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Heather fires the gun at Anna, but Luke jumps in the way and gets shot saving her.  Heather screams that it’s all Anna’s fault. It was supposed to be her.  Anna tackles Heather and takes her gun. Heather is taken to the PCPD, while Luke is taken to the hospital. 

Carly finds Todd trashing his hotel room. He explains that things did not go well with Blair because she’s already engaged to Tomas.  Carly is surprised to hear that Todd proposed, but thought they looked happy at the party.  Todd says Blair’s worried he’ll do something after she’s given her heart back to him. 

Blair shows up at Starr’s apartment to congratulate her again on the party and to let her know she’s leaving tonight because things didn’t end well with Todd. She shows Starr her ring and Starr wonders what her father’s reaction was.  Blair admits she sent Todd mixed signals and he read more into it.  Starr’s worried about her father.  Blair says she loves him, but can’t trust him.  Blair asks Starr to take care of her father. 

Maxie’s waiting for Patrick when Mac shows up with Emma, who had a nightmare at their sleepover and wanted her father.  After putting her to bed, he questions where Patrick is. He wonders what Maxie’s doing with her life. Maxie says she needed to move in to help, since her husband is in jail and she likely no longer has a job.  Maxie says she likes taking care of Emma but Mac thinks she just doesn’t want to face her own future.  After Mac leaves, Emma wakes up, looking for Patrick. 

Patrick tells Lulu that he needs to get back to Emma, but she says he can’t run away from this problem and that he needs to detox.  She says she’s taking him to GH, but Patrick says she can’t, because he stole some drug samples. If Monica finds out, he’ll likely be fired and might lose his license.  Lulu says things will get worse. He might hurt a patient and promises to stay with him. 

Steve figures he needs to find his mother before she does something else. Dante tells him that Heather kidnapped Luke, held him captive and she killed Maggie to protect him.   Dante says they have enough to charge Heather with murder and attempted murder. 

Luke is brought in. Steve asks if his mother is responsible.  Anna angrily tells him that his mother was aiming at her.  Lulu and Patrick arrive at the hospital and Lulu is shocked when Dante tells her that Luke has been shot. 

Anna and Lulu watch as Steve and his team work to save Luke.  Anna explains that Heather was aiming at her and Luke saved her. She wonders why he would jump in front of a bullet.  Luke starts to code. Steve starts CPR as Lulu cries, scared for her father. 

Heather wants to go to the hospital to check on Luke, but Delores is not interested.  Delores runs down the list of crimes. Anna has her dead to rights and even Steve won’t be happy with this.  Heather asks for her phone and calls Todd, who ignores the call. She leaves him a message warning him to help her. 

Todd explains that the call was from Heather. Carly explains what Heather did to Olivia.  She thinks he can prove Blair wrong and can turn things around.  Carly tells him to lose Heather’s number and not to let her drag him down.  After she leaves, Todd listens to his message from Heather. 

Dante tells Patrick that Olivia is in ICU. He asks if the drug will cause permanent damage.  Patrick says it’s not his area of expertise.  Dante says he trusts Patrick and wants him to check in and help any way that he can.  Patrick says he can’t and tells Dante to call Ewen.

Steve says Luke is stable and going to surgery.  Anna gets the call that Heather is in custody and heads out to confront her.  Steve apologizes to Dante for what his mother has done.  Dante tells Lulu about Olivia. She’s sorry they were fighting and wants everyone to be safe. 

Patrick gets home and Maxie tells him Emma wanted him.  He assures her that everything will be ok. 

Anna gets to the PCPD and tells Heather that Luke is alive and that this is the end of the line for her.  Heather says she knows something that will interest Anna and tells her that Robin is alive. 

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    I haven’t said this in a long time, but I love this show!!

    Loved all things Anna. Love her on a rampage. Loved HEather’s line about Robin. Can’t wait for that story to get started.

    Loved the Lulu/Patrick and then Lulu/Dante and the Lulu/Anna scenes.

    I’m hoping Patrick has realized that EMma needs him more than he needs the drugs.

    Love that EMma was having a sleepover with MAc and that they showed it.

    I’m tired of the Todd show and hope they give him a day or two off.

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    You could nitpick about little things here and there, but why would you want to? This is fun, exciting soapy soap. I haven’t been on the edge of my seat like this in a long time.

    Bringing Finola Hughes back and giving her such a large presence is the best decision FV made all year (imho).

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    I’d rather have Todd being an air-hog/show eater than Sonny & Jason have been for decades.

    an air-hog that should be backburned is the Kate/Connie characters. ENOUGH already. where is this supposed to be heading?

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    Finola Hughes is rocking her scenes. I loved every scene Anna was in. The cliffhanger with Heather mentioning that Robin’s alive was awesome. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show.

    I hope the Robin storyline is finally unfolding and that Frank Valentini can convince Kimberly McCullough to return to the show. Again with her desire to direct, work something out – let her direct a few episodes of GH every once in a while.

    It’s always bad if you have air-hogs on an ensemble show. GH has been dealing with it for years. I just really hope they don’t make the same mistake with Todd that other regimes did with Sonny and Jason. Overexposing a character can cause major problems. And I like Todd … I don’t want to start hate on him because he’s taking up too much air time and is involved in every story. Balance is the word that TPTB should take more seriously these days.
    Anyway I’m glad that Sonny is back burnered a little bit these days and so it seems to be with Jason. They doing a good job there. Now lets hope Roger Howarth gets a day or two off too. And so should Kelly Sullivan. Kate/Connie has been a major player for over six months now.

    But I don’t want to critize much because I really enjoyed today’s show. :D

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    I don’t mind the Todd show one bit. He’s been at times sweet and funny, something we never see with Jason or Sonny. It’s a breath of fresh air. Thinking back about the other leading men who had to compete with Sonny and Jason for air time, neither Jax or Nicholas were able to muster any joy in their scenes before they were written off. Todd is a breath of fresh air, even though I see some dark days coming for him. Same with McBain. The OLTL transports have added new life to this show.

    As for Anna, Heather, and Luke… I think the producers need to sit the younger set down and force them to watch these amazing actors. This is how it’s done. The three of them are magic and I can’t wait to see Tracy get in on it.

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    GH is on FIYA!
    Loving, loving, loving it.

    It may seem like Todd is on a lot, but he is in 3 different storylines at the same time and he is not the protagonist of any!

    At least he is much better to watch than ONE NOTE CONSTIPASON. I am so happy we haven’t seen that one in a long time.

    Loving Patrick and Lulu! Lulu is being great without being all opinionated about it. Thank you ReRon for restoring my girl!

  7. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I also have been SOOOOO grateful that we’ve been spared having to endure the stone robot Jason! Wow it’s been truly wonderful! This show is Sooo much better than it used to be with the thoughtful umbrella storylines that affect many characters and excite us with the fast pacing.

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    I hope Lulu is at least shown/mentions calling Lucky about their father getting shot. Ethan’s supposed to be off on a wild blue yonder Robert chase, so there’s probably no calling him.

    Loved the Mac sighting! Maxie’s blue dress is much prettier than that bib dress they’ve got on Starr.

    When Todd held up that ring to Carly, I was almost sure she was going to snatch it up! LOL! This is going to send Todd on a downward spiral, so who will he sets his first bulls eye target on first? Johnny or McBain? I’m hoping McBain, just so we can see him again soon, preferably single!

  9. Profile photo of thecourt99

    If you replace one airhog with another…in the end, you still have an air hog. Just because I like Todd (and I like Sonny), doesn’t mean that both of their characters are overexposed. I agree with Perkie…it’s time for Todd to take some away.

    Everything else was good. I even liked Lante today.

  10. Profile photo of CarsonGH111

    Anna Scorpio is the hottest grandmother I’ve ever seen! She was on FIRE in this episode– almost literally! Fin Hughes is doing a wonderful job.

    I agree with all others, Todd, even though he is a likable character, needs a little time off.

    I like the nod they gave to Felicia, but where in the world is she? I know Kristina Wagner was brought on for a small stint, but I didn’t know she’d disappear without a trace!

    Even though Blair is a good character, her scenes with Starr were just dreadfully boring.

    Jason Thompson, yet another wonderful actor, was still heartbreaking-ly on tact as Dr. Drake.

    Now all we need is a little hint about who took Robin!

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    [quote=CarsonGH111]Even though Blair is a good character, her scenes with Starr were just dreadfully boring.[/quote]

    I love Blair, and I’ve always loved her relationship with Starr, but even on OLTL, whenever they’d start talking about the men in their lives (which toward the end seemed to be almost all of the time), I’d start to tune out a little.

  12. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I love Roger more than anyone else, it’s a serious crush but my current love was borne after his 8 year absence so 3 to 3 1/2 days a week would make me very happy.

  13. Profile photo of Miry

    Yesterday was the first time that I watched an entire episode of GH in at least one year. The show is getting good. Really good. I FLOVE Anna. She is the best (re-)addition to the show. SOOO gad that they brought her back, and that they brought her back as an actual HERO COP who is competent! and not ditzy like she was the last time she was on and was fawning all over Noah. I just wish they would bring Robert back as well, and I wish TPTB had her spend more time with Emma (& Patrick) instead of moving in with Luke. The two of them could have still spent a lot of time together & gotten close enough to make Heather jealous & still have the same storyline (though, I guess Patty couldn’t have been on the drugs with superspy Anna living in his house!).

    Re: Lulu/Patrick: Why did they HAVE!! to go to GH, Lulu? Couldn’t they have gone to Mercy instead? Patty might have stayed if you didn’t take him to the place to get help where he was once CoS.

  14. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Going back…Tuesday…lots in this part of PC…let’s take a walk…

    I guess they’re laying groundwork for KdeP to have a bigger presence on GH. They seem to be content with sporadic appearances as opposed to RoHo’s Todd who’s presently chewing his way through generous air time. Whatever. Can I be honest? These two ladies are quite attractive as mother and daughter but compared with their initial scenes after the accident these were just…flat. Blair’s dictate to Starr “…take care of your dad for me?” sounded more like she was asking her to babysit her father. As if…

    There’s chemistry between LW and RoHo. Not what I’d call sexual. These two would be great co-conspirators, working together to engineer a business take over, a la Jax’ corporate raider. There’s an innate empathy that Carly has for Todd’s romantic situation, a recognition of similar qualities she herself exhibits. Although, the flying vases could’ve caused her to turn tail and call security, even as he urges her to take care of the “unfortunate incident” with Olivia. “…leave me to wreck my suite like a petulant rock star.” He is nothing if not sarcasm personified. And ironically I’m finding he shares a peculiar vulnerability with BrBa’s John when it comes to carrying guilt over events they could’ve had control of if only they’d done the right thing. “Blair thinks…I’ll do something horrible and it’ll blow up…break her heart…she’s right.” Heather’s
    “Crazy calling” brings him to heel with a fabulous classic command of an eye roll: “You’ve got to be kidding!” followed by Carly’s prescient guess it’s his gossip columnist. “Lose her number. Don’t let her drag you down.” Uh, it’s a little late…

    The PC Sun’s wacko, (I mean, gossip maven), is quite busy bringing not just her boss down but at least a couple more people. Of course, shooting Luke (“I didn’t mean it!”), pales in comparison to FH’s pile driving RM’s Heather into the ground (Great battle cry too.) Heck, I’d consider that open field tackle good enough to get Anna an audition for a lot of NFL teams…

    I’ve gained an appreciation for ReMo’s Padilla since she’s being written so much better than when she first started. The back and forth with RM’s
    “I can justify everything I’ve done” Heather serves to sharpen her delivery “You were aiming for the commissioner…” “…nothing personal…”
    “We’ve got you dead to rights…” “Speaking of dead…” despite being mocked for missing an obviously expired Papa Z, she maintains a cool headed poise, in front of the crazy like a fox woman. I’d say Anna Devane’s
    rubbing off on the PCPD. I’d even like RC to go back to finding out who killed her sister Rosa…

    She’s pacing, willing him to come through the door. There’s the scratch of a lock being jimmied.She settles into the couch, trying to look nonchalant, reading. Looking up. “Mac?!” His arms filled with Emma.
    “…nightmare…wanted her daddy…” “…he’s not here.” Lucky for Maxie that Emma’s conked out, so she can sidestep and explain away Patrick’s
    non-presence, via the not completed evening at the Star and the run in with the reality crew. “He’s with L now…safe.” Oops. “Why wouldn’t Patrick be safe?” JL’s expression was perfectly timed to the pause that followed asa Maxie smoothly steer him off course and right into a discussion that involves Patrick, but not his drug use. There’s a classic one on one with JJY, covering her reasons for moving in with her brother in law, which leads Mac to gently “scold” her for hiding: “You’ve got your own life to live. Robin would’ve wanted it that way…”It stings her into an agitated response: “This is where I need to be.” Surprisingly, for Mac, he’s accepting. And she’s relieved. Untill Emma wanders in. “Where’s daddy?”… :~

    He unfolds and gathers himself up off the stairs where he collapsed. “… gotta go…” “What?!” “I’m sorry…gotta get back to Emma.” “No…you’re not running away from this.” Our L is quite resolved and holds firm. “You
    got through to me…I’m gonna stop.” “I can’t take your word on that!” Now starts the push back when Patrick snarks at her lack of faith in him but she knows where of she speaks. When she brings up Emma, she’s thinking of her own childhood. Then she brings up her father. “Don’t even!…” He reacts as if she’s dropped a hammer on his foot. “You need to detox…go where…people can help you…to GH.” “No!” “Yes!” He recoils from the hand that tries to coax him to come with her. “I’m not going anywhere with you!” That he’s used to hospital gossip is one thing. The prospect of Monica, the loss of his license, and legal trouble loom in front of him. And she’s in front of him too: “If you don’t get treatment…you’re gonna hurt somebody…Can you live with that?…You can…you have to do this.” It’s a statement, not a question, not a request…

    Not the words he wants to hear regarding Olivia. “What do you mean you don’t know? People come down from LSD.” “If that’s what she was injected with…have to find my mother before she hurts someone else…” “…too late for that.” “What…?” Geez Louise! Could they be writing SR’s Steve any more clueless? How DZ’s D doesn’t laugh outright as he recites the list of Heather’s exploits I’ll never know. And then following up with the news about Maggie: “…to protect you from what happened in Memphis…” The full force of her machinations comes blasting through the doors of the ER, Anna in the lead. “Dante! Luke’s been shot!” They spring to action, with D getting out of the way so Steve can assess his father in law. And try to apologize “…my mother, wasn’t it?” Barking, “She was aiming at me!” then “Help him!” as they set to work…

    She escorts Patrick into the busy ER, both unaware of what’s just occured.
    She doesn’t have her cell on. “C’mon L answer your phone!” Frustrated. She catches sight of her husband, sees something is terribly wrong and her walk accelerates, forgetting her charge, as she rounds the hub. “D!” “Did someone call you?!” “About what?!” Both confused, he hesitates. “What? Just tell me!” “Your father…” “Stunned, not comprehending. Then the rush of questionbs. “What…When…Who…?” “I don’t have the details.”
    “Where…?!” He gestures and she’s running, leaving Patrick adrift at the hub, looking like he’s lost his lifeline…

    Anna is outside the cubicle when L skids to a stop next to her, tears choking her voice. The commish gives her the bare bones report: the forgeries, the kidnapping, the shooting, her father’s (uncharacteristic, for him), heroics. Which briefly causes both to smile “…Probably said…
    he forgot to duck.” “He’s gotta pull through…” In front of them, he crashes, a flurry of activity to bring him back and their mouths go dry as cotton, fear etched across their faces, throats closing up as the paddles are applied, then “…He’s stablized…” and they’re limp, not totally relieved but still grateful for Luke’s survival. D waits for his wife, his arms opening for her as she walks, dazed, into his embrace. Anna is all business. “Call me if there are changes.” “Where are you going?” She strides out, heels clacking, each step a warning. “…make sure the woman who did this pays.” I, for one am not geting in her way…

    They huddle at the hub waiting, then turning as her father is wheeled past them for surgery. L trails after him, stopping, following his journey down the hall. Lost, afraid of losing him. Again. She hears D and Steve, but not enough to get a handle on why he’s here at GH. “Your father’s not the only one Heather…hurt.” She’s thrown by what’s happened to Olivia and they slowly stroll together to relieve some of the stress the night has wrought, both apologetic, rueful. “…You should probably delete the message…” “Guessing you’re not too happy with me…” “I didn’t know…” “It’s okay…” “I’m so sorry we’re fighting..” A quiver in her voice. “…I just want everyone to be safe.” Tears threatening.
    “Everyone’s gonna be fine.” Softly, trying to encourage, but drawn, weary. Both awkward, both scared. Fear trumps the other card and they share the bond born of fear for and love of their parents. They nestle against each other, tightly holding on, in the midst of their stormy rough patch, finding a quiet, safe harbor where, for now, they have each other for such a time as this…

    He arrives home to find his daughter wide awake. “Daddy!” He scoops her into his arms as her Aunt Maxie looks on sensing something is off. “I couldn’t see you. You got lost.” “…but you found me, didn’t you?…don’t worry…okay?” But Patrick’s not okay…

    She lets her know Luke is “…alive. For what it’s worth.” Her words are clipped, cold as Anna runs through the charges. But the “ace” is pulled from Heather’s sleeve, eyes glittering with malevolence. “…what I know…
    you don’t.” “…don’t care…not interested.” “It’s about your daughter.”
    That gets her attention. “Don’t even. You don’t know anything…” “…she’s
    alive.” Thunderstruck. Silence. Quite the cliffhanger. And don’t FH and RM make you glad you’re there to watch. And tune in for the next episode.

    Moving to the edge of my seat, kids…
    Swan! 0:)

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