Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Crazy”

This week’s Pretty Little Liars involved an unexpected romance, character’s blatantly (and recklessly) breaking the law, and a lot of new mysteries. 
Maya’s cousin Nate proclaimed to be smitten with Jenna.  He told Emily (Shay Mitchell) he’d actually perfer her, but “she’s” gay. He wanted her to help him pick something nice out for Jenna as a present.  Emily’s uncomfortable because Jenna’s super shady, but she doesn’t know how to tell him.  Emily tried though, and revealed Jenna’s ex is Garrett.  This only made Nate like Jenna more, however, since now he felt he had to protect her from Big Bad Garrett. 

Earlier the girls had met Alison’s older friend Cece, a dead-ringer for their dead BFF.  She pulled “An Alison” and blocked-dialed Jenna, screaming that she’d claw her eyes out if she went anywhere near “her boyfriend” Nate.  Emily was aghast, especially since Jenna used to be blind.  Cece shrugged it off, but neither called Jenna back to say it was a prank.  Later, Jenna stood Nate up. 
What did you guys think of Cece?  She seemed to know all about the girls’ past, even though they didn’t know about her.  Do you think she’s the one who taught Ali everything she knew, or the other way around?  How do you think Jason will react to having his ex back in town?  Also, Jason dated the carbon copy of his sister?  There’s always incest vibes with Jason!  I hope that’s the reason they broke up… 

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