General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Anna realizes that Luke is in the shack and heads there. Dante heads to the hotel to find Heather.

Heather tells Olivia that the syringe is full of LSD and the two fight over it. Dante gets there, but not before Heather sticks the syringe in Olivia’s leg. Dante grabs his mother, while Heather runs out.

Johnny wonders if it’s Kate or Connie before him.  She assures him she’s Connie and that she isn’t gone because there’s one secret that Kate hasn’t remembered yet. Connie says she wants to protect both herself, as the alter, and Johnny from a murder charge. She says Kate has a lot of guilt over what happened. She’s sure Johnny must be eaten by it as well and needs someone to talk to. Johnny admits to Connie that he was responsible for the accident and that he feels guilty over it.

Johnny swears he’s doing the best he can to make it up to Starr. Connie warns him not to grow a conscience and tell the truth, since it will be the end for both of them. Johnny says he won’t confess because he’s starting over. He doesn’t want to lose what he has now. Connie says she’s going to stay low, since everyone is watching Kate. No one will know they’ve had this talk. The camera pans to the light where Heather has hidden her camera.

Starr and Michael return to the club to find her rose. They make small talk about their parents and her feelings about Kate. She thanks Michael for helping her through all of this and they kiss. Starr thinks she should also thank Johnny for getting her back on track with her singing. The two head to the office, but hear voices and decide not to interrupt Johnny.

Todd is shocked that Blair is going to marry Tomas. He refuses to believe it,  until she takes the ring out of her purse and puts it on. Todd tells her that she loves him and to look him in the eye and tell him that she doesn’t, something Blair confesses she can’t’ do.

Blair admits she loves Todd, but can’t be with him because there’s always something that breaks them up and she can’t let him in again.

Todd says he thought they’d be together the last time, but McBain messed it up for them. Todd tells her she can’t marry another man if she’s in love with him. Blair says it’s the only choice she can make.

Lulu accuses Patrick of lying to her. Maxie and says he’s still using. Patrick swears he doesn’t have a problem. However, when Maxie calls Lulu, he begs her not to tell Maxie the truth. Lulu says that Patrick is fine. Patrick says Lulu is blowing things out of proportion, but she says she isn’t letting it drop.

Patrick swears he’s fine and that he’s not an addict. Lulu says she’ll throw the pills in the harbor, but Patrick stops her and admits he needs them. Patrick says he tried, but the pain was too much. The pills make it manageable. He says he thinks about Robin all the time. He sees her and he kissed her. Lulu points out that it was her that he kissed. She says the pills are taking him out of his life with Emma. Patrick says if he stops taking them, the pain will come back and he’ll lose Robin again.

Lulu tells him not to throw his life away, that Emma needs her father and that he needs help. Patrick says he isn’t strong enough. The only thing he needs is Robin and she’s gone.

Steven complains to Epiphany that Olivia is out to get his mother, even though she was cleared of Anthony’s murder. Dante shows up with Olivia, saying that she’s been shot up with something by Heather. Olivia’s screaming to make it stop and yells at Steve to stay away from her and that she won’t let him hurt her. Olivia grabs a scalpel and holds it to her own neck.

Olivia screams at Steve that he let a monster out and she warned him, but he wouldn’t listen. Steve swears he loves her and that he’ll send the monster back. He’s sorry he didn’t believe her, but he believes her now. Olivia gets taken away.

Steve tells Dante that they’ll have the syringe tested, but Dante is sure that it’s full of LSD, Heather’s drug of choice. Dante’s angry with Steve, because Olivia repeatedly told him something was wrong with Heather and Steve never listened. He wants Steve to make sure he saves Olivia.

Anna gets to the cabin and finds it on fire. She goes in to help Luke, but Heather shows up and knocks her out. Heather tells Luke that they’ll leave Anna there to die. Anna comes to and beats up Heather, and then handcuffs her. Anna unties Luke and gets him out of the cabin. Before police have a chance to grab Heather, she comes out with Anna’s gun. She says if she can’t have Luke, no one can and fires a shot.  

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    I absolutely adore Jason Thompson and he had me in tears today. The raw emotion and his sheer greif over losing Robin is so well played.

    I thought for sure Starr would overhear Johnny and Connie’s talk, until they panned to the light and I realized that Todd will be the one to find that out.

    I so wanted Dante to punch Steve in the face. “I beleive you now”, Sure douchebag, now that your mother shot her up with a horrible drug, you beleive her.

    Why does Blair need to marry Tomas? Isn’t there a thing called, ‘being single’ that she could do instead, since she didn’t give me the impression that she even like the guy.

    Loved Anna saving the day, but leaving her gun behind for Heather to use was rather a bone headed move.

    I can’t believe HEather had time to change after running out of the hotel and before getting to the cabin.

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    Lulu needs to dump Dumbte and get together with Patrick. they have great chemistry together.

    Johnny needs to be found out and take to prison so that Carly is free to be with Todd.

    Hopefully Olivia doesn’t recover from the LSD. It’s no big loss.

    already tired of the Kate & Connie personalities, where’s the 3rd one we’ve been promised.

    and when is the scene where John is told that Natalie & Liam died in a plane crash supposed to air?? He needs to be free to be with Sam.

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    [quote=Perkie]I can’t believe HEather had time to change after running out of the hotel and before getting to the cabin.[/quote]
    I had the same EXACT thought when I watched that scene, LOL.

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    This episode was literally on fire!

    Lisa LoCicero was amazing in her scenes. She had me at the edge of my seat.

    Oh Steve – what a douche. Can’t wait until he finds out that Maggie’s dead because of him. Does this mean he’ll go back to prison for what happen in Memphis!?^^

    Jason Thompson did a great job!!!! A believable performance that had me in tears too. I LOVED Patrick’s scenes with Lulu.

    Anna saved the day … and yeah, then she is letting her gun behind. However I loved it when she knocked Heather out and called her crazy bitch. LOL

    I’m so over Kate/Connie. I’m sorry but enough is enough. Where is this story supposed to go? Enough with the DID stuff. I don’t want another personality showing up … I’d like for the two existing ones to disappear.

    Don’t get why Blair has to marry Lorenzo Alcazar when she’s still in love with Todd. You’re right Perkie, there is something called being single.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]Don’t get why Blair has to marry Lorenzo Alcazar when she’s still in love with Todd.[/quote]
    So that when she inevitably shows up in town with Lorenzo Alcazar on her arm, the denizens of Port Charles can be all “Shock, Gasp, Blair you’re married to Lorenzo Alcazar!” LOL

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    LOVED the show today!!! First time in I don’t know how long I watched the whole show and didn’t FF anything!!!!

    I’m convinced that Blair won’t marry Tolcazar. No woman says what she said today to Todd about him being in her head, under her skin, and in her heart and then actually marries the other guy. I was glad that Kassie admitted in one of her interviews that Blair would not be with the man who had her effin’ husband locked away for 8 years from her and her family, and then lied to her about it and then tried to ROMANCE her for crapsake! I was glad she was pissed about the turn Blair had taken in regards to Tolcazar last year, because folks like me were pissed on her behalf. What Todd did was not the problem, it was that he lied to her about it like he always does. So as far as Tolcazar goes Perkie, I agree that she doesn’t even like him, and he’s the “safe” choice for that very reason. (an assassin/doppelganger/mob man, the safe choice, but I digress LOL.) A man you don’t like, let alone don’t LOVE can’t truly hurt you because you don’t care. At least in soap land. She SHOULD be single, but that would be too easy for Ron. And Todd.

    All that said, I loved the writing today and that Blair actually got a POV. I have watched Blair Cramer since I was a child, and honestly, this is the first time under Ron Carlivati that I’ve actually seen Blair “allowed” to have a valid POV when it comes to Todd. It’s usually about Todd’s pain and what she did to him while her feelings are cast aside and he’s too angry about himself to listen. And I love Todd, but good GRIEF. You’re not Sonny Corinthos. 9 times out of 10, he’s causing his own damn pain. Like…. this here. The only thing keeping him from Blair right now is his lies and he knows that, which is what will ultimately make him go berzerk once she leaves. If there were no lies between them, she’d have accepted that proposal, they’d have married that night in his motel room, and would’ve had Jack and Sam on the train the next morning.

    And when Todd said his was bigger, he wasn’t talking about that damn ring. HA!!! Yeah, I said it.

    Jason Thompson was PHENOMENAL today! PHENOMENAL!!!! He’s been acting his ass off in Patrick’s grief over losing Robin.

    Steve: I’m sorry, but REALLY??!?!??!! Good gawd ah’mighty I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character in all my years of soap watching be as STUPID as “Steven Lars”. And he seriously acted as if he was going to spaz out mid-scene when Dante rightfully called Steve on his stupidity when it came to his mother. What an idiot. I can’t stand Dante, but I was actually cheering him on when he told off that moron. Even Epiphany looked at Steve like he was less than two leaves short of a branch when he was spouting off earlier about Olivia.

    I’m surprised the shed where Luke was being held took longer than it did to burn. Given how ripe Luke must have been, sh*t like that usually catches on fire pretty quickly, no????

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    For once Dante’s superior self-righteosness was justified and what do we get from Steve the Dunce? Pedantic, bored half-assed apologies!

    Was Scott Reeves in Tennessee when they filmed that scene? He sure as hell was phoning his performance in. He and his dimwitted character need to be off my screen. They do NOT belong on GH! If Johnny can kill his grandfather and Sonny can shoot his own son, SuperHeather can surely kill the asshat she brought into the world. Please put us out of our misery!

    And Scott Reeves, stop pretending to be an actor already!

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    I’m with you, soapjunkie88, on pretty much everything you wrote, but mostly on the Kate/Connie stuff. Enough is enough. I don’t understand why they seem to be so invested in this story when the fans clearly don’t really care. I think it may have been different had it been a more established character, or even Kate played by Megan Ward, whom fans at least cared about, as opposed to a virtual stranger. There’s just a huge “Who cares?” factor that would make me totally turn away were it not for the scenes with Johnny.

    Lisa LoCicero did rock her scenes. I know a lot of people here don’t like Olivia, but I’ve always thought that Lisa was stellar. I feel like this is the end for Steve, though. Not that anyone cares about him anyway, but how can he come back from this royal f**k up? He was unnecessarily harsh with Olivia, and I hope he feels like shit. I wouldn’t mind seeing him shipped off to prison in Memphis.

    I’d almost forgotten how much I love Kassie DePaiva. She really knows how to sell a scene quietly, without resorting to over-the-top theatrics and lots of soapy tics. Kelly Sullivan, take note!

    I’m warming up to Lulu’s involvement in Patrick’s storyline. She really got me the way she comforted him at the end. I love how it was just a little bit tentative but very honest and real. I still think that Julie Marie Berman sometimes has a tendency to play her material a bit too stridently, which makes Lulu somewhat off-putting for me, but I’m just glad to have her in a storyline that doesn’t involve Dante at all.

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    I noticed Heather’s outfit change, too, but assumed she had changed because the APB would have been put out for a woman in a maid’s uniform. Still, I doubt they thought of that; blame the out-of-sequence filming.

    Quite the action-packed episode today.

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    Jason Thompson’s performance was outstanding. This man needs an Emmy, because he’s doing phenomenal.

    Lisa Lo Cicero had me on the edge of my seat, definitely did a wonderful job, playing someone who was on acid.

    Anybody else feel like it was Kate and not Connie in Johnny’s office? I don’t feel like Connie was there.

    I have to say, as much as I disliked the OLTL characters at first, Roger Howarth has done a great job as Todd, especially today’s work. In fact, so did Kassie DePavia.

    I’m not too much of a fan of Starr/Michael, but I guess I’m happy that they’re happy and not trigger happy.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]and when is the scene where John is told that Natalie & Liam died in a plane crash supposed to air?? He needs to be free to be with Sam.[/quote]

    Do you know for sure that this is supposed to happen? The only place I’ve seen it mentioned is here, with no attribution.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]Lisa LoCicero was amazing in her scenes. She had me at the edge of my seat.[/quote]

    I agree. This was the best I’ve ever seen her.

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    [quote=jezza]I don’t understand why they seem to be so invested in this story when the fans clearly don’t really care. [/quote]

    Who elected you to speak for “the fans”? I’m enjoying the storyline and Kelly’s performance very much.

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    FoxyMegan, Relax, girl! This is not an election. I speak for myself and no one else, but I am allowed to make observations as I see fit. And mine is that the general consensus around here seems to be that the DID story is a bust. If you are enjoying the storyline and Kelly’s performance very much, I’m happy for you.

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    Why is it that the Bensonhurst bitches are only interesting when they’re cray-cray? I’ve never liked Olivia and I was wishing she’d have slit her own throat while watching the episode, but she did do a good job of being crazy.

    JT is still many shades of awesome. I just don’t want him to get to the point where all he’s doing is crying like they did to Lucky last year. I don’t care for Lulu in the storyline though.

    I’m so bored with the Kate/Connie thing I didn’t care which one was in talking to Johnny.

    I’ve always thought Todd and Blair are soul mates who bring out the very worst in one another. I felt the same way about Liz and Lucky during JJ’s last drug storyline. Back then people kept throwing around the word toxic, and that’s how I see Todd and Blair right now. Toxic. There always seems to be a festering lie underneath the surface when they are in a relationship, and I can understand Blair not wanting to give her heart fully away to the person who could and would end up crushing it so easily. If there wasn’t this baby switch secret there right now, I could see them back together, but he gave away her child (Jack as a baby) before, and I can’t see her understanding him making another woman grieve for a baby like that.

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    Soapjunkie, GHfan-4 now and Jezza :beer: :beer: :beer: I agree with your posts 100%

    The two things I will add – first while Im hating the kate/connie/joe jr. stuff I think keSul is doing a great job with the material, its the material for me that doesnt work. If you watched OLTL you’ve seen this story play out now multiple times (how I hate to use the word multiple lol) between all of messica and vickis relapses, and no one is going to do it better than ES. They were foolish to try with bree W and now to do the same story on GH – YAWN.

    As for Blair, I dont buy her with tocazar, but I think she is with him because she doesnt want to go back to Todd so shes doing the one thing that might put her off of him but going with the guy that helped get him locked up for 8 years. She knows if he came for her full force, she would eventually reunite with him, and as she said yesterday every time she does he rips her apart. She can be with Lo because lo is fun and sexy but he can only hurt her so much because she doesnt love him and she doesnt trust him. I love KDP. She is such a stellar edition to the cast and I so wish she was permanent. I know some dont like the llanview transplants and maybe I could do with a tad bit less todd in everything but i think overall they’ve been a great addition to the cast. My heart is going to break for her when she discovers about todd and the baby switch.

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    Is LSD still a thing? I thought like ‘ludes these were strictly drugs from the 70’s that stopped being produced. Neither is like crack in that it can be produced by dealers, LSD has to be made in lab.

    So, does Heather still have a supply of LSD from 1977, and does it stay potent after all these years?

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    TV Gord

    Sure, LSD has been around for 75 years or so and is still used in medicine today. It was just more “fashionable” in the 60s. It was also responsible for an hilarious episode of Mad Men this past season! ;-)

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    sodsince16, I was asking the same thing last week. How in the world did Heather get that LSD so easily? In the ’70s storyline, getting the drug was a major plot point, and this time, it happened entirely offscreen. As for whether it is still produced, I can’t say for sure, but when I was in college in the ’90s, it certainly was still being produced — and in large and highly effective quantities!

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    P.S. And it must have been some dose that Heather gave her in order for her to have gotten so strung out between the Metro Court and GH. When Heather drank the iced tea intended for Diana, I believe it took a while longer to kick in, and from what I know of the drug, you don’t go batshit crazy right away like Olivia did. But who knows how much of the stuff Heather injected her with?!

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    Patrick (Jason Thompson) made me tear up during those scenes. JT and Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) really kicked ass in these scenes. I am not thrilled about everything on GH, but it’s scenes and work like this that makes he hope the show sticks around for years to come.

    Unlike most, I enjoy the Kate/Connie stuff, but only because I love alter storylines, and the idea of women transforming into other women. It’s gotten a bit ridiculous, but I want Connie to stick around if only for the one liners.

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    TV Gord

    Connie is great fun, and I like DID storylines, too. If you’re not old enough to remember Serena/Josie on The Edge of Night, I’m sorry. You missed some great soapy fun!

    Also, I don’t know what Heather has up her sleeve with Anna and Robin, but I hope it’s a twist that keeps Robin Mattson around for a long, long time. My biggest concern watching GH yesterday was that her days are numbered. :-(

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    Late…from Monday…still jet lagged…CA back to PC…let’s see what we have here…

    Whoever gives a lady the biggest diamond will guarantee themselves an engagement. Or not. Watching RoHo and KdeP run through their angsty paces had me admiring the raw and weeping (for her literally), emotional parchment they unfurled. Money quote for me about a relationship I’m not invested in but that ties Todd into what’s going on here at GH? “It’s about you…us…Can you honestly tell me that you won’t do something awful?…probably already have…” Didn’t need the flashback. Just watching Todd’s face told you how well Blair knows her ex husband. “…You
    made me believe you and it was a lie.” Voice like a rusty, old wheel in desperate need of oil. Blair’s head holds sway over her heart. My regret watching these two is that I don’t care about them…

    Then there’s Starr and Jr. Opposite end of the spectrum from where their parents are. Jr. posits “…Mom has Johnny…dad is pretty glad (here’s
    the wrinkle), Kate’s his–” Too late to call it back. But she’s measured in her response about the whole DID/Kate’s not responsible schpiel. The adreneline high that both are on, subverts some of her sorrow about that part of her life. So much so as to want to thank her boss. Only when they hear his raised voice, they beat a hasty retreat, believing they might walk in on something they’d rather not see. (CD and KA’s expressions were good at conveying young adults revulsion at catching more, uh, mature people in a moment of passion.) Although for either, who’s in John’s office would definitely cause it’s own confusion… :~

    The lipstick (okay, we get it!:|) and the almost “Veronica Lake” hair were back. John’s not pleased to see them. “Aren’t you…gone?…thought Kate
    got help?…” “Integration…happens if the host can remember everything the alter said or did…can’t be any secrets…I got a whopper.” “What secret…?” He plays “dumb” but not at all, keeping her talking, so he knows where she’s going. “…Not to you. It’s a secret to Kate…” And that’s the only way either will still exist in their present states.
    “Connie” strikes with precision on a couple of fronts “I need someone to know I exist…you need someone to know the truth…has to be me before you…talk to someone who has no incentive to keep their mouth shut. Ya did it.” She verbally bludgeons him to where he has no choice but to break down to his Mother Confessor “Connie”. A steel coil, that curiously doesn’t release his tightly wound guilt. (BrBa’s haggard look and filling eyes were very effective here.) What I found odd was not so much the alters’ mocking John’s efforts to make amends to Starr, but the little sarcastic edge in her voice when she declares she’s got her own agenda for staying viable. “…I finaly started my life over. I have plans.” “You and me both, pal.” Hmm. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Connie” is trying to find a way to double cross John.and still be around to take advantage of Kate being host.And what about that “Todd n’ Heather” cam, planted up by the light?….

    “What is this?” “…not what you think.” “You’re lying to me…to Maxie
    …you’re still using.” She pins him. And Patrick’s caught. “…you don’t understand…” “…I do a little too well…” Which is one reason I like L being the one to be here for this one-on-one intervention. It works for me because she’s not so close to him (by blood or “friendship”) that her opinion is colored by that closeness. Being friends with Maxie allows her to see the adverse affect his using will have on her, Emma and Patrick. He didn’t figure L’s tenacious streak, and he resorts to pleading, trying to placate her but she doesn’t back down, engaging him twice in a game of chicken, first with Maxie’s phone call and then, having stripped the pills from him: “..I’ll just dump ‘em in the harbor.” He scoffs, but with a pop of the lid, a brief pause, then a quick motion to toss them over the rail, he lunges, hands grasping at her wrists, desperation plastered over him.
    “Let go.” Low, firm, unyielding. Again. “Let go.” She’s reasoned, patient. Even about the kiss. “These pills are gonna jepordize your career…Emma
    …dealing with a grown up loss and she needs her father to help her…You need help.” At the core of his being he knows she’s right, but he’s immersed in an ocean of grief. The wail that erupts would send Maxie running and L ran from her father’s drunken rage once before. She anchors herself. “I’m not strong enough!” “We’ll find the help you need.” “The only thing I need is Robin! And she’s gone!” Collapsing on the steps, sobbing. “She’s gone!” She sits next to him, an arm slipping over his bowed shoulders, offering a consolation that doesn’t reach him, doesn’t comfort…Kudos to both JT and JMB for what was Emmy worthy work. Painful, seering, cathartic…

    You know something? If they keep Anna as top cop, keep writing D and Padilla as following leads intelligently, PCPD might get a reputation for putting people behind bars. I’ll even forgive her for not going into the shack earlier….

    Bensonhurst or not, Olivia probably gives away 15 pounds to Heather so, unless Liv’s up on karate, this wasn’t a fair fight, even without the syringe. Speaking of, jeepers! Not only was that thing big, that dose was enough to take down a horse. I appreciated that D’s busting the door open, gun drawn was a lot better than how they had him saving L in that cheesy bordello story last summer. Yeah, yeah, I know. Sorry I reminded you of that unfortunate series… :~

    I’ve always said LLo is a fine actress who is in a part that’s as stereotypical as it is maddening. Whatever I think of her apologist tendancies, a hallucinogenic seizure isn’t anything I’d wish on any character. The mimicking of bugs crawling over her skin, trying to get them off, made me itch just watching her. Catching sight of SE’s Epiphany
    with unrecognizing eyes, then snapping back to knowing SR’s (dumb and dumber), Steve was pity inducing. Breaking away from her son, latching on to a scalpel, she brandishes the surgical tool at those she thinks are after her, threatening to slice her throat, accusing Steve of “letting the monster out of the cage…I warned you!” At least he knew the right words to calm her down so that D had enough of a cushion to get close enough, getting his arms around her, taking the blade away from her…

    Secured in a strait jacket, she’s taken away and her son collects himself at the hub, drawn, drained. “I sent the syringe to the lab…” The furious eruption, tearing multiple strips off the dazed and confused trauma surgeon was a well deserved vocal beat down. “…you knew she was still obsessed with Luke…told lie after lie after lie (through gritted teeth,
    ponding the desk), and you didn’t stop her! You defended her!” “…so sorry…” “That’s great…You’re sorry!(sarcastic), you enabled her…to shoot my mother up…!” The anger subsides but not much. “..I’ll say that
    as many times as you need to hear it.” “…only thing I need to hear…is what you’re gonna do to save my mother…she gonna come down from this? She gonna be okay?” Worry, fear. “We don’t know yet.” D’s face is a study in “You so did not just say that.” Me? I would’ve drop kicked Dr. Tanned and Clueless through the nearest available pair of goalposts. :| DZ’s supporting role here as the scared to death son trying to maintain his cop in control composure, was a nice counter point to LLo’s out of control, acid laced victim…

    Even with flames circling him, Luke somehow keeps a hold on his will to live and his sardonic sense of humor. “I didn’t survive this long to be friccaside (sp?), by a blood thirsty blond!” Anna riding in for the rescue is just so delicious. That she gets knocked out, but then comes to in time to put Heather on her a** is one of those satisfying sequences that you just love re-winding and watching over again. And even when Luke urges her to get out she’s all courageous. “I’m not leaving without you.” “Heroics are for suckers, baby!” (Typical Luke. Let the woman do all the work. Oy!) You didn’t think they’d get away from the burning shack unscathed, did you? Please. No fear. Our “…crazy bi**h!” wants the last word, er, uh, shot, thank you very much…

    Stay tuned, all…
    Swan! 0:)

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