that if it turns out that Porte’s character was adopted by Omar and Taylor, so he can be paired with Steffy.

    As for Days, they, Lucas makes me sick, and if he had any common sense, he would’ve kept what he knew about EJ to himself because that just gives Sami more of reason to be with him because he apparently is no longer a DiMera!!! Lucas is just bitching because both his woman and his son get wet every time EJ walks into the room; I don’t even like Lucas & Sami as a couple, and though I wasn’t watching when they first got together, Lucas & Sami almost seem like brother and sister. I’m am more then ready for this blood bad to begin, but they need to add a few more people to the list, like Gabi and Rafe, no offense to Galen Gering as actor, but Rafe bores the shit out of me, and he isn’t needed with both Lucas & EJ around. Good bye and Good riddance to Austin & Carrie, they bored me as well, except for when Carrie slapped Abby. I like the Cameron/Abby potential, but they need to make them a bit more exciting, but they do have good chemistry!!! With Melanie leaving, I want Chad to turn into a bad ass take no prisoners DiMera after he finds out about Gabi’s scheming. Lisa Rinna didn’t need to come back at all, she sucks as an actress now, I’ve seen old clips of her first run, and she was much better back then.

  6. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]@soapjunkie88, Prospect Park’s license on All My Children and One Life to Live expires at the end of the this calendar year.[/quote]
    I’m still confused by this. I’m guessing that the reason Todd and Starr are on contract with GH is that they never signed on with Prospect Park..But then how is it that Blair and John McBain have been able to appear on GH? I remember they had signed on to be on the PP version….

  7. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @stefanstavros It’s not about which actors signed to PP. PP has licensed the series, One Life to Live and All My Children. Which means, they currently have the rights to the intellectual property, characters, histories, etc. ABC had to get permission to use Todd, Starr, Blair, McBain and Tea. PP has balked at them using any more characters. ABC reportedly had to forgive some of PP’s debt in exchange for PP allowing GH to use the OLTL characters we see now. It’s a very complex issue, but brass tacks is that PP has control of all characters in the AMC/OLTL universe until their license ends, which means GH is at their mercy when wanting to use those characters.

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