Exiting DAYS Superstar Peter Reckell: “Heading Into Salem For The Last Time”


It appears TIIC are really going to let one of the most popular stars in the history of soaps walk away. Peter Reckell, who has played rebel-turned-super-cop Bo Brady on NBC's Days of Our Lives on and off since 1983, is about to be "off" again. The actor tweeted the following about going into work for the last time:

Heading into Salem for the last time. Going to miss that place, but not the traffic. Always The two edged sword.

If Sony TV and Ken Corday think they can afford to lose Reckell at a time when DAYS is on such shaky ground, they are sorely mistaken. Someone better fix this madness, and fast!

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    TV Gord

    There are thousands of out of work actors who were once considered soap stars. He’s crazy if he thinks he’s going to make more money anywhere else. It’s a new world, and soap stars are well aware they aren’t going to make the money they used to. If they don’t, then their next personal appearance will be on the unemployment line.

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    where exactly is he going to enjoy the luxury of job security like he did on a soap opera.

    HE’S A SOAP OPERA ACTOR for crying out loud!

    he needs to wake up and get real.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Peter Reckell took a 40 percent pay cut during his last cycle. As for him being a “soap opera actor”, don’t you people come to a site largely dedicated to soaps, to talk about soaps day in/day out? This sense of self-loathing and the unspoken belief that soap actors (soaps in general) should take whatever crumbs that are tossed to them—especially among the genre’s so-called fans—has helped to continue to see the medium treated as the ugly stepchild of the entertainment industry.

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    TV Gord

    The fact is that soap actors breaking through to the mainstream are rare. That’s what I’m basing my opinion on. Do I wish more of them moved on to bigger and better things? Of course. The evidence is just sadly not there.

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    Jamey Giddens

    The fact is that soap actors breaking through to the mainstream are rare. That’s what I’m basing my opinion on. Do I wish more of them moved on to bigger and better things? Of course. The evidence is just sadly not there.
    Who said he’s trying to break through to the mainstream? He’s reportedly planning to spend more time with his wife at his eco-friendly crib. He already did the breakthrough thing, with a season-long stint on Knots Landing the first time he left DAYS.

    People don’t always base their life choices on the notion that there might be anything better out there for them financially. If they did, no one would ever fight for anything. I’m sure Peter has stacked some bricks back. He shouldn’t just shut up and take what DAYS throws at him, out of some sense of gratitude for getting anything at all.

    These shows keep saying they no longer have the budgets to pay veterans, yet they will hire 10 vets from a cancelled soap the moment their ignorance costs them the vets the fans of their soap actually tune in for. I can see how an MBA would think 10 people for less money is better than 4 people at a higher rate of pay, but when the 4 you want to cut are the most popular on your show, that should factor in.

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    Pay cuts or not don’t bother me as I am neither Mr. Reckell’s agent nor his manager, so the reason for his departure is not of my concern.

    However, as a character Bo Brady was an essential part of Salem and I am worried that the only way out is to kill off Bo. This would really make me sad and I’m further concerned that any big death will delay Hope’s ability to be a part of a new super couple. As evidenced by Jennifer, fans have difficulties getting used to one half of a super couple getting involved with someone new.

    The list of women who have been successfully paired after being part of a super couple is short. Anna Devaine with Duke comes to mind. Other women like Vicki or Erica were expected to go from guy to guy but these super couple characters rarely survive on their own and that is my greatest concern.

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    More and more, I’ve come to disagree with the idea that beloved characters should not be killed off, especially on a low-rated show.

    Nobody really cares when a villain or an isolated characer dies; but killing off a core character helps to create serious drama and, if done right, can get a show’s audience to mourn without turning them off.

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    While I won’t sit here and pretend to know what goes on in contract negotiations, I do have to say why is Peter Reckell’s situation is seen as this big tragic thing, but Eric Braeden was called everything under the sun during his drama a few yrs. back? I guess it is all opinion based, but still.

    Anyways, proceed.

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    I am not certain how they will ever explain Bo’s leaving Hope & Salem. Would they really kill off Bo? It would give Hope more storyline and might explain the Shelle rumors (of a return).

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    I guess I am not shit, like mos people, b/c I just saw the story about “Modern Family”‘s cast pretty much going HAM on their studios w/their contract drama and I am like “Get your money”! #ficklebutownit

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    No one is indispensable and super couples are a thing of the past. But Bo Brady is a tent pole character. But what do you expect of a show that writes for only 2 characters and has only written for those 2 for years, Sami and EJ. They have been leading the show to its death for a long time.

    I love PR. He’s the only really talented actor left on that show and just has a natural organic feel when watching him. I wish him luck and hope he finds happiness moving on. I’m sure it’s what’s best for him. Days is a snoozefest and on a death spiral yeah.

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    What has Robert Kelker Kelly been up to? I don’t watch Days, but when I started with the ABC soaps years ago, his was the face that I attached to Bo. Was he well received in the role back in the 90’s?

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    Who wants to place a bet on MARIA BELL jumping in and scooping him up for Y&R. I can see him being brought in to play a love interest for Sharon with all the fanfare the principal from SAVED BY THE BELL received when he buried Ricky. The story will start out real strong with VICTOR screaming “HE’S A LOSER” “HE’S A NOBODY” “HE AIN’T ME” to Sharon and then Sharon will admit her undying love for him by Friday… it will be a long romance from Monday to Friday.

    Then Maria will forget about him, he will blackmail an Abbott and he will be a murder mystery that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CARES ABOUT.

    Look at the track record of late. Darnell Williams came on board as a physical therapist and that is EXACTLY all that he is doing. No story. No love affair. No “kids from the past”. No Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nothing besides accompanying Harmony to AA meetings WHEN HE AIN’T EVEN A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC or alcoholic to begin with… seriously, this guy has a worse social life than me because he likes to sit in those meetings listening to people’s sad stories all the time.

    Then you have Harmony and Debbie Morgan. Debbie is great. She is just being wasted here. She should have been a recast of Drucilla if Maria is so hell bent on not hiring Victoria Rowell back. All Harmony does is whine and wince and complain that she can’t ruin Devon’s life. That isn’t a storyline for an actress of this woman’s caliber! She should have been tougher and more proactive in her life.

    Daisy Duke. WHY?!!!!!!!! I’m just reminded all the time that Daisy can’t fit into her namesake shorts and have no attraction for a middle aged grifter without money.

    Laura Spencer Genevieve Ashby, Genie Francis… another waste of time to see on screen. Send her away before she is a corpse.

    Tucker “Patch” McCall. Stephen Nicolls should leave Genoa City with Ashley because he will have nothing more to do in town without her… granted with her he had nothing more to do in town. He replaced one actor, who in my books was better for the role, and then Maria kept dropping the ball on diving into his story with Katherine. Now and then they talk about their hatred/love for one another but that’s about it and that isn’t a story.

    Avery. Love this actress but loved the character when she first came to town. She was a great addition because she was honest and tough and wouldn’t take crap from Phyllis, the town bully. Now, she is the total opposite and even though a triangle with Michael and Lauren is in the offering, I can’t see fans buying it. Plus, Michael will always choose Lauren because the writers over the years have written Michael as a good guy with an edge… slight dull edge.

    Basically, Maria does well in hiring FAMOUS SOAP ACTORS but does horribly in creating story, connection or true chemistry with the right actors and characters on the show.

    BUT SHE WILL HIRE RECKELL. Guaranteed. If not her, her brother in law. GUARANTEED


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